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Ask to Join Malum region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Blue moon, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Please, If you are interested to join and the RP is still open, submit your charater at the RP discusion. Thanks. For the moment the only ones allowed to post here are @OmegaCarvineplays @Starfall @Kitsune477 @xX$t3r30Xx and @LadyLucs

    The streets of Vesperum, the biggest city of Malum were always crowded. People running from one side to another, from young girls attending to school to bussines man making phone calls. Thousands of buildings rising up to the sky, surrounded by a greyish aura created by the smog. Eventually, one than other pokemon would show up, wether it was a newcomer who was probably going to get it stolen from it's hands, or a glamurous lady protected by her couple of Machokes. These kind of figures oftenly produced envy in the rest of the citizens who couldn't attempt to get a pokemon; lots of robers were constantly searching for some to steal since they were incredibly high valued. Managing to catch one was a hard job, keeping it was even harder and finally, affording it, was the hardest of all. Pokecenters stopped being free long ago, pokeballs and other trainer's items became ridiculously expensive. Life as a trainer was no longer profitable, specially since the chances to get to the league were zero.

    A few lucky ones managed to keep their pokemon to theirselves, and that was the case of Oliver Dusk, the mischivievous trainer living from others cluelessness.

    The young male was putting on another of his typical magic shows in the port. It was a calmed place where some foolish trainers from every region landed in Malum with the dream of becoming champions of the region's league. Some of them walked accompained by glamurous Gardevoir's or majestic Charizards, Oliver just laughed to himself, wondering how longer would they manage to keep them to theirselves in that city of chaos.

    Anyways, that day Oliver wasn't there to steal... at least not literally. A bunch of dudes with decent trained pokemon had payed him a considerable amount of money in exchange of getting of testing some trainers that had a chance of surviving in Malum. They seemed to be part of one of this revolutionary groups who wanted to put an end to the Supervia's dictatorship, the powerful family that drove Malum into a crisis. He didn't actually think they stood a chance against such a influential family, but they were paying him to help them and whatever came with money was okay for him.

    "So, have you ever seen an Aipom dissapear?" he asked dramatically to the group of kids who excitedly looked at his show.

    "That's impossible mister!" exclaimed a short girl while adjusting her huge round glasses. Oliver lifted his eyebrow.

    "Are you sure they can't?" he questioned her "Because Uka, my friend right here, can." The Aipom, standing at her trainer's houlder, made a small reverence before jumping to his head. Oliver put on a largue hat, covering completely the small Aipom. When he took it off, a pokeball rested inside of it.

    "That's not dissapearing!" the same girl argued "You just saved her inside the pokeball!"

    "Okay, okay. You got me, I saved her in the pokeball." he admitted while approaching it to her "But, would you do me a favor? Can you get her out of it?"

    She just nodded while taking the pokeball and trying to get the Aipom out of it... but it didn't work, the pokeball wouldn't open. "Uhm... mister, I think there's a problem with this ball..."

    He put the hat back on and looked confused at the girl "Are you sure? She must be in there, where else could she be?!"

    In the confusion, Uka peeped outside the hat, winking an eye to the kids. "She's in your hat! In the hat!" exclaimed anxiously a second kid, with his faced completely covered by freckles.

    Oliver took of his hat to find the Aipom smiling at him "Uka! there you were!" he cheerfuly said while taking her between his arms "You got me worried... I thought one of this little vandals had stolen you!"

    The kids continued to laugh at the trick. Oliver just smiled. Even though his life was completely different to what he had imagined a few years ago, he had to admit that those short moments of magic worthed every pain he had on his daily life.

    He got some moneys from that show, maybe enough to buy some candy or something. But for the moment, he had to get to the real bussines. His job was easy, attempting to steal the trainer's pokemon as a way to test their skills... maybe Oliver would keep some of the pokemon from the distracted ones, he knew a few places where they could be sold.
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  2. Lady Skyland was the sweetest girl anyone has ever met. Probably because she and her team of three always did anything they could to help. Claire would scratch furiously at anyone who dared to steal one of the street children's Pokemon, Potchy would guard Lady and the street children, and Iggy....

    Iggy was a special snow flake, but Lady never really minded. She liked to think that when Iggy evolved, he'd be strong enough to protect herself and the rest of the street children.

    Speaking of the street children, Lady was making sure each one was tucked in their hammocks in the moistly cool ally they lived in. Orphans, they all were, including Lady herself, after she ran away from her mother last year. Claire the Purrugly used her tail to drag sewn dolls up to each child. The children used to be used as training dummies for cruel trainers, until Lady, within the first few weeks of her running away, spotted them. The children had only ever been scared of Lady once, and it was that day. They don't talk about it now, but trust Lady with all their hearts.
    Lady didn't like to talk about it either, but felt a bit better about stealing her mothers credit card and withdrawing every ounce of money her mother had from leeching off her father. She spent the money on six pokeballs, enough so that each child would have their own Pokemon.
    Over time, Lady caught each child a Pokemon, and they stopped leaving the alley. Lady would go out each day and get food and water supplies, and they rationed them out.

