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General Gen 6 Mega Pokémon

Discussion in 'Information Pages' started by Magpie, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. Magpie

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    In generation VI certain Pokemon have the potential to become Mega Pokemon, unlocking greater power and unleashing their true potential in battle. Mega Pokemon gain stat increases, new abilities and sometimes even a new typing! To 'evolve' your Pokemon into a Mega Pokemon, you need to have obtained the Mega Ring which is given to you as the story progresses. It is a special bracelet worn by you which reacts with the second item you need, a Mega Stone. Mega Stones are very special and very rare, each Mega Evolving a different Pokemon. Holding their Mega Stone in battle will allow them to achieve their Mega Evolution, with a simple touch of a new button in the attack interface. Once the battle is done they return to their usual state. You may use one Mega Evolution per battle and so can your opponent.

    When a Pokémon is capable of Mega Evolution, a toggle appears when they go to attack. Turning it on then attacking causes the Pokémon to Mega Evolve first, then attack normally. Priority moves such as Quick Attack will occur after Mega Evolution, but before the Pokémon attacks.​

    (For Pokémon X&Y Mega Stone locations please check out the X&Y Mega stone page)
    (For Pokémon OR/AS Mega Stone locations please check out the OR/AS Mega stone page)

    X&Y Mega Pokémon

    Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Mega Pokémon

    The following Mega Pokémon are featured exclusively within Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and cannot currently be obtained or used within X&Y.

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  2. I'm really excited that we get to use older Pokemon in a newer way this generation. A lot of times I'll avoid catching Pokemon I like because I want a team of all new Pokemon, but now if I find a Kangaskhan or something in the wild I can catch it because it'll still be something new. I'm gonna definitely try to collect all the stones as long as they aren't DLC or something like that (which I doubt but I heard speculation of that and it was a scary thought)
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  3. I really hope most of my Emerald and Platinum teams get a Meg-Evo.
  4. From an interview given on Polygon it says no XY 'Mons will be receiving Mega evolutions
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  5. I saw a fan screenshot a couple days ago showing a Mega Gardevoir, so I'm excited to find out which Pokemon have Mega Evolutions other than the ones that have been announced.
  6. Here is a list of all the mega pokemon and the locations of the mega stones.

    -Link Removed-
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  7. Magpie

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    Bit rude don't you think? Posting a link to a different guide on our Cryptidex? Our Cryptidex may not include all the 'known' Mega Pokemon quite yet because nintendo hasn't officially revealed them, and 'Charms was quite clear on it's stance when it comes to that, as you can see here. Anyone wanting to view or find the Mega Pokemon not yet covered on the Cryptidex need only tap a search into Google, like I myself have done for certain things. Not everyone wants things spoiled. So, thanks for trying to be helpful, but just think about what and where you're posting in future?~
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  8. - Mega Pincer (In Pokemon X)
    - Mega Heracross (In Pokemon Y)
    - Mega Houndoom
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  9. Magpie

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    Ah yes, the list never got updated, I shall do it now so thanks for the reminder :)

    However, you didn't mention Mega Manectric was also missing and thus cannot receive 100% of my gratitude :p

    EDIT: Done. All Mega Pokemon (official) are added to la list~
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  10. Linkachu

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    .... I love you so much right now. XD

    And good idea to use the images instead of text! Looks nice. Thanks much for the update, Magpie! :D
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  11. Linkachu

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    Just a quick note that I've updated this page to differentiate between the Mega Pokemon that are available within X&Y and those that will be available within ORAS. At this time, the Pokemon Company has stated that the ORAS Mega Pokemon will not be usable within X&Y and you cannot trade their mega stones to X&Y. We'll let you know if the situation changes.
  12. i just realize that some mega evolves like garchamo still lukes the same only with spikes on hi chest to feat and mega metagross just moved his feet nothing new at all even mega vinosour the only thing new about him is the flower on his head but all other mega evolutions good awsome and amazing has a lot of emprovments :D

    picachu has a mega evolution !!!!! :o

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