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Make your own Elite Four Champion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Weido, Jul 1, 2010.

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  1. So, i made a post about this awhile ago with MEMBERS of the elite four. Some people posted champions, so I thought i'd make a specific post. So, here's mine:


    His name is SOL. Here's is team.

    Type: Rock/Psychic

    Solrock lvl 67

    Lunatone lvl 73

    Lunatone lvl 78

    Solrock lvl 77

    Solrock lvl 73

    Lunatone lvl 78

    A somewhat mysterious character who says nothing exept "Follow me" after you beat him. He says nothing about his past and the only known thing about him is that he is 14 years old.
  2. This is the one I posted on the other board but I'll post it here to.

    Name: ABC
    Type: Unown
    Age: ??
    Gender: ??
    Team: Unown A-F Lv. 65.
    (Rematch 1) Unown G-L Lv. 85
    (Rematch 2) Unown M-R Lv. 90
    (Rematch 3) Unown S-X Lv. 92
    (Rematch 4) Unown Y and Z Lv. 100
    (Rematch 5+) Unown U, N, O, W, N Lv. 95

    Really, this champion is suppose to be hidden so I myself don't know how he caught Unown that fast at that high. Really tough champion. He's in my region I call 'Grudge Luck' (Japanese 呪怨運 Curse) and I guess he caught them on Route 1,050 at the hidden Unknown Ruins.

    EDIT: Here is a Gaia avatar sprite of it: [​IMG]
  3. Nim


    Name: Nim
    Type: Steel

    Magnezone Lvl 70
    Bronzong Lvl 68
    Skarmory Lvl 68
    Empoleon Lvl 66
    Metagross Lvl 66
    Aggron Lvl 66
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  4. Name: Kyra (not Lyra)
    Type: Water
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Region: Sinnoh
    Blastoise Lv. 68
    Feraligatr Lv. 65
    Swampert Lv. 66
    Empoleon lv. 67
    Gyradose Lv. 64
    Lapras Lv. 62
    Rematch Team:
    Blastoise Lv. 88
    Feraligatr Lv. 85
    Swampert Lv. 86
    Empoleon Lv.87
    Gyradose Lv. 84
    Lapras Lv. 82
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  5. I will give it a go!

    Name: Gilligan
    Type: Variety


    Rhydonlv61, Moves: Sandstorm, ScaryFace, StoneEdge, DoubleTeam
    Hariyamalv63, Moves: BulkUp, FocusPunch, Substitute, SandAttack
    Skarmorylv63, Moves: Attract, AirSlash, FlashCannon, DoubleTeam
    Flareonlv61, Moves: Will-o-Wisp, Flamethrower, Smog, HiddenPower
    Galladelv65, Moves: PsychoCut, CalmMind, Psychic, Thunderbolt
    Raichulv63, Moves: QuickAttack, Thunderbolt, ThunderWave, Charge
  6. Poe


    Well, this will be my first post since the re-built of PokeCharms. ^^ (Old account=Gone forever)
    But this looks like fun. :D I think I got one...


    Name: Yorick Sorokaste
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Region: Johto
    Type: Eeveelutions

    Eevee lv. 70
    Jolteon lv. 68
    Vaporeon lv. 64
    Flareon lv. 64
    Umbreon lv. 67
    Espeon lv. 66

    (Yep, there's no Glaceon or Leafeon here. I partly chosed Johto so that I would have a reason to not include them, since I'm not very fond of them both... ^^;)
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  7. I'll give it a go.


    Name: Corbin Morge
    Gender: Male
    Age: 36
    Region: Orre (yeah yeah I know "no gyms", but still)
    Type: Mix

    Rhyperior lv. 88
    Mantine lv. 87
    Exploud lv. 86
    Dragonite lv. 89
    Infernape lv. 88
    Jolteon lv. 90
  8. Name : Kylie
    Type : Ice

    First Match
    Snover LV.40
    Snover LV.43
    Frosslass LV.55
    Snorunt LV.46
    Piloswine LV.56

    Rematch Match
    Abomasnow LV.48
    Frosslass LV.57
    Mamoswine LV.64
    Glalie LV.50
    Glalie LV.50
    Articuno LV.65
  9. This one's pretty cool.

