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DPPt/HGSS Mewsister's trading post

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by mewsisters, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. I need

    Wormadam (any)

    Thats all to complete my pokedex!
  2. I can give you a shiny lvl. 32 Rampardos for a mew? And I can give you a shiny Vespiqueen and a shiny Whiscash for Deoxys and Jirachi. If not you can just tell me what you'll give me for them but but I have to try lol XD
  3. your rampardos for my luxray. I will give it back to you ok?(the rampardos) I need to finish the pokedex.
  4. k just pm me when you want to trade
  5. So... you're not actually trading Pokemon... you're just trading and trading back to fill up your dex? ::)

    Since you don't have any list of what you're actually offering in exchange, it seems like you're not willing to actually give up any of your pokemon to complete the dex.

    And I just realized... these are the pokemon you need just to completely D/P dex, right? Why don't you just... you know.. BEAT THE GAME? Because you see ALL the pokemon around the time you beat the Elite Four...

    Just thought you might want to know that. ;)
  6. Not mostly i really need a milotic!!!!!! I already seen one though.
  7. TrainerJimmy

    TrainerJimmy Guest

    i have a level 52 Milotic Id trade, what do you have to offer?
  8. I would be glad to help with the following- Carnivine, Milotic, Wichash, Hippowdown. What are you willing to offer?
  9. Jimmy, what are you looking for? Anything in particular?
  10. ok your carnivine for my luxray! I have tons of luxray. Milotic for another one of my luxray. You guys can choose the level.
  11. TrainerJimmy

    TrainerJimmy Guest

    Eh, nothing in particular aside from the ones in the topic I made, I don't know if it's still alive anymore.

    but what are you willing to offer?
  12. I will give the Carnivine for it, but my Milotic is worth more than that (sorry not being rude).
  13. ok...... abomasnow for milotic??? Alakazam for Milotic? Golem for milotic??? Which one?
  14. Ok guys... you're really spamming this place up.. you're not allowed to make deals with OTHER people IN someone elses trade thread. Do it over PM.

    anyway.. so THIS isn't considered spam.

    Mew, I can give you a Whiscash if you want. I can give you a Cranidos so you can evolve it into a Rampardos yourself as well. What do you want to give in return? (and sorry, not accepting Luxrays)
  15. well... what do you want???
  16. i can give you a Wormadam, Gabite, Hippowdon and a Carnivine I think but i dont want luxrays.
    Just say what pokemon your willing to trade and ill choose some.
  17. I want you to edit your first post and add a list of pokemon you're willing to trade to get what you want, like you're supposed to. Trust me, it'll make it a lot easier on everyone if you do that.
  19. your trying to get a milotic?

    good luck.
  20. do you have a Milotic!? If you do will you trade with me?? You could chose which pokemon you want.
  21. me? My friend gave me a shiny milotic for my birthday so its special. im not trading. Also because my friend has moved, so its a charm to remeber him by.
  22. oh ok then never mind.
  23. you can have a shiny feebas after i hatch a egg. (shiny does pass through eggs right?)
  24. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Friend Code:
    No shiny doesn't pass through eggs...
    it is no more likely than finding one in the wild ;p

    the only way to increase the odds of finding a shiny is to use the radar and get a successful chain.
  25. isnt that gay! i wanted a shiny nidoran^
  26. i want a shiny feebas or regular feebas!
  27. as soon as the egg apears/hatches
  28. thank you if it hatches either reply here or pm me!!!!!!!!
  29. it hasnt even showed up.
  30. what hasen't showed up???????
  31. it hasnt been layed yet. hurry up ditto....
  32. are you playing your game right now???
  33. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Friend Code:
    How about I give you a Feebas and call it payment for the Tailow I want you to raise?
    I already have two extras hatched, both are Female so you can make more.
  34. Spirit tomb: Cynthia
    Wormaden: a trainer on route 214
    Mothim: A trainer on route 210
    Aimpom: a trainer on route 216
    Milotic: Cynthia
    rampados: a trainer in victory road

    (where to see them says the stratagey guide)
  35. oh ok thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ruko you mean you have a feebas or you need one!?
  36. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Friend Code:
    I have one... two in fact.

    PM me the next time you're on, and you notice I'm on... but I'm about to leave right now.
  37. ruko do you have a ditto??? Or a togepi??
  38. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Friend Code:
    Togepi, yes.
    Ditto not an extra one, I don't... but you can catch them somewhere in the wild with Radar.
    do a search.
  39. i need to beat cyntia first
  40. one can accept national 'Dex pokemon, but their 'dex entries wont show up until you get the national dex

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