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Ask to Join Match Made in Prison (RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Shadow_Pup, Oct 19, 2018.

  1. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    ("Join here -> https://pokecharms.com/threads/match-made-in-prison.20092/")
    @Red Gallade

    Bellamy sat up in his bed, if you could call it that, he stood up and walked over to a bar he had fitted in the roof of his sell and began to do pull ups he always did exercise in the mornings it gave him time to think, he sighed he missed the outside world and he missed his parents, well at least they were still alive and free.

    Clarke was already up she walked over to the small table in her cell, she began to sift through the collection of letters she had and thought to herself this is a mess as she began to sort them. She read them as she went they were mostly from her mother but her father had sent some too before he was floated, she sat there and watched as a guard walked past her sell to begin the wake up call.
  2. Skylar woke up on the not so comfy bunk bed, hitting her head on the wall as she stretched. "Ouch!" She squealed, rubbing the top of her head, also messing up her hair in the process. Phoenix woke up at her words, sitting up so quickly that she too, bumped her head on the bottom of Skylar's bed above her. She quietly jumped off, walking out to the prison bars to watch the guards pass by and knock on each cell. Skylar climbed off of her bed and went over to her sister, gently placing a hand on her shoulder, "Another day, another chance to meet some new people, right, Phoenix?" Phoenix sighed, turning to look at Skylar,

    "I suppose.. just maybe.."

    "You have to believe! Or it will never happen! So stop being such a downer!" Skylar told her with a warm smile, shaping her hands into a love heart.

    "I've just woken up, can't we take a break for once?"

    "Nope! We'll be having breakfast soon, so get ready." Skylar pulled a bag out of a small chest in the corner of the cell and took out a towel and some fresh prison clothes, then used the towel to cover herself and changed into her black prison outfit for the day, and Phoenix followed, also changing from her crumpled pyjamas. A guard passed by after the girls got dressed,

    "Hey there, girlies, g'day to you!" He said with a devilish smile. The sisters had unimpressed expressions on their faces, "If you hate it so much, you shouldn't been sisters, should you, now?"

    "And HOW could we have stopped one of us being born, exactly?" Phoenix snapped back, holding Skylar's hand behind their backs. The guard laughed and then walked away, still chuckling to himself.
  3. From a neighbouring cell Gabriel could hear two girls argue with a guard. He couldn't make out much of the conversation as he just had woken up but he heard the last part. He sat up and yawned.
    "Hey guardie! Stop creepin' on the girls ya perv!" Gabriel said with a laugh. The guard was caught off guard and laughter could be heard from neighbouring cells and even from some of the guards. Gabriel didn't usually make jokes but no one could've resisted that one. Besides, any day that you could make a guard feel bad was a good day. The guard got angry and entered Gabriel's cell with his baton ready.
    "What did you say? Say it again. If you dare" the guard said with a menacing look. Gabriel felt especially rebellious today so he stood up and faced the guard.
    "Or what? Are the little pervy guard gonna hit me with the little stick? You know, you shouldn't hit people. That's not ni-" Gabriel said but couldn't finish. He received a hit from the baton right in the face.
    "How do you like that one? And what now? Are you gonna cry? Little crybaby?" the guard said.
    "Maybe i will. After all, i'm not an emotion-less monster like you are" Gabriel replied with a smile on his face while blood was dripping from his nose. He received another hit from the baton.
    "Is that emotion-full enough for you? You've made me mad!" the guard said.
    "Aww. Did i make the little guard with the stick mad? Did i hit him in the insecurities? Maybe he never wanted to be a guard b-" Gabriel received yet another hit. This time he fell to the floor and the guard kicked him in the gut and walked away as Gabriel got up again. Still with a smile on his face and blood still dripping from the nose, he put on his clothes and walked out of the cell to get his breakfast

    (And no. I didn't auto the girls @Jodie.xox and say that they started laughing)
  4. Derek was awake, but he kept his back laid against his bed, even when the guard came over to tell him to wake up. "Alright Henderson, on your feet! It's time for breakfast." The guard demanded. Derek sighed as he got off is bed and gave the guard the middle finger as he went to find his clothes. "What are we having?" Derek asked nonchalantly.