    The street kids loved Lady, and Lady loved them back.
  3. Quinn Hunter stood quietly as she watched the show. Her companion, Noble, who was a Shiny Ninetales, stood beside her, watching the show. "I'll never be able to do that, I'm way too shy" She mumbled, nodding slightly. Her hoodie was up, covering part of her face, so only her mouth could be seen.

    With a nod, Quinn started strolling around the area, making sure not to bump into someone with pokèmon. Sitting down under a tree, Quinn scoped the surrounding area, it looked like a battle was about to begin. "Urg, I'm always on the right ti-" "Excuse me! Your a pokèmon trainer, right? Let's battle!" A kid shouted at Quinn, making her get up and dash away from him.

    "Phew, that pokèmon was big, I..." Quinn was trying to find words to say to Noble, who was glaring at the kid. "Noble, please, if you think a pokèmon we come across is nice, I'll catch it, for our sake" Quinn said and placed a band on the soft silver fur of her Ninetales.
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  4. Omega wandered the port and smiled as Swamp the shiny Swampert sniffed at the new scents and aromas that fill the air. They made their way towards a group of people watching what seemed to be a magic show." Bud should we have a closer look?" Omega asked Swampy and the shiny Swampert gurgled in happiness. They looked at the aipom and Omega looked at the supposed magician." Nice aipom you got there. Was it specially bred?"
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  5. "How did your Aipom learn to dissapear sir?" asked the glasses girl from the show after it ended, approaching him with an innocent smile "Do you think my Lillipup could learn to do that too?"

    "A Lillipup?" asked Oliver frowning, quite surprised by the fact of a girl so young like that one owning a pokemon in such a dangerous place. "Yeah, Plops, my Lillipup!" The girl took out a pokeball, from which came a small furry bun. The puppy pokemon from Unova.

    Oliver smiled sadly. Poor thing, she was still filled with hopes about a future with pokemon. Who could blame her, he had thought that too when he was that age. Besides, she probably hadn't spent much time in Malum, tht girl didn't even know how harsh life could be. "I bet he could if you train him properly." he answered with a gentle smile "But I'd recomend you to keep him inside the pokeball, 'kay?" Oliver pet the pokemon's head "Keep that pokeball safely saved in your bag or something, take it out of it only if you're completely safe, not in the streets. You heard me?" "Yes sir." were her last words after saving the pokemon and saving it as he said, then tu run into her mother's arms.

    Oliver sighed, Uka looking at him from the top of his head giggled a bit. Then, another turist approached him. "Nice aipom you got there. Was it specially bred?" he held his head higher to look at him. He was young, maybe a few years younger than him? Who know. Certainly from a much more wealthy region, Hoenn maybe? Just judginf from the extremely rare shiny Swampert accompaining him. Maybe that was a good trainer to bring to the rebels... but that would have to see it himself "Oh, I don't know, I don't think so... I didn't breed Uka myself." he answered smiling "But your Swampert definately doesn't have much to envy from it... were did you get such a particular one? I bet lots of trainers would've tried to take it from you or something."
  6. Willow Laker, a member of the underground revolutionary group, was out and about in Vesperum. To anyone, she just looked like a run-of-the-mill teenage girl with a fake tan to cover the freckles and scratch marks all over her body. No one thought much of her flowing red hair, nor of the blue ribbons that tied it in three places. However, these ribbons held more than just her voluminous and knotted hair. That trio of navy hair ties kept three Heal Balls hidden, which contained Willow's Leavanny, Zebstrika, and Musharna.

    Currently, Willow was ambling around Vesperum with the goal of capturing a Pokemon to either sell on the black market or to give the to the revolutionaries she allied with, who would give it to a child whom they saw as fit for life as a trainer. She saw out of the corner of her eye a magic show. The redheaded teenager watched as the performer and a passerby had a conversation, then walked up to join them.
  7. Quinn watched the performer start talking to a passerby and then another one. "He must be popular, hey? Another Shiny? I never seen another one here before...why didn't it get taken away?" She mumbled, then decided to walk past to examine the group, hopefully not get ambushed by people who wanted to fight Noble.

    Noble walked forward a little, looking at the trio not too far away. "Let's just pass" Quinn mumbled as the two walked side by side. Somebody pulled Quinn's hoodie down when she was standing next to the group. "Well, isn't it the little brat that saved the Hou- Oh? who's this? I've never seen him before" The muscular man behind asked as he lifted Quinn off the ground by her hoodie.

    "Come here" He said, gesturing for Noble to come closer. "Grrr..." A low voice growled from behind. Turning around, a lilac Espeon stood proudly, but he was angry. "Oh shoot, well, gotta go!" The man exclaimed and dropped Quinn, making her land on her butt.

