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Ask to Join Marigold Highschool RP (Yeah I Said It)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Cryronn the Mudkip, Jan 17, 2021.

  1. Yeah that's right.

    R O L E P L A Y.

    Here's Y'all Link to the discussion chat so you can make Bios and read the rules n' crap, so here ya' go. https://pokecharms.com/threads/to-vibe-with-romantic-chill-high-school-rp-thingy-discussion.24068/

    Anyway, may as well get this started... Shall we..?
    Ah, Hello there!
    You are now receiving an audio message from Headmistress Samara Pine!
    How might you be Tod- well, I suppose you can't really respond through this specific medium! This audio message is being sent as proof of your acceptance into Marigold Highschool of Lansing, Michigan! Of course, along with your actual signed letter, or else everyone would be sending this message around claiming to have gotten in, haha! Anyway, make sure to pack your bags and arrive at the campus between 12:00 and 12:30 on Sunday the 3rd of September! We will settle you up into your dorm rooms and get you orientated, and classes will begin the next day! I wish you well, all you new students coming to the school, and I'm exited to see what you have in store for us!
    From, Samara K. Pine!
    "Oiii there Jorrrrdan~"
    "Whatcha up to? I bet you're ready to finally join the big leagues with us two~?"
    "...Mmmm, what are you even doing here, Juniors aren't allowed to be at the Freshman Entrance Ceremony!"
    "Wellll, we just wanted to see our little sister... and ask her a little favor~"
    "You see, there's this boy that's been really annoying us lately and-"
    "...If you're gonna ask me to beat this kid up, you better piss off. It's your fault for doing no sports at all..."
    "Awww, you're no fun!"

    The two twins skipped away, slipping back into the Gymnasium where all the other grades were supposed to be at that moment. Jordan placed a hand on her forehead and rolled her eyes, walking along and joining back with the main pack of entering students, all having been asked to meet at the bleachers surrounding the football field. Jordan was one of the oncoming freshmen, and yet it seemed that no matter how new she was, she was never gonna escape the talons of her Junior-year sisters, Emma and Kiera. She glanced around as she was moved along with the mass, like being swept up in a tidal wave. She basically was pushed all the way and escaped to the furthest bleachers from the oncoming horde, groaning as she took a seat and rubbed her arm, which was covered with a pale green hoodie. On her legs, loose black sweatpants hung below the waist, and she swung her legs passively as she watched the stands fill up... she was glad to be so loose, after all, this was close to being their last whiff of summer before the start of fall.

    "...mmm... breezy as hell..."
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  2. "Sweety we're here"

    Emi could hear her mother despite her earphones, but she tried not to, she doesn't want to. Emi was closing her eyes hoping her mother would just turn the car around and go back home, but that was too far of a stretch to happen, suddenly her music was cut off, her phone stopped playing the pop music, and she saw her mother staring back at her with a concerned look, "Em?" her mother quietly asked her, she could feel the nervousness seep into her head as she turned at the wave of students crashing into the gymnasium, Emi looked back at her mother and sighed, there was no going back now. Emiliana opened the car door only to be hit by a breezy wind, she looked back at her mother, "it's okay, Em, it's just the fist day, what could happen?" her mother reassured her, Emi doesn't believe her mother, but she was right, it's the first day, what could happen, Emi nodded back at her mother and continued on to the gymnasium. The atmosphere was so overwhelming, it was like she was in a stampede of horses, but nevertheless she finally reached the bleachers, a blessing is what she would say, she took a seat and already felt as if everyone was laughing at her, she covered her face and remembered her mothers words "it's just the first day, what could happen?" she thought to herself. Emi scanned her outfit, it was a black hoodie, paired with her casual jeans, and white sneakers, she doesn't wear hoodies much often, but today it was a benefit, she could hide her face from people!, which was a plus in her book.
  3. James and Theo
    "Yes, if you were trying to look like a grade-school punk." Jame's face fell into a scowl at his brother's response, clearly it wasn't what he wanted to hear when he asked if he looked cool. Jame's ripped, white washed jeans and bright red t-shirt combination were quite the opposite of what Theodore would consider cool. Contrary, Theo wore khaki's and a white, collared shirt with an open, black zip-up jacket.
    "Whoa. Okay, jerk. Who put a stick up your butt?" James scoffed, spinning around so he was walking backwards so he could face his brother. Jame's cocked a brow before shrugging, "you're just nervous, huh? It's okay, bro, no need to take it out on me." James shrugged as he bounced around the taller male, snickering to himself about the dis he had just made. When Theo didn't respond, the shorter brother let out a huff before strutting ahead so he was a few steps further than Theodore. James got cold quickly, regretting his decision despite how cool he though he looked. He crossed his arms over his chest and stood stiff rather than jumping around, much to Theo's approval. The pair walked with the other first-years and approached the bleachers quickly. For the most part, things were already filling up. There was a bit of chatter, but most of the students were silent, Theo assumed this was because nobody knew each other. Theodore intertwined his fingers and brought his knuckles to his lips in thought, while Jame's spread his legs as far out as he could before zoning off by staring at his red and white shoes.
    "The older classes are inside. That means all of these students are freshmen." Theodore stated out loud, causing James to turn around and scrunch his face up before mouthing 'who cares' and spinning back around quickly. Theo shook his head, scanning the bleachers for anybody who stood out, before focusing his attention to the faculty. The tall boy fixed his jacket before taking a seat in the front row of the bleachers, much to the appointment's of James, who was already up by two rows. James considered just continuing up, but thought better of it and ended up retreating to sit beside his brother.