    "It's your favourite; Crap." The guard said with a smug look. "Oh, I didn't realise your mom was cooking." Derek said as he gazed back at the guard with a smug look of his own, this annoyed the guard. "You wanna repeat that?!" The guard said as he was about to step into his cell. "Nah, I'm good, I'm gonna get dressed so I suggest you get lost... unless the people in the cells next to me were right in saying you're a pervert.?" Derek said as he went to get changed, undeterred by the fact the guard was still there. The guard reluctantly left because he didn't want to see Derek getting changed. "I'll bet your fat under those clothes." He said as he walked off.

    "Just like your mom." Derek replied as he donned his clothing and signature black fur coat.
  5. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Clarke exited her cell and walk over to the next door cell, "Oi Bel, you coming out or are you just gonna exercise, because you know that you can do that out of your cell you know", Bellamy left his cell and said "Ok let's go". Clarke and Bellamy headed down to breakfast, they got there food and found a seat, Bellamy put his food down and said "well as you interrupted my work out, you have to assist me", Clarke put her tray of food down and said "what exactly do you want me to do?" she raised her eyebrow at him. Bellamy grinned "I just need you to sit on my back while I do push ups" he got down on the floor and Clarke sat on his back, he began to do push ups as Clarke ate her breakfast, still on his back.
  6. Once Derek got dressed, he tilted his head to click his neckbones before he stepped outside his cell and over to the mess hall where everyone went to get their 'breakfast.' Upon arriving, he wasted to time grabbing a tray and waited in line to receive his food, afterward, he walked around to find a place to sit and noticed a woman sitting on a man's back, the latter appeared to be doing... push ups? He gave a light smile and nod as he walked past and sat on the table behind the pair. "Comfortable?" Derek jokingly asked Clarke behind him whilst keeping his eyes on his food and ate some of it, still trying to get used to the boring flavor.
  7. Gabriel went over to get himself his food. He got himself a tray and the food and then went to get a seat. He saw a girl that helped a guy doing push-ups and he found that to be weird so naturally, he went over to the table close to them where a third person now sat. He didn't bother wiping off the blood still dripping from his nose.
    "I can't believe anyone would find that comfortable. Why not train in the cell later? You can move the mattresses you know" he said as he sat down and began to eat
  8. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Clarke turned to the newcomers and said "oh its not comfortable, exactly I'm just heling him" she hopped off and sat with the two of them, Bellamy stood and said "Yeah I know that but, she made me come down to eat so, I made her help me". He sat next to Clarke and began to eat he was sweating slightly from the push ups but he wasn't too over worked. Clarke said "Oh, I'm Clarke by the way and that exercise fanatic is my best friend Bellamy", she nudged him and he said "yeah, so what are your names".
  9. "Oh, i see. I guess that makes sense. I'm Gabriel" Gabriel introduced himself to the three others. He looked at his hand and contemplated whether he would shake hands with them or not but decided that his hand was too bloody from occasionally wiping off his dripping nose. He didn't get any tissues so he couldn't put some paper in there so would have to eat some blood flavoured food until it had healed. And it didn't seem like that was going to happen anytime soon.
    "I would shake hands with you but i pissed off one of the guards and now my hands are bloody from wiping of my nose." Gabriel said.
  10. Derek turned his eyes to the group as he focused on eating his food. "Henderson... Derek Henderson." Derek said in between bites before he decided to grab some salt and shake a little bit on to his food, afterward he took another bite and shrugged, the salt made the food a bit more tolerable. "You'd think the people here could at least give us some decent food; tis stuff tastes like cooked fish that someone's forgotten about and just gone cold..." He said as he sighed and pushed is dish away, the plate having only a third left of what he was given.
  11. Skylar and Phoenix followed the guards outside of their cell, hungry for breakfast. They collected their sludge from the front and looked around at the tables. Most of them looked.. pretty rough, except one. A girl was sitting on a boy’s back, starting to be surrounded by two other boys. Phoenix looked at Skylar, raising her eyebrow, but Skylar started to walk over to them with a smile. She sat down, followed by Phoenix. “Hey there! I’m Skylar, and this is-“

    Phoenix sighed, “Phoenix. Hopefully nice to meet you?”

