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Mega Heracross

Discussion in 'Mega Pokémon' started by Magpie, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Magpie

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    Mega Heracross
    Bug / Fighting

    Japanese Name: MegaHerakrosu
    Height: 1.7m / 5'07''
    Weight: 62.5kg / 137.8 lbs.
    Classification: Singlehorn Pokemon

    Ability: Skill Link

    Revealed: Mega Heracross was officially revealed by Pokemon.com following the release of X & Y.

    Mega Heracross has greatly boosted Attack and Defense stats with a minor boosts to its Special Defense. Its Speed stat has a slight decrease.

    HP: 80
    Attack: 185
    Defense: 115
    Sp. Attack: 40
    Sp. Defense: 105
    Speed: 75

    Mega Stone: Heracronite
    X/Y: Santalune Forest, post-game. Mega Stone is exclusive to Pokémon Y.
    OR/AS: Route 127.

    Mega-Evolves from Heracross.


    nov_p09_01.jpg nov_p09_02.jpg
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  2. Ooh the game model looks nice
  3. What have you done to Heracross?
  4. I know, right??

    D: whats with the pointy nose-thing, and the huge wrists??
  5. It looks like it has an air vent in it's lower stomach.
  6. Funny that's true
  7. i like it. it looks more like an fighting type pokemon and still is a bug type and when i used mega heracross. it could defeat 2 of my friends pokemons a with a single hit easily.
  8. I uh... Well his stats are very impressive, bit disappointing ability. Only being able to make use of bullet seed and arm thrust, I see why no one uses this. Game freak what are you trying to do? This looks like you guys are trolling us.
  9. Somebody get the Raid. We've gotta "Hera" of a problem here.
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  10. im never going to find heracross mega stone
  11. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Heracronite can be found in Santalune Forest, between 8-9 PM, after Sycamore upgraded your Mega Ring to detect the damn things postgame - but only in Y, so if you're playing X, you're kind of screwed re: the Mega Stone.

    Also, Skill Link is actually a pretty fucking good ability for this thing - namely because a number of multi-hit moves have been buffed quite a bit. For example, Pin Missile was buffed to have a base power of 25 - so five hits of that in a row means 125 base power - making the move slightly more powerful than Megahorn and more than slightly more accurate. Combined with Bullet Seed and Rock Blast (which can be bred on the thing and provide a really nice counter for the Flying-types Heracross is x4 weak to!) both having the same 5-hits-with-25-base-power-each - and that ridiculous fscking physical attack stat to back it up... yeah. 'Disappointing Ability' my armor-plated-posterior. Arm Thrust is less powerful than it could have been, but Heracross learns Close Combat, does it really need any other fighting move? <<;

    The design, however, leaves much to be desired. I do appreciate the fact it actually looks a bit more like a Hercules Beetle, but it's still rather meh in comparison to 'cross itself. Ah well. I suppose it can afford to be temporarily hideous for the sake of becoming a gatling catapult. xD
  12. this is my favorite mega in x and y and my 2nd favorite bug type (right behind vivillon)
  13. "Flick of the wrists" sorry, I had to lol. In all seriousness, its defenses are really good but its ability is a little disappointing. Not that it's bad but not what I expected.
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  14. Das awesome

    Imagine huge power instead

    Huge power instead
    #15 Abdulmajid Latif Abdulla, Oct 21, 2015
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