    "I told you mother not to let you have any coffee this morning." the gruff voice of McKenzie's step-dad woke her up from a brief, enjoyable day dream. She already knew that he was referring to the way she was bouncing her legs, for some reason he never liked when she did that.
    "Oh, I'm just excited." the girl shrugged, returning her gaze to the window and letting out a dreamy sigh. She was starting high school, and if the media taught her anything, high school was going to be amazing. After a dismissive hum of agreement from the man beside her, the car was silent besides the soft pop tunes that played from the radio. McKenzie didn't live far from the school, she was close enough to walk, but it was a fairly chilly day so her mother insisted that she was given a ride. When the short drive was finished, McKenzie sucked in a breath of air before smiling to herself and leaving the vehicle in one rapid motion, she gave a brief thank you and waved to her driver before watching him make his get away. McKenzie sighed and brushed herself off, glancing at the other students. The flow of youngster making their way to the football field were her class, and the girl got a knot of excitement in her stomach just by thinking about the future in store for her.
    McKenzie subtly dusted herself off, and looked her outfit up and down as if she hadn't done so 100 times in the mirror already. The girl sported Ugg boots over a pair of black leggings and lilac turtle neck dress with long sleeves that swung about her knees. The girl also wore a matching pair of white scarf and headband which her mother knitted and he hair was split into a braid on either side. McKenzie quickly shuffled into the parade that was moving towards the bleachers, offering a smile to a few people beside her but not getting any opportunity to strike up a conversation. "Oh-" the girl giggle when the flow of students practically pushed her into a spot, there were more people than she imagined there would be. The girl sat with a smile, her leg still bouncing with anticipation as she twisted her head to both sides and tried to pick out the friendliest faces in the crowd.
  4. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

    As per usual, Asher had been up early that morning, unable to contain the excitement of the thought of going to a new school. He'd taken extra time to pick out an outfit, wearing one of his nicer shirts and pairs of jeans, and also tided up his hair a little. He had two bags with him, one a backpack covered in pins slung over his shoulder, and another that looked like a small suitcase that he dragged along from behind him. He'd decided to walk that day, seeing as he didn't live too far away, and didn't really feel like having his parents come along with him, much to their reluctancy. As he neared the school he felt himself tense up a little seeing the crowd, but he took a breath, and started to walk towards the gym, where everyone else was headed. He took a seat in one of the stands with less people, watching as the others started to fill.
  5. Stan wasn't the earliest person to arrive at the school, especially when he saw the army of students already there that made their way to the gym, most likely where he had to head too, as he joined the may other students, he noticed a girl walk next to him and share a lot of similarities to him. "You think maybe we might even get lucky and find a lover here, sis?" Stan asked the girl who turned to look at him with a shrug. "Who knows, but I'm not getting my hopes up, I'm just wondering if you and I will be having any lessons together..." She replied. "Tell me about it, you know as well as I do how annoying it is when people say how "alike" we are." Stan stated while Stella nodded in agreement.

    Stan wasn't the most excited about starting a new school, but he wasn't nervous about it either, all he did was keep a tight grip on his bag while he made sure that he wasn't too cramped within the many students, hopefully he can make some good friends while at school, but another thing he wanted to know was what the quietest places in school were... apart from the library.
  6. ~Rinko~

    ~Rinko~ Previously PrincessPika~chan

    Jacquetta sighed, panting heavily as reached the school grounds; she shivered slightly, but only tightened her hoodie around her neck a little and went on. A small beep sounded from near her ear almost the moment she stepped into the crowds; she pulled off her deep purple hoodie and reached into one of the pockets, all along being moved with the crowd. She pulled out her phone and unlocked it, looking at her notifications.

    ‘Minalyn sent you a message!’

    Jacquetta closed her eyes and smiled, “Typical big sibling...” she muttered aloud, checking the message that she’d gotten.

    ‘Hey sapling! You enjoying your new school yet?’

    Jacquetta stared at her phone blankly, mouth slightly open. She wondered how her sister thought she’d be enjoying it before anything had even started, but didn’t type any of that in her reply. In fact, she didn’t reply. She stuffed her phone back in her pocket and clutched onto her hoodie with both hands as she ran up to try and reach the front of the crowd.

    Once she had reached the stands around the sports field, Jacquetta tried to find somewhere to sit herself, but the force of the crowd made that difficult, so she ultimately sat at the furthest back row of seats, a fair distance from where the crowd was entering.
  7. Jordan had found herself just a few seats diagonal to Jacquetta, and since they were the few people up in this portion of the stands, she slid up a level to reach a better position to speak to the girl, and then let out a chime with her voice. "Heya there! How are you? You look kinda moody but, I hope you have fun today! Just, make sure if you see a pair of older looking twins, stay away, they're my sisters and they'll run you up the fucking wall!" She let out a playful giggle as she slid herself to meet her face-to-face, a stupid grin cut across her face. The metal bleachers she was sat on had been warmed by the sunlight that had struck the steel in the time since the sun had rose, and she definitely enjoyed having her ass not freezing off.

    "...unless ya just don't wanna talk, which I mean, personal boundaries and stuff, I just thought we could have ourselves a lil chat since we're so close... and you know... before literally everyone else gets here! And if that's the case, trust me, I get it!" She grinned still, and stretched out, each limb in a different direction as she let out a cute and gentle yawn, hew loose hoodie flowing in the wind with all the surface area it was given.

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  8. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Rin ran out of his house with his bike in both hands. He slammed the rubber wheels onto the tarmac and jumped on and began to pedal. He was late, later than he should've been. Turns out practising till two in the morning is just begging to wake up late. Only thing that had woke him up was the family dog jumping onto him while he was sleeping. Rin pedalled faster, trying his best to at least make it to the gates without passing out. Eventually the school was coming into view. He jumped off his bike, smiling that he'd made it on time. He climbed off his bike, walking it to the bike shed with the other bikes. He prayed that nobody stole his bike, or else that'd make going home a massive pain in his butt. It would only be worse if his parents found out it was stolen, so he made sure to double check the lock.

