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Ask to Join Mages of the Eastern Corridor

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Cmeriwether, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. (Link for the Discussion can be found here)

    In a large castle in a region of the Eastern Corridor called the Silver Valley, stood a man about eighteen, five foot eleven, with Brown-blonde hair and Silver eyes, and silver robes, talking with a girl about thirteen, who wore silver armor, a purple cloak, and a golden crown. She had blond hair green eyes.

    "As of today, Logan Theodore Maverick, you are now the Archmage..." Sophia announced.

    "On one condition, can I keep my team?" Logan asked.

    "Of course, you are training a girl who wants to be the next Archmage." Sophia responded.

    "I accept." Logan responded.

    "Logan Maverick, you are dismissed," Sophia responded, then called, "Stella Nightwatcher, Sable Cromwell and Mia Jeffrey please enter the throne room."

    (@PlayfulFox47 Stella would currently be in the castle, in the courtyard, and was just called to the Throne room, @EmoKitty21 Sable is also in the courtyard, along with @JayBird Joe's Razan, and @EeviumZ Kiki is awaiting a mission from Sophia, in the courtyard, along with @TheGrimmRemix027's Ozzy
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  2. A tall man who's white hair gleamed in the sun could be seen leaning against the stone walls that was part of the castle, and was anxiously awaiting the arrival of new people. A while ago he was told that he would receive Apprentices to train. To him it was good news, he had wanted to train people for a while, but he also wanted to prove himself worthy of doing it. He closed his eyes.
  3. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Stella Nightwatcher strode towards the throne room, her presence required. Was she about to get a new mentor? Her mentor just got promoted. He was now Archmage. She was scared. What if her new mentor would place her to the side? What if he, or she, didn't care? She shook with apprehension as she entered the room. Giving a bow, she said, "Good day, you're majesty." She had a straight face on, the only thing giving away her fear being her grey eyes.
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  4. Sable Cromwell walked into the throne room with purpose. He was not disrespectful, but he did not look comfortable in the stone walls. With a deap bow, he spoke to the queen. "Sable Cromwell at your service. How my I help you, you majesty?"
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  5. "Stella Nightwatcher, if I am correct, Logan will be staying with you, and also Alaina Silver has been promoted to Team Captain, and will be receiving her own team, and Team Captain Rank Sable Cromwell will be replacing her," Sophia responded to Stella.

    Logan walked into the throne room, eyes on Stella, along with Mia, explained, "Stella, You now have an important mission, Mia is actually the Princess, and now is on our team."

    Sophia responded to Sable, "You have been assigned to the Archmage's team, and are assigned to protect my sister, Princess Mia, now go speak to Logan who is behind you."
  6. Sable bowed again as he turned around. Walking over to Logan, Sable spoke in a soft yet melodic voice. He maybe short, but that did not stop him from rising to the rank of Team Captain faster then any of the other mages that were in his training class. "Archmage Logan, what orders would you like for me to carry out?"
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  7. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Stella's eyes widened with shock. The princess was joining them? It took all of her self control to not have her jaw gape open. Not only that, but she was to protect her as well. But she was still learning how to form her summons! Her offensive one especially. She had a very hard time with that one. Not only that, but she was now the apprentice of the Archmage and learning with the princess. She looked back at her mentor. "I'll do my best." She tried to keep a even tone, but her voice wavered a bit, showing her lack of belief in herself and her small excitement.
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  8. "As a matter of fact, you will be with me, and helping my apprentice while on any missions we are on." Logan responded to Sable, "Stella, can you Summon your familiar, I would Summon mine but he doesn't fit in the castle."

    "Alaina Silver, report to me." Sophia called out.

    A red haired girl ran into the room and bowed, blushing from Logan's presence, responded, "Your majesty, what am I supposed to do?"

    "You are going on a special mission, I need you to find a missing horse, in the Eastern Vale, belonging to The Guardian of the Eastern Vale." Sophia responded.

