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Megaman ZXA RP- Dawn of the New MegaMen!

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Dark Soul, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Hello there~

    I've had the idea of a Megaman ZXA RP in my head for quite some time now, and I finally decided to try it out. This RP takes place in the year 2502, a couple of decades after the events of the game itself. After Grey, who wields Model A, giving him the ability to transform into other Megamen or Pseudoroids, and Aile, who wields Model Z and Model X, defeated Master Albert and made the Ourobouros, a huge spaceship composed of Model W parts (Model W being the most powerful model of them all, but evil), crash down into ocean, peace has been restored to this world as a new government has been formed, consisting of Master Thomas, Master Mikhail (Both bionic humans) and Grey, a Reploid (A humanoid android).

    But a problem has formed; Like most Reploids, Grey was given an artificial life span, and time is slowly running out for him. Therefore, he has spend the last years creating several Reploids. Seven in total: P, F, H, L, Z, X and A. Each of the Reploids has been specially designed for their matching Biometal. (I’m actually leaving the looks, gender, personality etc. up to you, once you have chosen a Biometal.)

    The main plot idea; After the Ourobouros crashed into the ocean, all the Model W’s that weren’t demolished in the crash, were recovered from the ocean floor, along with the other Models, seeing as the evil Megaman who owned them were on board when it happened. Or at least, they were supposed to be. But one of them, buried under tons of debris, remained unseen. After it was discovered by Raiders (Illegal artifact hunters), it was recovered by them and taken to their base.

    Then, the unthinkable happened; Wolff, the leader of the Raiders, was hypnotized by the Model W and absorbed its power, turning him into the next madman to wield Model W’s power. With the Pseudoroids at his side, he tries to rule over the world like many have tried before, but this time it could actually happen- If not for our seven hero’s!

    …I have two ideas on this matter; One is that our heroes have been active for a couple of years now, and have some experience fighting with their Models. This seems like the better option of the two to me. The other idea I had is that the heroes are activated because of Wolff’s rampaging, so that we’d have to describe the world from their never before used eyes and they’d have to get used to fighting. This is fun in it’s own right.

    So, any thoughts, idea’s? And especially, any volunteers for joining?~
  2. Hello. You may know me from also being a part of the Return of ToMaL, and I would like to see if we could try and get this roleplay started. I loved the Megaman ZX games, and have another friend who would also like to join, if possible. If we can get this going, I would like to control Model L and, if there are too few people, Model X. My friend would like to control Model Z and, if there are too few people, Model H. Please, if you get this, respond within a few days, as after a week I will attempt to contact you via PM if no response shows up on the actual page.
  3. This looks like a rather interesting RP.

    You can expect me in, but I'll have to read up on the series a bit more. I honestly don't care what Model I get (Surprise me!).

    Expect semi-large holes in posting times yada yada yada.
  4. Holy shit people.

    Just when I thought I was the only Megaman ZX/Advent fanboy in the vicinity of PokeCharms, you popped up. Thanks for... Well, just for being interested. Same goes to your friend and Blazi!

    I do, however, think we should control only one character and leave the rest NPC's, to make the RP more simple and quite a bit more writer-efficient.

    Blazi, I'd suggest taking Model F- The Fire Megaman, with two oversized plasma hand guns that also serve as smashers. Oh, and you can place mines and start fires.

    BDFun97, I am going to need a PM with some links to earlier role play's you've done. I did see your post in ToMaL, and I'm not quite convinced you're up for the job yet. I do like detailed and longer posts, so you're welcome if you and your friend can promise to write those, but I'd still like to see some previous work. Honestly, it's nothing personal |D

    I'll get working on a first post. In the meantime, guys, do some research and please make a character biography using the standard one we have, or PM me- Whatever you prefer.

    So excited now xD
  5. Yay! Fire!

    That's the one used by Atlas, am I correct?

    I'll get started on my Character - I'll go with the trend and name him aftersomeone from greek mythology. Apollo maybe? Or Hercules? I'd be grateful for some help.