    Name: James Sorichan

    Region: Ion ( the region for my fake Pokemon game )

    Type: Mix

    Age: 14

    Pokemon: First Match

    Typhlosion L\/: 66

    Espeon L\/: 69

    Magcargo L\/: 64

    Musharna L\/: 65

    Red Gyarados L\/: 68

    Tsutaaja L\/: 62

    2nd match:

    Espeon L\/: 79

    Musharna L\/: 78

    2nd Tsutaaja's evo L\/: 76

    Magcargo L\/: 79

    Steelix L\/: 78

    Ampharos L\/: 76

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  10. Here is the champ for a Fakemon region called Kyua from my RP...

    Name: Ky
    Age: 22
    Type: Mixed
    Tyranitar, Lv. 72
    Blastoise, Lv. 68
    Dragonite, Lv. 71
    Arcanine, Lv. 73
    Tangrowth, Lv. 69
    Metagross, Lv. 74

    Other: He is the quiet type. When you are about to battle him, all he says is, "Let us battle," and when you win, all he says is "Come," and leads you to the room where you record your pokemon, then says "Place your Poke Balls on the machine."
  11. Name: Kurtis

    not really a theme, I mean, no offense, but i dont think a team of solrock/lunatone can beat all of the elite 4. lol sorry, I'm not trying to be rude, just saying it wouldnt really make sense...
    Anyways heres the team:

    Kangaskhan lv. 68
    Espeon lv. 70
    Scizor lv.72
    Hitmontop lv. 73
    Tyranitar lv. 71
    Charizard lv. 75
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  12. Darrel
    Type: Mixed

    Jolteon Lv 61: Charge Beam, Thunder wave, Thunder bolt, Hidden Power Ice.
    Machamp LV 63: Dynamic Punch, Payback, Stone edge, Substitute
    Scizor LV 62: Sword Dance, Bullet Punch, Brick Break, Roost
    Salamance LV62: Flame thrower, Wish, Protect, Dragon Claw
    Gardevior LV 63: Focus Blast, Psychic, Calm Mind, Will-o-Wisp
    Swampert LV 65: Curse, Earth Quake, Avalanche, Waterfall
  13. Yes, I will do this.

    This is my champion for my Fakemon region, Eldaro. He's a loner, except for his team, and is very prideful, but takes defeat very well.
    Name: Jason Wolfe
    Type: Dark
    Mightyena lvl 60
    Absol lvl 61
    Crawdaunt lvl 61
    Houndoom lvl 62
    Shiftry lvl 63
    Spiritomb lvl 64
    Speech (before battle): I'm surprised you made it this far. But it looks as if you'd make a worthy opponent. Alright, I'll take you on. But I will win, and I'll have no regrets.
    Last Pokemon: It seems that my luck is running out. But you won't win!
    If you lose: Ha, I win. It's no surprise, but you seemed good enough to battle. Evidently, I was wrong.
    If you win:.. I lost... That's unbelievable... But you deserve it. You have the makings of a true Champion. Come with me to the Hall of Fame.
  14. name:Rachel
    Feraligatr:lv 88
    Infernape:lv 76
    Empoleon lv 86
    crobat lv 89
    torterra lv 91
    jirachi lv 100
    team:starter (5) legendary(1)
  15. [​IMG]

    Name: Luther Calvis
    Type: Mix (and sophisticated)
    Region: Darco

    Glalie lv. 80
    Kingdra lv. 82
    Gardevoir lv. 84
    Arcanine lv. 86
    Rhyperior lv. 88
    Lucario lv. 90

    Speech before battle: Hmm... This makes you challenger number five-hundred-23 (523). I should know because that's how many faces I've made weep. I, unlike others, am not held back by mere emotions, therefore I can battle without worrying about my team. I don't see the bond between people and Pokemon, so I think it's pointless........ You say you're here to defeat me? Fine. Entertain me while I chalk up another win.