    “We’re from the Cosmos family, most of them were floated. As you can see, we’re siblings!” Skylar said, probably a bit too happily. She looked at the boy with the bloody nose and hands. “I can help with that, I have some tissues in my pocket, you should clean up.” She smiled at him and handed over her little packet of tissues for him to use. Phoenix looked at Derek, and gave him a little wave. Skylar nudged her, “Don’t be shy, he..” She paused, staring at him for a second, “probably won’t bite?”
  12. Derek turned his head to the sisters and smiled at them. "Skylar and Phoenix huh? Nice names, call me Derek." He said nonchalantly as he passed them the salt shaker. "Try adding some salt to that crap you call food; makes it almost tolerable." He added before he looked at Phoenix and lightly waved back, almost confused on why she was looking at him like that... not that he minded; it was a while since he had good company. "She's right, I don't bite at all... just as long as you're not a guard." He joked lightly. "So, what are the 'activities' we've got today?" He asked as he drummed his fingers on the table.
  13. "Haha. I don't bite either. If i'm attacked, i punch rather than bite. Which is actually why i'm here. You can call me Gabriel" Gabriel said. He accepted the tissues and started to wipe off his hands and nose. Some of the blood on the hands had dried so he couldn't wipe it all of with just tissues but it would do for now. He ripped off a piece and put it in his nose to stop the bleeding.
    "Thanks. That's very kind" Gabriel said. He turned to the guy called Derek.
    "No idea. I don't really care either" he replied to the question
  14. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy looked up from his food and said "yeah we don't bite either" pointing to Clarke as he said this. He then went back to his food, as Clarke piped up and said "So why is everyone here if you don't mind my asking, I stole some medical supplies that i was going to send to Walden, but I was caught, and.." Bellamy looked up again, and said "I was arrested for attacking a guard".
  15. "I'd rather not say. It's too personal" Gabriel said. He wasn't just gonna tell them about the murder from back then. They would all probably know if he told them his last name though. The day after it had happened, it was all over the news. Even if you were in here you should've heard about it. Gabriel's eyes darkened.
    "You've probably heard about it anyway so there's no need to tell you" he added.
  16. Derek sighed and put his hands together on the table. "I'd rather not say, besides, half of you may guess as to why I'm in here. Here's a hint; Do any of you know about the 'Henderson dealings?'" Derek asked in a nonchalant and serious tone, knowing what he did would wind him up in here, also explaining his reason would make him mention the only family member he knew...
  17. Skylar looked at everyone and gestured to Phoenix and then back to herself, “It’s not hard to see, really.” Phoenix nodded, “Siblings. Not that I regret it, though.” She said, putting her head on Skylar’s shoulder. Skylar turned her head back to Bellamy and Clarke, “That’s rough, it sounds important! This is a harsh.. uh.. space station.”