    (Fighting Fefnir yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah!)
  6. I'm fine with having only the one biometal each, and am working on the bio, but I, unfortunately, have no records of any of the previous roleplays I've done, as I've never done a roleplay in this format before, and the only records there may be of something I've written before are with my friend, who keeps the records for another roleplay we do via chat. Anyways, I probably will be able to do the longer posts, and will be doing so for ToMaL as well, but I haven't gotten all of the post made yet. Anyways, my friend, having recently signed up for Pokecharms under the name DaibolusX, will also do the long posts, and is also fine with the one Biometal per person decision. Anyways, I will be using Model L, and DaibolusX will be using Model Z, if no one else is going to be using these.
  7. Yeah, that's Atlas. Forever a tomboy~

    It's good to hear you're OK with one Biometal, I do really believe it's for the best of the RP. And on the matter of previous work; It's alright if you have nothing stored or logged. Your regular grammar looks good enough, and I hope your friend's is as good.

    I'll probably have my bio up either tomorrow or the day after. Good luck with yours, guys- Don't forget, there's a wiki on both games and their respective characters!
  8. Hello, everyone. I see BDFun's already introduced me. I'm new to forum Roleplay, too, but I don't think it will be too much of a problem. If I'm accepted, like BDFun said, I'll be fine doing long posts, and I only wanted one Biometal (Model Z, or Model P if I can't have that one) anyway. I already have a character mostly developed, with only some of his history and his outfit left to decide.

    As for previous roleplays, I was part of the same RP as BDFun was, and could probably contact the record keeper for that one and could get a few examples of what we had done there. That is, as long as you're fine with a lack of context, since there would be a lot to read, and some of the earlier parts were much worse than the more recent ones.
  9. Name: Evelyn Kelly

    Gender: Female

    Species: Reploid, Chosen One (Specifically designed to be perfectly alligned with her assigned BioMetal.)

    Hometown: Reploids are created, not born- These particular ones were fabricated in Legion HQ.

    Age: Looks to be sixteen.

    Height: 1,89 M.

    Weight: 58 KG.

    Hair: Semi-curly, a dark purple; Reaches to just under her shoulders.

    Eyes: A deep, stark grey.

    Clothing: As a Reploid; The standard MegaMen jacket, coloured a very dark purple; Her pants, which reach to the ankle, are of the same colour, as are her boots and typical grotesque rings. She sports these over the globally used black skin suits. In addition to these clothes, she wears an black cape.

    Megamerged; Her MegaMan armour looks very much like that of the previous owner, Siarnaq. The main differences are the white jaw structures- Which, in her form, aren't as elongated and don't join at the tip, leaving room for her mouth. Instead, they hook up and back on a forty-five degree angle against her cheek. Additionaly, the tips of the plates at the side of her head hook up and forward. Another big detail is in the colouration of the suit; What was previously white is now black.

    Identifying Marks: Aside from the purple hair?

    Musculature: Quite lean.

    Personality: Evelyn has a very strong sense of justice, and will stand up for those who are mistreated- Preferably with violence, since she tends to get really angry over it. She is generally saracastic, easily agitated and uncaring, however, this is to cover up the fact that she´s quite sensitive on the inside. If she sets her mind on something, she is very determined to achieve it and it is nearly impossible to change her mind. Her mentor and friend, Model P, is one of the few people she does listen to.

    Skills: Evelyn is incredibly acrobatic, light-footed and flexible, even more so then most Megaman already are; This is, of course, because Model P relies on stealth and ninja arts. She also has very sharp eyesight, and extraordinary coordination and balance.

    Weapons: The Model P powers and abilities; Shadow Dash, which allows her to turn momentarily invulnerable against physical attacks, being able to summon a green barrier that protects her against one plasma shot, unlimited kunai's to launch at enemies, two large shurikens, and the Enemy Radar plus the Night Scope, which do exactly what their names imply.

    Past: There's not a lot of past involved here- She was specially created to be compatible to Model P, as one of the seven new MegaMen.

    Family: None, as she is not actually human.

    Love Relationships; Who knows?

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