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Ask to Join Magic Knight RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. (Sign ups and Discussion here https://pokecharms.com/threads/magic-knight-rp.18090/)

    In the Royal city, capital of the Clover Kingdom, a certain event will be taking place in the coliseum. A young boy with black hair named Ken walked through the streets of the city. "This is finally it, I will finally get the chance to become a royal knight. I missed my chance last year but this year, I will not be late." He said to himself as he walked. Many noblemen looked at him with disapproval faces. "What's a slum rat doing in the royal capital? He says he's going to become a royal knight? A commoner like him?" They all said in mocking tones. Ken heard them but shrugged it off. He wasn't going to lets some rich jerks interrupt his chance to become a Magic Knight.
  2. Simon walked down the streets of the royal city of Clover Kingdom. He was supposed to watch the new magic knights today, due to him being captain of the Bronze Oxen. His father was a well respected blacksmith, but Simon never knew him. Most people thought of his power as, 'Trecherous, or Inhumane. Or a personal favorite, 'just plain wrong' But even so, he climbed the steps of the colosseum.
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  3. Mina entered the royal capital looking nervous"this is my chance to become a magic knight,I better not blow it"she said as she walked through crowds of people,many shot disgraceful looks at her as she was a commoner among them"why are these people all starting at me?I'll just walk faster"she began to Pace faster which wasn't smart when in a crowd,she ended up bumping into a tall muscular man"hey!!!watch where your going twerp!"the man yelled,Mina looked at the man and put on her cool tone"heh,who you calling twerp,I could beat you with one hand tied behind my back,l"Mina said smugly,she more than likely could but wasn't about to start a fight in the capital,Mina began to walk away from the man who looked annoyed"is that so"he said before throwing a punch at Mina when her back was turned
  4. Ken suddenly stepped between the man and the girl then crossed his arms and blocked the punch. “Hey, trying to sucker punch someone isn’t very knightly you know.” He said as he starred the buff man in the eyes with a casual expression.
  5. Dylan sighed in boredom as he sat in his seat labeled: Captain of the Platinum Lords. The big day was finally here; soon, the capital would be flooded with many people, all with dreams to earn the rank of Royal Knight. He leaned back in his seat, playing with a small chain of shiny blue lightning and hoped that all these candidates wouldn't be a waste of his time.
  6. Mina felt the wind from the person passing by and she quickly turned around"huh,what the heck!"she quickly stepped back and looked angry, according to the person who blocked the punch that man attempted to attack Mina with her back turned"you should've just left me alone"Mina said as she swung her leg over Ken and slammed it in the man's face knocking him out"so much for not starting a fight"she sighed and looked at Ken"oh,t...thanks for helping me back there that punch would've hurt if it hit me"she smiled at him
  7. Ken looked at Mina and flashed a smile. “Yeah, no problem. It’s wrong to attack someone when their not looking isn’t it?” He said. “That was a nice kick by the way. We’ll see ya.” Ken said casually as he walked away.
  8. "uh,thanks"Mina said watching him walk away"well he must be in a hurry if he didn't tell me his name, maybe, he's going to try to become a magic knight,if so than I should follow him"she said as she began walking a short distance behind Ken
  9. Norin stood behind the seated Brown Grizzly Captain, occasionally casting a glance at Dylan, who looked bored to say the least. He turned his gaze back to the Colosseum, excited for the event to start.
  10. On the stage the captains were, a man with short brown hair stepped up from the entrance. He walked beside Simon. “Hey Simon, you ready to see what this year’s potential royal knights looks like?” He asked with a smirk. “I have a good feeling about this year.” He said a she took his seat.
  11. During the proceedings, a cloaked figure sat behind the captain of the Brown Grizzly Squad in the coliseum and was watching to see what would unfold. Already a member, Sam accompanied her captain to get a fresh look at the new recruits to see who her teammates would be.

    Naturally, most of the audience had not given her the most flattering looks, her trademark red eyes that symbolized the blood of her traitorous father all too evident even in her cloak. Sam was determined to not let it get to her, as she had done for some time.