    Rin left the bike shed and wandered aimlessly looking for the field. As he looked for it he began to smarten himself up. He straightened up his hood and made sure his violin was tied securely on his back so it didn't go to his thighs too much. An out of tuned violin is as useful as a sword with no handle, was what he was taught when he was a child. This prompted him to check as he began to walk to the fields with his violin. Rin noticed the babble of students going into the gym, thanking his stars that he wasn't one of those students. Though it wasn't long till he started to curse his luck when he went to the stands that surrounded the field. There were more people there than he would like which made his stomach feel like it was knotted up and wanting to play jump rope with his intestines. He swallowed down his fear as he awkwardly waddled though the crowd of people, glaring at people who knocked against his violin. Eventually he began to make his way to the back of the stands. Though it didn't help his confidence when he saw two girls together at the top of the stands. He gulped down, deciding to move further from them and to a different corner of the stands. Rin placed his violin next to him as he twiddled his thumbs nervously as he looked at the collection of students. "Humans are 70% water, that just makes us cucumbers with anxiety", he joked to himself to keep his mind off the crowd.
  9. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Cassandra tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for her brother to lock the door behind them. “Come on, Thomas,” she snarked, pronouncing the H because she knew it annoyed him. “We’re gonna be late because somebody kept hitting their snooze button.”

    “Shut your face, Cassie,” he shot back good-naturedly, messing up her hair. “It’s only a five-minute walk. Loosen up.” He grinned, slapping her back so hard she stumbled forward. Cassandra turned to sock him in the arm, but he gave her a slight push. “Go on over to the field, dumbass,” he said. “That’s where the first years go. Us big kids get to—“

    He didn’t get to finish his sentence because he was silenced by the shoulder punch that landed that time. Thomas laughed and ran off towards the gym, waving. Cassandra made a noise halfway between a sigh and a laugh as she hoisted her school bag higher on her back. She looked around at the bleachers and the students stuffing them with hardly an inch to spare. This time the sound she made was definitely a sigh as she shoved her way between three people who were each at least a foot taller than her. Once she finally found an empty space more than six inches across, she sat down and slung her backpack down on the platform in front of her. It was a tight fit, but she was too lazy to get up again and find a bigger space. Wonder if Thomas had to deal with this when he was a first year. Actually, knowing him, he probably ditched orientation anyway. What a pain.
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  10. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    Within the short time that he had been on the school grounds, Milo Vargas was making sure to have as big an impression as he could on as many people as he could. As he gleefully strutted down the halls he put his time to the works, chatting up girls, chatting up guys, chatting up teachers, chatting up the restrooms, etc. Milo so effortlessly fit himself into the environment, people were mistaking him for an upperclassman. It was getting to the point where other students were asking him for directions around the school, and all he could answer with was an uncertain smile accompanied by a shrug and a, “Gee, I’m not sure! I’m just a Freshman.”

    Eventually Milo was informed to make his way to the football field, where the Freshman Entrance Ceremony was being held. Once he found the field, the boy approached the bleachers where other students were sitting and stopped right in front of them. He brushed his hair back, put on the most charming smile he could muster, the one he had been practicing hours before in his bathroom mirror, waved and headed up the bleachers to find a seat.
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  11. Rebecca had been ready since Friday and was headed there. She had been riding in a car when she arrived at the school, realizing she is a bit behind, rushing for her stuff and having it going where it needs it to be. She was then informed to go to the football field for the entrance ceremony. Rebecca had arrived at the bleachers and took a seat in the back row, waiting for the ceremony to start.
  12. ~Rinko~

    ~Rinko~ Previously PrincessPika~chan

    Jacquetta smiled when the auburn girl started talking to her, “Oh, hi! I’m great, so excited, I just can’t wait! Nothing’s up, though. Well, maybe my sister’s lack of sense, but yeah! Wish you a fun time here too! And you have some really annoying siblings huh? Of course! I’ll keep that in mind! And don’t worry, I love talking!” Jacquetta said somewhat quickly, shifting forward slightly as she spoke and placed her hoodie down beside her.

    She stayed quiet for hardly a second before quickly saying; “Oh, what’s your name? Mine’s Jacquetta!”
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  13. Jordan gave a goofy grin at her response, and quickly pulled herself into a more comfy seating position. She tapped her foot against the metal below her foot, as she thought. “I’m Jordan! Cheesed to meet you! I don’t have any nicknames actually, unless you count what my sister call me sometimes... which is “Living Hammer”... because two years ago I smacked a house intruder with a hammer and called the police... wasn’t a fun night but you know, has the added trauma of now my sisters want me to beat up anyone who annoys them!” She said with a sort of exaggeratedly-melancholy voice, but flipped back on her fun switch immediately.

    “Anyway, what do you think the orientation is gonna be like? Do you think there’s gonna be anything besides a speech? And are you gonna join any clubs n’ shit? I myself am joining Track as of now... but maybe I’ll join football. You know, I’m strong, but it’s mostly to see how much the boys will fucking murder me!” She giggled and slid back and forth, as she tugged her hoodie.
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  14. As Stan and Stella made their way up to the football pitch, Stan began to think on what else the school might have to offer, something that would most likely be answered within the orientation speech. "I wonder if there are any awesome clubs to join, like music or maybe even video games if we're lucky enough." He said, Stella looked at him with a shrug. "Whatever it is, let's just hope it makes our school years more interesting." She replied before the twins looked around to see any interesting looking people who were also on the field.
  15. McKenzie
    As time passed without the school faculty speaking, people were forced to socialize. The students slowly began to break out into individual conversations, McKenzie's heart fluttered with excitement. For a second, the girl was too busy to listening to other people's talk that she forgot to start her own conversation, but she quickly got a hold of herself and nodded her head excitedly. McKenzie had come to school today with a goal in mind: to meet as many people as possible. If she knew everybody, tn she'd be able to pick who to be friends with and know who to stay away from. And she'd never be bored if she was friends with everyone. The girl, without thinking much about who could be beside her, turned to her left with the widest grin she could muster. "Hi there!" McKenzie exclaimed and waved a single hand in the air, "My name is McKenzie Thive, what's your name?" the classic greeting may have been a bit lackluster, but it got the job done as the girl anxiously expected a response. The person she spoke to was hooded and turned away from her, so it was hard to tell whether or not she was going to respond nicely. Still, McKenzie had high hopes as she blinked her dark brown eyes and stared with a content smile.

