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Ask to Join Magical Café

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by A wild flower, Jan 15, 2018.

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  1. So, Hello! Im going to be sort of like the dungeon master at first and set out guidelines and stuff, but soon I’ll be playing along with you! Onto the roleplay...

    (A strange lady walks up to you)
    Welcome to Milky Parlor! How are you? Oh? You saw the sign out front? Well, i guess you can work here! We do have a dress policy, so I’ll get you clothes later. (You feel strange, like something is wrong or even magical about this place, must be my imagination) Well, i guess i should introduce myself, im Pop Somi, pleased to meet you... what IS your name...

    Aaaaannnnd CUT! We will stop here for... character registration! Yaaay...

    Name, first and last:
    Sex, or GENDER:

    And if you can draw what your character looks like, that would be great! Back to the intro...

    Oh your name is (insert name here), well, we’ll get you settled in just fine. The other girls will LOVE to have a non-magi- i mean new person in ther midst! (Magic!? Was she going to say magic?!) Ohh dearies... we have a new person here! (About 5 girls in maid outfits jump up from beds and bunks and start inspecting you) “Aaaahhh!” you say. (The girls immediately jump away and look at Pop) Now be nice and let them settle in. “Okay Pop” they all reply/ As they say that you think, what have i gotten myself into...

    Whew! Thet was fun. This is my first time doing a role play ,so bear with me. Later on whan your character discovers that there is magic ,there will be another form that is for magical stuff. I will answer any questions if you have them! What lies in Milky Parlor is unknown...
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  2. Name, first and last: Ai Meido
    Sex, or GENDER: Female
    Size: Small
    Personality: Shy, Kind, and Clumsy
    Skill: Super good hearing
    Items: Chapstick, backpack,resume, and recently found school uniform; at the moment
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  3. May I join?
    Name, first and last: Tiki Yoyoi
    Sex, or GENDER: Female
    Size: Medium
    Personality: Quiet, Klutz, Dense, Dumb, Kind, Loving,
    Skill: Kendo Practitioner
    Items: Kendo Sword, Backpack, Resume, School Uniform
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  4. May I join as well?
    Name, first and last: Akemi Takahashi
    Gender: Female
    Size: Below average
    Personality: Cheerful, energetic, enthusiastic, optimistic, and active. (Basically a Genki stereotype)
    Skill: Charisma and Speedy walking.
    Items: Pikachu backpack; Lip chap, a small hairbrush, orange juice box, Resume.
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  5. Name, first and last: Sakura Umizakawa
    Sex, or GENDER: Female
    Size: Above Average (Height and Bust Size)
    Personality: Introverted, shy, quiet, sweet, cute on the inside, fucked up, psychotic, and kinky on the inside.
    Skill: She can easily trick people to get what she wants
    Items: A backpack filled with caramel candy, her phone and headphones, laptop, pocket knife, manga, lipstick, School Uniform, resume, and cat ears and tail.
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  6. Sure! All of you can join! Sorry for the late reply!
  7. It's fine :)
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  8. We can start if you want, but I couldn’t draw my character. I suck at art
  9. Your art is actually really good. I like the chibi art style. Also lets start
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  10. Thanks sorry for late reply
  11. Ok!

