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DPPt/HGSS Mah awesome breeding thread!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by pyrobomber, Jan 29, 2008.

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  1. *insert banner here*

    Welcome to my official breeding thread! These may or may not pop-up on other forums; all depends how bored I am. This is a very simple concept so pay attention! You may pick up to 3 from the list. You get those for free. The Pokemon will be level 1, and I cannot guarantee good IVs; negotiations are acceptable. The Pokemon you pick will be either Male for Egg Moves or Female for the Nature. This is where it gets fun, you may request for me to add something to the list, and I will do my best to get them. After you are done choosing, post it here. Give me some time--these are not all ready on the spot(takes up way too much box space already)--and I will pm you when they are ready. Bagons, Larvitars, Dratinis and Charmanders are sort of related. Lickitungs and Laprases are also related. If anyone has a spare Mudkip or something, that would help.;P

    P-Bombr 0731 2821 0531

    Egg Moves

    Dragon Dance Crunch Charmander--Breeds with Tyranitar and Salamence
    Curse Larvitar
    Curse Lapras
    Curse Amnesia Lickitung
    Wish Curse Umbreon
    Outrage Gible
    Aqua Jet Marril
    Super Power Marril
    Will-o-wisp Pain Split Koffing
    Will-o-wisp Shadow Sneak Ralts
    Counter Reversal Houndour
    Close Combat Crunch Ursaring
    Close Combat Pinsir
    Baton Pass Scyther
    Baton Pass Absol
    Night Shade Hoothoot
    Brave Bird Pidgeot
    Aromatherapy Hoppip
    Leech Seed Chikorita
    Bullet Punch Vacuum Wave Sky Uppercut Agility Riolu

    Adamant/Jolly/Modest/Timid Charmander
    Adamant/Jolly Gible
    Adamant/Jolly Bagon
    Adamant/Jolly Larvitar
    Adamant/Jolly Dratini
    Adamant/Jolly Teddiursa
    Adamant/Jolly Slakoth
    Adamant/Jolly/Timid/Modest Trapinch
    Adamant/Impish Scyther
    Adamant Marril
    Adamant Pidgey
    Jolly/Naive/Rash/Naughty/Timid Riolu
    Jolly Pinsir
    Jolly Heracross
    Jolly Tyrogue
    Brave Lickitung
    Modest/Timid/Jolly Ralts
    Modest/Timid Snorunt
    Modest/Timid/Jolly Houndour
    Modest/Timid/Mild Pichu
    Modest/Timid Eevee
    Modest Yanma
    Modest Mareep
    Modest Cyndaquil
    Impish/Relaxed Combee
    Impish Koffing (no bold:( )
    Impish Chikorita
    Relaxed Pineco
  2. for free? i cant really trade good pokemon ^^;; if i get 3 for free, can i have 3 eevee's?
  3. That is correct. Pick three for free. Any trades can be done over pms for anyone interested, though. Three Male Wish Curse Eevees right? Yes, that is fine.
  4. can i have larvitar and gible?? i really love the two of them... i'm willing to gave you a healthy Mudkip(male) :D
  5. I'd Like a Adamant Dratini, Close Combat Pinsir, and your Crazy Move Steroid Rioulu please :D
    With the request thing, Do we add it on as the fourth one, or does it replace one of your three choices?
    I would like a Kanghaskan pwease o.o

    And since I'd feel bad about taking all these pokemonz for free, I'll make you a banner!
    or maybe give you some slightly rare breedables...?
  6. The custom request Pokemon goes in as one of the 3 being picked.

    Give whatever you want.
  7. um could i get a male teddiursa with close combat and a metronome snubbul
  8. Yes, the Teddiursa is ready, but the Snubble will take a while.
  9. thanks, I can wait
  10. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Gravedigging a thread by a banned member?

    Seriously, come on...
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