    "Understood, but can I do one thing?" Alaina asked.

    "Sure, go ahead." Sophia answered.

    Alaina walked over to Logan and planted her lips on his right cheek, and as soon as he reacted, she let go, and ran out of the castle.

    Logan blushed, responding with "What just happened?"

    A small girl, no older than ten spoke up, "Hi, I'm Princess Mia, and your new teammate."
  9. "Of course Archmage Logan. I will be glad to help you with Stella and princess Mia. If I can be of any other help all you have to let me know." Sable had a small smirk on his face. He would love to work with people's training. He had mostly been used for more delicate missions.
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  10. Razan sensed the presence of someone walking into the castle, and realizing that it was another captain, quickly followed after him. He stood separate from the other captains. He silently awaited his orders, and observed the others in the room carefully.
  11. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Stella nodded and summoned her Astral Fox. The fox was a deep purple that sparkled white. It was like looking through a window into the night sky. The fox looked tired due to the fact it was summoned in the day, weakening it. Stella sighed. "Anything else?" She looked at the princess. "Hello, Princess Mia. I'm Stella, a fellow apprentice."
  12. "Thank you, Sable," Logan answered.

    Mia saw Stella's familiar and summoned hers, a small silver kitten appeared, meowing.

    "Aww, what is it?" Mia asked, "And why is it so tired?"

    Logan looked over at Stella and Mia along with their familiars, but Queen Sophia called out to him, "By the way your team is dismissed, please go to the courtyard and await further orders."

    "Sable, Stella, Mia with me!" Logan called out.

    "One question." Mia asked.

    "Go ahead." Logan responded.

    "Who is Alaina to you?" Mia asked.

    Logan blushed, "I can tell you this, I think I have a crush on her."

    Mia cued for Sable and Stella to follow.
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  13. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Stella followed her team out of the throne room. Looking at Mia, she said, "He's a Astral Fox. And the reason he's so tired is because Astral Foxes are nocturnal." The fox gave her a cold, hard glare as they walked towards the courtyard.
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  14. "Logan if you would like I could summon my familiar instead. Since we are in the courtyard, he would feel ok being out in the sun. Though he might not like not being the forest. He tends to get a bit cranky when he is taken out of the forest." Sable had a smile on his face he spoke. He was not one to be overlty showy, but he could tell he wanted show his worth with the others.
  15. "Go ahead, Sable," Logan explained, "I have specific orders not to Summon my familiar outside of combat."

    "Stella, it's a cute one, my cat isn't that scary, I am trying to control this summoning, but it's not easy." Mia explained.

    She then looked up at Stella, Logan and Sable, realizing this is her team, more focused on Sable, "I know you're Stella, and my mentor is Logan, and who is the other member of the team?"

    Back in the throne room, Sophia announced, "Kiki Evans, your presence is requested."
  16. "My name is Sable Cromwell. It is nice to meet you Princess Mia." Sable bowed towards the princess in a respectful manner. He had always been on to be kind towards everyone, though he does have a harshness about him that causes him to be more on the harder side of things.

    Standing off to the side, Sable summoned his familiar. With a small flash of light, that grew as it appeared. When it was gone a large 50 point white deer stood beside Sable. It was a very large deer that looked like it could hold a rider if needed. The white deer stood about a foot taller then Sable's 5'3. It had icey blue eyes that took in his surroundings. When the deer's gaze landed on the princess, he gave a graceful bow to her.

    Sable walked up and started to rub the deer's neck. He loved being with him as it gave Sable a sense of peace.like the kind he only got from being in the forest.
  17. *Arron Nitt and Noirnis Inare, your presence is requested in the throne room." Sophia announced.

    As she waited for the three of them. Alaina Silver got to the edge of the courtyard, and blushed furiously as Logan was spotted, but a pigeon flew into her face.

    "Huh?" Alaina asked as she plucked a letter off the pigeon's leg.

