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Marshadow creeps into Sun/Moon (and the Anime canon, apparently)

  1. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Following the release of a new Japanese trailer for the 20th Pokémon Movie - a "re-imagining" of the beginning of Ash's journey featuring a variety of Pokémon and characters that did not even exist when Ash started said journey, but who's counting - the yet-to-be-revealed Mythical Pokémon of Sun/Moon, Marshadow, has been finally officially revealed.

    Absolutely nothing has been revealed ABOUT Marshadow, mind - just its name and appearance. Apparently, further details - including distribution details - will be officially revealed "later".

    The trailer in question, by the way, which also features Marshadow, can be viewed here:

    Well, that was a thing. Who are these people? What are a Piplup and an Incineroar doing in Kanto? How did Marshadow retcon its way into Ash's entirely-forgotten Ho-Oh adventure? Why does Ash have such a selective memory? Your guess is as good as ours. I suspect we'll know when the movie is released!
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by StellarWind Elsydeon, Apr 8, 2017.

    1. GreninjaTrainer013
      I am like, so hyped for this movie. I'm totally gonna watch it once it comes out.
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    2. earl eric turner
      earl eric turner
      Holy Lonely Pony Eating Macaroni!
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    3. AceyPie
      Maybe the other people you see in the trailer are younger versions of minor characters in the official anime? But MEH I bet some of you have theories proving me wrong but the man with the Incineroar reminds of the one in XYZ with the crazy hair due Pikachu
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    4. GreninjaTrainer013
      Maybe Brock and Misty will appear...? It would be kinda obvious, since the fact that the beginning of the movie looks like the opening of the normal anime, and Ash would go and battle Gym Leaders along the way.

      What would be even better would be that the fact that Misty and Brock would return as COMPANIONS - not minor characters.
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    5. The Voltagonist
      The Voltagonist
      This really has me at my wit's end. At first I expected a pure no-strings-attached nostalgia trip back to the first episode of Pokemon, like with what they did with Pokemon Generations. Now, they've got some of Gen. VII nonsense scrambled in with the bunch. I'm hoping that they didn't screw up the entire premise in trying to please both the old fans and the new fans by taking the old story and combining it with new Gen VII elements.

      Don't take my tone for displeasure, however. This is most definitely the first anime episode of Pokemon featuring Ash that I've ever actually looked forward to. I'm very eager to see what they do with it, and how well it stacks up to the original and to the recent seasons of Pokemon. :)
    6. NonAnalogue
      It might just be me, but Ash's proportions seem kinda... off.
    7. alolatrainer
      This looks awesome...the more i look at marshadow the more i like it...i might even get a tat of him next to my beast ball tat
    8. Leeon
      This movie will be cool. It confuses me right now. Just like StellarWind Elsydeon said. But I want a Sun/Moon Movie! Featuring the Ultra Beasts! And I also want Generation 8! I LOVE NEW POKÉMON! DON'T STOP POKÉMON!
    9. The iFlare
      The iFlare
      I'm fairly sure that these two new trainers travelling with Ash are those two other trainers that left Pallet Town at the same time as Ash and Gary. They were mentioned in the anime quite a bit until the writers just completely forgot they existed. This whole thing is a reboot/re-imagining anyway, so if it includes them following Ash around instead of Brock and Misty shirking their responsibilities as gym leaders (who are supposed to be way older than Ash by the way, despite the anime starkly contradicting that) then I'm completely fine with it.

      It could also be that with all the Ultra Space and Multiple Universes nonsense that this is another universe where Ash has different companions and origins. Which would then give sense to Marshadow being there, and possibly an ultrabeast or two. I guess we'll see when the movie is out.
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    10. ChungHa
      I wish the Sun and Moon anime would have at least used this type of animation, instead of the kind its using now. Honestly it feels like they've went back a couple years in animation development. (Especially coming from the extremely detailed XY Series)
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    11. M4RSH4DOW
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    12. Ry_Burst
      I think the new animation style was because it was more efficient to work with, allowing more mobility and such.

      Anyways, of course I saw this coming. It wouldn't make sense to have the movie come out this time, except for the anniversary. Adding a bunch of Alolan Pokemon in the background was expected.

      Now, of course I'm not upset. I'm actually riding this metaphoric "Hype Train" down to the end. I LOVE the concept of adding more to the Ash meets Pikachu story. It adds a bit of nostalgia making us fans rave about Pokemon even more.
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    13. Mr.Munchlax
      I'll give this movie a chance since it looks interesting & I personally think a new noncanon (or semicanon) storyline will probably work a lot better than trying to cram the entire first season into a 60-90 minute film. Plus, the new characters look interesting & I'm hoping it's foreshadowing DP remakes due to how Soji & Makoto both have pokémon from the Sinnoh region.
    14. M4RSH4DOW
      Thinking about doing that as well.
    15. Al the Bard
      Al the Bard
      I'll wait to pass judgement until I watch the movie.
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    16. GalacticDeg
      OK. This movie annoys me, as like some other people, I was hoping for a movie in Alola, such as the Ultra Beasts appearing everywhere, or even something with Solgaleo and Lunala. But nope, they decided to add a super detailed episode 1 remake where the whole plot is changed and the movie is just kinda messed up. First thing, they added Gen 7 into Gen 1? Thats just a bit weird. I mean, Ash is suprised by all the new Pokemon when he makes it to Alola. Now it'll be that he knows them already. That just REALLY messes up with the Sun & Moon Anime. And what happened to Misty and Brock?! That messes up with the Black & White, the Indigo League, Orange Islands and Johto League. In short, why the heck did they mash other Pokemon into Kanto's Population? It makes no sense!

