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Mega Sprite Request

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Coliboom, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Anyone see the new Sun and Moon trailer? I may have to get off Team Popplio now :p
    Anyways, it said that Mega Evolution is back in the new trailer, so I decided to make some sprites for you guys (also as kindof a welcoming party, I'm a little new here). Give the Pokemon, what Ability and Type it should have, and the stats it should get, and I'll make a sprite based off of your suggestion. I'm not the best spriter out there, but I'll try my best.
  2. I'll try this!

    Magic Guard
    Spatk raised, Speed lowered, Spdef raised

    Let's see...
  3. I'll see what I can do.
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  4. I made an edit so the speed loss would make sense
    Mega Reuniculus.png
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  5. Genesect Raised Attack, Special Attack, speed
  6. This is it so far
    Mega Genesect.png
  7. Registeel


    Raised Attack, Defence and HP

    Ability : Poison Touch
  8. Raichu


    Raised Atk, HP, and Special Atk.

    Ability: Static

    If you have too much to work on, I will not mind at all if you ignore this.
  9. I'll try to get some of these in after school
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  10. Thanks.
  11. Here it is, it's edgy af
    mega registeel.png
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  12. Hey if you're to busy you don't have to do this.
    Normal water type
    Raised Atk,and speed
    Keen eye ability
  13. I'm not really busy, I've just been using my time to make stupid midis
    I'll work on it when I have the time
  14. Vaporeon
    Raised special attack and special defense
  15. That's the Raichu sprite out of the way, I'll work on the others later
    Mega Raichu.png
  16. The Furret one is done, this one was pretty interesting to make actually
    mega furret.png
  17. Here's the Vaporeon, I plan to redo the Genesect sprite so it may take a while
    mega vaporeon.png
  18. Thx so much!:)
  19. No problem
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  20. A ice type Goomy, a mega Glaceon and mega goodra
  21. Also I didn't put anything else in because I want to see what you'll do with it
  22. I don't know about the Goomy and Goodra ones because I'm pretty sure they belong to Smogon, but I'll get to work on the Glaceon one
  23. "Belong to smogon"? What does that mean?
  24. The last time I used a sprite of a Pokemon that was from Gen 6 was a Gen 5 style sprite, and it got taken down because it apparently was a sprite from Smogon
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