    'Alaina Silver,
    Please hold up, I am sending Kiki Evans to assist you on this one.
    Her royal highness,
    Alaina internally screamed when she learned she got an apprentice. She is also worried about the other personality getting out.

    (@EeviumZ @Kasumi Daiyamondo @Clite of Dragonbow respond to this post.)
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  18. Noirnis ran quickly at the throne room. He spun around the place "Wooooaah, What a large room... So pretty!" the boy said aloud, when he was still waiting for him to enter. He couldn't stop his excitement now, you could hear sheer joy in his voice. Finally, boy turned to the Queen Sophia "Woah" Nis whispered to himself, he never saw the queen or anyone from the royal family, then he remind himself. How he was acting in front of the queen. "Very, very, very sorry, Your Highness," he said quickly and bowed, "Noirnis Inare... Once a-again, s-sorry" he stammered.
  19. Razan continued to see what exactly was going on, and smirked when he did. A young boy had just barged in. It's probably someones apprentice, Razan thought. Children could be so careless and funny sometimes. He sighed quietly to himself and continued to see if he would actually receive an apprentice. Of course they do, he thought, they wouldn't have sent me here if they didn't.
    Maybe it would even be the boy who just ran in. Razan bowed to the Queen. "Good morning your majesty. Razan Takanawa reporting in,' Razan said to her.
  20. I am still waiting for Arron Nitt, but still I will call in your captain..." Sophia responded as Razan walked in, "You're early, Captain Takanawa, this boy is one of your two apprentices, the other Arron Nitt, should be arriving soon, also earlier today, Logan Maverick was promoted to The Archmage of the Eastern Corridor and assigned an important mission."

    After she explained that to Razan a pigeon flew into the room. It landed on Sophia's shoulder and then went poof.
  21. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Stella nodded. "It's gets easier the more you practice. Honestly I can keep mine up for hours now. I still have trouble with my other summons. Mainly offensive." She shook her head. "You'll get it." She had her familiar disappear as he was exausted.
  22. In the courtyard, Logan spotted a red haired girl waiting for someone.

    "Alaina?" Logan asked.

    "Logan?" Alaina responded, "Is everything okay, I got moved to take on my own team."

    "I'm now the Archmage, and here is my team, Stella Nightwatcher, my apprentice, Princess Mia and Captain Sable Cromwell." Logan responded.

    "Logan," Alaina whispered as she gave him a huge hug, "You got the Princess on your team!?"

    "Special Assignment," Logan responded to her.

    Alaina let go of him, and waved to Stella, Mia and Sable.
  23. Nis turned to the guy, that he heard is his Captain. He came a bit closer and make a little smile "I-its nice to meet you, Captain Takanawa. My name is Noirnis Inare, I hope, that I will be really helpful and will learn a lot under your guidance" He said. his violet, calm eyes couldn't match with his energy and excitement. Nis turned to the Queen as he heard about 'Archmage'. "Wooah, there was a Archmage not so long ago!?..Mr.Logan...Could I meet him later. I... I need to know, what kind of level, I need to surpass!"
  24. Kasumi~chan

