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DPPt/HGSS many, many, many dittos needed.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by tpl2000, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. okay, well, i need lots of dittos. 25 23 21 20 15 to be exact. guess what: i need them all in DIFFERENT natures.

    so, i'll start off the list:

    lonely--thanks to reia
    adamant--thanks to reia
    impish--thanks to reia
    timid--thanks to reia
    serious-Crash Then Burn, for male ralts--- thanks for the trade!
    naive--thanks to reia

    i need them for breeding purposes, and it will make it MUCH easier for me to get the needed natures for my team.

    also, once i get all of the dittos, i may open up a breeding shop. you provide the father, i provide the natured baby, and give you back the father as well.

    oh, and one more thing. I DO NOT TAKE HACKED DITTOS. i WILL look it up before trading, and if it does not fit the description, or something is wrong, i WILL NOT accept it.

    well, that's what i want. so, what do you want? no, seriously, what DO you want? i can't trade you shinies, or legendaries (phione excluded), but i can trade you pretty much anything that can be acquired through pokemon firered, pokemon emerald, and pokemon diamond. i MIGHT have some issues with the firered pokes, because it's my brother's game, and i won't be seeing him most of this summer. so. post, please. i haven't had many good experiences with trading posts, so, let's hope this one works out.

    --tpl2000, signing out

    edit: no multicolored posts, please. they hurt my eyes. and no moving ones, either. *rule posted 6/14/07* *apologies to mods in IRC chat about the yellow text thing; i now know what you mean*
  2. [move][size=9pt][glow=red,2,300]I have a serious Ditto ^.^ I sent you a PM[/glow][/size][/move]
  3. NMR


    I have a rash natured ditto that i would be willing to trade
  4. goody, after this, then i'll only need 21 more. NMR, what would you want for said ditto, or would you give it to me for free?
  5. NMR


    I'm willing to trade it for the pokemon "Anorith" r the fossil of him
  6. Ok I will add you :3

    When will you be on your WIFI?
  7. it varies, i'll try to meet you in MSN, or something else when i'm available. or i'll just pm you if you're on.
  8. I'm online right now :3

    Add me on MSN
  9. *yawn* maybe i should get to sleep.....

    okay, all seriousness, i need more dittos. i've ditto-hunted a bit, but that doesn't satisfy my needs. i need your trades! please, do visit this and trade me more dittos.
  10. NMR


    sry i didn't know if u were interest in it r not but i have anorith now and i traded the ditto i will catch more and try to get them to u as soon a s possible.
  11. okay, thanks.
  12. i have a calm and naive ditto if you want, id like a phione, and if you can, a growlithe
  13. already there =]

    give me your fc and all, and i'll go get...well, a charger for my DS and the phione/growlithe.

  14. i'm sorry, but the only one of those two i have is an espeon. i can arrange to get a spiritomb, but it will take longer.

    but aside from that, thanks much!
  15. ok, im on, and if im not mistaken, i believe you asked for my fc, which is in my sig
  16. i'll be on soon *makes way out of fuego ironworks*

  17. Thanks a lot =] i'll be needing them, and eventually, it'll come back into the society with properly natured pokemon.

    edit: i'm ready, but is there anything you'd want in place of the spiritomb?

    edit:edit: i'm off to go get more movies, i'm not ready now. i'll be ready as soon as i get back.

  18. Jynx, i can do. so, jynx/espeon for dittos?

  19. as soon as i wash my hands *stares at almost empty can of pringles*

  20. i'm in wifi as well. and i don't see you.
  21. I have a lvl 50 Ditto with a Pkrs. lax nature :3

    I got it from the GTS and it's not sharked O_O
  22. is it for trade? and it's not hard to get a non-sharked pokerus pokemon off the gts...
  23. Yup, What will you give for it?

    It's Japanese lol.
  24. i have a ditto with a relaxed nature at level 47.

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