    I wonder what the new batch will bring in. I'm sure there is at least someone of great potential among them.
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  12. Simon grinned. "I hope the kids actually know how to use their noggins. Last years newbies sucked." He said, walking over to his seat. His portion of testing was one of the worst of them. If it is still allowed though, but many captains liked it. He releases one of his creations, and lets it go wild.
  13. Overhearing the conversation between two of the other Captains, Dylan thought it necessary to add his input to the discussion. "Regardless, hopefully we don't get our souls killed by the ones that don't cut it, agreed?" He viewed the Colosseum monotonously and dissipated the lightning crackling through his fingertips.
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  14. A woman wearing a leather jacket and with purple hair sat in her chair looking around. “Looks like the colosseum is filled, I guess I’ll be taking charge of this year’s initiation.” She said. Edward looked at her. “I have no reason to object, go for it.” He said. The woman then stood up. “Welcome all potential royal knights, we welcome you all here in this colosseum!” She shouted. The crowd cheered. “Isn’t that Violet Rose? The captain of the Purple Panther?” Asked a random participant. “Yeah that’s her.” Said another.

    Violet snapped her fingers and black thorns emerged from behind her and descended into the crown to give everyone a broom. “Now this stage of the exam is simple, we want to see how well you can control your magic so try your best to float on your brooms using only your Mana.” She explained as she sat back down.
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  15. Mina entered the colosseum just in time for the exams,as she was given a broom by the remarkable violet rose Mina looked nervously at the plants crawling around the colosseum,she was determined to join the knights no matter what the costs,she used her magic to levitate the broom a few feet of the ground she jumped onto the broom holding her arms out to keep her balance but was eventually able to stand on the broom with ease,Mina would often practice using magic but she mainly focused on her physical abilities which is why she wears her vanbraces and is so athletic
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  16. Levi jumped over the crowd, and jumped over them for quite a while. He landed near the rest of the brown grizzly squad. “Sorry I’m late, I accidentally turned right on a left turn.” He pulled up a chair and sat down behind his squad leader. He looked over the crowd, examining the rookies. “Man, hopefully this year will be interesting.”
  17. Tina stood before the captains. When she heard the challenge, she got slightly nervous. With a quick glance around, she saw another person easily raise up the broom. She acted, and 'fell' to her, bumping the person's side. "Sorry." She said in an apologetic tone. She turned back and waved her hand, and wisps of wind came from her fingertips. Air magic. She was easily able to lift the broom now, as she just did.
  18. Ken grabbed onto the broom. "So I just need to fly on this broom huh." He said as he got ready. Ken poured his magic energy into the broom and started to rise but then he started to wobble slightly. "Whoa there, alright just need to focus." He said as he slowly steadied himself.
  19. As Diablo walked into the stage area where the rest of the captains were, he gave a chuckle as it was revealed he was late. "Heh, sorry. But when ya gotta go." Diablo said with a gruff smile, walking over to his chair and sitting down roughly. "So these are the new kids, huh? It'll be interesting to see what they're like."
  20. "I agree." Said Cyrus as he appeared out of nowhere at Diablo's side. "Last year was kind of a disappointment."
    He couldn't help but notice that some of the kids where doing extraordinarily great.
    With the corner of his eyes he saw a girl, who was able to lift the broom very quickly.
    "What's her name? The one with the blonde hair."
  21. Mina was balancing quite well considering she had never stood on a levitating object before"how long are we supposed to do this for,this is going to get boring after a while"she said jokingly,she looked at the many members of several squads watching from an area which made her start to wobble,she regained her balance eventually,she sighed as she almost fail the first event
  22. "Seem we do have some with good potential in this year's patch." Said Violet. She then had the examinees do the rest of the entrance trials until it finally came to the final trial, a sparring match. "Alright, we are now on to the finale test, a sparring match. The rules are simple, find a partner and the first one to knock out or make the other one surrender wins." Violet explained.

    Ken listened to Violet explains the final test. "So, now to find a sparing partner." He said to himself as he looked around.
  23. Sam paid special attention to this next trial, in her mind there was no better way to test one's magic potential than in a live combat situation. She would lean in towards the leader of the Brown Grizzly Squad seated in front of her.

