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Open Mario And Luigi RPG RP?

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Fraseandchico, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. So, This Is An Idea I Just Had.
    This Is Set Not Long After Paper Jam Bros. around About The Same Time As Paper Mario: Colour Splash, Actually, And It Seems Peach Is Captured Again, Though Not In The Normal Way... Seems Like Its Time For Mario And Luigi To Save The Day Again! YES, THIS IS SET N THE RPG UNIERSE. STOP ASKING.
    1. Read The Rules, And Follow Them
    2. General RP Rules Apply
    3. New Custom Characters may Appear
    4. No Taking Down A Character Without The Owners Permission.
    5. Old Villains Will Return.
    6. Max Of two Characters per Person.
    Mario- Free
    Luigi- ME
    Peach- Free
    Starlow- Free
    Whatever's Left Of Cackletta- Free
    Yoshi- Free
    Dream Stone Spirit- ME('cause He Constantly Says Shaddup.)
    Toadsworth- Free
    Professor E. Gadd- Free
    Stuffel- Free
    Prince Dreambert-Free
    Popple- Free
    Bowser- Free
    fawful And The Dark Star- Free
    Princess Shroob, The Shroobs, And Elder Princess Shroob- Free
    Antasma- Free
    Midbus- Free
    Bowser Jr- Free
    The Koopalings- Free
    Toadette- Free

    Custom Characters:
    None So Far.

    form For Custom Characters:
    Good Or bad:
    Species(Must To Have been Proven To Exist In The Series):

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