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Open Magic Knight RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Grand Master Koop, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. The magic knight serves under the emperor and protects the kingdom from invading forces of other kingdoms or just ruffians. Magic knights are selected during an event called the Magic Knight Entrance Exam. In this exam, you get the chance to get accepted into on of the 9 Squads of the kingdom and its in these Squads that you may start your climb as a magic knight.

    Now a few explanation are in order:
    The Squads:
    Platinum Lords Captain: Dylan Sage (@OmnipotentOnion)
    Golden Scarabs Captain: Cyrus Klonmel (@Fireflying)
    Scarlet Falcons Captain: Sephari Helios (@Semper Iuvenis)
    Purple Panthers Captain: Violet Rose (@Koopa6000)
    White Wolfs Captain: Diablo Fang (@Eeveechu151)
    Azure Pheasant Captain: Zephyr Vice (@Epic_Banana)
    Green Gators
    Bronze Ox
    Captain: Simon Peppercorn (@Glaceon trainer)
    Brown Grizzly Captain: Edward Gate (@Koopa6000)
    Magic: Magic are based off of elements and are classified in 3 categories, Creation Magic, Healing Magic and Restraining Magic
    Grimoire: Grimoires are magical items that bestow the user with the ability to use Magic. They are usually granted to users during the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony. They also serve as a written record for all of a user's spells. As the owner of a grimoire grows, new magic spells are inscribed into the book
    Dungeons: A dungeon has been described by mages as an ancient tomb that was established a long time ago. Dungeons usually house countless of treasures, which were left by the people whom built the said dungeons. These treasures could range from a powerful magic tool to an ancient magic.
    Mana: Its a form of energy that exists in nature and within people. It is the source of all magic spells
    1- Follow Pokecharms rules
    2- the usual, no one liners and such
    3- Use Grammar and punctuations
    4- Swearing is allowed but don't abuse it
    5- No insanely overpowered powers
    6- Have fun

    Squad(will be added later)
    Backstory(optional) :
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  2. I'm In. This looks cool.
  3. Name: Simon Peppercorn
    Age: 23
    Appearance: He is quite well fit. His body is built on the physical side. He wears a black jacket with silver trim, with black jeans.
    Personality: Simon is the kind of person that would go head on. He doesn't do strategy, but is incredibly reliant. Simon doesn't ask questions.
    Magic: Metal Magic.
    Squad(will be added later)
    Backstory(optional) : His father was a magic knight, and wished for his son, Simon, to follow his footsteps. Simon went to the school, and well, here we are. Nothing to special.
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  4. By magic I mean your ability not the type of magic. Besides, you are not limited to one category of magic
  5. What exactly are the kinds of magic then? I thought they were healing, restraining, or creating.
  6. Magic are element based, I specified it in my opening post, elements like fire, ice, earth, steel, wood, cotton, chains, etc.
  7. Accepted
    Is there a specific metal you control or no?
  8. Name: Sephy Renalt
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Blonde, short hair, Grey Bracelet, Peachy skin, Red eyes, Short, Skinny, blue Sleeveless Shirt, Grey jeans. No shoes.
    Personality: Often Considered Rude and Disobedient. This is to hide the Sorrow of his Mother's Death.
    Magic: Creation, Metal(Normally Aluminum.)
    Squad: Brown Grizzly.
    Backstory(optional): Sephy was always an Abnormal Kid, Even before 'it' Happened, he would always be doing something, And really had no friends, then, 'it' Happened, His mother died in a Fire, her home fell down on her, the very same home that their family Had lived in for Several generations...It didn't help that he had only his Abusive father left and a Tiny House, He reguraly Ran away and Hid, but had to come back, Because his Dad was all he had left, of course, his was when he learnt of his magic, He could barely control it, but managed to use it to hide himself from his Drunk dad, Eventually, after his 'Dad' died in a Fight, he went to the local Orphanage.
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  9. He specialises in controling Iron and Copper.
  10. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Reminder that, regarding the use of art in the RP forums, you may only use art that was made by you or for you (through request or commission), and that use of unsourced, stolen art to cheap out on describing your characters etc. will not be tolerated. It's in our rules, which you should read. Now.

