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Ask to Join Mario and Luigi: Dark Duo

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mechanist Gamma, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. [RP Discussion/Sign-Ups]
    [RPers: @Eeveechu151, @Ghostly Jazz Hand's, @GreninjaTrainer013, @Fraseandchico, @Ratbag the Coward]

    Allow me to tell you a story...

    2,000 years ago, a group of mages known as the Tribe of Darkness were created. This tribe wielded powerful shadow magic capable of shattering the world. No one but the Tribe of Darkness and their rivals, the Tribe of Ancients, know where this magic came from.

    This tribe left behind the secrets to their magic within an ancient tome, placed within the heart of their Dark Citadel. This tall tower was the base of the Tribe of Darkness.

    Eventually, however, the Tribe went too far. Their leader inducted 600 years after their creation caused them to use their powerful magic to strike against the Tribe of Ancients who had shunned and dishonored them. The Ancients were forced to fight back. The year of battle between the two clans almost destroyed the world.

    The war finally ended when the Tribe of Ancients enacted a desperate plan. Using the Dark Citadel as a connection point, they banished the Tribe of Darkness to a distant realm where they would be the only sentient things alive. With the banishment of the Tribe, the Dark Citadel and its ancient knowledge contained within sunk into the core of the world.

    The Tribe of Ancients knew something like their war would never be allowed to happen again. Using the same magic they used to banish the Tribe of Darkness, they scattered the members of their Tribe across the multiverse, each Tribesman or Tribeswoman able to return to their new home if they ever needed to.

    But none of the Tribe ever returned to their original world, taking the knowledge of their magic with them.

    And therefore, the tales of the Tribes of Ancients and Darkness continued on, distant and far away from our own world...

    Fast forwards 1,400 years. The old home of the Tribe of Ancients has flourished without its original caretakers, the names of its residents passed into legend. Now the royal Toadstool family presides over the land. The Mushroom Kingdom has made many technological advancements, the opposite of what the Tribe of Ancients had done.

    One such advancement is the Starshroom, a spaceship piloted by Captain Toad. The Starshroom is finally returning to the Mushroom Kingdom after a long voyage into outer space. Princess Peach Toadstool is holding a party to celebrate it, and is there any doubt who she'll invite...?

    PROLOGUE: A Phantom Of Things To Come!
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    Mario arrived inside the Kingdom Wall's, Where a landing celebration was Happening. He had remembered that the Starshroom was landing, and had come to see it. Starlow had ran past, bumping into him. "Hello Yellow!" She yelled. "Oh, Mario! It's Just you! I came To see the Starshroom land. And Because I heard a Party was here, too." She Explained. The two walked toward the Area where the ceremony was being held, and Stood. Waiting for something to Happen with the other people in the Crowd. Starlow, However, Was being more Social and was talking to a Purple Toad.
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  3. Of course, who couldn't forget Luigi? The green plumber followed closely behind Mario, greeting the Star Spirit. "Hello Yellow to you too!" He also greeted the other Toads who took notice of him. To be fair, he was very excited about the Toad Brigade returning from their long-lasting trip to space. He couldn't help being worried about everything bad that could happen during their trip, but somehow, they managed to make it back safe and sound.

    He walked over to Mario, standing right next to him, while also glancing around the area, looking at the many booths and markets set up in honor of the Toad Brigade's return. He looked at Mario, and did a thumbs-up to him.
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    Mario Thumbs-up back, And Smiled. "Wonder what happened up in Space..." Mario thought, Looking up at the Sky. He Tried to Predict when the Space ship would come down. He then Looked at Luigi again, then at Starlow. Starlow Looked Happy Enough and Luigi..."Well Luigi's Just being Luigi" he thought.
  5. Princess Peach was standing on the balcony, waiting for Mario and Luigi to come, when she spotted Mario and Luigi, Peach went down the stairs to see the Mario brothers. she said when she to them
    "Mario, Starlow, Luigi! You made it!" She sounded very happy. She gave them a proper smile.
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    He turned to See Peach Smiling. He had Waved and Smiled back at Peach. Starlow Turned and Looked at Peach. "It's Been a While, Hasn't it peach?" She said, Smiling like they Always do. "We came For the festival! Right mario and...Luigi..?" Starlow Said. Mario Nodded and then Looked at Luigi, waiting for his Response Toward What Starlow Said.
  7. Suddenly, a red light illuminated the sky. The Toads, Koopas, Goombas and all others gathered in good will to celebrate the return of the Starshroom looked skyward as the space ship slowly descended over the horizon.
    "This is Captain Toad! The Starshroom has reentered the Mushroom Kingdom's atmosphere!" Captain Toad's voice could be heard over the radio coming from the speakers placed around Toad Town.
    "Understood. Proceed to the landing zone." another toad said.
    "Roger that, mission control!" Captain Toad said, and the Starshroom started flying towards a port of Toad Town. There, a large cleared-out space was reserved for the Starshroom to land. Many people gathered around the area.
    "Where is the Princess?" Toadsworth huffed. "She should be here already..."
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    Mario Turned his Head And Joined the Crowd. Starlow Followed. "Come on Luigi. it's going to land." Starlow Said as they Caught up with Mario. Mario turned around and Waved Over at Luigi, trying to get his Attention. Meanwhile a Certain somebody was Watching the Landing. "Oh, Space! Fawful has no time for this. Fawful will watch this though, as this is Being the Mustard of Fawful's plan! red-mustache won't know what hit him. Just have to wait a Little longer. Oh yes, I have Chortling at this Devilish Deed!" Fawful said to himself. "Fawful shall Avenge O Great Cackletta." Fawful said. He seemed to be planning something.

