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Memories of Regalo Del'Mar

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Nygenn, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. Memories of Regalo Del’Mar is a private Role Play between Nygenn and PentheWonderful detailing the events of a faithful encounter between characters Cassandra Michaels and Salem Archon when they were mere children. This Role Play has been inspired by events from The Dark Tournament.

    We welcome all opinions, criticism, thoughts, and suggestions you readers might have regarding our writing, characters, settings, and scenes. Please feel encouraged to speak up about whatever comes to mind, you will always find an eager ear here.

    The stage for this encounter is the fictional region of Regalo Del’Mar, an archipelago with a tropical climate and rather primitive culture. The islands have only recently been discovered and mapped by the known world, and are rumored to have a mysterious origin which piques the interests of researchers in various fields.

    Nature is lush and life is abundant in the region, making it a paradise in the truest sense. The natives are very open and welcoming to everyone, simply because visitors from abroad are so rare and new.

    At the time of this Role Play, cultivating and modernization of specific islands in the region has only just begun. It would still be a few more years before the first small town would begin to take shape, and the concept of Pokémon capture and Pokémon battles would be introduced. As one might imagine, life with Pokémon has been quite different here compared to other regions. There is a much more harmonic and symbiotic relationship between Pokémon and human where both parties rely on the other to survive and prosper.

    In fact, the term Pokémon, an abbreviation of Pocket Monsters, has only recently been accepted by the locals and spread through the many tribes in the region. Up until this point there has never been a Pokéball on the islands after all.


    Closing Statement
    Finally I would like to point out that while there are no plans for any violent of sexual content, thought we do like to take a mature approach to everything.
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  2. For those not so fluent in French, and too lazy to run the dialogue through a translator. :)

    "Can I please go to the island today?" Cassandra asked, her voice barely a whisper as her little hands gently clutched her mother's arms hopefully. "Please mama, I really want to go..."

    A long pause of silence, until finally, "Hm." That was as close as the little girl would get to an okay, and her face was already alight with joy. "Be back before noon."

    "Really? Are you really sure?" Cassandra asked, her eyes wide, and her hopes tenfold.

    "Yes. Look out for the natives. Don't talk to anyone."

    The little girl suppressed a squeal, and planted a small kiss on her mother's cheek. "Thank you, mama!" And then planting another, gentler one on her sleeping sister's forehead. "See you later, Alice!"
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  3. [​IMG]
    What Little Cassandra Michaels looks like. :)

    Unfortunately it was not really possibly to determine what the original source of the image was, or who the artist is. But it's just a reference anyway.
  4. Awww, I just can't get over how adorable Cassie is here! >_<

    Where did this girl go in DT!? I swear Mathew must pay! >=O
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  5. Geez, calm your face Ny. :p
    Mathew isn't the only thing that broke her. If you want, you can also take it up with the monsters she faced in Grave of the Forgotten. That's still an issue she has yet to work out.
  6. Yeah, I'll have Salem try to make the Forgotten truly forgotten! Poor Karela ;_;
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  7. Yeah, good luck with that Salem. Forget about a multi-eyed angler fish thing that was once human and rips the eyes out of corpses to add to it's collection, not to mention these eyes seem to be sentient and can still remember the post-death pain. Oh yes, and thousands of sharp sharp teeth. Sorry buddy, I doubt she'll forget that thing ever. (Plus I think if she told Salem any of that, he'd probably think she was psychotic. Of course, with her friends to refute it, it'll make it a ton more convincing...or paint them all as psychos. Pick your poison.)

    Anyways, on from that.instead of butting into business that isn't mine, let me commend you!

    I need to catch up with this soon, I have the time.

    But so far it's very very cute. Cassie is adorable, Salem seems quite adorkable himself, tripping over his own feet to impress this foreign girl :D

    It does take an interesting viewpoint, two children who are not trainers and simply focusing on their character. Of course, I've likely missed something since I haven't caught quite up yet.

    One day I will have a good ol' 400+ word retrospective! But not today. Sorry :p
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  8. All this only serves to convince me more and have Salem try harder. Cassie might not forget about the fish, but in Salem's arms it'll feel as threatening as a goldfish.

    Of course, if it works for Cassie it might work for Gerald as well. Salem has a broad chest, or will once he's grown up ;)

    It is a lot of fun playing these children, or at least young Salem for me. I suppose the term adorkable is applicable to him now. It's a challenge sometimes to make a naive character even more naive and innocent, but hope that this lil' Salem feels a good fit, and that you can see how he grows up into the man we know he'll become.

    There will be Pokémon appearances soon enough. They won't be training them of course, especially since it would still be many years before the concept of 'owning' and 'training' Pokémon for battles became a thing in Regalo Del'Mar.
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  9. Wow. The true gravity of the situations I'm making for Graves literally just hit me right now. XD
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