    Ai went to her bed for a quick nap. The girls all looked at her like she was crazy. ... Nobody said anything. Ai dozed off and woke up next morning. She yawned. The girls were not present. She put on her maid outfit and went downstairs. All the girls looked so cute in the outfits even though she had seen them yesterday. (All right, i have to contain myself, but they look so cute) Ai starts to drool ,letting her imagination run wild. “Ai? Is that your name?” Ai immediately snaped out of her fantasies. “Oh! Yeah right... im Ai.” “Well, you SHOULD get down here and work before Pop notices.” The girl said sternly. Ai stepped quickly out of the way and went behind the booth. All of the people here were men... (OH GOSH what HAVE i gotten myself into) The men looked like how she was before the girl spoke to her, drooling at the girls in... im not going to say it. Ai quickly stepped up to get some orders before school. (Oh shoot! I forgot my uniform.) She quickly jumped in shock. One of the men wispered, “Thicc” ,before anyone noticed. But Ai did; she blushed and ran outside to find her school uniform.
  12. Sakura was already watering tables. She dropped off a plate at a table and when she turned away the guys whistled. She turned back at them and blew them a kiss. "Brain dead Imbeciles..." She whispers to herself as she walks away. She collects plates from customers who had already left.
  13. Ai suddenly stops. Ai turns back and all the men looked at her. Where you ask? Up her skirt. She blushed again and fell to shock. The men were swooning over her, asking to... nope just nope. She got up and ran, still blushing.
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  14. She saw Ai run past her "Newbie..." She carries a tray of drinks and ends up falling, Vanilla Milkshakes all over her urm... upper chest area. Of course, the pedophiles and perverts that come her began to fantasize WAY too much. She gives off a kawaii smile "Oh nooo~" she says as she runs away like a little anime girl.

    In the dressing she has a look of disgust. "What assholes! Won't even help me up even though I gave them Jack off material for a week!" She says as she wipes herself off
  15. Ai had run out of the store, crying. She had never expected such jerks and perverts at this café. The men on the street stared as well. She blushed more. She was running into a wall. That was the cause of the staring. She stopped and ran into the alleyway and sat down near the end. (All i want is to have a job, not to have a hard time. The other girls were not phased by the men, it seemed like they ENJOYED it.) She runs back into the café, witnessing Sakura spill milkshakes on her chest. The men, again, were staring. Ai runs up the stairs into her room and sits, thinking.
  16. "I'm done for the day" she mutters and storms back up to her room. She screams such vulgar words into her pillow that I would probably be kicked if I'm typed them. She played in her bed and sighed. "Shit... I have school today..."
  17. Ai hears Sakura through the wall. Ai walks to her room. “Are you okay?”
  18. "Yes... it's just this job sucks. Like come on, just watch porn or something Jesus... Anyway, I need to get ready for school." She sighs checks her phone.
  19. “Yea...” Ai walks back to her room and actually finds her lost school uniforn. Alas the japanese/anime school uniform that is perverted for girls. “The men have better clothing in schools...” She throws it on and puts her supplies in her bag. She also packs her maid uniform to quickly change before the “work”, if you could call it that, starts again. She runs out before the men se her. Of course, she falls and her skirt is flying. She gets up and runs. “Thicc” “PANTIE SHOT, who wants an email!” And “Mmmmmmn!” are a few things she hears before she is out of hearing range.
  20. Ai quickly went to school. It was not far from Milky Parlor. (Oh shoot! I found out why its called Milky Parlor!) She sighed. “This freaking job sucks...” She saw a man staring at her, well about every man on the block was staring at her. She blushed as she ran to school. (Oh crap... my skirt flew up.) She skidded to a stop and someone was close to her chest. It was a man taking pictures of her chest and panties. She stood there and blushed while the man smiled. (Is every man in this town a pervert!) “Ok! Thanks for the shots... I can email this to my dudes...” he said. Ai’s face was red. She couldn’t respond to this perverted activity. She... passed out, then and there.
  21. While Sakura was heading to school she saw Ai laying there on the ground, and some guys taking pantie pics "WHO HAS THAT MUCH OF A SICK TWISTED MIND TO RAPE A GIRL WHEN SHES DEFENSELESS" she thought to herself while running over to the men. "HEY, PERVERTS!" She screams and catches the guys attention. They stare at her chest. She groans and takes out a pocket knife. "If you think you can just do that without punishment... your wrong!" The guys run away as she throws her pocket knife right next to some guys foot. "NEXT TIME I WONT MISS!"
  22. Ai is still passed out not noticing the attention she had caused.
  23. Sakura picks up her pocket knife and walks over to Ai. She leans down next to her face and gets out a bottle of water. She pours it onto Ai then slaps her "Wake up." She says, almost demanding.
  24. Ai coughs. She can’t move, but she also can’t speak, only spectate. At least, thats what is feels like.
  25. Ai slowly moves her lips. “T-thanks...” she says, still drowsy.
  26. Sakura waves a hand in front of her face "Hola como estas. Bein, y tu?" She speaks Spanish as a joke because she knows she's awake but she can't seem move at all.
  27. Akemi starred at her reflection on the mirror in the washroom. "Okay, time to start my first shift at work, 7 hours shouldn't be too long." She said to herself. She pampered her hair a bit to make herself look promising and walked out of the ladies washroom with a cheerful smile on her face, only to be terrified by dazed men. 'This is a bit odd, there seems to be alot of guys..' she thought before bringing out a cheap notepad & pencil.
  28. Ai coughs as to signal to Sakura that she’s awake.
  29. "Schools been canceled..." She says as she puts Ai over her shoulder and carries her back to the cafe. They go through the back door so no perverts take any pantie pics.
  30. Ai wakes up to Sakura carring her. She smiles. (Thank you!)
  31. She hands Ai a water bottle. "No problem, drink up." She sits down next to Ai and takes out her phone. "Well we should get back to work, and you might want to get a larger size uniform so it's not as easy to look up your skirt, that's what I did." She says as she gets up to get changed
  32. “Okay, thanks, but i might have had enough of work today...” She almost starts to hug Sakura, but stops.
  33. "Well see you later." She waves as she exits Ai's room. She goes to her room and gets despised and walks down stairs. She continues taking orders for the perverts.
  34. Ai falls onto her bed on purpose, and screams into her pillow. “Why the flip is every man a perv!” She hears a sound coming from behind the wall. “Flip you too wall!” She gets up and puts on her pajamas. She falls into the comfort of her dreams, leaving the perverted men of the world behind, blazing a trail of fury in her wake.
  35. It was finally closing time. "Thank god" Robin thought as she put up the closed sign and kicked the rest of the people out. She sighs and walks upstairs to her room to get pajamas on. "Crap! I forgot to run the dishwasher" she said to herself and quickly rand downstairs in her pajamas.
  36. Akemi was rushing around, taking orders and serving pastries to these 'unique' customers. Everything was somewhat fine until her hand slipped and dropped a tray of cupcakes all over her face, and slightly above her breasts. She couldn't really see because frosting was covering her eyes. Some of the destroyed cupcakes landed in front of her feet, she walked forward and slipped. She landed on her face, Akemi tried tried to get up but she could hear men laughing and the cold touch of men pushing her down. They all thought this was entertaining and kept making the problem worse for her.

