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Open Memories of Johto

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by SharpShotInteleon, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/memories-of-johto.22031/
    This RP is about a journey through Johto. Expect twists and turns around every corner!
    My character is young boy named Oceania. Growing up near the water led him to grow a fascination with water pokemon. He had always dreamed of showing the world how strong a good team of water types could be with training and dedication. His hometown is New Bark town.

    A letter carried by a spearow is dropped off by you house. It is from professor Elm and reads:
    'Hello (Character name),
    If you are receiving this letter, I have a favour to ask of you. If you have the time available, would you mind popping down to my lab so I can speak to you? I find it easier to do it that way.
    Yours, Professor Elm

    Oceania looked skyward, towards the amber sun. Reading through the letter once more, he finally understood what the professor what going to ask of him. A light breeze blew across his hair, roughing it up. He was going to miss new bark town, but it couldn't be helped. He was 11 after all. Putting his hands in his navy blue hoodie pockets, he made his way to the lab.
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  2. Pyros saw the Spearow land on the windowsill to the kitchen as he was doing dishes. Seeing a letter, he dried off his hands and grabbed the note from the Spearow. Reading it over, a surge of excitement filled his body as he has to reread it again to confirm that this was true. Professor Elm noticed him? Was it the early leave from the school because of how fast he was learning things? Was it the grades? Either way, he was noticed by a regional professor! He got his dishes done quickly and ran upstairs to pack his backpack. He then ran to his six siblings, who were in the living room, and told them that Professor Elm had noticed him and wanted him to go to Johto. His siblings all smiled and hugged him to congratulate him. His parents came from behind and congratulated him, as well, and told him to be safe.

    Nodding, he ran outside and whistled. An orange beast with wings, scarred from previous battles, landed right in front of him. He hugged the 6'07" Charizard around the neck and told her the good news. She roared loudly out of excitement and knelt down, so he can hop on.

    After hopping on, Zarda flapped a few times and they were in the air, heading towards Johto. It was time to travel.

    After a few moments, Zarda landed in New Bark Town and Pyros hopped off. Pyros saw a very blue boy walking towards the lab. He really reminded him of his younger brother, who also had blue hair that became icy blue at the tips and had icy blue eyes with darker blue dotting the irises. And he also wore primarily blue clothes, and he also specialized in Water- and Ice-Types.

    He guessed this boy was similar, but instead of both types, he probably specialized in one. He walked up to the boy and walked alongside him, his Charizard walking behind him and enjoying the light breeze and the fresh smells from the new climate here.

    "Hey, how's it going? My name's Pyros. I live in Kanto, and I want to be the best Fire- and Dragon-Type trainer there is. I'm assuming Professor Elm contacted you, too?"
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  3. Embern walked outside to check his family’s mail, as he did every afternoon. He picked out the only one there, and opened it carefully. Embern stared at his letter in absolute shock. “I-I can’t believe it! A professor.... how?” Embern jumped and dashed directly into his house.

    “Guys! Everyone! Professor Elm from Johto wants see me! I have absolutely no idea why but thiiiissss, this is AMAZING!”

    His mother looked at him in confusion. “Embern, you got invited to Johto by Professor Elm? That’s great! I’ll tell Daddy that we need to pack up, okay?” His mother ran off excitedly.

    Embern just started jumping around and running in circles. “Guys, you hear that? Were going to Joe Toe! No, that sounds wierd.”
    Blaze (Blaziken), Rose (Roserade), Shade (Umbreon), Volt (Magnezone), Gyarados, and Rooki (Corviknight) all jumped out of their balls in excitement. Rooki flapped his wings, causing Embern to fall. “Hey!” he chuckled happily, “Stop that!”