    "Espe?" Shasta asked as he approached his trainer. "Perfect timing, like always!" Quinn laughed as she petted her Espeon's head. Noble barked "Nine! Ninetales! Nine!" He exclaimed, looking at the Swampert that was standing beside it trainer, beside them.

    "Oh no...." Quinn mumbled as she looked down, too weak to stand up. Noble and Shasta stayed at her side, incase they needed to fend off any pesky trainers who wanted to fight.
  8. Omega smiled at the boy and laughed." Actually Swampy was a shiny Mudkip I was given I. The Hoenn region. Although I couldn't be bothered to go to the league but I beat all 8 gyms. I wasn't really allowed to enter the league as I'm Johto champion." He smiled and a pokeball suddenly opened in his pocket." Oh ER... this is Scorch." He smiled as the typhlosion bear hugged him." Hey bud I forgot to open your pokeball when we got on dry land. Sorry." He laughed and looked at the magician." Omega Carvine, nice to meet ya."
  9. Watching from the corner across the street, Ryan, rolling an empty pokeball in his hand, watched as the man who had picked up the girl fled from her Espeon. Spotting the teen with the shiny Swampert, he walked across the street and aproached him.
    "You look familiar," said Ryan. "Have I seen you in the Heonn leauge somewhere? I recognize your Swampert from somewhere but I can't think of it."
    The Pokeball in Ryans hand disappeared and Ryan loooked around before continuing.
    "My names Ryan. I'm one of the trainers who competed in the Hoenn region leauge.Your Swampert in really nice."
    Spottingaone of the local trainers in the corner of his eye, Ryan continued, "well nice to see you, but I gotta go! catcha later,"
    Turning, Ryan made a hasty exit before the Mulam trainer could spot and pursue him.
  10. Across the street from the teen with the Swampert, a young boy was scowling. His name was Danny, and he and his father had just arrived in the Malum region for an "important business trip". And, of course, the first thing Danny's father insisted on doing was exploring.
    "Um, Dad, this doesn't seem like the.... safest place ever," remarked Danny.
    "Nonsense, Danny boy," his father replied. "Anywhere's a safe place once you get used to it!" Noticing the teen with the Swampert, he said, "See? There's a kid over there about your age! Let's go say hi to him!"
    "...Dad... That guy looks 17 or 18 years old, and I'm literally 13 AND A HALF YEARS OLD!"
    Danny's father dismissed this with a wave of his hand. "Merely a miniscule difference!"
    Danny cursed under his breath.
  11. Feeling a bit bored, Willow fetched her Leavanny's Heal Ball from the top blue ribbon. In a shower of pink, white, and tan sparkles, Coconut emerged from the ball. The Grass/Bug type looked around, searching for food or someone to prank. Coconut saw Swampy, and decided he would be her next target.

    The Nurturing Pokemon slid up behind the Swampert, and used Swords Dance. Blue swords surrounded Swampy and Coconut and danced with strings from the Leavanny's String Shot.
  12. (My post is long and I hold no shame :p)
    As soon as she opened her eyes, there was color.

    Whether it be crude red, nasal orange, or a soft, pastel yellow, there was always color. For centuries, whenever someone opened their eyes, they opened them to color. For color. Long ago, humans opened their eyes from darkness, and what they saw was color.

    If the girl who had just awoken had to pin down how these ancient beings would have felt, she said first it must be awe. Whether it be brilliant emerald leaves, a sweet, pink sky, a cotton candy cloud, or the iridescent iris of the ocean, color plated the world like a quilt and it played and it danced in their eyes. Such was the reason for awe. But there was an issue with such a grand, majestic world, filled to the brim with jubilant, dancing shades of light, and the issue was themselves, for the world had committed treason to human's own coat.

    You see, the girl declared in her monologue, wondering who she was speaking to as words formed like a crisp fall pallet in her head and her stiff brown eyes wallowed in the bath of morning hues, ancient humans awoke to color- but when they looked at themselves, curious as to what the world had gifted them, they were sorely disappointed.

    What the humans had seen was stick brown, surly, pale, ghostly beige, cardboard skin and opaque whiskers. They had looked at their arms and found rashes and scars, looked at their cheeks and found black and white shame, looked at their forehead to witness the warts of time, as if, for a long time, the humans hadn't really been alive, and were dead before they had managed to be born.

    And the humans looked up to the jubilant blue sky, and down to their dull, wrinkly toes. And they looked over to the vivid green bushes, then down to their bashed up, stiff white knees. And they glanced solemnly at the rich brown earth, then tore away to gaze at each other's mauled, bent feather hair. Lastly. they dared to gaze at the other beings that inhabited the earth- the dragons, the ghosts, the creatures of water and plant, frolicking in their own perfect pallets, before gazing at each other's horrid eyes.

    And they were mad in jealousy.

    And so, the constant quest for color began, and the humans scavenged the earth to dress themselves in its hues, as if to prove the world wrong- the world that had given them the short end of the stick, as if declaring "Sorry, guys, but you gotta be quicker. We ran out before you could get here," and in response, the toddlers of a race just humphed and scavenged in silent fury for color's droppings.

