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Ask to Join Magicians Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by UmbreonEevee, May 7, 2017.

  1. All the kingdoms have banned magic thanks to the war between Magicians and humans. We must bring magic back to save the world because an evil, magical force. You can be a nature, fire, water, storm, electric, or an animal Magicain. You can be a special Magician with mythical creatures as your magic and your strength or other elements at your choice. You've been requested to come to a secret Magician safe house along with other Magicians. (There is going to be gore so if it's too much for you just tell me). If you would like to be the evil Magician you can tell me, there can be many evil Magicians.

    No one liners
    Romance is allowed hut nothing too much
    No double posts
    Put Nothing in the 'Other' section to let me know that you read the rules

    Fire: @BlueMew392
    Special: @UmbreonEevee

    Magic Type:

    My Form:
    Name: Midnight Storm
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Magic: Special
    Magic Type: Elemental Dragon/ Wolf
    Personality: She is very cautious about her surroundings and the people around her. She is nice but if you make a wrong move she won't hesitate to harm you. She is extremely protective over her friends and her family. She is very keen to sounds and smells.
    Appearance: She has midnight black hair with turquoise eyes. She usually wears this: with a black cloak over it when she goes outside, around humans. (Minus the boots, she stays bare foot everywhere she goes) IMG_1097.JPG
    Likes: She loves the moon and the night sky. She likes the early spring air and listening to waterfalls and the sound of nature. She loves to learn about different types of Magic.
    Dislikes: Humans that hate Magicians or are mean to Magians
    Other: She has flying Magic so that she can fly which is an old Magic that only old Magicians know, she only know the Magic because of her Elemental Dragon Magic. Nothing
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  2. What are 'Magic Types' for?
  3. Like the types of Magic that I listed or a Magic that you choose yourself which will be put in the 'Special Type' of Magic
  4. Name: Flame Ashes
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Magic: Fire
    Magic Type: Fire
    Personality: A bit shy at first and tries to keep himself isolated at first too. Once he's use to it, he be kind and caring. When an enemy really angers him, he'll snap and won't be afraid to not show any mercy.
    Appearance: Black hair that he has stand a bit, dark brown eyes but when he's serious they turn red. Flame has two outfits:
    1. Burgundy jacket with a hood, light grey shirt, blue jeans, black sneakers.
    2. A ww2 German u-boat leather jacket, red shirt, blue jeans, black sneakers.
    Likes: Sometimes he likes spend time alone with nature.
    Dislikes: People/magicians who discriminate others.
    Other: Has a severe wound on his upper left arm, but tries to ignore the pain and hide it from others. Nothing.
  5. Accepted! I will make the RP when more people join. :)
  6. Even after a month. :(
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  7. But that's okay, it doesn't matter that much
  8. I edited my first post a bit, but it was only one thing that didn't matter much
  9. If more people don't join, then how about moving it to conversation? If you want to of course.
  10. Maybe... I'll think about it

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