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Open Medieval Pokemon Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by ngalili, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Hi! This is an RP about medieval pokemon! Please read the rules immediatly if you'd want to join.
    No playing as pokemons, only trainers are allowed.
    Fakemon are allowed! Just not overpowered and describe them good enough to be able to understand what they are.
    Pokecharms rules apply.
    No megas! remember, this is before generation 1! But you can use pokemon of all generations.
    Psuedo-legendaries shall be used carefully. If needed, I'll help you decide which moves and what to do in battle beforehand.
    Only one character per person! No controlling 2 trainers.


    Trainer ---
    *Appearance (Modern day clothes are allowed.):
    Pokemon ---
    Special traits/looks/powers:
    Held item:

    * Means required.
    you can add a backstory. If not, then either it will always be unkown, or either you reveal it later in the RP.
    Heres mine:

    Trainer ---
    *Name: Gray
    *Age: 11
    *Gender: M
    Bag: Potion
    *Appearance: Light brown medium cut spiky hair, Gray silver/gold/soulsilver/heartgold male protagonist hat, Usually wears a brown bomber jacket. If not, then red's shirt, Beige cargo pants.
    Pokemon ---
    *Species: Porygon
    Nickname: Hacky
    Special traits/looks/powers: It's colors are switched around.
    *Ability: Download
    Held item: Oran berry

    Approved characters:
    ngalili | Gray
    MapleEevee | Sapphire
    SpeedySerperior | Peter
    *that* guy | Jasmine
    Devan_Plays | Clark
    Daylox | Kittan
    Possibly more in the near future!
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  2. Name: Sapphire

    Age: 12

    Gender: F

    Bag: Pokeballs

    Appearance: Short blonde hair, dark green sweater, beige skirt, black boots, sapphire blue eyes

    Pokemon: Dwebble
    Level: 28
    Gender: Male

    Backstory: Sapphire is a peasant girl from a small town. She found a dwebble hiding in his shell from the cold of winter. She took him home and gave him food and warmth. They then became partners. When she was 12, she went to the palace where she received money, pokeballs and a master ball. She has now set out on a quest with Dwebble to travel the region.
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  3. It would've been easier to just use the full sign-up from above, but since you did do most of the things that are required, I'm gonna let you in ;) one more person and I'll open the RP page.

    and again, I forgot to mention that you can add a backstory. If not, then either it will always be unkown, or either you reveal it later in the RP.
    I'll add this to the thread. Level isn't required either. Think of it as this: You are playing pokemon sapphire, and then you catch a klefki. You keep battling with him. Does he keep his level, or does he level up? He levels up, of course. You can also think of it as the anime: A pokemon can level up more than a hundred times, it can learn moves and know more than a hundred, But the levels don't really count; It's the trainer's bond with the pokemon. It's not about levels. Like, ash's pikachu at around level 10 beat team rocket's ekans that is around level 50. Sound familiar? super effective moves shall be used correctly.
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  4. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    *Name: Peter or Pete for short
    *Age: 14
    *Gender: Male
    Bag: Pokeballs? (I honestly don't know what this means)
    *Appearance (Modern day clothes are allowed.): Short black dirty hair, Deep Purple Polo, Grey Shorts.
    *Species: Honedge (Its a sword...)
    Nickname: Blade
    Special traits/looks/powers: It has a dark purple hand cloth thingy (Whatever you call it) and wears the Expert belt around the case
    *Ability: No guard
    Held item: Expert Belt

    (If you allow it can I have this one as well?)

    *Species: Bronzor
    *Ability: Heatproof
    Held item: Metal Coat
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  5. I'm going to edit my character, so just hang on
  6. No problem eevee!
    Serperior, alright! You can have as many pokemon as you want to! You are accepted!
    I am opening the RP thread right now, because I said once 2 people join, I'll do it.
    You are the first to people to join, so you can have these items to help you out on your journey:
    1x master ball, 1x running boots (means you can run away from battles without fail), 1x coin bag (neccesary for the trade market), and 10 coins (each coin is worth about 1000 euro, so you have a lot of money on you. means, thieves are more likely to know about you. and yes, there are thieves.)
    Once you get to the market, the newspaper stand will give you the items. Enjoy!
  7. I am sorry, @*that* guy. I let eevee in, but that was a one time scenario. Please use the full sign-up sheet, or you will not be accepted.
  8. K sorry bout that

    *Name: jasmine
    *Age: 16
    *Gender: female
    Bag: N/A
    *Appearance (Modern day clothes are allowed.): long purple dyed hair with a green hoodie and green jeans
    Pokemon ---
    *Species: umbreon
    Nickname: ruby
    Special traits/looks/powers: ruby is white instead of black and has red rings
    *Ability: synchronise
    Held item:
  9. Sorry, I feel that I can't find a good medieval character. I am editing again...
  10. You're good, @*that* guy. Now you guys choose the name of the island we will be on! I'll choose a good one! make up something cool!
  11. no problem eevee! doesn't have to be fully medieval! just not something too modern.
  12. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    I'm not good at naming things... but a word I like is feurte. it means strong in spanish...
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  13. Feurte island! I like it! Any more suggestions?
  14. I like the name Kaija, or Laika...