    The girl just chuckled and got out of bed, eyes locked on the sunrise, sauntering into the sweating night sky.

    Bright, mischievous purple. The sky was a thorny blanket of purple, and the sun was a cackling, twisted red, blood orange ingrained within its fingers. Stringy clouds hung on threads of twine that stretched into the sky as if they were all being held by a massive being, and the makeshift marionettes waltzed crudely, tugged into action by the mysterious man behind it all.

    And why was the sky a puppet show, blanketed by thorny mischief, surrounded by a dripping, muddy cackle? Because there was a magic show in town, of course!

    News spread quickly, for it was the color of the plumpest berries and humans salivated over its juice. Of course, her brother had picked the news up before she could (cursed ears, she could have sworn that the murmur around town had been thwarted by their presence, or lack thereof), but the girl had received the news nonetheless, and now, she just hoped she hadn't missed it.

    The girl's feet flitted towards her destination, waltzing rapidly in swooning strokes as the girl sang rather loudly (she could have sworn that she was singing softly) and crudely off-key. The lyrics to the old thing went a little something like this.

    "I can see and I can hear and I can feel things! I can dance and I can waltz and I can siing! When the world decides to turn its nose from cruude things, I will take them in my arms, I will spin them in my fingers, and what once had been trash will be gems!"

    The girl swung to the notes of the old, impoverished melody, as if the world had become a stage. It had, of course. A shiny- no, a dusty little platform of grim boards, bouncing beneath her feet. Yes, that was where she imagined the show would take place.

    "I can twist and I can turn and I can trick you, I will rock the world with just my bare feeeet. If you're snotty and you're rich and you're clueless, let the woes of ignorance land at your feet!" The last four notes jumped drastically down the scale, and the girl scrunched up and stomped her feet as she did so. Ah, what a catchy little tune.

    "Oh, in this world is terror and fatigue and all things ugly, but look at it from my point of view! Let me dress it up for you, let my sneeze create a new world view er... sumpthing sum sum trickery sompthin magic," the girl appeared to have forgotten the rest of the words, but she jumbled up the few she knew anyways and kept singing. What else was a girl supposed to do while the world was such a thorny form of awe? After all, she had heard the song first from some magic show when she was... what, seven? Definitely before this whole Supervia thing decided to do whatever it was doing.

    The girl shrugged to herself, cutting the melody down to snippets of humming. It was repeating at this point, anyways. Not like she could actually recall how it had begun..
    Now... where did they say the show was? It just had to be near here. The girl fingered her necklace, spray-painted silver, a small little Pokeball replica on a chain. Well... it was only replica if replica meant the real thing spray-painted silver with a Pokemon inside it and all that stuff- the best way to hide something in plain sight. But that's what replica meant, right? Right?

    Oh, pooey. She'll just pretend that's what it meant. If it worked when she was five... well, it probably wouldn't work now, but that was beside the point. Kind of. Oh, whatever. This train of thought was getting frustratingly contradictory, and she needed to find that magic show.

    Now... she could have sworn it was supposed to be right here, but all there was was an assortment of rich looking trainers (she considered whether or not she should be jealous, but ended up just shrugging it off anyways, albeit annoyed that they could parade their pokemon around with no qualms) and a kind of thorny, mischievous man with a sort of silly red Aipom that looked as if he had just finished a performan-

    well shoot.
  13. Noticing more people approaching the group, where the magician was, Quinn growled lowly. "So many people" She mumbled and stood up. Calling Shasta and Noble back, Quinn shoved the pokèballs in her zipper-pocket and zipped it closed.

    "It's much safer" She mumbled and slowly approached the magician and his little group that he attracted.
  14. Noticing the prank Coconut was pulling, Willow returned her to the Heal ball. The redhead did NOT want to get into trouble. She slipped the Heal Ball back into its ribbon, and pulled out Amani's Premier Ball from the middle ribbon. Willow clicked the middle button on the red-and-white ball twice. A fizzle of crimson sparks issued from the ball, and the Musharna popped out.