    Last Pokemom: I.....won't.....LOOOSE!!!!!!

    If you lose (without defeating at least 3 pokemon): You weren't even worth the effort.

    If you lose (after defeating 3 or 4): It seems I underestimated you, but you still lost.

    If you lose (defeated 5): Huff... huff.... I almost lost my cool.

    If you win: W-what!? But how!? How could a child defeat me!? I am the champion! HOW!?!...... Fine, I lost. Now you're the one who has to carry the burden. I...I have to admit.... I haven't been the best trainer to my Pokemon... The bonding seems to work for you, so If I bond with mine...Well, you better keep training. Now, step into the Hall of Fame, that way we can remove the cobwebs from it.
  16. empoleon lvl 100
    infernape lvl 100
    metagros lvl 86
    charizard lvl 82
    gliscor lvl 97
    typhlosion lvl 100[/color]
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  17. Name: Isaac
    Type: Ground
    Flygon Level 65
    Golem Level 68
    Donphan Level 68
    Tyranitar Level 70
    Ryhdon Level 72
    Swampert: Level 75

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  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Name: J

    Honchkrow Level 58
    Aggron Level 60
    Gyarados Level 59
    Garchomp Level 61
    Infernape Lv 63
    Meganium Level 65

    Rematch Team:
    Honchkrow Level 76
    Aggron Level 78
    Gyarados Level 77
    Garchomp Level 80
    Infernape Level 82
    Meganium Level 85
  19. Name: Kimi

    Kyogre lv. 93
    Empoleon lv.98
    Haunter lv. 99
    Sceptile lv.100
    Charizard lv. 100
    Giratina lv. 100

    Yeah this is also my current HG team except they are all lv.100 I replaced arceus with haunter
  20. Name: Jax
    Raichu lv. 76
    Skuntank lv.80
    Hitmonchan lv. 83
    Feraligator lv. 83
    Metagross lv. 87
    Celebi lv. 90
  21. [​IMG]

    Name: Amzaar Gyarou
    Age: 16
    Type: Bug//Ghost
    Region: Sinnoh//Johto

    Gengar lv. 90
    Kricketune lv. 84
    Banette lv. 86
    Shedinja lv. 82
    Armaldo//Mothim lv. 88
    Duskull lv. 82

    Speech before battle: So you've beaten the Elite Four, huh? Well, I guess you must've to be standing here in front of me~ I am the Champion, and I never hold back, even against cute little challengers such as yourself. But I bet you're tough to have come this far! Don't worry; my Pokemon will knock you down a peg! Bring it on~

    Last Pokemon: Until the end! Let's do it, (_______)!! *insert Pokemon name here*

    If you win: Wow! You're really good!! Nice work, for defeating me, the Champion, so I guess it's your turn to carry the title, kiddo~ My Pokemon were finally beaten, albeit with difficulty. I can see, the bond between you and your Pokemon is strong. I'm not sad I lost to you (______) *Your Name*
    Come with me and we'll record your name down in history in the Hall Of Fame.
  22. Name: Kayne
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Type: Flying and Psychic
    Region: Kanto
    Pokemon Team:
    Dodrio lv. 56
    Pidgeot lv. 51
    Hypno lv. 53
    Alakazam lv. 54
    Mr. Mime lv. 50
    Fearow lv. 55
    Battle Quote: (Beginning)
    "I have been waiting for you , trainer . Getting past the Elite 4 proves that you are great .
    But nothing proves that you are the best until you beat me ! Brace yourself trainer, for I am Kayne , the Champion!"

