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Megaman Starforce 3

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by twinky, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. Well I haven't seen a topic about it, so I guess I'm the first. If you play the game I want to know your opinion on it, favorite character, favorite battle chip, favorite megaman form and favorite boss.

    Me personally I think Solo is the best character, he's so mysterious and cool. My favorite battle chip is the Mu Barrier, it's a useful thing to use in battles against the higher version bosses. Gemini Spark Megaman is my favorite form, his charged mega buster can paralyze opponents and deal double the damage when the opponent is in a bubble. Finally, my favorite boss is Apollo Flame, he has a fire shield which you have to shot down so you can actually hit him, then he makes fire plume into random spots.
  2. Well I thought the game was really addicting but got gay with the hackers and spammers when playing online.
    Well My favorite character is Bud because I always get a good laugh when he talks about food. I agree Mu Barrier is one of my favorites because I've been saved from giga chips from my opponents online like a million times online with it, but My true favorite is between vulcan seed and warrior soul because when area eating the whole stage you can easily get vulcan seed's 9 hits of like 50 damage. My favorite form being cygnus because it adds I think it was +30 to wind chips so with poison storm 9 hits of 40 damage + the 30 and I save lots of LP because it gives air + float shoes. My favorite boss was moon destroy because I have my reasons.

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