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Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Zachary, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Martial Arts is one of those things that if you tell someone, you instantly get respect from in middle school. The ability to roundhouse kick concrete into dust and run across air just sounded cool to everyone until they realized it fully wasn't about it.

    Martial Arts is one of those things that most people can find a common ground on and have a conversation starter due to the rich history behind each style, from Shaolin Kung Fu to Krav Magav to Savate.

    I personally do Muay Thai(it inspired Infernape :arr: ), I find it challenging and more invigorating then my previous attempts at MMA and Shorinryu Karate. Although I said in the past about MMA was positive, I really don't hold it in high regards anymore. My opinion of it has dulled down due to the misconceptions and relative ignorance of it.

    What does Charms think of martial arts and what styles do they learn or have learned?
  2. Well, I stopped after a while, but I used to take martial arts (though what style, I forgot :/) for while. I admit, I wanted to do it because I wanted to learn, at the time, to shoot energy blasts like DBZ characters (because at 6 years old I was a moron). I was rejected at first because I had a severe case of ADHD back then (not even joking). However, about 4th grade they decided to take me back when I wanted to actually learn about martial arts. Eventually, I became a blue and black belt and became a part of the Black Belt club, which was basically an advanced class where we also learned how to use wooden swords. I was even part of a sparring team at one point, though I had a grunting problem (which I think is hard to control when you're 12 and the sparring partner close to your height is 15 years old), I still have bruises XD

    However, despite me being maybe 2-3 years from getting my black belt, my grades began to fall, so I was pulled out. Looking back at where I learned it, I see they changed the uniforms a lot. Back then, we wore all white (or for me, since I was a Black Belt club member, a special white, red, and blue gi uniform), but now I see my master wearing all black, and his students wearing red, some of them even wearing green ._.

    It was pretty interesting I guess. I don't remember the style I learned, but I know that my master taught me a few different styles outside of the current one we were taking during the times that he and I were the only ones in class on Saturday. I wish that I had kept going XD I bet I wouldn't look the way I do now and I'd have bragging rights.
  3. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I once took a Tai Chi class, but the only stance I still remember to do properly is Repulse the Monkey. (Gee, I wonder why? :p )

    Other than that, I'm self taught in hand to hand combat and Kenvert (sword play) by mimicking moves that I've seen in Anime that are actually realistically possible. I would like to get formal training in one or both of these one day. Like when I have time and money to do so.
  4. I used to learn Taekwondo, because I started when I was seven, and I managed to continue on with it until Last year, where school decided to have a bitchfit and clash with it in almost every way possible. I managed, however, to become a Black Belt 2nd Poom, which is basically a fancy way of saying Black Belt with 2 white stripes.

    Everyone still beats the absolute shit out of me though~
  5. I freaking love martial arts! I have been at my dojo for the past eight years or so, but in the past five weeks I haven't been able to make it due to money and transportation issues. I still work out at my college's rec center though.

    I am a black belt in both Okinawan jujitsu and kempo stype karate. I have started aikido and went up a rank about two months ago. Switching from a linear to a circular style was certainly confusing. I just want to keep going the most efficient direction, but since when is aikido linear? XD
  6. I've done kung fu for the past ~3 years or so. The full style name is Wah Lum Tam Tui Northern Praying Mantis.

    We don't have a belt system, it's more a level system. So basically, you can't tell a fellow student's rank just by looking at their uniform. The rank system counts down, from 10. 10B is the very first level, then 10A, then 9B, then 9A, then they ditch the letters for 8 and lower iirc. I'm currently in the 9B level, which means I've passed my first two tests c: I also spar once a week, though I haven't been going as often because of school.
  7. I began Taekwondo in 2008, and I'm still continuing my career as a Black Belt. Won several silver medals in tournaments, and one gold medal in Sparring.

    I think of Martial Arts as a good way for exercise, as it can strengthen the body and the mind, keeping us fit in both ways. Even though it might make my schedule more tighter than other activities, I still enjoy taking classes primarily because of my perseverance to stay, train, and learn.
  8. I take Taekwondo and I'm almost a 1st degree black belt!!! I'm currently a blue belt and next month I'll be testing for my red belt. :) I'm really excited!

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