    Battle Quote: (Ending/Losing)
    "I have lost.... Congratulations, trainer, you are the new Champion of Kanto! Throughout the battle I sensed your
    Determination. Your honesty. And that strong connection you have with your Pokemon. I've been waiting for someone
    Like you my whole life, that one person who would come up and beat me, the one who would leave the biggest impression.
    I'm somewhat proud of you, -name-. Once again , I congratulate you!"
  23. The name is Legendary and the team is Regicie lv 89
    Latios lv 93
    Moltres lv 95
    Mewtwol lv 97
    Arces lv 99
    Mew lv 100
  24. The name is Legendary and the team is Regicie lv 89
    Latios lv 93
    Moltres lv 95
    Mewtwol lv 97
    Arces lv 99
    Mew lv 100
    Rematch same thing but all lv 100
  25. My champion speech:Hello! Allow me to introduce myself.My name is FILIP! I am the Chmapion of this Region.The Elite 4 was hard,but you made to the last room! Now! Let's forget about talking and start battling!
    My PKMN Team as a Champion:-A LV.70-Infernape-Close Combat,Blast Burn,U-Turn and Calm Mind.
    -A LV.70-Dragonite-Dragon Dance,Dragon Claw,Fly and Brick Break.
    -A LV.70-Luxray-Discharge,Crunch,Iron Tail and Fire Fang.
    -A LV.70-Mismagius-Power Gem,Shadow Ball,Dark Pulse and Toxic.
    -A LV.70-Milotic-Ice Beam,Surf,Dragon Tail and Iron Tail.
    -A LV.70-Shiftry-Rock Slide-X-Scissor,Energy Ball and Aerial Ace.
    My speach when defeated:I-I can't beleive it..........I lost...........
    My speach when in Hall of Fame:Welcome to the Hall of Fame! This is where the Champions are registreated with their Pokemon.Now,put your Pokemon in the machine and let me register you,Champion!

    My PKMN Team on the rematch:-LV.100 Charizard:Blast Burn,Fly,OutRage and Flamethrower.
    -LV.100 Weawile:Ice Punch,Shadow Ball,Slash and X-Scissor.
    -LV.100 Roserade:Energy Ball,Sludge Bomb,Giga Imapct and GrassWisthle.
    -LV.100 Kabutops:X-Scissor,Surf,Slash and Brick Break.
    -LV.100 Heracross:Close Combat,MegaHorn,Stone Edge and Earthquake.
    -LV.100 Jolteon:Thunder,Double Kick,Pin Missile and Rain Dance.
    Speach after defeated again:Defeated again......by the same kid.....Congratulations............
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  27. The guy in my avatar.
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male

    -Shiny Jumpluff
    Nickname: Autumn

    -Shiny Chimecho
    Nickname: Chime

    Nickname: Prince

    Nickname: Fluffy

    Nickname: Crystal

    -Shiny Shubarugo
    Nickname: King

    Speech before battle: Hello, [Insert Name Here]. I see you have come far in your journey. You have encountered tough foes, made valuable friendships, and climbed the ladder of destiny up high... But it all ends here. Prepare, challenger, for your final battle!

    Last Pokemon: Ah, you have defeated five of my little friends. But alas, you shall not win! Let us end this, [Insert Pokemon name here]!!

    If you win: ...Congratulations! That was a grand battle! You have defeated me and my Pokemon. You have climbed to the top and are now officially the new champion! Now let my Chimecho and me lead you to the Hall Of Fame...
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  28. Name: Dan
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male...

    Darmanitan lv65
    Zoroark lv65
    Gigalith lv65
    Bronzong lv65
    Mamoswine lv65
    Tyranitar lv70
  29. I'll give this a try C:

    Name: Eric Alder
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Region: Foral (my fakemon region(although his team will consist only of existing Pokemon For now...))

    Intro speech:Welcome, [insert name]! I've heard a lot about you from Jessica. I don't believe we've been properly introduced. My name is Eric Alder. I am the Pokemon Champion, but also Jessica's husband. Surprised? Jessica and I are a great team. She'd stay at home, in the lab, while I'd be out in the field, gathering information. You learn to battle pretty well when you live in the outdoors for that long. I challenged a few trainers, sometimes even Gyms, and suddenly I found myself here. Just like you. [insert name]. You and your Pokemon have traveled far. You've learned important lessons, and you've befriended each other. I want you to gather up all of that knowledge, all of those emotions, and strike me as hard as you can. Do you want to know why? Because I am the strongest trainer in all of Foral!