    'At least I'm wearing shorts under this puffy skirt, I really don't want it to be that kind of entertainment.' She thought and kept trying to get up but kept being pushed down. At this rate it was hopeless and she gave up, willing that they would leave her alone. The men left as it was closing time and a sigh of relief was washed down Akemi.
  37. Ai suddenly woke up, to unknown noises. She knew it was late, but she had to look. She grabbed a flashlight and went out. Almost everyone was asleep. She guessed that Sakura was up, so she was careful near her door. She creaked down the stairs. She saw a light in the distance. It was blinding. She walked closer, but she stopped. A door had opened. She ran into the kitchen and opened the fridge to make it seem like she was merely getting a midnight snack. The door shut. (I could have been in big trouble) She grabbed a glass, poured some milk, and went to her room. “What the flip was that light?” Guess what? It was a stowaway pervert, looking for girls to take pictures of. The light was his flash on the phone.
  38. Sakura helped Akemi up. "You okay?" She says as she picks her up off of her feet. "You should really take a bath." She says. She walks into the kitchen but sees a light coming from the walk in pantry. "Huh?" She opens it to find the stoaway. She was just on horrid disgust, her anger got over her and she stabbed the man with her pocket knife, and then repeatedly stabbed him as he yelped in pain.

    The deed had been done. She looked down at he hands and almost puked. "D-did I-I kill him." She was barely fazed by it, except the blood. She knew one of the other girls would've heard her. "SHIT!"
  39. Ai had woken up to a fright. She ran downstairs, sliped, fell, and gotten up to blood, everywhere. “Sakura... what have you done?”
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