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  1. As the sky deepened in darkness, the knights stood guard below their King's window. They gossiped amongst themselves, until one of them noticed the flickering, red glow coming from behind the stained glass. Sir Allard excused himself and stepped over to a woman standing at the base of a nearby willow. He bowed, removing his helmet. "Excuse me, Lady Helene, but it seems as if something strange is amiss in His Majesty's chamber. I think it would be more appropriate if you were to check upon it."

    Helene looked up; her hazel eyes alight with worry as she saw the light in the window. "Yes, thank you, Sir Allard." She sighed. Lately, Mephisto had been acting strangely. For a few days in a row he hadn't even let her enter his chamber. This time however, Helene planned to enter with force, for she knew something was wrong. She found her way to the door of Mephisto's chamber, and pressed an ear to the heavy wooden door. She quickly pulled away, startled as she heard the steady, deep chanting of his voice. "Mephisto?!" She shouted, and without waiting for an answer, she pushed the door open.

    Mephisto sat in the center of the room, red wax candles lit around him. He looked up slowly, one last dark chant rolling off his tongue, and he smiled. "Hello, Helene."

    Helene gasped, narrowing her eyes as she backed up. "GUARDS! THE KING!"

    Mephisto stood upon the platform, a rope about his neck. He kept his dark eyes calm, and his posture strong. Sir Allard stood before him, facing the crowd of villagers that had gathered to watch their King and mentor come to his death. "Our once great King Mephisto is being executed here today. He was found practicing the magic of the witches, and he is no longer welcome in this Realm. May the Underworld accept him and keep him at bay for his practices."

    Mephisto smiled, a dark, satisfied smile as the platform below his feet fell away and his consciousness became too hot to bear. His soul was on fire, and the burning would stay for centuries to come.

    Metaru Valon, Queen and General of the Underworld, sat upon the rail of her palace balcony. She glared at the pitch-black ground below, growling beneath her breath. "Why do those cursed mortals insist on sending such uncontrollable beings here?" She closed her eyes, thinking of the monster chained below. He had arrived in a sleeping state and thus he stayed; yet Metaru could feel the hatred within. She shook her head. "This Realm is supposed to be peaceful," She whispered, looking to the silent demon guards below. "The darkness helps us to sleep, to keep from being forced into the light. We have not fought a war in ages, and this Mephisto could bring us to ruin." She howled in anger, leaping away from the railing and stepping back inside her palace to try and find some rest.

    Ruby-Kai screamed in anger, throwing a candle from her bookshelf. Her twin sister, Airin, gently placed a hand on her shoulder. "Ruby, please, just calm down. If you just stop this madness, the Church will forgive you. I wish you would just stop and listen." She stared into her sister's red eyes, her own blue eyes torn between emotions.

    Ruby-Kai shook her head, snarling. "Airin, I'm tired of being trapped here! It's the fire that I want; I want to feel that magic again. I don't want to sit around with my hands tied behind my back. I was meant to be a sorceress." She began packing her materials: red and black candles, books full of spells and summons, gunpowder, ashes, and other strange items. "I am leaving this village, Airin." She said, grabbing her sister's face and holding it close to hers. "I will miss you, but please don't tell them I'm gone. Let them find out on their own, it will buy me time."

    Tears began to flow down Airin's fair cheeks. "Ruby-Kai! Please!" She begged frantically, trying not to let her sobbing interfere. "They… They will kill you if they find you!!"

    Ruby-Kai shook her head. She did not want to argue anymore. She turned away and stepped to her window, giving one last sad smile before she leapt outside and ran towards the forest, leaving her sister to cry alone.

    Ruby-Kai sat in the run-down temple. It had been built in the forest by the elves that had once occupied the area. She pulled the candles from her backpack, placing them in a ring-like pattern around her, alternating the colors between black and red. She sang quietly as she worked, sprinkling the ashes between her and the candles, forming the shape of a pentagram. She lit the candles, and sat for a while, watching the flames dance. Then, Ruby-Kai pulled out the biggest book from her bag. It was bound in black, and had no title on the cover. She opened it randomly to the center, smiling a little. "Mephisto." She read it for a moment, and then nodded to herself. "He will be perfect."