    Toxicroak, lv. 62
    Gigalith, lv. 63
    Ariados, lv. 60
    Sceptile, lv. 67
    Kingler, lv. 63
    Aggron, lv. 70

    Loss (3 or fewer Pokemon defeated): I expected a bit more. I think you need to bond tighter with your friends. Come back when you have.

    Loss (more than 3, less than 6 Pokemon defeated): Whew! That was close! I won this time, but if you take a little more time to train the tables might turn. I'll be waiting!

    Last Pokemon: I haven't felt this hyped in ages! This is where battles get interesting!

    Victory: What? I lost? Hah, it's been too long since last time. That's probably why I look so surprised!

    After Battle: Congratulations [insert name]! My wife was definately not exaggerating when she told me aboout you. You and your Pokemon share a bond that roars stronger than a forest fire! I thought I was the best, but it seems I still have much to learn. I was foolish not to see that there is always room for development. I thought I had reached perfection, but I should have known that there is no such thing. Hah, I definately deserved to be knocked off my high seat! Thank you for that, [insert name]. Now I can finally go home! But first, you must follow me into the last room, the Hall of Fame, where Champions are honored along with their loyal partners!
  30. Name: Allan Tweeder
    Type: Mixed
    Region: Hoenn
    Camerupt lv 60
    Vileplume lv 62
    Swalot lv 62
    Altaria lv 64
    Walrein lv 64
    Raichu lv 65
    Speech (before battle): And they lived happily ever after... That's how almost every story ends. At least, that's how mine ended. Let's see how your's will end!
    After half team is fainted: You may have made it this far, but your fortune ends here!
    Last pokémon: Perhaps it's time to go all out! I choose you, Raichu!
    If you lose: It seems like you just don't have what it takes to be Champion... How sad...
    If you win: In some way, I actually feel happy for losing. Congratulations... Now, you and I are going to enter the Hall of Fame!
  31. here's my champion:

    Name: Lui
    Age: 18
    Region: Kanto
    Hometown: Celadon City

    Characteristics: He's a very funny and having a happy disposition.He never hesitates to do things that he know he's right.Whenever someone needs his help,he never hesitates to help them,no matter how hard it is.

    Pokemon Team:
    Venusaur: Frenzy Plant Razor Leaf Synthesis Seed Bomb
    Azumarill: Water Pulse Iron Tail Ice Beam Hydro Pump
    Magcargo: Flamethrower SolarBeam Earth Power Gyro Ball
    Raichu: Thunderbolt Iron Tail Charge Beam Light Screen
    Fearow: Drill Peck Fly Giga Impact Drill Liner
    Granbull: Thunder Fang Focus Blast Earthquake Fire Blast

    that's my champion!!
    hope you like it!! :D
  32. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Name:(Salamence) Commander Tyler
    Hometown:New Bark Town

    Salamence:Draco meteor ,Dragon claw ,Fire blast ,Fly
    Gengar:Destiny bond ,Shadow ball ,Curse ,Dark pulse
    Roserade:Bullet Seed ,Pedal Dance ,Sludge bomb ,Toxic
    Milotic:Ice Beam ,Aqua Ring ,Hydro Pump ,Recover
    Froslass:Blizzard ,Ice Beam ,Shadow Ball ,Perish Song
    Blaziken:Blaze kick ,Mirror Move ,Aura Sphere ,Mega kick

    He doesn't say anything at all.
  33. Name: Ludwig
    Appearance: Wild Silver hair, black trench coat in the style of a classical composer, black trousers and black trainers.
    -Escavelier lv75
    -Druddigon lv75
    -Hydreigon lv75
    -Eelektross lv75
    -Archeops lv75
    -Volcarona lv77