    Theodore quickly picked up on the interactions of people all around him, he didn't have to look back to be able to tell which groups were talking. Some seemed to be getting along nicely, others awkwardly stumbled through a conversation that seemed too forced to be enjoyable. "So long as we have time." Theo stood up suddenly, intending to address one person specifically. He had seen the boy more than once since arriving all school grounds, seemed like the kind of kid who you'd just run into everywhere. A social young man who fit in far to well to be an average freshman, it sort of pissed Theo off. Now, Theo wasn't the type to start fights, and it's not like the other student did anything wrong. But Theo knew better than to let weeds grow, and figured if he did have any sort of competition, he'd better nip it in the butt. Theo's actions weren't exactly reasonable, if anything he was just paranoid about being outshined, but he was, none the less, calculated and refined. Theo walked up to the blonde boy and extended a hand to be shaken, his smile was curt and accompanied by a nod but otherwise he moved very quickly to speaking. "Theodore Junder." the tall male spoke briefly before raising a single eyebrow, "You seem to be getting comfortable, that's good to see. I can't help but be curious as to your reasoning for enrolling here." Theo's statement obviously held inquiry.

    James watched his brother get up without a word, leaving him behind like the selfish jerk he was. James let out and indignant huff, scowling at Theo's back from afar before quickly turning away. Whatever, he didn't need that loser. He, too, could make friends. James turned around to look at the crowd, hardly noticing the stares he got back. Jame whipped away from the bleachers behind him in order to find a less filled stands where he could pick apart the crowd easier. Truthfully, James' only motivation was the fact that Theo was already making friends and he wasn't, but once he arrived at the far bleachers a genuine smile took over his features. The boy was naturally social, so he couldn't help but enjoy himself. It didn't take long for James to spot someone who wasn't occupied, the boy nearly jumping up the bleachers to meet him. James stood, looking down at the freckles kid with an almost manic grin. "Hey! You look friendly, which is great because I'm friendly too. Let's be friends, huh?" James' words shot out rapidly without any breaths in between, and he nodded to suggest that he very much expected the other boy to agree.
  16. "See ya later!"
    Amare waved to her father as he drove off. She turned around and saw the stampede of students rushing into the gymnasium. She was a bit surprised by the crowd, as she thought she was quite early. She quickly followed, entered the gymnasium, and looked around the stands. She decided that if she sat next to someone, they would most likely talk to her. She spotted a boy and a girl who appeared to be twins, and it didn't take long for her to get to them. She stood besides them and smiled. "You know, I bet the first thing someone says to you is that you're twins. I mean, you do look slightly similar, but I could mistake you for siblings or people that just happen to look a bit like each other." It was incredibly clear that they were twins, but Amare couldn't be sure that they would be okay if she mentioned it.
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  17. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    Milo turned his head to see who was approaching him. A rather tall student standing before him then extended his hand and introduced himself as Theodore Junder. Milo simply answered with a smile before he was questioned on why he was attending the school. The blondie took a second or two to dig around his brain for a decent response. He followed up with a grin and gave a less than satisfactory answer, stating, “Oh, I’m just looking for a good time.” Milo then reached for Theodore’s hand but rather than shaking it for a proper greeting, he used it to pull himself off the bleacher seat and onto his feet. “Theodore is a great name! Mine is Milo Vargas.” After observing the other student for a little, he shifted back into his happy-go-lucky smile and said, “I’ll totally be your best friend and all, but you’ve got to tell me a bit more about yourself, Theo.” Milo had quite comfortably switched into calling his peer by the shortened version of his name, not really considering which the other boy preferred. “So why is it that you’re attending Marigold High School?” But before he gave Theodore a chance to answer, Milo also piled on, "What kind of shampoo do you use? Any interesting hobbies? What's your family like? Have you ever kissed a girl? Or maybe a guy? And don't be overwhelmed. Just answer at your own pace."
  18. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

    Asher, not used to sudden conversation such as this, seemed a little startled by the sudden greeting, but accepted it with a smile nonetheless, holding out a hand to shake. “Well, sure then! I’m Asher Brooks, you are?” He puller his rucksack a little closer to him, making room for James to sit besides him. There were multiple pins on his bag, most made by himself, like a rainbow one, a few ones with mountainsides and forests drawn on them, and one of a cat who was probably his.
  19. Stan noticed as a girl approached them and commented at how he and Stella might be twins, both siblings smiled as they looked at each other and nodded. "Yeah, we're twin siblings." They both said in perfect unison. "We get told about how alike we are and to be honest, it's kinda annoying, I mean sure, we have the same hair color and eyes, but in the end, we like having that sense of being unique... not that we hate one another." They added.