    Phoenix raised her eyebrow at Derek, “I’ve heard something of that, yes.” Skylar looked over to him, too, “You’d have to be smart to do that! What type of dealings are we talking about here? How fast were you found? How-“ Phoenix nudged her roughly, “Skylar, he said he didn’t want to reveal much..” She said in a harsh, but worried tone. Skylar smiled at Derek, “Sorry.. I’m too talkative, I know..” She stared at Gabriel for a bit, “I.. have no idea what you could be talking about. Sounds dark, though? What did you-“ Phoenix nudged her again, and Skylar squealed, “Okay! I’m sorry!”
  18. Derek looked at Skylar and smiled lightly with a shrug. "S'fine, no shame in asking, just too many may seem like prying, y'know? Besides, I'd pry but the evidence as to why you're in here is sitting right next to you and vice versa." He said as he gestured lightly to her sister. "I've always wondered what it was like to have a sibling... someone born from the same parents, like a friend who shares the same flesh and blood..." He said as he almost zoned out before he snapped back into reality and fluffed his coat lightly. "Perhaps when we're closer as friends or something, I'll tell you more, hm?" He asked.
  19. Fin sat just a few seats over from Skyler Phoenix and Derek he leaned over "oh wow, sisters huh?" He thought before leaning back "that's cool"
  20. "Having a sister.." Phoenix sighed, looking at Skylar with a smile. Skylar sat up to look at Derek once more, "It's great, there's always someone to fall on, always someone to talk to, and someone that'll love you no matter what. Plus, Phoenix likes to protect me, and vice versa. We look after each other, it's like a somewhat deeper friendship?" Phoenix looked surprised at her sum of having a sister, "Skylar, that was beautiful." Skylar laughed and nodded, "Thanks, I try!" She looked at the seats just over from them, seeing another boy talking to the two. Phoenix blushed and smiled from all the attention, but Skylar jumped right in, as always, "Thanks! From both of us."
  21. "Yeah, i've also heard about those Henderson dealings. I was still free when i heard about it but it didn't take long after that until i ended up in here. I figured that they had it coming but i can be wrong. In which case, you can tell me otherwise. That they put you in here just because you're siblings is a little harsh in my opinion. This is a place for kids that have broken the law. You two haven't. Your parents did. Anyway, i can give you a glimpse of what happened to put me in here if you all want" Gabriel said. He wasn't going to tell them but he could show off his scar to them atleast
  22. As the sisters left Fin slide over to face Derek "hi" they said bluntly with very little tone in his voice giving him a slight nod of acknowledgement
  23. “Well, yes. It’s unfair. That’s the sad part..” Phoenix told Gabriel, a frown on her face. Skylar put her arm around her sisters’ neck, “We have eachother, though, and that’s the good part!” She said happily, putting a smile onto Phoenix’s face. Skylar looked at Fin, “No need to be shy, as the boys, and girls, said earlier, we don’t bite!”

    “Gabriel? I wouldn’t mind hearing about more from your crimes, at least you actually did something.. cool, to get in here!” Skylar told him, a smile on her face.
  24. "I would not call it 'cool'. It's actually... quite extreme. But i can show you this..." Gabriel said and calmly took off his glove to reveal the part of the scar that was located on the palm. He didn't pull up his sleeve to the elbow to show off more of it but he did decide that he would tell them that it went up that far.
    "It goes up all the way to the elbow" he said
  25. Derek turned his eyes to the newcomer and returned his blunt "Hi." and nod before he turned back to everyone else. "Siblinghood must be bittersweet; I say that because of the ridiculous law." He said before he turned his eyes to Gabriel. "I'd rather not create an argument. I know what I did was wrong, but it was an honest living and the only thing we knew how to do. Besides, it got the wrong kind of people off our backs because our 'goods' made them happy." He said before he raised an eyebrow as Gabriel revealed his scar. "Damn, what caused that?" He asked rhetorically.
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  26. "I don't want to argue either. I just shared my opinion. And i know what you mean. You could actually almost say that our crimes are connected to each other. But no, i wasn't one of the buyers. About the scar, you seem like a decent guy that i should be able to trust. So i can tell you if you want. No offense to all you other's but it's quite personal. And the fact that we all pretty much know why you're here, i feel it's quite fair if you get to know a bit more about why i'm here" Gabriel said. He leaned in closer so that the others wouldn't hear and whispered:
    "My last name is Peterson. My dad often came home affected by your 'goods'. One day i had to defend myself which led to his body being floated. But he was already gone. The scar is a reminder of that day" he said
  27. "Woah.. was that with a knife or something? Oh, wait-" Skylar quietly squealed again as her sister nudged her, "Yeah, I'll stop questioning people, now.." She said, and then slumped down onto the table. Phoenix, however, was still quite interested in all the backstories, and kept on listening in to them. Phoenix nodded to Gabriel, "I can understand your privacy, I don't accept you to trust us the first day, especially when we have nothing to do with what happened." She was curious about the 'goods', but, unlike Skylar, didn't question anything to barge in. Skylar sat up again, "It's nearly the end of breakfast, we should finish this up before the guards do it for us." Within seconds, a guard loudly called out,

    "Breakfast over!" All of the prisoners started to stand up and walk off towards the next activity for the day. (@Shadow_Pup or someone, please tell us what this next 'activity' is even going to be :p)
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  28. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy and Clarke got up from the table and began to walk away when Bellamy saw something strange, the guards were leaving, he turned back to the others and said "hey guys do you know what's going on" as if to answer his question the was a tremendous shake and everything went everywhere, "what the hell" Clarke exclaimed as she was flung across the room, Bellamy went to go to her but was flung towards Skylar, as he flew a small something hit his body he looked down to see a kitten, it must have escaped the animal lock down area. He collided with Skylar.

