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Ask to Join Mario And Luigi: Rewind's and Forward's

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Blotch'd, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Mario and Luigi had recently had a adventure with 'Paper Mario'. Missing their new found friend, they returned to normal life, without living paper. Meanwhile, a unknown villain had stolen the paper book. "Ehehe...They think it's going to be safe for them. Well...There about to have another adventure." he said. They smiled, throwing four weird projectiles at the floor. They opened portals, revealing other Mario worlds. Enemy's Galore came from them, along with the worlds Mario's. They all ran off. "Now...For the final world." he said. They opened the book, making paper fly out of it. He then took another book. "Paper Mario..." he said, opening it. "Then, our thousand year door." he said, opening it. Out came many things, including giant crafts. "Ohohoho! This one's another whopper. SUPER paper mario." He said, opening it. "Ah. The worst. Sticker star." he said, lazily opening it. "Now color splash." he said, opening the final book. Thousand and thousands of paper came from all the books, flying down from the sky. "Ehehe...Many. MANY." the figure said, He walked off the mountain, closing the portals. The paper Mario's fell down, along with there partners. "Dangit! Just after we had a decent ending..." Tippi said. Bleck simply nodded in return. "Ugh...No, i'm no-" Goombella cut herself off. "What the? I thought I would never see you guys again!" Vivian said. "Wow. This isn't even FUNNY." Lady Bow said. "I know..." Goombario agreed, dusting his hat with his foot. "Well, this place certainly looks more 3D." Goombella said. "Then what should we do?" Vivian said. "Eat some bacon? Bacon sounds good." The little Yoshi said. "Wha-No! We need to find Mario!" Vivian said, shaking her head. "I feel like we aren't the only victim's." Goombella said.

    -Usual rules.
    -This is a mix of Old Mario games, Paper Mario games, and modern Mario RPG'S.
    -Have fun. And make at least a paragraph.

    Group 'Paper Mario'
    Lady Bow:

    Group 'Thousand Year Door'
    Mini-Yoshi (Whoever Plays him can name him):
    Admiral Bobbery:
    Ms. Mowz:

    Group 'Super Paper Mario'
    Princess Peach:

    Group 'Sticker Star'
    Stack O' Toads:
    A Green Toad:

    Group 'Color Splash'
    Legendary Captain:

    Paper Mario:
    Thousand Year Door Mario:
    Super Paper Mario:
    Sticker Star Mario:
    Color Splash Mario:

    ???, The Main Villain

    Paper Or 3D:

    Name: ???
    Age: 23
    Paper Or 3D: 3D
    Race: Walker Guy (With two chain chomps)
    Appearance: They are a Grey shy guy wearing a black cloak. They hold the chains of two chain chomps, who are nicknamed 'Bites' and 'Fangs'. When being dragged by the two Chain chomps, he skates across the floor using his shoes.
    Personality: ??? is very stubborn, often refusing to give things away. He's also very clever. He seems to enjoy making evil plans, and walking the chain chomps.
    Weapons: Two Chain Chomps, A Spear.
    Equipment: Chain chomp Stakes, Treats, Spear.
    Other: N/A

    EH...time to tag people? (These are the only people I know who have SOMEWHAT of a relative interest in mario. Maybe it's paper counterpart, also.)
    @Lunar the Mew
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  2. Sorry, I'm not really interested in what is essentially just Paper jam, but rehashed and with more Paper Mario.
  3. ...I.. Uh.. I don't know. Each Paper Mario is counted as one universe, y'know. Plus, having multiple Marios makes me a bit uncomfortable, so I'll say no thanks, unfortunately.
  4. Eck, same reasons as Frase and Alex. Sorry.

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