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Make Mega Evolution Art Contest.

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by iopunny, May 30, 2017.

  1. Hello members of PokeCharms

    I will be holding a Pokémon Art contest.

    You will be making a Mega evolution or a new mega evolution for a Pokémon
    you want.


    . The Pokémon you want to make a mega evolution must be a Final evolution

    .You can remake Mega Evolutions.

    .You Must Desgin a stone for it too.

    .No Fakemon Please.

    .Tag it with "KandyCharms Art Contest"


    I prefer digital but if you do it on paper it's fine.


    1. @KandyCharms

    2. @Pixilate

    3. @Lucky Ace

    There is no due date yet.
    #1 iopunny, May 30, 2017
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  3. Ok, I'm almost done, but just FYI I can't post it until June 11 because of #writeforaweek
  4. Okay that's fine because we barley have any people and we have no due date.
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  5. This looks like tons of fun! I'd probably end up doing a paper drawing if I can't fix my problems I'm having with SAI (or if I can finally figure out FireAlpaca), but since I see there is no due date, I think it's fine. ^-^
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  6. I'll be entering, but won't post until the 11th for the same reason as @Peridot!!!
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  7. Okay your free to join!
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  8. I know just what to make. Pokemon needs my mega evolution!
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