    "And you can stop saying what I'm saying now." They both said to each other. "No, stop saying what I'm saying! This is why people think we're alike! Gah! Stop!" The said before they huffed in annoyance. "Anyways... my name's Stan and that's my sister, Stella. We're hoping to get different lessons so we don't have any more of what you just saw..." Stan said while Stella let out a relieved sigh, happy that their unison talk was over.
  20. Emi was thinking about all the ways her father taught her about self-defense, "you just have grab their arm and- oh, this isn't going to work" she thought to herself, Emi was so focused on thinking she hadn't realized someone was talking to her, the girl introduced herself as "McKenzie" and politely asked for her name, all the while this was happening Emi was covering her face with her hood, but eventually she turned to come face to face with the girl, "quick, say your name, and start small talk" Emi thought to herself, and at the same time her hush voice spoke "Hi, i'm Emi, what's your favorite color" she asked with an emotionless face, "NO, that makes you sound like a creepy seven year old" she thought to herself once more, "i mean, what's your favorite shape" Emi asked once more, becoming more nervous of her actions this time, "oh no, i can already tell she wont like me" she thought while still maintaining her emotionless stare, all the while an awkward smile crept into her face.
  21. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Rin was growing more and more agitated by the minute. He thought about what the orientation would be like. It was clear the first room he'd be looking for is the music room but apart from that there wasn't much for him to look forward to. Rin noticed that not too far away from him, maybe 2 or 3 seats away was another person. She's a small one, I didn't know there were twelve year olds at this school, he thought. He sat there in complete silence, feeling awkward to be around her. He could feel the pressure dawn on him as he sat there trying not to look weird. Eventually he cracked, scooting a couple seats towards her. "So, hello! I recently moved here with my mother, father dog and brother. Though sometimes my brother and dog act like the same creature with him normally acting as a whiny little weasel, though sometimes my dog just....", Rin kept talking, trailing off as he did so. If you had to choose between a potato and Rin to make conversation, the potato would probably beat him ten fold. "Sorry, sorry, what I meant to say was, hi! How you doing?", he said, sheepishly as he pulled his violin closer to him for comfort. "I'm not what most would call amazing at this entire conversation thing", he smiled awkwardly. Rin tried to figure out what to say next. Comment on her size? Or her clothing? what about commenting on her hair? People like that stuff, right?, he thought to himself as he tried to link his thought's into words. In retrospect he should've just stayed quiet or move away, cause right now he was a jittering mess.

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  22. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Cassandra looked at the boy who approached her like he had just sprouted a second head. When she decided it wasn’t his intent to offend her, she gave a derisive laugh, though there wasn’t any real force behind it. “You know, generally when you’re trying to get to know someone, you tell them your name first,” she said, grinning, before turning halfway around to make eye contact. “Like, you know, ‘hi, I’m Cassandra,’ that sort of thing. That’s me, by the way. Although it’s kind of a mouthful, feel free to shorten it however.”

    The brown-haired girl looked the boy up and down. Hmmm... tends to ramble, socially awkward, all skin and bones... looks like he doesn’t get out much. Either he’s a videogame-loving recluse or a total weeb— is that a violin? Cassandra craned her neck to get a better look at the instrument. Sure enough, it was a violin. “Hey,” she said suddenly, pointing at the violin case on the boy’s back. She ran a light finger over it, unable to help herself, before drawing her hand back. “You play?”

  23. Theodore
    Theodore furrowed his brows at Milo's response to his question. It was considerably vague and, by Theo's standards, pleasantly underwhelming. Theodore gave a brief nod, clearing his throat as Milo took his hand, only to be taken by surprise by the sudden weight that pulled at his hand. Theo maintained balance, but his expression shaped to utter shock at the atypical gesture, but he quickly fixed it. The audacity of this boy was unbelievable, was his intention to make a fool out of himself. Or to make a fool of Theo. The taller boy looked over his shoulders to make sure nobody had witnessed the interaction which he deemed very odd indeed, before letting out an indignant huff. Still, Theo wouldn't had minded the use of his hand as much if he had known what was in store, it was like a switch suddenly went off in the other male. He just started talking and wouldn't shut up. Theo blinked before narrowing his eyes, "First of all, Mr. Vargas," Theodore began, putting emphasis on the last name as if he were using it to prove a point, "I am not searching for a 'best friend', and if I was, I assure you I would uphold only the highest of standards." Theo calmly described. He didn't intend to say anything further, but somehow it seemed that the other boy had reeled him in and Theodore found himself answering a few of the questions asked. "I came here seeking a higher education, obviously. And I fully expect that the facilities presented by this school will be of higher quality than that of any old public school." Theo smirked, proud of his short explanation. "Mr. Vargas, you talk far too quickly to expect me to answer your questions. I will, however, say that coming here for 'a good time' is a waste of everyone's energy." Theo expounded on his distaste in the other male's carefree nature.

    James excitedly took Asher's hand, squeezing it with a bit too much force for it to be casual and shaking it in a sloppy manner. "Asher? Wow, cool name. I'm James Junder. The last name and the first name start with the same letter, hopefully that helps you remember." James quickly explained, giving a grateful nod when Asher cleared his stuff. James sat down, a chill traveling through his body when it made contact with the cold, metal surface- but the coldness was easily overwhelmed by his excitement at making a friend. James couldn't help but notice the pins on Asher's bag, pins which James didn't intend on immediately creating a conversation about. However, Jame's was never very good at speaking carefully, and his attempt to dance around the subject ended up just sounding awkward. "So Asher, what do you like to do? Art? You're the crafty type, I can tell." After a few seconds of rambling, James just shook his head with a sigh of defeat. "Those pins are super neat, did you make them?" James inquired, turning his body to face Asher with a smile.

