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Ask to Join Metal Armor Dragoniar (Reboot)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Berserker Soul, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. So, this a reboot of a old RP I made a while back.

    The year is 2087, and mankind has started expanding into outer space, founding colonies on the Moon and advancing dramatically in technology and generally improving the living conditions for everyone. However, a dark shadow is cast over this future, as the Moon colonies, under the leadership of Marshall Iskandar Guiltorre, declare themselves independent under the collective name of Giganos Empire.

    After years of excalating tensions, brought on by the ever-growingdiscrimination against Earthlings on the Moon colonies, and by theconstruction of Giganos' MassDriver, war finally breaks out, withGiganos Empire in an overwhelmingadvantage thanks to its technological superiority and the useof anthropomorphic Humongous Mecha called Metal Armors. A few months in the conflict, already 70% of Earth is under Giganos dictatorship, and the Earth Federation is getting desperate...

    Fortunately for the Federation, three new-model Metal Armors codenamed Dragonar are captured by an Allied fleet during transportation. Unfortunately, the Giganos forces immediately start pursuit, with the order of taking them back at all costs...to which our story starts.

    You will choose a side either The Giganos Empire or The Federation

    1.Follow the Pokecharms Standard rules
    2.Each post should be a paragraph
    3.There will be death if your not careful
    4.Only three are allowed to be Dragonar pilots
    5.Romance is allowed but keep it to a minimum
    6. Put Tapp somewhere in your Template so I know you read the rules.

    My Character:
    Name: Kaine Wakaba
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Kaine is a slacker who would rather goof off then to fight, but when push comes to shove Kaine isn’t afraid to speak up and fight.
    Appearance: Kaine stands at medium height with a strong build for a teenager. His daily Look comprised of black slacks with a white t-shirt. Kaine wears black shoes with long black socks. He occasionally wears a blue vest around his white shirt on his off days. Kaine has short black hair which he keeps in a Pompadour. He has blue eyes and a single earring on his left ear.
    Allegiance: Earth Federation
    Other: Kaine lives on Alucard withhis mother, who helps manage the colony. His parents split up, and Kaine resents his father for putting his work before his family. When his mother is mkilled in the attack on Alucard, he is more than willing to help fight Giganos.
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  2. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

    Name: Nate Striker
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Personality: A bit of a showoff, but very serious on the job, he tries to keep up morale by being his plain stupid self, and cracking a few jokes on the field.
    Appearance: He has black hair, which is somewhat shaggy, but is swept to the left, so he can still see, he has shades he wears when he gets in his showoff mood, and an earpiece, occasionally, he'll have on gloves, but not off the field, he has a black and blue jacket, the black having a few stripes across the jacket that reach the ends of the sleeves, he usually has his sleeves rolled up, however. He has blue eyes, and has on a piece of blue fabric he tied around his head, and worn cargo jeans, he has brown hiking boots, and his heavy-duty bag, and on his cheek he bears a small scorch mark, from where he fell asleep making pizza, and gave himself a permanent burn, he jokes with others at this story.
    Allegiance: The Federation (is there Pilots? Not of the Dragonar, but of... y'know, planes/fighter jets?)
    Other: He hates seeing his buds die, and he considers the whole team as his current family, he also used to work for NNCA (CoD:IW) and was a pilot for the fighter jets. He is very young, but after going into the NNCA, he became used to it, and is very skilled on the field.
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  3. @Pokesweeper accepted

    And to answer your question Yes, there Fighter Jets you can pilot.
  4. Hi! I'd love to take part in this again, I'm still really into your concept. Would it be okay for me to enter the same character again? Id really love to play as her.
  5. Sure.
  6. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Bellamy Blake
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Bellamy is calm and collected, he is smart and caring. He is also protective of team and those he cares about. Despite his prosthetic he is very focused.
    Appearance: Tall, muscular, brown hair and green eyes. He wears beige trousers, a white shirt, a brown jacket and a gun holster. He has a tattoo of a dragon which goes up his spin, around his neck and down his left arm, his right arm, left leg and right eye are all robotic prosthetics as he lost them in battle.
    Allegiance: The federation (Dragonar-1 (also called D-1) is a general purpose Metal Armor. Its primary weapons include a rapid-firing hand railgun, laser sabers that combine to form a lancer, and a number of grenades and thrown bombs. It has the best speed among all three.)
    Other: Tapp
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  7. @Shadow_Pup accepted
  8. If possible I would love to pilot a long-range mech again. Others can have their pick too, though, of course.
  9. No problem let me just put it down.

    Dragonar-1 (also called D-1) is a general purpose Metal Armor. Its primary weapons include a rapid-firing hand railgun, laser sabers that combine to form a lancer, and a number of grenades and thrown bombs. It has the best speed among all three. Taken by @Shadow_Pup

    Dragonar-2 (also called D-2) focused on long-range firepower. It mounts a pair of powerful railcannons on its backpack, along with a set of rear-firing machineguns for defense, and can also carry adouble Gatling gun or mount extra missile pods on its legs. Taken by @Dark Soul

    Dragonar-3 (also called D-3) is an electronic warfare unit. It has aoddly-shaped head and chest contain a number of powerful sensors, as well as jammers and ECM equipment. D-3 only carries a hand railgun and an assault knife.
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  10. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Could my character pilot the Dragonar-1(D-1)
  11. Sweet! Are we set to go then?
  12. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

  13. Alright, I will make the RP.:)
  14. Nice! I'm excited. I should say, though, your first post doesn't give much of an entry point for our characters. I could still write a post, or do you want to edit in some story with your own character?
  15. You can post because I still got to make my character.

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