    (He's Probably Gonna get canceled by the Shadow Clan, or whatever the like. XD)
  9. Princess Peach went next to Mario, and waved at Toadsworth. She said
    "Ah, let's hope for a safe landing."
    Morton Koopa stomped through Bowser's castle hallways, when he reached the throne room, he woke up Bowser, by calmly saying
    "KING BOW-SAUR! WAK UP!(I'm making fun of his dialogue in Colour splash)"
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    "Yes, a safe landing should Happen. Unless BOWSER show's up and Ruin's it in a Way SO bad it causes you being stolen, Some evil force knock's Bowser out and Take's Peach. Mario and Luigi Stop that Random evil force in some Other Dimension or a Enemy Mario and Luigi has Already faced come's and is Powered to the Max. But that Would NEVER happen again....Would it?" Starlow said, Looking at the Landing ship.
  11. Upon noticing the Starshroom, Luigi ran over to his brother, and the princess. "It's landing!" He jumped for joy, a bit overexcited. I mean, who wouldn't be excited about old friends finally coming back after such a long time? Luigi calmed himself a bit, right before looking back up, to see the Starshroom up.
  12. "I'm quite interested to see what the Captain will be bringing back with him." a voice said from beside Princess Peach. A Toad with purple spots and a cloak looked at the princess and her friends. "Forgive me. I don't believe we've met before. My name is Mys T. I'm a scholar, you could say."
    Toadsworth wobbled over to the princess, huffing. "Mys T. here has just been taken on as the Castle's resident aide. He seems to have quite an affinity for knowing what's useful."
    "My thanks for the kind words." Mys T. stated.
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    "Luigi, That's a Little Hyperactive even if...Okay, Honestly this is quite Surprising. Bowser hasn't attack, nothing is wrong. They Didn't crash. I honestly have to dance in joy!" Starlow said, Spinning. "Why isn't it always peaceful like this?" Starlow Asked. Mario Nodded In agreement. Fawful crawled his Way On a Rock to get a Good View of the Landing. "Yes, This space landing is Being quite Impressive. Fawful can't believe how they Survived...Quite Surprising." Fawful said, Eating a very tiny Mushroom. Mario turned to See Ms. T. And Waved.
  14. Peach looked at Mys. T, smiled, and said
    "Ah, well, it's very nice to meet you Mys. T." She did a little bow, and went back to watch the landing.
  15. "Nice to meet you!" Luigi said, noticing the new Toad. Well, it was always nice to meet someone new, wasn't it? "I'm Luigi." He introduced himself. He extended his hand for a handshake, still glancing up to see the Starshroom land.
  16. Mys T. gave a smile, drawing his hand out from underneath his cloak and shaking Luigi's hand. ...wait, what were those marks on his hand...?
    "Starshroom beginning landing!" Captain Toad said over the speakers, and the Starshroom became stationary over the cleared area, descending slowly.
    Suddenly, dark clouds amassed above the Starshroom. Unnatural, fearsome dark clouds...
    A bolt of purple lightning struck out of the sky, hitting the Starshroom. "We've taken a direct hit! Emergency landing protocols! We're going doowwwnnn!" Captain Toad said, the Starshroom falling and crashing in a distant part of Toad Town. Several other lightning bolts rained down from the sky, smashing the nearby area. Toads ran left and right.
    Mys T. instinctively rushed in front of the Princess, holding his arms out to protect her from a potential attack.
    "WHAT IN THE NAME OF KING APRICOT TOADSTOOL THE THIRD IS THAT?!" Toadsworth demanded, pointing to the sky in panic.
    A floating figure slowly descended from the clouds. It looked like some sort of Shy Guy, except it was taller and had a mask resembling a Phanto. Also it wore something moreso resembling a purple robe than a regular Shy Guy uniform. "People of the Mushroom Kingdom, lend me your ears." a female voice said, identifying the intruder as female. "I am Phantom. I come with a warning. Stay out of the way of my mission, and the Mushroom Kingdom shall be spared my wrath and be allowed to remain an independent kingdom. But if you send so much as a red-capped plumber against me, my dark magic shall reduce your kingdom to slag!"