    McKenzie's unflinching smile was almost unnerving for a moment, but her expression shifted when the girl beside her turned to reveal her features. She had dark hair and dark eyes that contrasted against her fair skin, she was a pretty girl by most standards. The type of pretty girl that quietly sits in a corner and just looks pretty. Perhaps McKenzie was imagining that type of girl, which is why she was caught off guard by Emi's seemingly random question. McKenzie's face turned red before she busted out with laughter, unable to contain her opinion of the silliness of the inquiry made. "That's not the most regular conversation starter" McKenzie giggled, waiting for her breathing to stabilize before adding gently "Dark green, and I'm gonna have to go with trapezoid." she giggled again after her answer. McKenzie hadn't noticed Emi's plain expression until her laughing subsided, causing her to raise her brows before shrugging. "You're funny, Emi. I like you a lot, already." McKenzie nodded before making up her own question that seemed to fit the theme, "So, what's your favorite animal?" she asked with a genuine smile.
  24. Emi felt embarrassed, she knew it was stupid to answer the girl, McKenzie just laughed like everyone else Emi thought she would be friends with, but instead of changing seats or further making fun of her, McKenzie actually answered her, "Dark green and Trapezoids" Emi spoke in a whisper as if to memorize those words, at this point Emi's opinion on McKenzie shifted, at first Emi thought the girl was just making fun of her again, but now it seems genuine or kind especially after the girl said clear as day that she already liked Emi. "What was her favorite animal" McKenzie asked, this would be a tough one, Emi has had all kinds of favorite animals over the years, she liked wolves, giraffes, maybe hamsters, "do dinosaurs count?" Emi asked with a more genuine smile but still in a hushed voice.
  25. ~Rinko~

    ~Rinko~ Previously PrincessPika~chan

    Jacquetta chuckled a little when she heard Jordan’s ‘nickname,’ though was mostly quietly listening until she’d finished. “Eh, probably is just a speech. As for clubs, I’m kinda hoping there’s a book club! Or a candy club! If I had to pick a sport club, then it’d probably be tennis.” Jacquetta chuckled again, a large open-mouthed smile plastered on her face. “D’you think the dorms will be single ones or...?”
  26. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

    "It's nice to meet you James!" Asher said, then nodded, laughing a little. "Yeah, I did. I have a few more in my bag actually, if you’d maybe like one. And yeah, I really enjoy art. I like writing too, but art is my favourite." Asher paused for a second. "What's your favourite subject? You got any hobbies?" He asked, keeping a wide smile as he did.
  27. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    "oh sorry, my name is Rin Kumo", he said, bowing to her. "Cassandra?", Rin played with the word in his mouth until it felt natural to say. "I think I'll shorten it to Cass or Cassy", he smiled. Though when she touched his violin his smile faded as he stared daggers into her eyes. "Don't touch my violin", he said coldly, his eyes piercing into hers. Rin was never a fan of people touching his violin, hell he wouldn't let his own family touch it. "S-sorry, I just don't like people touching my violin, I sorta am over protective of it", he said, looking down embarrassed. "Y-yeah I play, sorta have around seven years on it so I'm pretty sure that counts", he said. "Though I've never done any competitions, I just can't stand up on stage and face an entire crowd", he murmured. Last time Rin had tried to perform in front of a crowd he was a mess, swapping tempos and playing out of rhythm. "So, do you like music? Well specifically can you play music?", he asked her.

  28. Amare chuckled when they spoke in unison. She wasn't sure whether or not it was a sign that they were friendly or not. They introduced themselves, so Amare instinctively replied. "I'm Amare. I'm not really a fan of nicknames, so I don't have one." She paused for a bit, brushing her hair away from her eyes. "If you don't mind me asking, do you have any things that aren't similar about you two? Like, hobbies and stuff like that."
  29. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    After Milo had finished, Theodore spoke his mind and didn’t hold back. The boy stared up at Theo’s gaze with an empty wide-eyed expression, as he scratched the backside of his head listening to Theodore’s every word. Once Milo had a solid understanding of what Theo was all about, a grin started to blossom on his face until he eventually started to chuckle. Rather than commenting on Theodore’s criticisms that dug into Milo’s more abrasive mannerisms, he focused on the taller student’s interest in the school. “Ah, I see. You’re a big academic nut, aren’t you? Coolio!” Milo then placed the palm of his hand atop his own head and then extended it to the top of Theo’s to make an unsubtle acknowledgement of his peer’s height. “But I’ll bet you’re an even better athlete with that towering physique, no?”

    The next thing Milo did was sit back down and look up to meet Theo’s eyes once again. “Don’t worry, Theo. You don’t need to answer all those trivial little questions to receive the best friend status. Just sit down and I’ll guarantee our bond will strengthen through the magical powers of close contact!” He stated as he patted the open space next to him, ignoring the lack of interest in building such a friendship which Theodore had made quite apparent.
  30. Stan looked at Stella and shrugged. "We do have couple of things that are opposite to each other. I like spicy food but don't like bitter food, for Stella, it's the opposite." He said while Stella nodded in agreement. "And I usually prefer cats over dogs while my little brother here prefers dogs, not that we don;t like the other animal as well." Stan raised an eyebrow with a smirk. "Little? C'mon sis, you're only older than me by two minutes." Stan said with a chuckle. "But it's nice to meet you, Amare. Nice to finally socialize with someone before school kicks off. Also, we told you a couple'o things about us, we feel it's only fair you do the same." He said.
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  31. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Cassandra blinked. Seven years, huh? That was about as long as she’d been playing. She didn’t comment on his overprotective reaction to her light touch on his violin case. “Yeah, I play,” she replied. “I’m a pianist.” She wiggled her fingers as if she was a video game character casting a spell. “I’ve performed a couple of times, usually just small local recitals... although I did manage to snag second place at one of the competitions around here,” she added. “Missed a couple notes, no biggie.”

    The girl tilted her head to the side. “Stage fright? Yeah, I used to have it, too. But once you practice enough to practically play in your sleep, then you can close your eyes and pretend you’re somewhere else!” Cassandra tapped the side of her head as she turned back to the field. “I like picturing a snowy mountainside at night. That’s just me, though, no guarantee it’ll work for anyone else.”