    Later, Embern and his family arrived in Johto by flying with Rooki. They hopped off of the giant, steel bird as they arrived. Embern asked quietly, “Where do we find the professor?”
    His mother replied, “Let’s ask them.”
    Embern shyly walked up to the two. “Hello! Do you know, umm, where Profesor Birch, I mean, Elm, is?”
  4. As the Charizard using trainer walked up to him, Oceania rummaged through his pockets.
    "Oh hey there, my name's Oceania, lover of the sea, and yes, you're entirely correct. I guess your letter was delivered by spearow?"
    Before waiting to find out the answer, Oceania walked through the self-opening door into the air-conditioned room of Professor Elm's lab, where, not Elm, but an assistant of his was waiting.

    "Um... excuse me, but where is the professor?" Oceania asked the confused assistant, who shrugged and pointed west, towards route 29.

    Stepping outside the lab, he spoke to the other two trainers who were standing outside.

    "So .. Elm isn't there, and the assistant who was vaguely pointed that way," He said, pointing towards route 29, "...So yeah, there we are."
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  5. Embern giggled for a moment. “Is there any chance he’s being chased by a Poocheena?” Embern reached down and grabbed Blaze’s ball, thinking about when he first got him as a Torchic, warding off the Poocheena easily.
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  6. Though Jessie had not been in Johto for long, she had had a lot of fun with her camera, as the pokemon that she seen were wildly different then the ones in Galar where she lived before. So when a sparrow came, and brought her a letter, she was a little surprised as she had only been in the region for about a week. A lot of her time was spent with her pokemon. Growlithe was very glad to be outside, and was featured in many of the photos that were taken.

    Jessie took her time to get to the professor's lab, so she was just behind the two boys that showed up before her. One had very fiery hair, and the other had more of an ocean colored hair. "So I guess that means we need to head that way then." She turned to the two and introduced herself. "My name is Jessie, I am guessing that you are here because of the letter sent by Professor Elm? This is my partner Growlithe."
  7. Pyros waited for Oceania to come out of the lab. When he did so and said something about heading down Route 29, he shrugged and looked at the newcomers who had arrived.

    He waved at Embern and Jessie before introducing himself. "The name's Pyros. And last I checked, Route 29 doesn't have Poochyena. Although, that would be kind of funny," he then turned to Jessie. "I wouldn't be surprised if all of us were. It would make sense. And I like your Growlithe. I have one, too. Well, she's an Arcanine now. Anyway," he then started his trek towards Route 29. "It wouldn't hurt to go see what's up."

    Zarda looked at the Growlithe and smiled sweetly at him. She then nuzzled the mane around his neck a little before following Pyros, her footsteps making little thumps in the dirt.
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  8. "No Poochyena's here?! That's..... new." Embern turned over to the new arrival, as they walked. "H-Hi! I am Embern. Nice to meet you." Embern stared off, half expecting a Zigzagoon or Wooloo to jump out of the bushes. "So, why do you think we were invited?" Embern asked in confusion.
  9. "Well, me and my pokemon ...," Oceania said, holding onto a pokeball on his belt, "...Having been searching all over for the whirl islands, and I imagine he wants me to bring him some of my research notes, so yeah that's my story... you guys?" Oceania asked, cocking his head in question.
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  10. Pyros shrugged his shoulders. He didn't really know. All he knew was that he was going to see Professor Elm and have an adventure. His Charizard walked along behind him as he reached Route 29. He then looked about for the Professor while looking at the many Pokemon here. The Pidgey were flying about in search of food, the Rattata and Sentret were skittering about for food, the Hoothoot were sleeping in the treetops, Hoppips were floating about willy-nilly, and Spearow, Exeggcute, Ledyba, Spinarak, Aipom, Pineco, and Heracross were scuttling about in the trees.

    It felt so peaceful.
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  11. Noticing Pyros' reaction, he realized that Elm really should've been more precise with his letter. Anyway, after telling the group his story, Oceania started wandering off to route 29, to hopefully find the Professor, or not, it didn't really matter to him.
  12. Johto was a fairly nice place, X thought. Carried by Hades, her Crobat, to the place where Elm had specified, she breathed in the cool air. Paradox, a Mismagius, and Harpy, a Mandibuzz, flew alongside her, Cerberus, her Houndoom, on Harpy’s back, tongue lolling out like he was having a great time. He probably was, actually.

