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Martial Arts

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Secad MS, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Well, tomorrow I am going up for my black belt test in kenpo style karate and ju-jitsu. In addition, I have read here before that other Charmsians are also experienced in martial arts. I'm curious--what do you guys have to say about martial arts, and if you are a black belt, how was your test?
  2. Well, I trained in Taekwondo for a number of years when I was younger, and have now, rather regrettably given it up. I achieve up to the basic level black belt, and afterwards stopped doing it. While it allowed me to take up another course on Saturdays, I sometimes regret not keeping it up. Still, I certainly had fun with it ^^

    My test day was great. It was really more of a demonstration/gala/fun day along with our tests. The various branches of the city all arrived at a sports hall, and we had spars with each other, some games and of course, our tests. We all passed with flying colours, and we all enjoyed the day~
  3. Well, I used to go to ju-jitsu, and I got to orange belt (D':) and it was really fun, until my best friend I had in Ju-Jitsu went to the more experienced class. Then I got put with the same 6-year old girl EVERY TIME. Then I quit of boredom.
  4. A long long time ago, I was a judo orange belt. This was eight years ago though, so I forgot almost everything. Though I could remember something if I try.
  5. Aiki-do. I just started it on September, but I really like it. We have techniques twice par week and weapons once par week. I also love the fact that after training with weapons we can choose if we want to shoot with bow and/or gun (not a real one, duh).
  6. I'm in kung fu, myself.

    More specifically, my style is Wah Lum Tam Tui Northern Praying Mantis. I've been at it for a little more than a year, and I'm just about to start staff, which is the first weapon. We don't have a belt system- all students have black belts, while si fus have yellow ones. In general, you can't tell if the student next to you is brand new, or if they've been there for years XD

    I love it. I go three times a week assuming everything's normal (this week I couldn't attend sparring tonight because I pulled something in my knee in my Wednesday class and it needs to heal), and when I'm there it's like this freeing sensation of being able to focus only on my movements. It's really helpful for me, since I tend to worry about everything. There's so much clarity when I'm at the temple :3
  7. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I took a Tai chi class my senior year of high school but never got back into or anything else after that. It always bothers me to no end that I lack the discipline to make the time to do some type martial art because I've always wanted to learn one :(
  8. Well Im not really involved in martial arts as much .
    I participated in Tae Kwon Do classes all the way back in 1st grade throughout 2nd grade ,
    But only made it to the second belt . :-\

    And currently , I'm joining some Kendo classes but I'm not so sure if it's considered a martial art or not ,
    Since it uses sabers and swords and all that kind of japanese samurai stuff . XD
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  9. Kendo is a martial art, but not an empty-handed one, as you are obviously using a weapon. :p

    Edit: Holy gerbils! Today, I became a black belt. The test was tiring, though not as bad as I thought it would be. Afterwards, my family and boyfriend went to Friendly's for burgers. Yum. :3
  10. I used to do a certain Marshial Art, granted that I can't remember the name of it.

    Well, it was funny, I joined once, but because of my ADHD, Master (I don't remember his name either D:) wouldn't let me train. A few years later, I joined again, this time much more calmer. I joined behind the class, but he let me catch up because, apparently, I changed so much. Anyway, I got so good that I was accepted into the Black Belt club, which is basically just a class filled with students of Blue or higher belts practicing sparring, swordsmanship, various techniques, and even foreign martial arts.

    Anyway, I made it all the way to a Blue and Black belt. All I had left were the Red, Red and Black, Brown, Brown and Black, Black and Brown, and Brown belts. Since he held the evaluation every three months, I could've become a Black belt in a couple of years. Why did I quit? Damn grades kept clawing my arse. I wanted to keep going, but my teacher was abusive, and paddled us if we forgot homework (which nobody reported because they believe teachers over students -_-), so my mother forced me to quit.

