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DPPt/HGSS Majar's battle and trading post

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Majar, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. Looking for some battles and some trades. First the trades.

    Im looking for the following pokemon if possible but not necessary with the nature listed


    im offering the following

    skarmory-jolly has pokerus
    venasuar-mild nicknamed yggdrasil
    deoxys-brave from gamestop event

    now for the battling

    my rules are no hacks and no ubers unless you let me know beforehand .
    I do battles of 50 all or 100 all.
    and no disconnecting unless entirely out of your hands.
    those are the only rules i will go by in this post.

    I am usually available on sundays usually after 12 pm and monday thru thursday after 4 pm all eastern times.
    if you have an instant messaging, it will make it easier to coordinate the time of battle or trade.
  2. I have a Steelix, but it isn't Relaxed, it's Brave. Is that fine? If it is, then I'd like Milotic or Skarmory, I'd like Pokerus from the Skarmory, but either one helps with my Dex.
  3. brave steelix will be fine and you can get the pokerus skarmory. when will you be available
  4. Almost anytime today is good. Maybe tomorrow around 6 pm West coast time if today doesn't work. I already added your FC.
  5. today will work, i can do it as soon as your ready
  6. Ok, just give me a sec to grab it from my PC and get off the dern GTS
  7. ok, will be online waiting
  8. So what the heck just happened?
  9. I dont know
  10. Alright, don't know why there were comm errors, but I finally got Pokerus! Thanks a lot! Hopefully that Steelix serves you well too.
  11. Thanks for the trade.
  12. No problem, I needed the Rus and Skarm, so you actually helped me out immensely.
  13. I actually have a Modest Porygon-Z... I didn't EV train it, but it's SP.ATK is like... 3.5x it's level. 112 @ lv 30. So when I find My DS (probably in a couple days. It's at my buddy's place I think) It's all yours for... Maybe the Snorlax or Rayquaza?
  14. thats good then, snorlax or rayquaza are fine, just let me know which you decide on/

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