    Amani looked around, decided that there wasn't anyone of particular interest to her, and settled on top of Willow's head. The Drowsing Pokemon lazily kept watch for threats to her trainer from her comfortable vantage point. Even though the Psychic type may seem like an easy target, the command for Amani's Psychic was on the tip of Willow's tongue.
  15. Hearing a shout behind him, Ryan found himself faced by a Malum trainer along with a Graveler. seeing that they were in the only exit to the alley, Ryan pulled a Pokeball out of his sleeve and faced the trainer. Releasing his Azumarill, it gave a cheerful "Azu!" before it looked at Ryan.
    "Azumarill, Hydro Pump," said Ryan.
    Bobbing in agreement, the Pokemon unleashed a jet of water launching the Graveler backwards into its trainer sending them both tumbling out into the street soaked. Angry, the trainer returned Graveler to its ball and released a Haunter. The Haunter used Shadow ball throwing Azumarill backwards. recovering, it waited for Ryan to come up with something.
    "Hydro Pump again," ordered Ryan.
    Bouncing, Azumarill released another torrent of water. The Haunter was propelled into the wall by the attack. Using Nightmare, the Haunter intimidated Azumarill. Determined, Ryan threw a second Pokeball releasing his Blaziken.
    "Blaziken, Fire punch," shouted Ryan.
    Hitting the Haunter with incredible speed, Blaziken smashed it into the ground breaking it's hold on Azumarill.
    "Blaziken, finish this with blaze kick."
    Giving a short "Blaze", it kicked Haunter into its trainer launching them into the street. Returning his Pokemon to their balls, Ryan scaled the nearby fire escape making his exit from the area. Surprisingly, only a few people had noticed the battle and no other trainers had shown up.
    (Edit: corrected Azumarills first shown move to the right one)
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  16. Danny's father literally had to drag Danny across the street so they could greet the unknown teen. Once they reached the other side of the street, Danny's father enthusiastically rushed over, eager to help Danny make new friends (a quality of his that Danny particularly disliked). Before Danny's father could say anything, Danny silenced him with a swift kick.
    "Dad, do we really have to do this? That guy looks a bit... shady."
    "Stop being so insecure, Danny," his father replied. "Everything will be just fine!" And with that, Danny's father started towards the teen.
    Danny cursed under his breath some more.
  17. Willow glanced over at the father and son duo from her viewpoint. As she watched the son deliver a kick to the father, she internally thanked Arceus or whoever that she had left Unova a long time prior, or else her mother might've done the same. She reached up to pet Amani, and noticed that she was asleep. The Musharna was returned to her Premier Ball, and the ball returned to its ribbon.

    Willow saw the father head towards the performer, and decided to stop him. "Hey, uh, dude? The guy looks a little wrapped up, if ya catch my drift," she called.
  18. Noticing a father and son, neither of them having pokèmon, she decided to go up to them. "Hello..." Quinn said lowly to the boy's father, then turned and looked at the boy. "Why do you want to go there?" She asked, irritated. "He's just a magician" she continued.

    With a scowl, Quinn rolled her eyes and stepped out of the way. "I suggest you don't go there, like for instance, that group of people in black and blue is approaching....-huh?" Suddenly, a group of people in black and blue were walking up to the group. "Like I said, trouble" Quinn said to the father and son, then decided to stay with them.
  19. ((Just a F.Y.I, @Kitsune477 , Danny actually does have Pokemon, just wanted to let you know.:)))
    Danny's father frowned at the girl who had said hello to him. "Actually, we were going to greet that teen over there... the one with the shiny Swampert. But, you look like a good friend for Danny too!"
    "Daaad..." groaned Danny.
    Danny's father grinned, a very wide grin, and stuck out his hand.
    "Hello, my name is Jason Darmanian and this is my son Danny. What's your name?"
  20. (I know, but their not out, so she suspects that Danny and his father doesn't have pokèmon)

    Quinn gave the 'are you serious face' and sighed "Don't worry Danny, I know how you feel, also, I'm Quinn" She said and nodded. Slowly, Quinn extended her hand and shook Jason's hand, then pulled it away after three shakes.

    "D-do you have pokèmon?" Quinn asked, glaring at the group of people that stopped walking and started looking around for someone to pick on. The girl might be an orphan and be afraid of pokèmon, but she knew when something is wrong.
  21. Omega turned to the duo talking to some girl and walked over, Swampy next to him." Hey there. How are you guys today? Are you guys new as well?" He smiled and laughed in his head from relief of no one noticing who he was, his parents and his league champion of Johto role. Swampy looked at the man who seemed to be the kids father and smiled." Hello sir how are you today?" It was annoying how he had to be courteous to strangers just because he was brought up in the limelight.
  22. "Eeekkkkkk!!!!!!!" Quinn yelped and hid behind Danny. "P-Pokèmon! A scary one too!" She shouted as she quivered. Out of the blue, Quinn quickly grabbed onto her zipper, ripped it open and out popped her Espeon in a bright red flash. "Grr....Espe...." Shasta growled at the Swampert.

    To be honest, the Swampert did look pretty scary (I don't like Swampert because of their eyes...it's just so creepy) but as quickly as the Espeon came out, he was called back into his pokèball and zipped closed. Some people started to laugh at Quinn's fear of Pokèmon, so she turned around and fled.

