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Magic: The Gathering

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Secad MS, May 6, 2013.

  1. Since June of 2012, I've been into Magic: The Gathering. That is a trading card game where players act as 'planewalkers,' or beings that can traverse different planes of existence with the ability to summon different creatures and effects to perform combat. It all started at ColossalCon 2012 when I picked up a red/green Dark Ascension deck.

    I personally have five decks:
    -Green/Red Werewolf
    -Green/Blue Infect
    -Red/Black/Blue Aggro
    -Black/Red Rat
    -Green/Blue/Red Simic/Gruul (dubbed 'Grimic')

    Well, this 'cardboard crack' as it is at time called, is quite the addictive game. I've dropped over $70 in my red/green werewolf deck, with who knows how much in the others, along with sleeves and deck holders. However, the social aspect is quite fun, as is the logical challenge. I've made tons of friends over Magic and enhanced my relationship with existing ones. The interlocking mechanics and rules-lawyering just makes it more fun.

    Are there any planeswalkers among the 'Charmsians? Anyone curious about playing?

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