  17. Princess Peach was shocked at the sudden interference, and said(After calming herself)
    "Hm, what is your 'mission' and why are you threatening us?" She was actually slightly scared of this strange girl.
  18. "To rid the world of conflict by uniting it all under one rule - MY rule." Phantom replied. "And any who stand in the way shall be shown no mercy, as the last battle in history is one I will finish quickly!" Phantom accentuated this remark with a powerful crash of purple lightning behind her.
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    Mario Was Surprised, and Went ahead of the Group of People, Entering a Battling Stance. "Yea! Mario won't let let the Like's of you take this land! He's going to beat you till your...Erm...I guessing Till your black and Blue?" Starlow said. "Let's not Forget Luigi!" Starlow Pushed Luigi next to mario.
  20. "Wha-- Me?! Um.." Luigi was panicking a little bit inside, but he decided this was a great time to show everyone he was more than just the cowardly brother. He entered another battling stance, similar to Mario's. He prepared his Thunderhand in case of emergency, and he would throw it once the enemy attacks. "You're not-a getting away with this!"
  21. Phantom chuckled. "What did I say...? Well, I suppose I can let it slide for now. This shouldn't be that much trouble, after all. Bring it on, Mario Brothers!" Phantom descended down to the same level as the Bros, charging up a powerful attack. She let loose two powerful bolts of purple lightning from her hands, gesturing towards each of the Bros.
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    "What Am I to do...? Hammer this? Jump OVER this?" Mario panicked a bit inside. He took out his hammer and waited. he then smacked the lightning away. "Bingo." He thought, putting his hammer away. He jumped on the Stranger, doing this twice. One to start with and the next to land. once he did this he landed on the ground, backing away to his original spot.
  23. Luigi immediately threw the lightning in his hand as well, upon seeing Phantom head down. Lightning against lightning, huh? Interesting. He did back up a bit, in order to stay cautious. "M-Mario? Let's-a-go!" A large amount of courage was flowing through him right now, and that didn't happen often. He prepared his hammer, hoping that Mario would do the same.
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    Mario nodded, And grabbed his Hammer, waiting for Luigi to start the Move. Starlow Watched in amazement. She had seen the bro's do this Before, but it had been a Long time. "Go mario and Luigi! Starlow Yelled. "This Weird Stranger is going DOWN!" Starlow Added. "Just time the Attack right and...I'm guessing this is what we call a 'Bro's attack'. Very interesting! Time it right, and you do Good Damage to the Enemy!"
  25. Phantom laughed. Mario's attacks had done absolutely nothing to her, a black barrier appearing around the stranger when Mario had attemped to jump on her. "Try your best, Mario Brothers. You can't even touch me!"
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    Starlow seemed a little confused. "That seems to be a barrier!" she explained. "Just do your best. There's nothing much I can do at the moment..." Starlow added. She seemed to panic a little, but kept her cool. "Fawful hates that red-mustache...But the barrier woman could be of Fawful's use...Very useful. Ehehe. I have chortling at the attempts of red-mustache and green-mustache." Fawful laughed a little. Not that anybody could hear the little bug rant on, however.
  27. "Use the Dropchopper!" Luigi took the Dropchopper from his pocket and threw it up. Luigi ran back a bit to gain enough distance to grab the item, and checked to see if Mario would do the same. "Let's-a-go!"
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    Starlow looked at it. And Mario ran. "Mario, I think your suppost to fly toward Luigi." Starlow said. Mario nodded, as he tried to reach for Luigi. "Yea, thats definitely right." Starlow chuckled. Mario Got close enough for Luigi to get on, waiting for Luigi to jump on. "This is being amusing..." Fawful thought, finishing the mushroom. "I have chortling!" Fawful laughed.
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