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Open Magic 2.0 discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Jagson, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Life as you know it is nothing more than a computer simulation. every thing has it's own file. Those who stumble on the computer file (usually nerds\engineers) are able to manipulate their own file to create money out of thin air, change their physical apperance, and most of all time travel though they can only travel to the past to the point they come from. Do to miss using the file usually by adding too much money to their bank account. They go back in time to avoid being arrested.

    those who go to the past go by the name wizards. They manipulate files creating the shell giving them magical powers. While most wizards use different macros (spells) they all stop ageing and become indestructible.

    Because they are all powerful they created rules to live by.

    Rule zero don't make the obvious joke

    Rule one Never use your powers on the locals

    Rule two: you can't manipulate your physically appearance without approval from your section.

    Rule three don't use your powers to rule over people.

    Do to certain individuals breaking the rules a group of wizards formed a police force to protect both wizards and locals

    Character bio
    Physical age (when you stopped ageing)
    Year they come from ( early 70's and beyond)
    mental age (your actual age)
    Wizard hat (mandatory)
    Wizard robe(also mandatory)
    Wand/ Staff
    How you ended up there

    Name Nick
    Physical age 24
    Mental age 40
    Year 2013
    wizard hat A navy blue foot high hat
    Wizard robe a dark red robe that goes down to his pants
    Staff a two foot peice of wood with a miniature death star on it's tip
    Appearance short dirty blonde hair with green eyes he stands at five eleven. Under his wizard robe wears wears a green t shirt and slacks
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  2. Seems pretty interesting. Perhaps I can receive an expansion on world history? And what is Wizard Society like?
  3. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

  4. First off this is based off of a book series. Just putting that out now so no one calls me out on it.

    As they describe in the book nothing they do affects history, or something happens later down the line that changes everything to how it was. Such as the fact that the former chairman of The Medieval Europe sec renamed London as Camelot. not to mention something else but I'm not going to spoil that in case you decide to read the series.

    How society works is that there are different groups scattered threw time. The most notable ones being Medieval Europe an all male group and Atlantis where all the females go because of how un liked witches/sorceress are.
  5. Hm, intriguing. Perhaps list the societies for me, so I can figure out where to place my character/characters?
  6. I haven't read the book, but this seems like Matrix and Harry potter had a Time Travel baby gone bad.
    As interesting as the concept is, I need to pass.
    Although, a Harry Potter rp might be fun about now...
  7. I'll post me sheet later
  8. Well the currently known societies are
    The medieval European wizards roughly early twelfth century a few years before the plague
    The Atlantian sorceress about 300 years before christ
    The London Magicians 1910 London
    Ones that were mentioned but not given an exact time period
    Persian wise men
    Chinese sec they
    Indian witch doctors
    The police force that will be made for this RP though they will come from other secs
    The English Espers London 1887
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  9. Hmm yeah I'll be in it
  10. Name Halt
    Physical age (when you stopped ageing) 32
    Year they come from ( early 70's and beyond) 2004
    mental age (your actual age) 163
    Wizard hat (mandatory) A lose, but well kept, dark blue leather stained hat
    Wizard robe(also mandatory) A short, dark blue robe, made of chain mail
    Wand/ Staff he has both; wand: a short, 13 inches long, willow wand. Staff: A straight solid willow staff with a large crook in the end, where the magic source appears from
    Appearance. Tall and skinny. He refuses to shave, so normally all you see is his blue eyes, and long red beard and mustache.
    How you ended up there. He was a government hacker, hired to find ways to make the army stronger. But he used the abilities on himself, and was forced back in time to prevent being caught.
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  11. Good but you should edit why he ended up there. In the 70's computer's were a new concept so i doubt someone would know how to hack them. Let alone the fact that they were about as big as a room back then
  12. No. He was 32 when he went back. It was 2004 when such things happened. Computers were new, but had less protections on them, making it easier to hack.
  13. Put 2004 in the year he came from. That's the point he went into the past not his birth year.
  14. Alright accepted
  15. Alright then. I'll make a character after swimming.
  16. I should put this out here.
    How magic works you must have your hat it doesn't need to be on you though. You must have you're robe on, and have your staff\wand on you. That way locals won't be able to do anything if they heard their "spells".
  17. Name: Jack Carter
    Physical age: 17
    Year they come from: 2017
    Mental age: 30
    Wizard hat: Fedora
    Wizard robe: A fancy tunic
    Wand/Staff: Hidden rod (a hidden blade but a wand instead of a knife) always kept at right wrist.
    Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes. 6'3, pale skin. Stubble.
    How you ended up there: Found out about the hidden crazy wizard files in 2014, decided to use it in 2017 to try and change things. ...didn't work exactly like he thought it would.

    Best I can do with the limited knowledge I have. What should I change, if anything?
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  18. Say file instead of wizard arts since everyone thinks wizards are a myth. Other than that accepted
  19. Name: Arliss Mirer
    Physical age (when you stopped ageing): 23
    Year they come from ( early 70's and beyond): 2001
    mental age (your actual age): 124
    Wizard hat (mandatory): wide brimmed teal witch's hat with multiple fabric tears and long silver ribbon around its base
    Wizard robe(also mandatory): sheer teal robe that flares off around her waist in waves and rests off her shoulders
    Wand/ Staff: collapsible silver staff with intricate designs of waves
    Appearance: 5'8, long swirly blonde hair, freckles skin, brownish amber eyes.
  20. Can you make the rp?

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