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Ask to Join Metal Armor Dragonar

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Berserker Soul, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. 2087 AD, The United Lunar Empire Gigano has risen and captured the Moon. The Empire uses humanoid battle machines called Metal Armors, as well as a gigantic mass diver cannon. Originally intended to send lunar material to Earth orbit for later retrieval, the Mass driver is reconfigured to launch small meteorites towards the Earth.

    The Earth Alliance became the Earth Federation military, unable to compete with the Giganos military might, manages to steal three prototype Metal Armors, called the Dragonars, with plans to reverse-engineer them with the help of exiled Giganos scientists.

    However, the ship carrying the Dragonars (posing as a refugee ship) is chased to a neutral colony by Giganos, and an attack is staged to retrieve them. That’s where our story starts 3 young people will come together to save the Earth.
    The Colony Pangaea is one of the finest Colony to date as it’s technology is advanced enough to lead the future. Pangaea is run by Miss Mira Wakaba who believes the fighting will bring us nowhere.
    “In coming call....In coming call” a female voice announce as a young man woke up from his nap. He got out of bed and walked over to a table and picked up his phone as he answered “H..hello”.
    “Kaine sweetheart I hope your okay..because I had to leave for work early today. So I made you breakfast it’s on the counter in the kitchen. I love you and I’ll be home today...Goodbye” Kaine Mother said as he hung up.
    Kaine placed his phone down as he walk to the kitchen and grabbed the plate while he chewed some gum.
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