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DPPt/HGSS Medicam confusion

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Meangreen, May 16, 2007.

  1. Ok, first off the bat please don't reccomend me to use a Gallade instead. This is simply about getting the best out of an otherwise unphenomenal pokemon.

    My first issue with Medicham is its ability "pure power", now it states that it doubles Medichams attack but I am yet to find anything about the mechanics of how it does this. Can anyone help? or is it actually as simple as it seems to be?

    Anyways, if the case is that it doubles the attack stat at any point (in otherwords, if the attack stat changes the doubling will be re-calculated). Then does it make a move set like this viable?

    Defense raising nature,

    Psycho Cut
    Brick Break/Drain Punch/Force Palm/High Jump Kick?
    Power Trick

    If I was to max out Medichams defense and use Power Trick to swap it with the attack (It's a bigger stat) Then could I not proceed to pummel away with Psycho Cut and (insert fighting move here) as they both run off the attack stat? which would be much larger than on an average Medicham?

    As for the undecided move I was leaning towards Drain Punch as it recovers health (bolstered by recover) but its pp leaves it with lastability issues. The item choice is also a grey area as I'm not familiar with the new additions.

    Anyway, I'll be glad to hear your thoughts and comments on this random tangent of mine.
  2. first, let me start off with this: medicham is a completely unremarkable pokemon, even a gible could do some serious damage to it. i won't recommend a gallade, as you suggested i shouldn't, but....consider it.

    as far as pure power goes, i'm not a master of the abilities, so i'm sorry that i can't help you in that respect.

    psycho cut i have no issues with,
    i'd choose either force palm or brick break for power, and i'd save the drain-punch recovery for recover.
    power trick, i'm not entirely sure of. while it's ridiculous on a special-wall shuckle, (up to 500 atk power!!!!) i'm not sure if i would use it on medicham. it kind of depends on the mechanics of pure power, but if pure power is just as simple as it seems, then you don't need this. may i suggest swords dance, which literally doubles the user's atk? which, along with pure power, gives it literally 4x the usual? but then, that's if medicham can learn swords dance.
    and recover, you must have.
  3. Swords Dance doubles attack? I thought it raised it by a set factor. If it does or not is moot anyway as it can't learn it.

    All this set is really for is to see how well this style of Medicham could perform in regards to other Medicham. I don't competitively battle so the fact its stats suck isn't really a problem.
  4. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    -Psycho Cut
    -Brick Break/Force Palm
    -Thunder Punch/Ice Punch
    -Drain Punch/Bullet Punch/Power Trick

    I keep thinking there's catch to Pure Power, which may be Cham's stats themselves. But here goes.

    Psycho Cut works nicely, good choice there.

    Brick Break or Force Palm, either depends on your personal preference. Brick Break has decent power and is a barrier killer, Force Palm has decent power and may paralyze.

    Thunder Punch or Ice Punch, both are there just to deal with Flying-types. Again, your choice on which one.

    Recover-like moves are ineffective to me. If something has a super-effective attack on you, using Recover would only prolong Medicham's defeat.

    Foe used AERIAL ACE!


    Foe used AERIAL ACE!


    and so on and so on until, what?! Ohnoes! Medicham is out of Recover moves and faints. x.X Drain Punch is a lot more effective I think, and would be one of the rare instances when two moves of the same type would be ok.

    Bullet Punch is another thing to consider. Bullet Punch has a base power of 40, but if Pure Power is as catch-less as it seems then that would raise the attack power to 80 when used. Now, Steel has nothing over Fighting Steel takes care of Ice and Rock, while Fighting-type moves take care of those two types and MORE. But the advantage to Bullet Punch is that it always strikes first... something to consider methinks.

    Power Trick may still work here, depending on how high its Defense is compared to its Attacks, so yeah, choice on fourth move is based on your battle style I suppose.
  5. you are correct.swords dance SHARPLY RAISES attack,not doubles it >=O
  6. ok, the first time it doubles it. after that it just adds 100% to it each time. (2 stages = 100% raise) it's still a good choice for 'cham.
  7. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    It would be if Medicham had the ability to LEARN it. :p I don't know where you got the idea that I could, because I can't.

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