    “There’s Route 29,” X called up to Hades. Pretty useless, really. Hades, Paradox, Harpy, and Cerberus all knew where they were going. Well, sort of. Elm hadn’t exactly been clear. X spotted some other people walking along the path; she couldn’t see details yet, but one of them had a Charizard with them. She grinned at her team.

    “You wanna have some fun?” she asked them. The mischievous glow they all had in common lit up their faces. “Let’s go!”

    Hades and X dove down first, followed closely by Harpy and Cerberus, Paradox trailing behind. Closer... closer... The ground leaped up at them, and it was only X’s trust in Hades that kept her eyes open. She let out a whoop of pure joy as they buzzed past the people below. The wind stirred up by Hades’s, then Harpy’s, wings blew over them, and X laughed.

    “Woo-hoo! Yeah!” Hades scribed a loop-de-loop through the clouds and shot back down, where he landed. X dismounted smoothly as the rest of her team landed around her, slightly ahead of the people who were on the path. As they approached the place where X stood, she grinned. “Wassup?” she asked.
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  13. "WOAH" Embern exclaimed as X landed. He stood in shock for a few moments. Slowly, he eased himself. "Whew....." he whispered to himself. "Anyways, what are your names?" Embern quickly realized that he forgot to introduce himself. "Well, I'm Embern," he said as he through out his Pokeball, "and this is Blaze!" he excaimed as the Blaziken jumped out and smiled.

    "Now, what are your names?"
  14. “I’m Axel. Call me X,” X said, then proceeded to introduce her Pokémon. “This is Hades, Cerberus, Harpy, and Paradox. I assume y’all are also looking for Elm? He wasn’t all that explicit, was he?” She grinned, shaking her head a little. “Nice to meet you, Emburn.” X winked at the Blaziken. “You too, Blaze. Sorry for, you know, almost taking off your heads. I like to make an entrance.”
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  15. Looking behind him, Oceania noticed the new trainer who had joined them. Waving lightly, he motioned for the rest of trainers to carry on walking.
    "Hey, I'm Oceania, good to meet you." Oceania said smiling.
    Loosening one of the Pokeballs from his belt, Oceania sent out his ace, his mighty Feraligatr. With its acute hunting skills, Oceania was hoping it could go and find Elm and bring him back.
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  16. Jessie did not walk with the group she did nod to the two that she talked to before, but then she was on her way. She hated to be late and wanted to find the professor. So with a turn of her heel, she was out of the door. Turning down to route 29, she started her trek to find the professor.

    Her growlithe was a little excited, so he ran ahead of her. He was happy to be out side in the fresh air, so he barked to let Jessie know where he was at. She was not worried about growlithe running off as he knew how to find her everytime.
  17. Traipsing though route 29, Oceania's feraligatr looked all over for any sign of the professor. Its finely tuned hunting skills made it more likely to come across secret areas, be it treehouses or others. Soon, however, the feraligatr came across a lone growlithe wandering through the woods. Knowing the dangers of other pokemon as well as being trained to be ferocious, the Feraligatr went to its instincts.

    Those were to fight.
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  18. X called back all her Pokémon except Hades, then vaulted back onto the Crobat’s back. “I’m going to take to the air,” she said to Embern. “Maybe I’ll be able to find him if I have a bird’s eye view.”

    Hades fired his wings and the two rose into the sky. X’s hair blew back in the slipstream they were creating. “Keep an eye out, Hades,” she told him. “We don’t want to miss the Professor.”

    Down below, a Feraligatr prepared to battle a Growlithe.
  19. Fangs turning a dark, shadowy black, Oceania's Feraligatr prepared to strike the Growlithe with an incredibly might crunch. As he winded back, the Feraligatr took on a ferocious battle stance, ready at any moment to lash out. As it let out a terrifying cry, the Feraligatr leapt forward, fangs bared.
  20. The growlithe had been ready for the large water type. Though he may be an unevolved pokemon, he was not inexperienced. It was his choice to not evolve, as it could be seen on the bandana around his neck was an everstone.