    Quinn stopped by a nearby lake where nobody could see her. Or so she thought. "Are you ok?". Was the first thing she was going to hear if somebody followed her. "It's not fair, why can't I just brave up to Pokèmon? I probably looked like such a wimp" Quinn mumbled as her eyes welled with tears.
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  23. Omega watched the girl run and felt sorry for her. He followed her to a lake and stood next to a tree." Are you ok?" He asked and Swampy gurgled happily." Was it Swampy?" He asked and bright light shine out of his pockets as his team appeared. Scorch the typhlosion, Alpha the Gengar, Siren the Milotic, Blitz the electivire and torn the Gliscor all crowded around Omega and Swampy jumped for joy." Oh er hey guys a bit unexpected really." His attention turned to the girl." Is it ok if they stay out of their pokeballs?" He backtracked and looked at the lake." My names Omega nice to meet ya." He smiled and Siren slid next to the girl and strokes her head against her before jumping into the lake.
  24. "Eeekkkk!!!!!!" Yet again, Quinn jumped up and climbed a tree. "U-umm...." Quinn was sure if her heart didn't slow down, she would never be able to speak. Calming her heart, the eighteen-year old looked down at the Pokèmon. "S-sorry, but I'm terrified of Pokèmon" Quinn managed to say to Omega before her vision blurred for a split second.

    Quinn slowly climbed down the tree and kneeled down beside the water and splashed her face. Her face dried quickly once she shook it. Turning her attention to Omega, Quinn nodded "I'm Quinn" She nodded and sighed deeply.
  25. Omega looked concerned and frowned." If you're terrified of Pokemon why do you have an Espeon?" He was really confused until Blitz shocked him with a weak thunder." Sorry I was getting carried away. Thanks bud." He high fived the electivire and Scorch shuffled towards Omega." Scorch sorry bud I forgot you hate your pokeball." He stroked the typhlosions fur and looked at Quinn." Are you local or a traveler?" He asked and Siren splashed around gracefully.
  26. "I'm a local" Quinn said and released her two pokèmon. "Nine!" "Espe!". "Them? I had them with me my whole life, that's why" Quinn said, pulling Noble and Shasta in for a hug. "Doom!" "Air" "Gon!" "Ray!". The rest of Quinn's pokèmon came flying/running around the corner.

    "Hello guys!" Quinn exclaimed as she was tackled down to the ground by Blue. "Heheheehhee! That tickles! Stop! Blue!" Quinn laughed as her Shiny Houndoom licked her face. "Rayyyyy!!!!!" Thunder yowled as he join in, followed by Noble and Shasta.
  27. Omega was surprised by the sudden outburst of Pokemon." Are these guys your Pokemon?" He smiled and swampy bounded over to the shiny Houndoom." Er is your Houndoom OK with other Pokemon, especially water types?" His voice hinted worry but he knew that if anything nasty happened Swampy could take the Houndoom down. Scorch walked up to the ninetails ( is it a ninetails?) and nodded in greeting. Alpha ran up to Quinn and smiled mischievously and laughed.
  28. (Yup, It's a Ninetales)

    Quinn suddenly stopped and examined Beta, before letting off a cry and clutching onto Noble's neck. Blue didn't mind, he just barked in greeting."Hm, looks like I should introduce you to my crew, huh?" Quinn asked "Alright, Noble the Shiny Ninetales, Shasta the Espeon, Blue the Shiny Houndoom, Thunder the Luxray, Whirl the Dragonair and Trap the Flygon" Quinn said and smiled.Wanting to be a pest, Whirl flew up to Omega and gently slammed into him, then slammed into Swampy and then Scorch until Shasta had to use psychic to stop him.
  29. Omega barely moved and scorch and Swampy jumped away." He's a fiesty one isn't he. Torn do your thing." He snickered and Torn appeared behind whirl in impossible speed and slammed into the back of him. He landed and Alpha high fived him and grinned. Omega yelled in warning as Scorch used eruption." No stopppp!" He yelled but Scroch had lost it.
  30. Quinn gasped and jumped on Trap's back "Let's get outta here!" She cried as Trap took off. Shasta used psychic on Thunder, Blue, Noble and himself, then flew after Quinn. Everybody stayed above the lake, waiting patiently. "Gee, nice going!" Quinn called down and then snickered.
  31. Omega ran at Scorch and jumped on him. The heat was immense but Omega barely managed to calm him down." It's ok bro they were messing around." He snarled at Quinn and began to return his Pokemon." Next time control Whirl. Although Scorch nearly killed us it was your fault. Just a warning don't take it to harsh." He smiled and walked into the forest." Damn what's wrong with Scorch? He's not like this usually. Something has him on edge. But what?" He walked towards a tree and clambered up it. He sighed and began to fall asleep, his pokegear displaying the time.
  32. Quinn landed beside Omega and layed beside him. "The first person...." Quinn mumbled before she drifted off into unconsciousness. Quinn's pokèmon hid themselves but kept guard of Omega in Quinn. Noble sat down beside His sleeping trainer and covered Omega and Quinn with his tails. Unlike normal Ninetales, Noble doesn't mind trainers touching his tails, but only the ones that he trusts.
  33. Danny and his father had been watching the whole thing between the Typhlosion and the Dragonair unfold in front of their eyes. Danny's jaw dropped.
    "That... That was so COOL!"
    Jason had a different opinion. He rushed over to the girl with the Ninetails covering her. "Miss...! Are you all right? Ar- Are you- um... ah..." He was clearly panicking, and was not experienced in first-aid at all.
    Danny walked over. "Dad, I think she looks OK. Also, she's trying to sleep and I advise that you maybe don't wake her up."
    No matter how much Jason wanted to help, he was forced to agree with his son. "Ok... I think... How about we go back to our hotel room now? That's enough exploring for today, I think," he mumbled. Danny frowned. "Shouldn't we get something to eat first? I'm starving!"
  34. Watching the girl flee and the teen with the Shiny Swampert running after her, Ryan returned his attention to the group of people in black and blue stopped and were looking around.
    "This looks like trouble," mumbled Ryan pulling the Pokeball with his third Pokemon out. "Looks like things are gonna get rough in a minute Flygon."
    Looking over the edge of the roof, he could see the trainer he had soaked with Azumarill had quickly joined the group after retrieving his Pokemon. He looked very unhappy and was still dripping water. Luckily, he had been to dazed to see where Ryan had gone. They seemed to move towards the man who put on the magic show fairly often.
    "That's definitely trouble...."
  35. Noticing the people in the black and blue costumes, she slipped Haywire's Quick Ball out of the bottom ribbon. She clicked the center button of the yellow and blue ball once, enlarging the ping-pong sized ball to the size of a grapefruit. The redhead kept her eyes trained on the suspicious figures. "Get ready to battle, Haywire," Willow muttered to the ball.
  36. While Danny and his father were walking, something caught the son's eye. "Uh, hey Dad? Who- Who are those people in those blue and black clothes?" Jason looked over to where Danny was pointing. "Why... that's a good question. A good question indeed... We should go check it out."
    "Dad, those guys look important... I don't think this is any of our business," whispered Danny, as he grabbed his father's arm. Something about those men looked a bit... suspicious. Danny made a mental note to be prepared to battle.
  37. (OOC: A lot of what she describes in this scene and every other scene is not actually truth. I'm writing what she sees- not what the world actually looks like.