    That would be somewhat challenging imo. Adeku is milked and weird for me, but his party is decent.
  34. Name: Phanes
    (gonna name him after the Primordial God of Light and Pro-creation)
    Age: 24
    Type: Mixed Bird like
    Altaria, Lv. 71
    Braviary, Lv. 75
    Xatu, Lv. 72
    Swanna, Lv. 72
    Skarmory, Lv. 70
    Barujina, Lv. 71

    Altaria: Dragon Dance, Sky Attack, Fly, Cotton Guard
    Braviary: Crush Claw, Superpower, Brave Bird, Aerial Ace
    Xatu: Confuse Ray, Psychic, Calm Mind, Psycho Shock
    Swanna: Gale, Brave Bird, Aqua Ring, Boiling Water
    Skarmory: Earthquake, Sky Drop, Aerial Ace, Swords Dance
    Barujina: Mirror Move, Brave Bird, Bone Rush, Dark Pulse

    Other: He is the calm and collected type. He won't threaten or brag, upon entering the room, you get to the middle of the room and wait approximately 5 seconds as he appears and approaches you from the back room. He'll apologize to you because he has been lost in meditation upon your arrival. He'll go off on how many champions have come and gone throughout history and each one held something unique about them. He is the 23rd champion of this region and held his reign the longest in comparison than every other champion. He brings up the spark he sees in your eye and senses the power and purity in your heart and soul. He'll pause for a bit as he looks off to the side, then stands right in front of you instead of the two panels where he stopped, "Show me that power and purity that you have, show confidence and give me everything possible
    Upon battle you'll see him standing there as above and all the lazy sprite animators will make him do is lift the staff up a bit, slam it on the ground as he smirks bigger. Battle will begin and depending on your type he'll use the best possible moves on them.

    Upon defeat, his stance above will show up (still in battle scene) "WELL! That didn't go accordingly on my behalf..." Black out, it phases into the overworld view and he congrats you in the below speech:
    "Well done! Finally a new champion reigns in this region! I can finally retire after years of holding this spot, congratulations, champion! Now, in order for you to possess the title..." he gazes to the room, "follow me, I'll bring you to the back room."
    Both characters walk in line into the back room as we see a bunch of computer monitors and several consoles to reveal all different champions through time. Each monitor and console are color coordinated. "Now as we see around the room is the legacy of this stadium, the list of all champions throughout time, we will finally place you in the list, go ahead and place your pokemon in the console in front of you." He'll step aside and face you as your character automatically approaches the console and starts to insert.
  35. Name: Salem
    (Sabrina's little brother, if she had one)
    Age: 18
    Type: Psychic
    Region: Kanto, Champion of Hoenn
    Hometown: Saffron City
    Battle Style: 2v2
    Bronzong Lv.75 Psychic, Curse, Gyro Ball, Heavy Bomber
    Claydol Lv.75 Psychic, Earthquake, Sandstrom, Calm Mind
    Gallade Lv.76 Assist Power, X-Scissor, Bulk Up, Close Combat
    Gardevoir Lv.77 Dream Eater, Assist Power, Calm Mind, Hypnosis
    Espeon Lv. 78 Psycho Shock, Thunder Wave, Helping Hand, Shadow Ball
    Alakazam(Kazam) Lv.80 Psychic, Sleep Talk, Rest, Psycho Boost

    Speech (Before battle): So.....[Insert trainers name] you finally made it. Hahaha....my sister envisioned a so called powerful trainer, whose friendship with his Pokémon would end my reign, and what do I get? A child!!! Sabrina is really losing her touch, but unlike her my visions are clearer and always favor me! Not only will we break you down mentally but physically as well , for I have envisioned......my victory and your demise!!! FEEL MY PSYCHIC WRATH!!!!

    After 2 Pokémon have fainted: ........... Is that the best you can do?
    Final 2 Pokèmon: She couldn't possibly mean you!! Kazam obliterate him/her!!!

    Defeated by Champion: Hahaha told you it would end this way....[teleports you out]

    If you win: It can't be, she was right!! She warned me and I refused to listen. I was delusional and believed I could twist fate, my fate and your destiny. I'm not angry about my defeat but relieved, to have lost to a trainer of your magnitude!! I take that back , I believe its Champion and no longer trainer!!