    When the the water type leapt at him, he jumped up and over with ease. Though it would have been close if the feraligatr, was a little faster. Growlithe ran back to where Jessie was and hid behind her as she cam up to the area where the large water type was.

    Jessie was not surprised that this pokemon would attack, but what surprised her the most was the fact that it attacked a pokemon that was smaller then them. Being cautious, Jessie pulled out the pokeball that contained Spirit her Drakloak.
  21. Running through the forest, Oceania overheard the commotion between his Feraligatr and the Growlithe.
    "Woah! Feral, the heck you doin- oh. You must be that growlithe's trainer. Aaaaand your pulling out another Pokémon, aren't you? Fine then, it won't be a 2v1!" Oceania shouted, unclipping his kingdra's pokeball from his belt and sending it out into battle.

    "Let's do this you two!"
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  22. "I was not going to battle unless I had to. I would have done so to defend growlithe as he was just playing around in the forest when he was attacked by your pokemon. If you want a battle, then I will give you one." With that, Jessie threw the pokeball that she had in the air. A white light appeared, and out of the light came a Drakloak. Spirit looked around and saw that she was sent out for a battle. With joy she got into a battle stance.

    Growlithe barked and rushed forward to battle. He maybe a small pokemon, but he was ready to battle with them. "I will let you have first move since you want to battle."
  23. "Eh, well, if you're sure, it's your loss. The two of you, Forest feller!" Oceania called out, and the two pokemon almost instantly latched onto a tree beside the opponents, cutting it down with their claws or blasts and leaving it to fall on the foes with the intention of stranding them. Oceania then retracted the two pokemon from battle... and walked away.

    "Frankly, I couldn't be bothered, pal!" Oceania called out calmly as he wandered away from the battle, "Oh and tell your little puppy that its attacker's got more important things to do!"
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  24. Growlithe jumped out of the way as the trees began to fall. Spirit did not need to as she could phase through them. "Spirit is a ghost type, that will not work on her. Now Growlithe use wild charge, and Spirit use thunderbolt."

    Growlithe began to glow a bright yellow and seemed to sparkle with electric power. He rushed forward towards Kingdra. Spirit appeared near feraligatr and shot a large bolt of lightning at close range.
  25. Pyros walked into Route 29, enjoying the scenery before realizing there was a battle being had. He walked over to watch and was a little upset that they had taken to battling. He leaned on his Charizard as they watched. He was upset that the Feraligatr just up and attacked a Pokemon without any provocation. He has met Feraligatr that were much tamer and who behaved much better. His temper was rising, but he had to keep it still. Keep it under wraps. There was no reason to jump at someone just because their Pokemon got hungry and attacked the closest thing they have seen.

    After the tree fell and the insulting remark... He couldn't help himself. He chased after Oceania and practically yelled at him. "What the hell was that for? You go and destroy a tree that was home to a few Pokemon? We are all going to see Professor Elm, he was supposed to join us. What the hell is your problem?"

    He was now getting heated up, and Zarda was getting angry, as well. The flame at the tip of her tail became a whitish blue as she was ready to fight. She has fought and beat Water-Types by herself. This would be no different.

    "Apologize for your insolent and impulsive behavior, or we will have a problem," he threatened Oceania. His hands were clenched and his teeth slightly bared. Zarda's wings were out more and her head stood tall with an almost "I don't have time for you, but I will teach you a lesson" kind of look.
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  26. “Hades, take us down,” X said. There looked to be a rather angry gathering of people down below. She couldn’t make out what they were saying, but she could hear they raised and heated tone of their voices. At about fifteen feet, X vaulted off of Hades and landed in a tree, catlike. She climbed closer to hear what they were saying, recalled Hades, and sent out Paradox, who could see without being seen, thanks to her ghostly illusion.

    There was a blue-haired guy, a red-haired guy, and a girl with a Growlithe. X felt no remorse for eavesdropping; if they didn’t want people to hear, maybe they should talk quieter.