  32. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    "I see, a pianist. That's impressive, I find it hard to put my brain together enough to get my right hand to work with my left hand", he chuckled. "the thing is though, I can play some complex songs flawlessly as the score intended me to, but it's that stage fright that gets me", he muttered. "I've never tried that though, pretending to play somewhere else." Rin wondered if such thing actually did work, and if he could actually do it. Rin only had to get into the rhythm of the song if he wanted to lose himself to the music. He was starting to find this Cassandra person quite interesting. "So, what do you think of the school so far?", he asked, trying to start up conversation again. "Out of everything I'm only looking forward to the music room, it's probably the only reason I decided to come to this school anyway since other schools didn't seem to be teaching music as well as this place"

  33. McKenzie
    As Emi appeared to become more and more comfortable, McKenzie couldn't help but smile. It was like watching a flower bloom. With a mix of pride and joy, McKenzie nodded enthusiastically as if she were in total agreement, but then took a moment to furrow her brows in thought. For a moment, the girl assumed an intense, thoughtful expression as she tossed the idea back and forth in her head. McKenzie shortly came to the conclusion that dinosaurs did, indeed, count. "Duh. Dinosaurs are awesome. Man, anyone who doesn't like dinosaurs is just scared to admit that they're scared of them" the girl said, sticking out her tongue in an obvious fashion. "You know what's funny? We can't actually know what color dinosaurs were since we only see their bones. So they could be, like, rainbow or polka dotted or striped." McKenzie giggled at the thought of a colorful dinosaur that would only appear in a children's book.
    "Hey Emi," the girl's voice raised slightly with excitement as she changed the subject suddenly, "are you gonna join any clubs here at school?" McKenzie asked.


    James listened to Asher's laughter when talking about his hobbies, it was clear that this art stuff made Asher happy. Of course, James never had an eye for those types of things. When Asher offered James a pin, the taller boy's face lit up. "Hell yea I want one!" James nodded eagerly, "A token of our friendship. Uh, I'll have to get you something-" James said looking around before simply giving up. "Don't worry, I'll get you something soon." the boy assured with a large grin. Jame's soft eyes shone with adrenaline as he spoke, his entire body rippling with excitement and energy. It didn't take much to get the male riled up, and he found Asher to be exactly the type of person who he'd enjoy hanging out with. Perhaps it was the difference in their energy levels, an opposites attract type of thing- but James was quickly growing fond of his peer. Before Asher even finished his second question, James was already opening his mouth to respond. "Hmm, I'm not sure about subjects. I'm not super smart. I'm not stupid or anything, but I'm not super smart." James did his best to explain, "I guess I like history the best, I don't know, it's kinda like a movie if you pay enough attention." James' eyes rolled in thought as he spoke. "I do lots of stuff though, not so much those hobbies that require skills. Or concentration. But I like all sports. Pretty much anything outside sounds good to me." James shrugged before giving an exaggerated thumbs up.


    Theo's lips pressed together to form a straight line as Milo easily avoided his criticism and turned to conversation so Theodore was the subject instead. "Academic nut?" Theo repeated the words to himself, sharp brows turning downward in an unsatisfactory gesture and he cringed at the term. Typically, Theodore would remind the person in front of him that academics was the only thing that school should be used for, and it was the most useful subject to help prepare student for their adult lives. But Milo moved on to quickly, Theo was still perfecting the words in his mind when the other boy reached towards him. Unaware that it was a mere height comparison, Theodore evaded the other boy's hand by leaning back and taking on a disgusted expression as if Milo's touch was contagious. "I have no interest in playing games." Theodore huffed quickly. There was a time when Theo played just as many sports as his brother, but he quickly grew out of it once his brother began to surpass him. Theo narrowed his eyes on Milo, momentarily assessing whether or not he thought the other male played sports- but shook the thoughts away after realizing that such a subject was really irrelevant.
    Theo watched Milo sit down, an unamused expression present on his face while the other male began speaking again. "You'd think you would be able to take a hint considering how socially inclined you are." Theo scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest and ignoring Milo's patting gesture. "I have better things to do than create a "magical" bond with you, Mr. Vargas." Theo stated simply, but after a moment of silence his gaze just sort of shifted awkwardly. Most of the time, him saying such a thing would make prefect sense. But for now he didn't actually have anything to do, so after making the statement he just stood in front of the other boy awkwardly, rather hoping that something would come up and save him from the failure of his insult.
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  34. Emi giggled at the thought of a polka dotted dinosaur, she couldn't believe it, Emi was actually making friends or maybe just one friend for now, but she was comfortable with McKenzie, the only thing Emi is worried about, is that she'll probably rely on McKenzie for literally everything, the thought of this makes her frown a little. "what if she thinks i'm too clingy?" Emi wondered but her thoughts were cut short when McKenzie asked her what club she's gonna join, Emi has only had one hobby her whole life, it's singing, it makes her feel relaxed or happy, "well, i guess i want to join a music club-" Emi stopped what she was saying when she realized it could be misinterpreted, "-i mean!, i don't play musical instruments but, i just like singing" Emi continued, her voice descending into a whisper as it neared the end.

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  35. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

    "Oh, no, you don't have to get me anything, really." Asher said, unzipping his bag. "Cool, cool. I'm not really much of a sports person, but yeah, History can be pretty neat." He dug around for a few moments before pulling out a handfull of badges. They were all painted ones; one with a mountainside, one with a lake, and several with forests. He held them out in front of James, smiling at him. "You can have whichever one you want. I think I brought some of the stuff to make them with me as well, so if you'd like to maybe have a go at making your own I could show you how."
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  36. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    Milo fed into the uncomfortable silence, not saying a word for a solid fifteen seconds. He couldn’t help but find Theo’s remark amusing and started giggling to himself. The giggling quickly built up into fairly harsh laughter of which was probably starting to turn a few heads. “You’re a funny guy, Theo” Milo spoke in between chuckles. Milo seemed to be winding down after quite the burst of energy he had just expended from introducing himself to Theodore. Not that he had overexerted himself, far from it.