    Dunno why...

    Also can the small town Im from be called Ingot Town, and they are known for their blacksmiths?
  15. I think maybe Feurte Kaija Island! Sounds good?
    Yes, Ingot town sounds like a good town for the trade market and the blacksmiths! Do you want the trade market in there?
  16. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Should we make it some people ride on Pokemon like Mudsdale or Rapidash or Tauros?
  17. As long as the pokemon is bigger and weighs more than you, then yes. Ride pokemon are allowed. And the name is chosen - Feurte Kaija island.
  18. I am opening the thread.
  19. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

  20. Sorry, I had to go and I forgot to log out! Almost done!
  21. If you'd like to, the Feurte Kaija Island starters are Diglett, magnemite, and magikarp, water electric and ground is good because it's the same; ground is super effective against electric and weak against water and you get it. So you can choose to get them from the trade market instead of your pokemon, you dont have to but you can.
  22. I've edited in the thread link!
  23. Also, would you guys like to be thieves? I'll choose 2 thieves if you want to. Being a thief means you can pickpocket 1 to 3 coins each conversation with someone who has money. I'll decide if you get spotted or not.
    And, I'll PM the chosen one. One of you is the chosen one, which probably means you will have more luck? maybe get more coins easily? Maybe the thieves will try to steal from you?
  24. Trainer ---
    *Name: Clark
    *Age: 15
    *Gender: Female
    Bag: 5 Great balls, 10 Pokeballs, 10 coins.
    *Appearance (Modern day clothes are allowed.): Shoulder length Black hair with jet blue highlights, combat jeans, black sneakers a, white tank top, About 5'6 (In inches and feet cause I'm American) Pale looking skin, and chocolate brown eyes.
    Pokemon ---
    *Species: Zorua
    Nickname: Shado (Pronounced Shadow)
    Special traits/looks/powers: Black fur with hints of red, piercing blue eyes.
    *Ability: Illusion
    Held item: Choice scarf

    * Means required.
    Backstory: Clark is a very spunky, and tough girl, when she was younger, her family abandoned her, she lived on the streets, lots of fights, usually came out on top. When she was wondering an alley she thought she found a Pidgey, but then it turned into a Zorua. After that they became best Friends.
  25. Trainer ---
    *Name: Kittan, Kit for his friends.
    *Age: 13
    *Gender: M
    Bag: 2 Potions and a Map
    *Appearance: White skinned and a bit slim, brown messy hair and green eyes. Wears a black jumper and under it a blue shirt, brown trousers and black shoes.
    Pokemon ---
    *Species: Sableye
    Nickname: Gem
    Special traits/looks/powers: Wears the Blackglasses and have a scar crossing his back covered with a little backpack.
    *Ability: Keen Eye/Prankster
    Held item: Blackglasses

    Kit's parents found Gem trying to eat some of his mother jewerly, they punished the little pokemon, but thanks to Kim they let him go. After two weeks Kit found the pokemon while playing near his house but with a horrible wound in his back, the parents worried for the little one healed him and told Kim to look after him. When he got better he refused to go and neither Kim wanted him to leave, so the parents kept him as his son pokemon.
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  26. I need to go, But my laptop is really bad and it takes about a minute to load chrome, so I won't log out. I am not actually online now!
  27. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Starter Pokemon sound great, good idea for not having the original grass, fire, water. Do I need to get one of starters??
  28. If you start off with no pokemon then yes, but you can catch the pokemon you want later on.
  29. The starters cost 10 coins, btw
  30. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    isn't that the same amount of coins @MapleEevee and I get??
  31. Yes! maybe for a reason???
  32. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    So we can buy one of the starters?? OK!! I personally would either get stuck with Magikarp or choose Magnemite...
  33. Enjoy ;D I don't want the actual RP thread to get closed due to inactivity, so get moving people!
  34. Where is the link?
  35. Now I'll try to be online as much as possible, no closing my rp, stellarwind elsydeon!
  36. I think whenever anyone opens an Rp they just think don't close it StellarWindElsydeon

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