    From what X could tell, Blue Hair had attacked Growlithe Girl’s Pokémon unprovoked, and Red Hair had gotten pissed on Growlithe Girl’s behalf. She flipped off the branch and landed silently beneath the tree.

    “Paradox,” X called quietly. The Mismagius floated down to hover beside her. “What do you think? Get involved or just keep looking for— the hell?”

    The tree she was standing under had fallen over, landing with a thump. “Not much of a choice now, is there?” the girl told her partner wryly. She stepped out into the open, blinking in the sudden light. “Let’s go in hot and fiery.”

    At the remark of “tell your puppy,” X was sold. Paradox seemed to grow bigger as anger rose in her as well, swelling with indignation for Growlithe Girl.

    “Hey, jerkwad!” she yelled to Blue Hair, temper boiling over. “Why don’t you act a little more immature, huh? Oh, wait, I forgot, that’s physically impossible.”
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  27. "Well, I was literally walking away, you have no reason to attack me. I don't even know how your pokemon attacked mine when they were inside their ball. So yeah, see ya!" Oceania called out whilst walking away from the rest of them.

    Wandering deeper into the forest, Oceania sat down by a tree and let out one of his Pokémon.
    "Blastoise, see if you can find the prof, if you could."
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  28. Spirit saw that the pokemon were returned, and stopped her attack. She floated beside Jessie, who began to pet her and the little dreepy that she cared for. When growlithe came out of it's attack, he rushed towards Kitty and sat beside her.

    Jessie knelt down and begun to pet her pokemon. "I am sorry about that guys. I did not know that that guy would do that. Are you guys ok?" Spirit nodded her head, while growlithe rubbed his head against the hand that she used to pet them. It had been awhile since she had met someone who was that rude. She hoped that whatever the professor needed, that she would not have to deal with him again.

    Turning towards Pyros, she spoke to him. "Thank you for that. I am not normally one to battle just to battle, but his pokemon attacked mine unprovoked. Then he challenges me to a battle, after I was mainly just had another pokeball out in case I needed to defend growlithe. I know he could handle himself, but I did not know if that was a wild pokemon or not."

    Turning to the girl who showed up, Jessie spoke to her. "Forget about him. He is not worth it. Let's just find the professor and see why he needed us." With that she stood up and returned Spirit to her pokeball. While she walked with her growlithe over to Pyros.
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  29. "Aw, what the heck, who needs the professor anyway!" Winston called out to nobody in particular.
    Returning his Blastoise to its ball, Oceania called up a flying taxi to take him to Olivine City, where his base of operations was built. His research centre was no small feat, being built right beside the lighthouse. It was a tall building, built from some sort of stone which Oceania couldn't care less about. Walking inside, he immediately started documenting the sea activity he had observed today in a journal he kept safe inside the building:
    Not much activity today, coasts pretty calm aside from the occasional wave. Winds down low, so little chance of storm. No sign of it as of yet but will keep an eye out for tell-tale activity.
  30. Pyros calmed down a bit before he decided he had enough. He turned to Jessie. "I'm sorry, but Professor Elm is nowhere and I'm not patient enough for this. I gotta go. Come on, Zarda, there is no point to this."

    With that, he hopped on his ride and left Johto.
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  31. X shrugged in confusion. It seemed like the others had completely lost interest, and were heading in completely opposite directions... in the opposite way of Route 29. They were probably going back to their homes, she decided. They did look pretty frustrated. The only one left on 29 was the girl.

    X put a hand on Paradox. First of all, X was never one to give up. Second of all, it wasn’t like she had anywhere to go even if she was to leave Johto. She had been living wild since age seven, when she had run away from an orphanage and had lived off money from bar fights until the letter from Elm. That letter had given her purpose. She wasn’t going to give it up.

    “Come on, Paradox,” she muttered. “Let’s blow this place and find the Professor.” She held up her other three Pokeballs and let out Hades, Cerberus, and Harpy once again. They took flight positions; Cerberus on Harpy, X carried by Hades, and Paradox hovering.

    The five of them took to the sky.

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