    (FYI The prison is being detached and sent down to earth)
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  29. "What the hell is happening!?" Gabriel exclaimed as he tried keeping his balance but failed miserably. A moving chair hit him on the knee and he fell to the floor head-first. He got up again but another chair hit him on the back.
    "Quick, grab something that seems like it's stuck with the floor!" He shouted to the others. He didn't know why he actually bothered telling them something like that. He shouldn't care about them. But for some reason he did. He shrugged away the thought as there was something much more important to think about right now; staying alive.
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  30. Fin hit the wall and sighed "oh, whoop de do" they said back at Gabriel "it's a bit of turbulence or something, we'll be fine" they said still unaware of the situation
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  31. Phoenix and Skylar got thrown opposite ways, with everyone else flying about the room. Skylar looked at Bellamy with confusion, "What's happening??" She bashed into the wall, knocking her to the floor, just about managing to get up, she grabbed onto the counter that would serve the food. She pulled Bellamy with her, trying to keep him from flying about again. She was surprised at the kitten in all the chaos, "How the heck did a kitten get in here?" She asked Bellamy, then took hold of it and slid it into one of her pockets. She didn't have time to look at it, or even take the time to handle it carefully, and she could hear the faint cries coming from the pocket she'd put it in. She felt bad, but there wasn't much more she could do. "I'll look after it, Bellamy!" She told him.

    Phoenix fell with Gabriel, also bashing into the wall. She tried to kick the chairs out of the way, but to no avail. She looked at him, trying to think of something to hold onto, "Like what? The kitchen is all the way over there, we'll never reach it.." She saw her sister with Bellamy there, too, and gave her a wave, before rolling out the way of a table crashing down. She pulled Gabriel aside, "Watch yourself!"
  32. "Holy crap?! What's happening?!" Derek said as he was clearly surprised as he and everything else were being thrown around like ragdolls, every time Derek nearly hit a wall, he quickly flipped to make sure he landed on his feet, which hinted he was skilled in some if not a few martial arts. At one point, he moved to the window and appeared to find out what was happening, as when he looked out the window, he noticed Earth... and it appeared to be moving closer. "Uh... guys...? I think we're hurtling to Earth!" Derek warned as he looked back at everyone.
  33. "Oh really? Huh, do you guys think the impact will kill us or we'll burn up in the atmosphere?" He called out to nobody in particular
  34. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy was fine with Skylar taking the cat, he didn't want it. He heard a renching breaking sound, he saw cracks forming "everyone look out the prison is going to.." as he spoke the prison broke in half after entering the atmosphere, there was now to separate falling pieces, he looked around in the half he was in Skylar was with him but he couldn't see Clarke, she must be on the other half. Clarke watched in terror as the prison tore in half but she was then struck over the head by a chair and knocked unconscious.
  35. Skylar looked through the small kitchen window, indeed seeing Earth, “Why is it getting closer? We’re supposed to be in space!” She asked, watching in terror as the prison hurtled closer and closer. She looked at Fin, with a slight grin and said, “The impact will be pretty hard, that’s our best bet. Plus, there was a nuclear war down there, who knows whats happened.” The kitten mewed again, and Skylar lightly pet its little head to calm it down. “And guys? We’ve got a kitten coming along for the ride, you can ask Bellamy where that came from.” She’d got used to holding on until the whole prison snapped, with Phoenix and Clarke in different sections to Skylar and Bellamy. “PHOENIX! We’ll be fine!” Phoenix gave her one last look before the prison snapped, and they were separated. Skylar looked at Bellamy, “She’all look out for Clarke, don’t worry, Bellamy.”