    "Anyone you are gonna keep an eye on for this last trial?" Sam would ask.
  24. Dylan leaned back in his chair once more and folded his arms. It all came down to this. Few had slightly captured his attention, and whether they would make the cut would depend on this final challenge.

    Norin smiled and chuckled softly, getting slightly pumped. The final challenge was always the most intense and entertaining.
  25. Edward sat back and crossed his arms. "Those 2 commoners, they are showing a lot more potential than most of these royal here." He responded, keeping his eyes on Ken and Mina.
  26. Mina was glad she made it this far,she didn't know anyone in particular who she wanted to spar against,she looked around until she saw Ken,she was about to ask him to spar but before she could she was tapped on the shoulder by the man from the entrance"hey,you think your so tough girl,how about you spar with me"the man said with a grin,Mina was surprised to see him there,she could've said no but her ego said otherwise"ok,I'll spar with you,but when your crying, remember you asked me"she said in a call tone
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  27. Ken looked around until eventually someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around to see a average size man. "Hy, my name is Johnson and I would like to be your sparring partner." He said. Ken smiled. "I'm Ken. And sure, I can be your sparring buddy." He said. "Great." Johnson said with a smile. But when he turned around, his smile turned into a smirk. "Hehe, from what I have seen so far, this guy doesn't have any spectacular magic, and he is nothing but a lowly commoner, this match is as good as won." He thought in his head. Ken then saw Mina. "Looks like those people are going to fight first." He said to no one in particular.
  28. As Mina readied for the fight the man kept throwing insults and mocked her,Mina got in her fighting position while the man flexed"since I'm so generous I'll let you have the first move"he yelled annoyingly,Mina ran at the man and held back her arm,the man held his arms out to grab Mina and throw her but Mina faked the attack and jumped behind him,she swept her leg at him knocking the man off his feet,but before he could hit the ground Mina shot a heavy punch at his back launching him away,the man recovered from the heavy blow and used his magic to breathe a stream of fire at her,Mina jumped back and created a small ice barrier around herself,protecting her from the flames,afterword,Mina lowered the barrier and froze the man's feet,he was able to break free quite easily but that gave Mina enough time to encase her fist in ice and uppercut the man,he flew high off the ground and landed unconscious"oh sorry I guess I should have held back a bit"she smiled as she stared at the others sparring,she saw Ken who was about to battle a shady looking person,Mina decided not to say anything and watch from where she was
  29. Ken and Johnson walked forward. "Good luck." Ken said. Johnson walked closer to Ken. "Yeah you too, you'll need it." He said as he leaned towards Ken with a unsettling expression. He then jumped back and pulled out his grimoire. "Stone Magic: Stone Spikes!" Three stone spikes emerged from the ground around Ken and extended at him. Ken pulled out his Grimoire from its holder on his belt and opened it, a handle came out of it, Ken grabbed it and pulled out a katana. "That sword won't help you!" Johnson shouted as the spike extended. "Rip." Ken said quietly, he the did a spin slash and cut the stone spikes clean in half. "Did you think this will take me out?" Ken said with a smirk. Johnson growled. "Well take this! Stone Magic: Stone Boulder!" Johnson raised his arm and a big boulder was created. Johnson threw the rock at Ken. "Mend." Ken said as he pointed his sword in front of his and the three spike he cut landed in front of his and blocked the incoming boulder. Ken then used what was left of the boulder and spikes to jump at Johnson through the smoke. "Rip." He said as he slashed Johnson's head off. His head floated upwards as a confused expression grew on his face. "What going on?" He said confused. Ken then pulled his sword back. "Heads up buddy." He said as he slammed Johnson's head back onto his body with the back of his sword, knocking him out.

