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Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Nim, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. Nim


    Well I just hatched half a dozen magnemite eggs and I found a really good one. It has a modest nature and also has an IV that raises SpA. I have been thinking over what I should do with him and so far Ive come up with this:

    Ability: Magnet Pull
    Nature: Modest
    EV's: 252 SpA/ 200 Spd/ 58 HP
    Item: No Idea

    Thunder Bolt
    Zap Cannon (That's that steel one, right?)
    Magnet Rise
    Hidden Power Ground (For those pesky fire types)

    Please criticise. I am mostly weary about the EV's and I don't wanna stuff up an amazing pokemon like this up. Thanks ^^
  2. OKay okay!

    So, first thing, the Steel one is Flash Cannon, not Zap Cannon. In my opinion, your EV spread looks fairly nice, although I'm not the best to speak on that. I'll also say that the moveset seems pretty fine, although you may wanna think about the Hidden Power you'll use depending on who else is in the team this Magnezone is in. As an example, you won't need HP Ground to stop Fire types if you have a nice Flash Fire Pokemon or something that can resist it fine.

    In my opinion, I'd suggest trying to fit Explosion in there, cause it's a fine move when your Magnezone is about to kick the bucket. As for an item, if you replace Magnet Rise with 'splosion or something else, you could probably make use of the Choice Scarf or Specs. It's possible that a Life Orb could be fine with this set, being that it allows you to switch around the moves and not get you locked. Then there's always Leftovers, if you're the type to want it to sit there and get hit a few.

    ...The end to my advices :>
  3. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Speed EVs won't make much difference for Magnezone unless he's using a Scarf since he's very slow (Base 60 Speed is a bit beyond help without a Scarf unfortunately) but Magnezone's nice bulk means those Speed EVs would go on its HP very nicely.

    Magnezone's favourite Hidden Power Types are actually Ice, Grass and to a lesser extent Water, since they tackle pesky Ground-types. Note that Magnezone's most prominent role is that of a Steel-type trapper, using Magnet Pull to trap a Steel-type before laying waste with Thunderbolt or Hidden Power. Choice Scarf can help here, as it'll let you outspeed certain opponents that would otherwise just end up killing you after you trap them, such as Lucario. Otherwise, you'll have to be a bit more selective with who you trap, but with the added bonus of having freedom within your moveset (unless you're using Choice Specs.)

    Magnezone is one of the few Pokemon that actually enjoys decent use out of Magnet Rise due to its evil typing, whereas almost all other Electric-types are too slow to use it or (more likely) just end up getting mauled by neutral STAB attacks instead. Magnezone resists a lot of types though, and a lot of slower Steel-types such as Steelix, Bronzong and Forretress sometimes carry Earthquake, making Magnet Rise an easy way to trap and then wall them for a free kill since Magnezone will likely resist every attack they have with Magnet Rise activated. Note that Magnezone is faster than all three of these Pokemon, so it can use Magnet Rise before they can attack, granting an easy kill for Magnezone.

    Mirror Coat and Metal Sound are other fun options for you to experiment with if you want to, and anything out of Choice Scarf, Wise Glasses, Leftovers and Choice Specs are viable items for Magnezone.
  4. Nim


    Ok, well I guess I won't need those speed EV's which will be good so I can chuck them on HP and become a little more bulkier. I'll go see if I have a choice scarf on one of my games though and give that a try too. And I should probably try and replace HP Ground which one of those moves you two stated. Thanks for the advice guys, it will all be used. :)

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