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Ask to Join Magic for good

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by betafrost, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. (In this rp, you are a normal person who discovers you are a wizard. You have to go to a wizard school to learn to use magic for good. Any spell is possible in this rp.)

    Name: Hope
    looks: purple dress, long brown hair, blue eyes.
    personality: very shy, lonely, and secretly curious.
    other: wears a special necklace that is said to bring good luck.

    Hope always complained about how normal her life was. every day was the same during school. Over the summer, she would hang out with her friends. But that was about to change forever. One summer, she was walking down the street when a group of people cornered her with guns. She yelled for help. She held out her hands for defense, and a shock wave knocked them over.

    "What was that," she said to herself, looking at her hands. On her way home, a group of people grabbed her and pulled her onto a train. They knocked her out to stop her struggling. "She must be one of them," they said.

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