    After a few moments of reading the spell below the sketched depiction of the demon Mephisto, she stood to her feet and closed her eyes. She took in a deep breath and began to chant.

    "Protector and Traitor,
    Ruler and Deceiver,
    I summon thee to come to my aid,
    In exchange, I give you my soul after death.
    I summon thee,

    The air became thick, and for a moment, Ruby-Kai felt as if she couldn't breathe. She winced, feeling brief sharp pain on every surface of her body. She was careful to stay quiet in order to let the summon commence. She took in a deep breath, and when she released it, the air was still and the light from the candles had disappeared. She opened her garnet eyes, to see nothing. Something tickled her chin, and she wiped at it. When she looked to her hand, it was stained with red. "Huh?"

    A pair of too-strong hands gripped her shoulders all too suddenly and a man's threatening voice whispered into Ruby-Kai's ear. "You took me from that burning hell. I can only promise to repay you by protecting you from whatever harm may come." He began to laugh loudly in her ear, his voice booming painfully. "They want you dead, do they not?!"

    Ruby-Kai nodded, a bit afraid, but she stayed strong. "Yes. I thought you would be the perfect spirit to protect me."

    "Ha!" Mephisto chuckled, gripping her shoulders even tighter, making Ruby-Kai believe that they might break soon. "You do not think of me in a serious enough manner."

    Ruby-Kai was becoming frustrated. "Not until I see your face."

    Mephisto snarled, frightening Ruby-Kai further, yet he stepped away from her side and faced her. He maintained his grip on her shoulders, and stared her in the face. His black eyes burned into hers with evil intentions, and he had short black hair that seemed a bit messy, like the chaotic spirit the book had depicted him as. Thin sideburns ran down the side of his sharp jaw, and ended in a goatee below his chin. Ruby-Kai felt her lips curl into a grin, and then she felt her heart speed up. She had created this beautiful being, and he was her guardian now. "Mephisto." She whispered to him.

    Mephisto growled, pushing Ruby-Kai against the hard, stone wall. "Do not address me so informally, mortal! You belong to me!" He moved his lips close to Ruby-Kai's, whispering harshly. "Remember, you sold me your soul, girl." He placed a hand on Ruby-Kai's throat. "I could kill you so easily, but as promised, I will protect you." He began to laugh again before releasing her neck from his perilous grip.
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  2. Mephisto, from Mephistopheles, the devil of Faust? Although, Ruby-Kai seems to be wanting to live, rather than to enjoy the mortal pleasures of life, in this case.

    A few things that occured to me while I was reading, is it not the tendency to burn witches and warlocks, rather than to hang them? Though of course, this is subject to local lore, but I thought burning might be used to prevent aforementioned magic-user to return? That might just be me.

    Also, is there passage of time between Mephisto's death and his being summoned, because surely, for a mortal soul, no matter how steeped in foul magics, it would to take some time ere they become a demon?

    This is a good story and you should write more, perhaps though, a small amount of gap-filling may be of use, but only should you think it's needed (I'm thinking mostly of the Lady Helene scene to Mephisto's excecution).
  3. Wow - This starts off with a bang.

    Mephisto himself looks to be an interesting 'spirit', XD. Though, his humanoid intentions seemed a bit questionable. Perhaps that's just me, though. *shrug* Ruby-Kai probably got more than she bargained for, all in all.

    I'll be looking forward to an update, though. ^_^
  4. Thank you both for the comments ^^

    Thanks for the tips, Tatile.. Yeah, I was pondering filling in those gaps, but I would rather not actually edit it.. There may be some dialogue between Mephisto and another character (one not mentioned yet..) that will deal with it. We will see. But, really, thank you! ^-^

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