      Another thing is, the Ho-Oh thing in the original episode, was a good lead to theories, and made the episode special. Now, they are making Ho-Oh a big deal in the movie? That seems bad to me. In the first episode, Ho-Oh flies by, and Ash is amazed by it, and it influences him to be a Pokemon Master. Now, he close-up sees Ash and drops a feather. Ugh, it just seems so annoying.

      Apart from that, the rest of the movie seems awesome. The characters seem interesting.... and my favourite Pokemon gets a decent role =3 . I'll watch it when it does get a UK release, but, from the details we have, it seems like Game Freak or whoever makes the Pokemon movies are getting desperate.
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    17. chesnaught-z☆
      Holy overused joke on a webtoon!
    18. The iFlare
      The iFlare
      Being an animator myself, I can assure you they have NOT gone back at all in Sun and Moon's ANIMATION styleset. In fact, Sun and Moon makes use of 3D environments, generated VFX and just normal frame by frame and in-betweens better than XY&Z did... Much better. It's just way more skillfully animated than XY&Z, and it shows the animators' improvement as well, because it's the same animation studio working on it. What you're upset about it is not the animation, but the Art Style, which looks like a big homage to studio Ghibli rather than staying true to the art style we've become familiar with in the anime. The movie is likely being done in the XY&Z art style in order to reel the fans they've lost to new art style back in.
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    19. Sky_
      So apparently somebody got marshadow early in a wonder trade, definitely hacked into the game. It's apparently a fighting-ghost type,
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    20. Leeon
      Hi! Who's your favourite pokémon? Just wondering.
    21. ehdo
      So, Im going to guess that Marshadow is in danger during the movie. It's pretty typical and Ash saves him, same old inconsistent plot lines and Deus-ex-machina.
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    22. Soul-Heart
      Did anyone notice the old guy's hat? It resembles Red's cap somewhat, but I don't think that's Red.... Ash is Red's anime counterpart, so I'm probably gonna scratch that theory off the list. Plus, in the games, Red's 20 years old or so... WHO IS THIS OLD GUY?!? Is he an antagonist or protagonist? Is he after Marshadow (My new favorite ghost type other than Haunter)?
      I'm gonna shut up now... Maybe :x:
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    23. rhoangeliques-hidcroc4
      My fave pokemon is fennekin dragonite popplio littlen eevee espeon
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    24. ChungHa
      Yes! Thats better suiting to what I was trying to say, however I am not very knowledgable in that field so I wouldn't know how to express my original comment any better.

      Just looking at the two images below, I feel like any normal spectator would guess that the art style in the Sun and Moon picture would be the older one


      So yes, thank you for helping relay that in a more accurate manner :nom:
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    25. SneakyPlaysPKMN
      Honestly I think those are rebooted versions of Misty and Brock XD
    26. GreninjaTrainer013
      If I had to be honest, I like Sun and Moon's style of animation... It gives anyone who just started watching Pokemon a feeling like how it is. Also, the only reason that was the animation style was because these animation styles are trending in Japan.
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    27. ehdo
      To be honest, I bet there will be a major villain trying to take marshadow for some ridiculous or undisclosed plot reason (Team Rocket will make an unobligatory cameo for obligatory reasons) I mean Marshadow is based on Shadow-boxing and it could copy others. I guess someone would want to exploit this. What do you think of Ash Hat Pikachu?
    28. ShinyZekrom009
      First off, I have to say that, based on the appearance of Marshadow and the structure of its name, I initially thought that Marshadow was based on a burnt marshmellow. A burnt marshmellow that was possessed....or something. The fact that Marshshadow is part Fighting-type explains the first half of its name (Martial + Shadow), but still, the resemblance can't be entirely coincedental, right?

      Then again, maybe I'm just hungry. :nom:

      Secondly, I do not have any issues with this feature-length "remake of Episode 1," as it has been called, nor do I have any issues with the changes. Every new Pokemon generation is a retcon of sorts (Oh, hey, look at all these new Pokemon, items, Berries, moves, and even Types that suddenly appeared but have always existed! *wink wink*), and in Alola's case, it has been intrinistically linked to Kanto in a multitude of ways, AND it is around the time of the 20th anniversary of the anime for Pokemon, I believe, so it is only fitting that Alolan Pokemon make an appearance.

      So essentially, I do not think we should be hostile to this movie just because "there's Alolan Pokemon" or "they changed things." This is a cool, nostalgic callback to the very beginning of the anime that also brings in newer, younger audiences. That's something to be excited about! :D
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    29. Kaben and Madeleine
      Kaben and Madeleine
      I want to be a part of this event and see it.
    30. Fireflamer386
      I think it will haunt ashs dreams
    31. JKShell007
      I am very excited for this movie
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    32. Vesta
      Do we know when this will be released?
    33. GreninjaTrainer013
      According to the internet, it will be released - I think - July 17th.
    34. Fireflamer386
    35. BBYRicardo
      Guess patentice is our key.
    36. HeyHeyRolePlay
      Nope, not just you.
    37. HeyHeyRolePlay
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    38. HeyHeyRolePlay
      (Any translations? I don't speak Japanese.)

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