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DPPt/HGSS Making a new team

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Sarge the Heavy, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. I plan on making a team that is unique as far as I know: A Sand Room team. Basically, its a Sandstorm/Trickroom team and I use Pokemon that benefit from both. This team is also intended to be a 2v2 team, which would make setting it up much easier. Here is a list of possible members to this team:

    Bronzong: He is absolutely necessary to the team, as he is one of the only (if not the only) Pokemon that can set up the Trick Room and be immune to Sandstorm. He is also slow enough to benefit from the Trick Room. Bronzong would be a supporting Pokemon and also have Explosion for special situations.

    Hippowdon: You saw this coming. It's Sandstream ability summons a Sandstorm automatically, removing the need to use the move Sandstorm. However, I feel that it should have the move sandstorm just incase I encounter Groudon or Kyogre. Also benefits from the Trick Room with it's relatively low speed and has a pretty good attack to boot.

    Alternatively, Tyranitar would also fit the bill quite well, given with it's Sandstream ability and its high attack and low speed.

    Besides those 2/3, the rest are other Pokemon that would benefit from the setup. Here are other eligible Pokemon:

    Scizor: 60 base speed may be a bit to high for this particular team, but with Bullet Punch, it can get the priority attack regardless of Trick Room or not.

    Forretress: Lays down Stealth Rock, additional Sandstorm if needed, Spikes and Explosion.

    Cacturne: 55 base speed but benfits nicely from Sandstorm with Sandveil. Also gives further type coverage.

    Steelix: Makes Steelix a speed demon and would be able to strike pretty hard with its decent attack stat.

    Shuckle: Two potential roles come into play here. One is its obvious walling/stalling abilites, as it has the highest defensive stats in the game. I can see moves such as Toxic and other crippling moves coming into play here. The other is the opposite: a Sweeper. With Power Swap, its terrible Attack is switched with it's Defense, giving it an abnormally high attack. With Trick Room on, it's base speed of 5 would guarantee it to attack first.

    Quagsire: A decent pokemon that can take any water damage.

    Gastrodon: Water Absorb would be preferable for switch ins to take water damage.
    Bastiodon: Physical Wall

    Aggron: Decent Physical sweeper with Trick Room in effect.

    Magcargo: Fire STAB

    Magnezone: Makes it a reliable special sweeper with its low speed (assuming Trick Room is in effect)

    Marowak: With Thick Club, it has a monster attack.

    So any further suggestions would help a lot.
  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Pick your favourites out of that list, simple as. You know what you want and what you like better than anyone, so the choice of team members really should be left to you. That said, here's a few pointers:

    - Make sure you have some means of backup if Trick Room goes down and your Trick Roomer is toast - it should be a bonus, not something you need to win, because you'll end up losing a lot if Trick Room is crucial to your team's success. Keep this in mind, because you won't want a team of sluggish Pokemon if the Trick Room goes down, and with its somewhat poor 5-turn duration, it definitely won't be in play 100% of the battle.

    - Groudon and Ky00ber are banned from competitive play, and anyone who would use them against you is not worth battling anyway. Don't worry about those two.

    Other than that, the choice of Pokemon is ultimately up to you really since you know better than myself or anyone else what you want to accomplish with this team, down to the minor details. Pick your six and we'll see what movesets we can set them up with.

  3. This probably is obvious, but lax incence can drop a pokemon's speed if they are too fast to benefit from your setup but would be invaluable if slower.

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