    Since then, they got new uniforms. Apprently, now you can advance from green uniform to red, then blue, and then black, which belongs to the seinsei.
  11. Colored uniforms, eh? Was your dojo into tournaments? At mine, the standard colors are black and white, worn separately for non-black belts, together for black belts. However, white was worn for testings and such. From what my sensei has told me, the colored uniforms are good for team events like mass kata performances and such, but not used for everyday practice, at least in kempo.
  12. I used to do Taekwondo, but I quit. Or rather, I'm having a break, since I'm planning on picking it up again sometime (note sometime ^^; ) I was in it for maybe three years, but I quit because I didn't go to practice often enough. I was stuck on upper yellow belt for one and a half years because I just didn't manage to go to practice often enough to be allowed to do the green belt test ^^; No fun seeing kids that started off one belt lower than you reach the same level, and then pass you while you're not advancing :(
  13. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    I practice the ancient martial art of armblading things to death.

    Seriously, I seem to vaguely remember being into some forme of martial art (I think it was some weird variation of Kung Fu, but fuck if I remember) for a little while when I was a young protoforme, but I never really made any progress and I quit, to never try to get into any of it again.

    And of course, these days, I couldn't even if I wanted to - wouldn't be able to keep up with the sheer murdersauce of the actual training, gogdamned asthma. ><
  14. I used to not only take classes but helped teach classes in traditional Tae Kwon Do. Forms, styles, comboes, and techniques all from a South Korean teacher straight from the country taught in their ways. I reached my black belt test in the 3 year mark and it lasted for 2 hours for a test of about 20 students, we were the first "black belt generation" to be apart of the school because of how new it was. The school itself was only 4 years old at the time, when it comes to martial arts, I'm very serious and passionate about it, I would get annoyed and frustrated when other students in adult class (and under) would talk on the side or wouldn't take their training as serious as they should be. In my eyes, nobody should be just GIVEN their belt which I see quite common these days in a lot of schools, sure they test for it but there's too many flaws I find personally, which is probably why I'm not the Master, lol, he is strict but also fair on some people whether it's by age or he lets a couple of things slide which to me shouldn't.

    My buddy is a black belt in Karate (I don't know what style, Joe Corley if that sounds familiar to you is his master, I don't know why but I just can't seem to wrap my mind around such an American name for a master of a studio for a Japanese art) but I get so irritated personally because he's obese, he's childish, and his black belt test was not longer than 30-45 minutes. The students did NOT respond in a fast manner, the students as a whole had their own side conversations as the Master was talking to the whole class and parents, they didn't respond with ANYTHING when they were called (no Yes, sir, just silence as they walked leisurely), their test was more like a demonstration, they each did maybe one form individually and as a group just did a few comboes called out by the teachers. My buddy then even told me the other day that he has not EVER broken one real wooden board, just that plastic one that you can put back together, yeah, the training board. Was it budget cuts? I mean, I've never heard of any martial arts studio/dojo that doesn't break wooden boards as part of training or tests or something harder.
    I strongly dislike the fact that my buddy is obese and clearly out of shape, he can't go up one flight of stairs without getting tired, he can't walk across the road without getting tired, it's ridiculous, I've known him for years and he just keeps getting worst, it's not like he was ALWAYS obese but then again he was never really in peek condition or anything. Even worst, the Master of his dojo clearly doesn't cover discipline as much as he should because his dojo is known for the students using what they learned in bullying at school, they used it to show off and some get beaten up because of which (called out).

    If you're learning martial arts, you should not have to separate from your usual training methods to teach about self defense when you learn how to in sparring and when you learn about certain kicks and punch techniques! I know several dojos that have that problem, even some kids of my own dojo tends to have that problem, bullying problems, not them being the bully (or at least from what we hear). HOW CAN YOU BE HAVING A PROBLEM?! I understand that some people just can't take being bullied so they take insults personally or getting pushed around and don't fight back, but seriously they shouldn't have to put up with it at all, ESPECIALLY after what you learn spiritually, mentally, and physically in martial arts! If my kid was getting bullied then he fights back for once and gets in trouble, I'm not going to yell at him because he taught that bully a lesson! You shouldn't get away with fucking around with other people!

    So anyways, I reduced this a bit so I'm not branching off, martial arts should be treated more than just a sport in my opinion, it shouldn't be just how to fight but more of how to improve oneself mentally and spiritually as well. Some movies take it to the extreme though, such as why would a woman be all the way out there and doing whatever she was doing with a cobra in the new Karate Kid movie (which millions of people pointed out that Karate and Kung Fu are completely different in so many ways). You definitely should NOT be teaching people how to kill others with your own bare hands or whatever else without first teaching them a lot in self discipline and self control.

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