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Open Magic of the Rainbow Flower

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by NotAPokemonRanger, Oct 28, 2020.

  1. In a Dimension, different from all others. It had magic and diverse individuals. The individuals of this world are called "Petals". Petals are people who can use magic, With each Petal different from one another, Different personalities and likes and dislikes. Each Petal have different powers as well. Your OCs could also be an antagonist in the RP if you want, Just choose which petal you want! Remember only eight people can choose a Petal, You may still participate but not as a Petal
    Main Places:
    ~School Building A~
    ~School Building B~
    ~City Square~
    ~Serene Grande Hotel~
    ~Dormitory Building~
    Each Petal Color:
    Red: Fire/Lava
    Orange: Earth/Crysto
    Yellow: Electro
    Green: Chloro
    Blue: Aqua/Cyro
    Purple: Psycho
    White: Aether
    Black: Nether

    OC Sheet:
    Name(First and Last):
    Magic Strength-
    Physical Power-
    Control over power-

    My OC:
    Name: Winston Daniels
    Appearance: A 18 year old tall, teen, He has black hair like night, And purple streaks on some parts of his hair. He has spiky hair and a black coat, and a necklace with his petal.
    Petal: White-Aether
    Personality: Normally quiet, But very smart in battles. Pretty cooperative and his battle style is quick but damaging attacks, He has got quite used to using his Aether and has got most of it under control
    Likes: Books, And just peace and quiet
    Dislikes: being disturbed, Or noisy places, And if angered enough his magic power will reach five.
    Speed- 4
    Magic Strength- 4
    Intelligence- 5
    Physical Power- 2
    Control over power- 4

    Winston Daniels - Library
    A seemingly quiet day as Winston enters the library, And sits down at one of the vacant tables. He was on his final year of high school, And wasn't that surprised that his years of High School had been so short. Winston grabbing a book off of one of the shelves and checking the cover seeming to look for something about his petal. the bright day had suddenly turned into a dark black sky, Winston seeming to look outside the window of the library window to see what was going on.

    In a hushed voice he said to himself "Huh, That was weird... It was just bright and sunny earlier... What could be going on?" Winston walks outside to see what all the commotion was about. "What? It was just dark earlier... What could be going on?"
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