    Who are you to say what reality is anyways? :p)


    Hah hah, hahaha, oh, that was a laugh. She'd missed the whole performance, and likely it would be the last one that day too. Ah, well, she didn't head all the way down to the docks for nothing. I mean, what, they were like a.... six, seven minute walk away from her house? Yeah, something like that. A very long trip, if she did say so herself.

    The girl giggled at her own thoughts, deciding on the spur of the moment to go talk to the thorny little man anyways, so as to not waste her trip. He was such a vibrant shade of purple, checkered with dark, tattered shadows like thorny freckles upon his form that the girl knew he just had something to hide, and, as the saying goes, his sleeves, completely black in her mind, certainly had something up them. As she began to walk closer, the tune re-emerged into her spontaneous brain and the girl began humming, imagining the crude sound waves shattering the air as she did so, so strongly did they echo throughout her own head in the grumpy milling of formless, hushed, threads of sound. Without thinking, she continued to observe the man, awed by how his sleeves, formal yet threadbare and tattered, so perfectly slipped over his bones as if they were his skin themselves, at how his hat, seemingly bruised and scarred, tilted up into the air like a cackling grin, how the monkey thing at his shoulder so precariously perched a chesire grin upon her face, sparkling a translucent white in the pallid and giggling red fur. There was a ribbon, too, upon her tale, and it seemed to gleam in a dusty white rainbow of colors that appeared suppressed by the tenseness of the air, as if it had once been beautiful and vibrant but fallen to malnourished despair in hard time's wake.

    Her gaze moved up towards the sky. What had it been before- it had been thorny and dark and mischievous with a cackling sun and marionette clouds. Now, the sky was a queer thing that seemed to sway with every shift of mood. At this point in time, it appeared dull and simple in curiosity, a shriveled grey stroked with thin colors of the rainbow, a thread of emerald here, some sapphire there, the color wane and sickly but brilliant all the same. The sky tended to like to be spread as such, the sun meandering across its shriveled quilt, threadbare clouds drifting as if uncertain as where to lie, cracks in the bruised, shriveled skin of the sky revealing brilliant color like lava, seeping through the breaks in the malnourished quilt. It was the sky of poverty- of disappointment and hope and curiosity, of "could there be something out there?" of "well, what about this?" of "I don't know where we can find some food but I know where we can find some fun."

    It was a delicate, china sky, covered in shriveled, withering, grainy clay. A sky of promise, a sort of between moods sky that can't decide where to lie but knows that something is out there anyways. A sky of curiosity stemmed from uncertainty that-


    All at once, she smelled must and prickly sweat and took a few rapid steps back more out of habit than any sort of knowledge about what was going on. The girl blinked, her humming abruptly cut short, realizing all at once what had happened.

    She had just run into the man and his Aipom.