    Also it seems I also need to remind you people that one or two-word posts are never okay and fall under our definition of SPAM. Discussion threads are forum threads like any other threads - they are not a chat room. Brush up on the global rules while you're at it, too.
  11. Name: Samantha "Sam" Salazar
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Dark skinned with spiky black hair and red eyes. Slim, athletic build with green cargo pants, blue sleeveless t-shirt
    Personality: Hot-headed and confrontational, but also passionate and determined.
    Magic: Fire Magic
    Squad: Brown Grizzly
    Backstory(optional) : Daughter of famed criminal Rizor Salazar who betrayed and attempt to assassinate the emperor. The red eyes she dawns, a birth trademark of her family line, mark her as the daughter of sin and now she desires to be the best knight she can be to wipe away the blemishes of her family history.
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  12. What about her personality?
  13. Just edited it in. Sorry I accidentally clicked post reply when I wasn't ready.
  14. Eh, why not. I'll give it a shot:

    Name: Lars "Storm Hunter" Thorrin

    Age: 29

    Appearance: Lars is a tall, fine-toned male with long blonde hair tied back into a braid and flashing electric blue eyes with a scar going across his right one. His outfit consists of a black cowboy hat, white trench coat (with no undershirt), and black loafers. On his chest is two more scars, and a thundercloud tattoo.

    Personality: Lars is a very calm, lazy individual who hardly puts his full effort into anything, with only one exception: if he deems someone worthy of it. When that happens, he gets pumped up for the fight. He also shows little care for collaterol damage(especially when pumped), and isn't above using underhanded methods to get his way.

    Magic: Creation, Lightning


    Backstory: Lars used to be a fine Magic Knight, serving the emperor and kingdom with his impressive combat skills. However, after several accounts of property damage and injuring civilians, as well as stumbling across something he wasn't supposed to, he was relieved of his rank and became an outcast of society. He now lives his life as the "Storm Hunter", an assassin/mercenary willing to take any bounty that comes his way.
  15. I’m interested, I’ll make a character in a bit.
  16. I have now added the Squads, just so you all know the main squads will be Brown Grizzly so it would be best if your characters is part of that Squad, if want to part of another squad then you could make a secondary character
  17. I'm gonna go with a no on this one, already got myself packed as it is and got more essays with school coming in which does not help anything.

    Might change my mind down the road. We'll see what happens then.
  18. Name: Dylan Sage
    Age: 22
    Appearance: Short black hair, light facial hair, and an average build. Dylan usually dons a black long-sleeved shirt and white trousers, with black sneakers.
    Personality: Dylan is very casual with pretty much everything he does, even in combat, though he is consistently able to best his opponents.
    Magic: Dylan has control over Lightning Magic(Creation), and his lightning is colored an icy blue.
    Squad(will be added later): Captain of the Platinum Lords
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  19. @OmnipotentOnion accepted, would you like to be the captain for one of the squads?
  20. Uh sure, I'll have Platinum Lords
  21. Alright but just so you know, Platinum Lord is the highest ranking magic knight Squad
  22. Name: Levi Taton

    Age: 22

    Appearance: Levi is a thin, tall individual with a somewhat built body type. His eyes are a sapphire blue and his hair is black and styled in a slicked back matter. He wears a black robe with light blue trim at least 4 sizes too big for him, and black pants.

    Personality: Levi

    Magic: Levitation, gravitation.

    Squad:N/A at the moment.

    Backstory: Levi was naturally born with his magic, and was able to float at 2 months. He normally uses his power for day to day things, like cleaning and changing the tv channel. He decided to aim for a higher goal of joining a squad when his friend had him use his power to its extent, and he thought it could do much more. He’s not sure what squad he wants to join quite yet, but he is really excited to start.
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  23. guys you know your elements can be anything right? Anyways, Accepted
  24. I'm taking leadership of Bronze Ox. Also, I would think that they are the group of brutes. Unintelligent, but extremely powerful.
    Also, what would you say about making creatures like Hephestus Bulls? Metal, living, creatures as a power?
  25. sure sounds good, but just so you know the Main Squad will be Brown Grizzly so if you wan to be involved in the story its advantageous to have a character be a member in that squad
  26. Hey, other idea to throw in. How about Brown Grizzly be like an attack squad? So everyone could be part of their own team, but be able to go with Brown Grizzly as part of the attack team. There can still be a leader, but it's crew is from diffrent teams.
  27. no it is its own Squad, My idea
  28. Alright then, but why add other teams then? Why not have everyone on Brown Grizzly?
  29. True that, why would we have more than one team?
  30. its an order of knight, Why would there only be one Squadron? They have an entire kingdom to protect
  31. also if you're going to be a Captain being 16 is a a bit young, The youngest a person can apply to be a Knight is 15, make you character at least an adult

    Also its not like the other Squads will not be in the plot at all, they will have appearances

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