    He took a moderately sized breath and looked up at the sky after his questionably long laughing fit. His gaze then shifted forward so he could appreciate the football field’s turf. Milo’s eyes then shut as he changed focus to the sounds of his fellow classmates. The boy wore an expression as if he was absorbing the purest of bliss, and he might have even seemed creepy for it, like he reached some sort of third-eye opening enlightenment. “The innocent chatter of new friendships sprouting” Milo described out loud, not really needing to give any context to the obscure line. After one last concentrated outward breath, his eyes shot back open and Milo rubber banded back into his traditional high energy self. “Yeah, school is fun” He spoke, not necessarily expecting Theo to respond to the gleeful statement.
  37. Amare thought for a bit. "I guess it's only fair. Well, I don't really prefer any flavour... If I had to pick, probably plain food. I like exotic pets like hedgehogs and snakes..." She tapped her chin as she thought. It was apparent she was having trouble picking favourites. "I can't decide on a favourite colour either. My favourite subject is Science, and my favourite sport is swimming. I'm not good at it in the slighest way, though." She put her hands on her hips. "That's pretty much all that's interesting about me. I'm pretty indecisive when it comes to favourite things and stuff like that." She looked at Stan and smiled.
  38. Mckenzie
    McKenzie's attention remained on Emi as their conversation went on. At one point, McKenzie thought she noticed the slightest hint of a frown on the other girl's face, but she found it to be an awkward thing to mention so she pushed it to the back of her mind. Did Emi not like being with her? Was this all just a mistake? McKenzie swallowed hard, but a final glance at Emi assured her that she was doing the right thing. As far as she could tell, Emi seemed happy. When Emi mentioned the music club, McKenzie's face lit up. Not because the pair ahd anything in common, but just because Emi could sing. Singing as a talent wasn't super rare or anything, but ti was something McKenzie couldn't do, therefore, having a friend that could do it was a whole lot of fun. The girl couldn't help but imagine a high-school-musical type of scene with Emi in the center. "You're not a fan of crowds, huh?" McKenzie asked suddenly as her imagination was interrupted with the image of Emi's earlier frown. Only after speaking did McKenzie realize what she had said, but she didn't try to cover it. "You don't have to be shy, Emi. You're a really nice and pretty girl. I doubt anything can go wrong." McKenzie ended her last sentence with a laugh. This was simpel McKenzie's outlook on life, of course, she had trouble thinking any other way.


    James sat with his mouth hanging slightly open, a loose smile fastened at the corners of his lips. They really weren't anything alike at all. James never really got how people didn't like sports. It seemed impossible not to enjoy, but James didn't have time to comment before Asher revealed the pins and James, like a fish to shiny objects, was instantly distracted. "Ohhh-" James mouthed, but his words were hardly audible as he sifted through the pins in Asher's bag. "Ahah!" suddenly, the boy exclaimed as he picked out the pin with the mountainside and held it up with pride. James grinned as he quickly fastened the pin to his own shirt before whipping his attention to Asher. "See, it'll be right here so people can see. And when they ask about it, I'll say "oh no biggie, my friend, Asher, made it. Who's Asher? Oh, he's a real cool guy, and good with art, too! I can hook you up if you want." James laughed after his exaggerated acting which ended with a wink. James nodded eagerly when Asher mentioned one day teaching him to make his own pin, he highly doubted he could produce anything of quality, but it seemed like fun. "I hope we have some classes together." James sighed, regaining composure after the burst of energy with his earlier show.


    Theodore felt a lump grow in his throat when Milo didn't say anything for an excruciatingly long period of time. He had to know what he was doing, Theo felt his face going red but did his best to stay composed. Assuming that Milo as trying to piss him off, Theo knew better than to give in. The other male thought about returning to his seat, something that, for some reason, he imagine as a power move, but before he decided the boy beneath him began to chuckle. It wasn't just any light-hearted chuckle either, it was the kind of laughter than drew other people's attention. "How impudent..." Theodore mumbled, making several hushing noises in an attempt to quiet the other male down. Theo's face scrunched into a scowl when Milo described him as funny, which was the last impression he was trying to make. The scowl never quite left Theo's expression, instead turning into a look of mild confusion and concern while his lips remained peeled back. Milo switched from cackling like a maniac to peacefully taking in the fresh air in a matter of minutes, causing Theo to simply stare helplessly, he didn't know what to say. Theodore blinked several times after Milo spoke, seemingly to himself, before swallowing hard. "Mr. Vargas, I recommend seeking a therapist." Theo said plainly, finally pulling himself together after Milo's outburst. "In the meantime, just stay out of my way." Theo added with a restrained smile. Despite Milo's outward friendliness and apparent disinterest in achievements, Theo couldn't shake the feeling that Milo was a threat to his success. And yet, for some reason, Theo couldn't make himself just walk away.
  39. "no not really" Emi answered in a whisper, McKenzie is a good friend, she seems to be trustful, Emi should be friends with her, though she can't shake off the thought of her destroying their friendship, "wait, what am i thinking, i've only met her just minutes ago, i shouldn't be worrying" Emi reassured herself. as McKenzie complimented her, Emi felt a blush creep in her face, "thank you" Emi responded in a hushed tone, "so what club are you going to join?" Emi questioned her this time, wishing McKenzie would have the same answer as her, it wouldn't be a problem if she doesn't like the music club, McKenzie can join any club she wants, but still even if McKenzie answers differently, Emi is just glad she made a friend, now Emi can smile freely and take off her hood and readjusts her glasses to look more formal.

  40. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    “It is hard,” Cassandra agreed with Rin’s assessment of piano playing. “That’s why I like it. The challenge makes it fun.” She gave a slight laugh. “Although I don’t usually think that about anything else, heh...” She blinked slowly, pondering his next question, before shrugging. “I dunno. Seems alright, I guess. Not that different from middle school so far, only people are taller. And less polite. And more than likely the classes will require more studying than last year.... ugh. What a pain.” She gave a self deprecating grin. “Oh, well.”


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