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Ask to Join Malum region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Blue moon, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Omega smiled." I see a bulge under your clothes liar." He laughed and leaned close to her and whispered." You do t have to lie, it'll inly make your life worse." He smiled and patted her shoulder. He cursed when a pokeball in his pocket opened and a shiny Swampert appeared." Swampy what do ya want?" He sighed and Swampy slid past him to greet the girl." Sorry about him he doesn't have any awareness of personal space." He groaned and dragged the Pokemon away from the girl.

    He sighed and laughed." How rude. I'm Omega and that's Swampy. Nice to meet ya." He grinned and looked at the aipom. He looked back at the girl and smirked. He extended his muscular arm to the girl.
  2. "No." the cold answer he got from the dreamy girl. Sharp words, like trying to protect something, a secret, depply saved somwhere in her coat, or her bag, or...

    Oh no, it didn't matter. She was a smart girl, maybe smart enough to be what he was searching for. But then, a late answer arrived, blocking all his plans.

    " Well I'm from Johto originally but right now I live in Bienheureuse." Oliver raised an eyebrow, what was Bienhereuse in the first place? It sounded super fancy. The foreign drew a smile on his face after which he looked at Uka. Oliver's instincts told him put on ward, in Malum you could never trust someone catching a sudden interest on a pokemon--that including him " When do you think she'll evolve?"

    "Oh, I don't know." he answered now more calmly, but still pending on the trainer's moves "I don't know much about pokemon so I don't know when they evolve, but not like I really care about having Uka to evolve. She has all the skills I could ask for in a pokemon, so I'm okay with her as long as she keeps on being the amazing partner she is."

    "Aipom!!" shrieked the pokemon happily.

    But there was a pending topic there: the girl's pokemon, still bothering Oliver's mind and, apparently, Omega's too.

    " I see a bulge under your clothes liar." Oh, someone had a good eye to discover that, he hadn't repair in that detail.

    "Oh, don't push the lady like that, if she lies she must have a reason, right?" he asked with a quite malicious smile.
  3. Oh, well, would you look at that. Someone had been speaking. Maybe. Or they had just shown up and thought they could rule the world. Either way, the girl was rather sick of the boy from the beginning. He was a pruny sort of royal purple. Yuck.

    "I see a bulge under your clothes liar. You don't have to lie, it'll only make your life worse."

    She didn't really care as to what the man said- he was obviously quite stupid to think a pokeball was hidden in such an obvious style, and if Oliver thought that too than maybe it was a good thing she was going deaf if only to seclude herself in her own world. It was those last words that made the girl snap in her own mind as the pruny man dared to smugly pat her as if she was a five year old being told off. What did he know of life, Mr. Man With The Money. What did he know of sacrifice, and of tears, and of guilt?

    What did he know about fighting a world that wanted to steal everything from you, of hopelessly raging against the inevitable?

    He had money.
    And he wasn't from here.
    And he dared to think he knew what made life worse. And he dared to think he knew what would protect those that she loved. Oh, yes, lying definitely made her life worse. Sure. It was worse of a life to still have Kathoo with her, it was worse of a life to give her and her twin hope, it was worse of a life to clear the family from fear by lying, it was worse of a life for those that she loved to be warm and protected and feel safe.


    "Swampy what do ya want? Sorry about him he doesn't have any awareness of personal space."

    Memories barraged her eyes, and the girl forgot to pay attention to what he was saying and missed the words all together. And then- did Oliver say something? Shoot, shoot, shoot. Nothing was going right.

    She looked up to find the new person who had arrived was smiling- no, to find a smug smirk on the crude purple of the man. That was it.

    She snapped.

    "Do you think I am an idiot?" She asked, quite sincerely, advancing on the man with venom in her sarcastic tone. There was definitely fire in her eyes now, and her voice revealed a snap inside. "I've lived here my whole life. I've had every single Pokemon stolen from me and my family. I'm living on bread and sleeping on straw, as far as you can tell. We sold the ones we could before they were taken from us, and even if I managed to save one of them," the girl's voice hurt in her throat, and her heart throbbed. She spoke wildly with her hands, throwing them into the air with her voice of venom. "I wouldn't be such an idiot to prance it around in public like a sack of money waiting to be snapped out of my hands, and I wouldn't be such an idiot to hide it in my clothes or in my hair which, just so you know, is the first place people look after your belt. So stop calling me a liar, rich boy, and wipe that smirk off your face. You don't know the half of this world, mister I can tell if someone is lying everytime I walk down the street, mister I can give out advice based on false assumptions, mister I can freely prance around Pokemon as if they were toys."

    The girl was afraid she would cry, but her rage hid the knot in her throat well. She unzipped her threadbare coat to reveal a rubber ban tying a wad of cloth on her tye dye shirt- it was always too big on her. She had made it big so that she could wear it forever.

    "I didn't lie simply because it is beneath my power to keep such a thing hidden. But just for your information, yes I do have to lie. I have to lie and sometimes I have to steal and don't you dare say that that makes my life worse because without it I would die, and without I can no longer protect my family, and without it my life is hell because lying is the only thing that can keep you safe in this world unless you're an idiot with sacks of money protecting you."

    And sometimes you have to lie to yourself to avoid the truth.
    Because the truth hurts.

    I never wanted the gosh darn truth.

    She ignored his hand with a snarl on her lips and turned back to the thorny purple man, running one hand through her hair in silent exasperation as if to calm herself down. The sky had gone dark in shadow, and the clouds were bloodshot with ferocity. "I'm sorry for the interruption, Oliver. It's just- ah, well. I'm tired."

    Tired of the world I live in.
    Tired of lying.
    Tired of hiding things.
    Tired of losing my temper...

    The girl left the words handing in the air with a sigh. So much for the magic show... this day was not turning out how she had expected. And the words she had said... shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot.

    The girl looked up at the sky. She should probably go. It was caving in on her like great, charcoal walls of guilt, threatening collapse.

    She hated it when the sky was dark.
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  4. Omega snarled and walked off." She has no idea." He cursed and thought of the torture he received from team Magma, the murder of his friend against Team Vortex, the pain of being forced to work for team Rocket just to keep half of his Pokemon. Sure, he got his Pokemon back but with some self sacrifice. The scars and burns, Matts death, the self harm inflicted during his depression. He hated any team and he would gladly send them 6 feet under. And that girl.

    She tries to play the victim, sure, it was kind of sad but that's no excuse, she hasn't fought to get her way out of it. He wasn't taking it. He turned back and looked at her." Battle me then!"
  5. While Danny and his father were walking, Danny decided to listen to some music on his phone, and so pulled out his earbuds. But suddenly, a gust of wind blew the earbuds right out of his hands. The wind blew them right over to... Danny squinted to see where they had gone. Oh, there they were - right beside the guy and his Aipom. Neither the magician, the Aipom, or the girl seemed to have noticed. Danny decided he could quickly dash over, grab the earbuds, and run back before his father could notice. So this is what Danny tried to do. He dashed over, approaching the earbuds. But before he could grab them, he tripped over his own foot and fell face forward, landing in the mud at the magician's feet.

    Lying face first in the mud, Danny cursed his clumsiness, his father, and the stupid business trip that he was on.

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