    Hall of Fame: Congratulations....[Insert trainer name] this here is the Hall of Fame where we recognize trainers for their accomplishments!! [Insert trainer name] you and your team will be forever known. Congratulations and thank you Champion of Hoenn!!!!!

    Well that's my champ pretty messed in the head but I love Sabrina and Psychic Pokèmon hope yall enjoyed it :D
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  36. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Time for a shameless self-insert.


    Name: Yoshimitsu
    Age: 19
    Type: Varied
    Region: Sinnoh

    Gardevoir (Shiny) @ Sitrus Berry
    Level 84
    Psychic, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Calm Mind

    Charizard @ Charcoal
    Level 82
    Flamethrower, Air Slash, Dragon Pulse, Fly

    Flygon @ Sitrus Berry
    Level 82
    Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Fly

    Umbreon @ Sitrus Berry
    Level 84
    Wish, Toxic, Double Team, Mean Look

    Armaldo @ Expert Belt
    Battle Armour (or is it Shell? whatever)
    Level 82
    X-Scissor, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Swords Dance

    Weavile @ Sitrus Berry
    Level 82
    Ice Shard, Night Slash, Pursuit, Slash

    Speech before battle: Hey. It's been a while since I saw someone like you. Someone with that drive to win, with that fire in their eyes. None of them beat me, though. All just another faceless challenger who couldn't cut it in the end. [a beat while Yoshimitsu turns away, then back again] Me? I don't play for competition, though. Let's just have some fun with this!

    Loss, with more than three pokemon remaining: That was a good match, but you just couldn't cut it.

    Loss, with two or three pokemon remaining: You're pretty good. Come back after training some more.

    Loss, with one pokemon remaining: You're tough. I thought I was gonna lose for a minute there!

    Last Pokemon: Haha, you're good. Let's show him/her what we've got, _____!(current Pokemon on the field)

    If you win: Not bad, it's been a while since I was beaten. You're really something. It was a fun match, and I'm glad we battled. I guess that makes you the new Champion, eh? Congratulations. Let's go to the Hall of Fame. Mind the dust, though.
  37. Name : SenShane
    Type : Ice
    Age : 16
    Island : Frozen Island

    Monster :

    - Glaceon lvl 56 : Ice beam , acid armor , quick attack , blizzard
    - Cryogonal : Lvl 57 : Ice Beam , Slash , Light screen , toxic
    - Vanilluxe : lvl 55 : blizzard , acid armor , mirror shoot , ice beam
    - Froslass : Lvl 56 : Shadow ball , ice beam , protect , hypnosis
    - Cloyster : Lvl 56 : Surf , protect , Ice beam , toxic
    - Lapras : Lvl 58 : Hydro Pump , Ice beam , Earthquake , Thunderbolt

  38. Alright, here goes nothing...

    Name: Saimon
    Type: Electric
    Age: 19

    Electrivire Lvl. 61
    Magnezone Lvl. 63
    Rhyperior Lvl. 65
    Machamp Lvl. 60
    Salamence Lvl. 62
    Hydreigon Lvl. 66 (Ace)
    Rematch Team:
    Electrivire Lvl. 81
    Magnezone Lvl. 83
    Rhyperior Lvl. 85
    Lucario Lvl. 82
    Salamence Lvl. 82
    Hydreigon Lvl. 86 (Still Ace)

    I don't have a sprite, sorry.
  39. Ok.. Heres My Character. :p
    Name :
    Tracy, Veteran Trainer

    Type : All-Around

    Age : 17

    Team :

    Emboar Level 88

    Simisage Level 85

    Braviary Level 83

    Infernape Level 87

    Rypherior Level 80

    Dragonite Level 82
  40. Name MAJ. Voltage
    Type Electric
    Ampharos LvL 63
    Magneton LvL 62
    Riachu LvL 68
    Jolteon LvL 65
    Lanturn LvL 65
    ElectabuzzLvL 70
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