    "Sorry, sorry, sorry," the girl seem to reply, as if she were talking to herself and not really the thorny man. Her voice was louder than she realized and, though light in her own head, seemed more crude in the air, despite the fact that it kept its distracted, apologetic lilt. "I was distracted by the sky."
  38. A hit. A mysterious weight suddenly impacting against his body from nowhere. Oliver turned around to find a nervous looking girl with a dreamy look in her eyes, even a little bit childish. "Sorry, sorry, sorry," she said fastly and worried, even though the magician wasn't completely sure wether he was talking to him or to herself "I was distracted by the sky."

    Oliver smiled and let a low laugh scape from his lips as he looked at her "The sky?" he asked while looking at the great blue ceiling above his head "Much of silly thing to distract yourself, don't you think? It's... everywhere, so focusing with it above your head all the time will be a hard work, and I'm afraid you'll need to be focused in such a tricky place."

    Uka playfully left her trainer shoulder to step onto the girl's head without even asking for permition. "By the way, people often call me 'Mister', but as you may notice, that's not a name. I'm Oliver and that girl on your hair is Uka," he said introducing himself with a small reverence "Now tell me, are you from this place or another far away region? You know, Kalos, Sinnoh, Candyland... whatever. Do you happen to have a Pokemon?"
  39. Omega woke up and smiled." I'm going now good bye." He smirked and began to walk back to the port. He looked around and heard alt he guy from before asking a very distracted girl." Well I'm from Johto originally but right now I live in Bienheureuse." He smiled and looked at Uka." When do you think she'll evolve?"
  40. Oh, well, that went better than she thought. No death wishes nor cold glares, but a laugh and an introduction. Efah could get on board with that.

    Of course, there was the issue that he was talking. This just got very complicated very fast, and the girl's eyes, so quick to flick everywhere at a moment's notice, zoned in on the man so as to read his mouth, face, expression, and movements of his hands. If she missed a word, she had enough failsafes to catch it, provided it wasn't too queer and out of context. Funnily enough, the girl thought, listening to someone this way- watching their whole body and not just their words- was a pretty good way to tell whether they were lying, if only she knew them a little better. The Aipom climbed onto her head, and the girl struggled to stay focused on the man, the warmth and ticklish fur of the creatures body reminding her all too much of the family members she had lost during the raids, of the Pokemon that used to tickle her hair and neck. The girl played with the string of her necklace for comfort, stopping when she began to speak.

    "Oh no, not at all. The sky is a reflection- a sort of sheet that reflects the world back on us. And it's incredibly fickle, too..." the girl paused, as if searching for words, then brought her arms up to trace her scalp, continuing. "It's all up in here- reality, that is, and the sky just reflects that back unto us in a greater magnitude, making us aware of the subconscious." She paused. "Like how the sky now- it was sort of impoverished, a dried clay, but all of a sudden the mood changes and the sky changes, too." The girl looked up for a fleeting moment, then quickly cast her eyes back towards him, a little worried she would miss it if he began to speak. "A sort of thorny purple, with marionette clouds. Mischievous... and perhaps a tad malicious, as if all it exists for is to hide the stars," the girl concluded.

    "By the way, people often call me 'Mister', but as you may notice, that's not a name. I'm Oliver and that girl on your hair is Uka," he said introducing himself with a small reverence "Now tell me, are you from this place or another far away region? You know, Kalos, Sinnoh, Candyland... whatever."

    She had to focus hard to catch all his words, and even then the half deaf girl missed a few, completely overlooking the rather hilarious mention of 'Candyland' and forgetting to laugh all together. Such a shame, really. She loved to laugh.

    "Nice to meet you," she dipped her head slightly in greeting. "You can call me Efah, and I live such an incredible distance away that you couldn't fathom it," the girl joked, twisting her head ever so slightly and throwing her hands up in the air, her tone light and fluffy with a hint of laughter. "About seven minutes away, actually." She jutted her left hand behind her. "Right 'round the street."

    -right now I live in Bienheureuse"

    The girl paused- was that another set of words she could hear, or was the sulking mudslide of sound that always caved against her ears just playing with her? She couldn't turn around to look (or was the person not even behind her and around her, and she was just too focused to notice?), for fear that what could be just paranoia would cause her to miss whatever Oliver said and throw her farther into the hole she felt she was slipping into. If it had been a person, the girl was sure that she had spoken right over him on accident. Ah, well. On them to interrupt a conversation anyways. Or maybe it was just the wind- bad wind, trying to distract her from this man. She'd have to give it a good talking to later.

    The girl giggled at her own thoughts.

    "Do you happen to have a Pokemon?"

    The girl's demeanor changed ever so slightly, as did the sky, but it was less of surprise and more of guilt as the sun slowly slipped into a dark shadow. Her lack of words exposed the girls lie, and she brought her hands behind her back so as to clench them together. Perhaps her eyes, too, were a little bit on fire, yet her voice remained simplistic and calm.

    She'd told enough lies to know how to keep it that way.


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