    Phoenix looked to the other end of her half, to which Clarke was knocked unconscious. She looked to Gabriel and sighed, “I’ll help her.” Then ran as fast as she could before she could be hurtled around anymore. She tripped when the prison had a bump and slid across the floor, right in front of Clarke, and put her against a wall. “You’ll.. be okay..” She whispered, trying to wake her up again.
  36. "Hooooooooly shit! It's a wonder the suction haven't pulled us out yet! But i'll find something for us to hold onto!" Gabriel shouted over all the noise to Phoenix and looked around the room for anything they could hold onto. Then he thought of another danger. If they were going towards earth, what would cushion their fall? Would small parachutes activate or would they have to try to survive on their own. Under the circumstances he figured no parachutes would work as the prison now had been split in half. So he went to find the closest cell. Outside their half of the cafeteria there were a bunch of other prisoners rumbling about. Gabriel did his best to avoid them but didn't succeed very well. He bumped into one pretty young kid, one guy who looked like he could snap anyone's neck (he had a crazy look in his eyes and was quite muscular) under different circumstances. But the guy had other problems to deal with so no neck-snapping this time. Gabriel reached a cell and managed to get in. He grabbed a mattress from there and then moved on to the next cell. Once he had enough mattresses, he went back to the cafeteria and handed them out.
    "We're gonna have to use these to cushion our fall the best we can. Just in case nothing else will happen to save us!" Gabriel shouted.
  37. Once the prison had split in half, Derek looked in shock as he quickly grabbed a table that was stuck to the floor, he looked around to see if anyone could no longer keep their feet on the ground because of how fast they were falling, he held the table with one hand and got his other hand ready to catch someone and help them get to the ground... or any surface. "It's going to be a miracle if we make it down without a scratch..." He thought as he looked around to find anything useful for this situation.
  38. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy was about to respond to Skylar when their half of the prison collided with the earth sending everything flying about, Bellamy was flung from the prison landing in a tree.

    Clarke regaind consciousness and looked at Phoenix before their half also collided with the ground she was flung back against into a mattress that had been discarded she saw others who weren't so lucky as they had been flung from the wreckage.
  39. Skylar held on tightly to the serving tables, trying to keep balance. Unfortunately, the mattresses and cells were all on the OTHER side of the prison, and she would have nothing to cushion her fall with. She thought about the kitten for a moment, that would be harsh, though.. so she took it out her pocket and held it tightly in her hands, ready for impact. "Stay with me in there, little guy.." She told it, worryingly.

    Phoenix let go of Clarke as she woke up, and ran for a mattress. "Thanks.. what are the odds we actually survive this?" She sighed, holding on tight to the cushioned mattress, then put it against the wall and held on tightly. The crash was hard, ear splitting, and dangerous, but it looked like most prisoners were either injured or got out okay, with a few deaths. Phoenix had been flung into her mattress next to Gabriel, and had to keep watching herself to make sure she didn't reach out for comfort, which she really would of if he was Skylar..

    Skylar landed with a strong force, bashing into the kitchen and falling onto a metal cabinet. She landed on the floor, still clutching the little kitten. She was bruised, nothing horrible, though. She sat down with her knees crossed and opened up her hands, revealing a fluffy, brown kitten with tabby markings and a little white belly. It was a little boy, looking like it had just been a few weeks old. "What happened to you.. your parents.. you poor thing.."

    Phoenix landed with a hard bash, just like Skylar. She opened her eyes and looked at Gabriel, "You alright?" She asked, then looked around for Skylar, but the other half looked quite far away. She looked over the other side, seeing Derek on the floor, and she went over to him, "Do you need help?" She asked, then reached out a hand to help him up.
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  40. As Derek landed down on Earth with the mattress having almost successfully broken his fall. He grunted lightly as he looked back at everyone, when Phoenix approached to help him up, he faintly smiled. "Yeah, thanks..." He said as he took her hand, although as the second he was pulled up, he could feel agonizing pain from his right leg, to which he let out a sharp grunt in pain through his gritting teeth. "Gah! Dammit, my leg..." He said as he tried his best to get up, but the pain was too much, he rolled up his trouser sleeve to see only a large bruise near his knee.
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