    Edwards rubbed his chin after witnessing Ken's magic. "Interesting." He said with a smirk.
  30. Norin winced, wrinkling his brow. "A bit morbid, if you ask me." He turned to Sam, attempting to strike some conversation with his fellow comrades, until he noticed her piercing red eyes and faced the front again. "Huh. People call you the Demon Seed because of your heritage, right?" He let out a big breath and chuckled softly. "How much pressure is that, huh?" Norin turned to Sam and smiled, holding out his hand. "I'm Norin. It's a pleasure to meet you."
  31. Sam glanced over at Norin, looking at his extended hand before she would respond.

    "Gotta say, you probably picked the worst starting topic if you're trying to be nice." Sam said, although she did return the handshake before she faced the arena. Sam was content to just leave it at that, but she had her own question in mind now that the topic had been brought up.

    "Though I am curious, if you know of my father and the reputation of my family, why you wish to speak with me?" Sam asked as she faced Norin and awaited an answer.
  32. Norin laughed and faced the arena. "Only because I know one thing: you are the one who defines you. Not your father, not your family, not your friends, but you." He smiled at Sam once more. "People can give you hostile glances for your eyes all they want, but it's your choice whether or not you're going to let your heritage haunt you for the rest of your life. It may be a cliche, but it's true."
  33. Sam was silent, clearly speechless at the rather touching sentiment offered by Norin. She had to admit, her own desire to prove people wrong and show that she was not her father had served as motivation for her becoming a Magic Knight. It just felt...good to hear someone speak of her without judgeing her based off the actions of her father. Sam returned the smile to Norin.

    "Thank you, that meant a lot." Sam admitted as she faced the arena once more.
  34. Norin flashed her a thumbs up and said, "No problem." before turning his gaze to the arena. Two of the candidates seemed pretty promising, the one who had decapitated someone alive, and the one with air magic. It was the final stretch of the Magic Knight Exam, so whether or not all the candidates' progress was in vain depended on this test. Of course, that was what he would be thinking had his mind not been on Sam. Norin didn't know what it was about her, it just.... drew him to her.
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  35. "Well, this is certainly more exciting than last year, but i don't feel like anyone too special is going to show up today." Levi leaned back on his chair ever so slightly. "However, those two are indeed pretty interesting." He grabbed a small ball, and started making it float just above his hand, and started spinning it.
  36. After all the other examinees has done their sparring matches. Violet stood up. "Now that all the trials have been completed, its time to see if any of us captains finds you worthy enough to get into one of our squads." She said. "When we call your number step forward, then if a captain wants you in their squad they will raise their hands. If there are multiple captain raising their hand then you can pick who you want top join, if no captain picks you that mean you failed." She explained before sitting back down. "Now lets' get started, #1" She called.
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  37. While the names were being called out, an certain running man was seen coming through the entrance. Judging by how there was still an empty seat, every captain figured out who it was. The man who was always absent or late and the captain of the Azure Pheasants: Zephyr Vice.
    "CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP! I OVERSLEPT!" He yelled as he struggled through towards the captain seats, "Sorry *pant that I'm late *pant, so, shall we?"

    "Damn, so many people to choose from, and I didn't even get to see any of them in action, I guess I'll just thumbs up everyone." The Captain thought.
  38. There seems to be some potential among these candidates, though a couple of them I believe shinned brighter than the others. I'm curious if captain sees what I do, or if he seems something more...

    Sam watched the proceedings, impressed by some of the candidates more than others as she would glance over at the captain of the Brown Grizzly Squad curious who he may have had his eyes set on.
  39. Tina finished off her brawl with a powerful healer. It was like each hit did nothing. But she managed a win, using the offensive wind magic. She stood before the captians looking to find out who chose her.

    Simon watched from above at the trainees. If any off them wanted to join the Bronze Bulls, they needed power. They are the powerhouse of the teams. They were sent off to fight the major threats using brute power when diplomacy didn't work. "Anyone catch your eye?" He asked his metal wolf companion from the 'shop' or the Bronze Bull's base.
  40. An idea sparked into mind as Zephyr opened his grimoire, chanting out a spell.
    Memory Magic Creation: Overseer Crystal!
    As a giant crystal ball appeared in front of the captain, he sat down as the crystal dug into the memories of each and every individual participant.
    "Don't mind me" he said to the other captains, "I'm just looking up what I missed."

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