    Kasumi~chan Previously Kasumi Daiyamondo

    Arron Kitt was hanging outside of the castle. His orange hair was the color of a sunset and his eyes were as black as night. He was in the courtyard looking through his books when he was called to the throne room! "*sigh* I must go, I guess I will read you later books." He said as he ran off. Arron when through the castle doors and straight to the throne room. He didn't know what he was being called for, but he knew it was important. He had finally gotten there after all those twists and turns through the castle. He kneeled before the ruler, waiting.
  25. Razan grinned at this kid that he was going to train. He could tell that he had a LOT of energy. That wasn't a bad thing.
    And he wants to see the Archmage eh? Razan laughed at this. He grinned again saying. "Lets focus on the basics first. The Archmage is crazy strong. Though seeing him in action would be pretty entertaining...especially if I fought him..." He later added with a smile. He then turned his focus to his Apprentice. "Well, nice to meet you Noirnis!"
    What was that? No, who was that? A figure had moved into the room, one with orange hair. Could he be this Kitt kid he was told about?
  26. "Okay" replied Nis, as Razan said to focus on basics. He was quite interested in Mr. Takanawa strength, when he said his fight with Archmage could be entertaining... "I will surpass you all, you will see and you will be proud of me, Captain!" Nis said in mind.
    "Good morning, Kid" said voice in his head.
    "Morning? It is already quite late to say that, Master Matot!" Nis replied in mind.
    "But it is still morning,right?"
    "Why do you even sleep?"
    "Don't worry, I would wake up, if you lost control over this" Matot replied "What's going on, why this guy is on his kneels?" He asked.

    Nis noticed now, a boy with orange hair. "Who is he?" He whispered to himself, this guy had to enter the throne room, while Nis had a conversation.
  27. "Arron Nitt, rise and look at Captain Razan Takanawa and Fellow apprentice Noirnis Inare, this is your team, and your first mission for the team is to escort Logan Maverick and his team to the town of Disaster, halfway between here and the Western border, after that report to Penelope Ghostcaller." Sophia announced, and summoned her familiar, whispering to the bird, "Send this to Kiki Evans."

    A pigeon flew out to find her, and dropped a letter onto Logan's head.

    'Archmage Logan,
    Razan Takanawa and his team are assigned to assist you until you reach Disaster.
    Her Royal Highness,

    "As soon as Razan and his team get here, we're off to my hometown." Logan explained to the team, "Here is the formation I'm planning, I'm up front, Sable take the rear, Razan's team will probably fill the sides, and Stella, stick with me!"
  28. Ozzie had been sitting at a fountain strumming his guitar playing a song he wrote himself. He had a crowd around him all cheering and humming along as he was a resident and played this song quite often. He finished his song and laughed, "Thanks lads and ladies, you are all a great bunch, thank you." He walked towards his house, he opened the door, closed it, walked towards his wooden table and chairs, and sat down in of them sighing and setting down his guitar.
  29. A pigeon flew into Ozzie's house and dropped a letter, addressed to Ozzie. It then flew out of the house towards where its target was last seen.


    "What am I to do?" Mia asked Logan.

    "You are to stay in the middle, and let us know if something causes you trouble." Logan explained.
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  30. Ozzie picked up the letter and opened it reading its words in both confusion and curiosity. He looked at it more closely to get a better understanding. He read that he was requested to the castle. He got out of hisc chair put on a coat and began walking towards the castle. The Journey would take at least 30 minutes.
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  31. Razan grinned and turned to greet his other Apprentice. "Nice to meet you Aaron. We've gotta mission to do, so we better get to it. We can talk on the way," the mage said. Maybe this mission will let me get to know them more...or bond with the other apprentices....
    Razan bowed to the Queen once more as he left, certain that his trainees were right behind him.
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  32. Nis followed Razan, before he left the throne room. He just said "Umm... Maybe I am not allowed but... Could I visit this place once more someday... Just to walk around?" He asked, bowed to the queen and left. "Um, Mr. Takanawa. What is the element of your magic?" Nis asked the captain. "I also hope, that I will be useful in this task." Nis said.
    "Noirnis, remember. Use as much of your power as you can control. I don't want anything to happen!" said Matot.
    "Are you worried? So you're not completely soulless," Nis replied. "No, just if something happens. I will have to calm you down, but it was your mother's last prayer to me, so I will respect ... Don't overdo it!"
  33. Razan grinned and looked down at Nis. "Glad you asked. My element is quite unusual you see. My element...is weather. Weather elements are arguably one of the rarest elements to have, and most people who use them don't understand how to use it correctly. Because of this, not one Weather mage as actually been able to become an Archmage...until me," Razan said grinning.
    "So, what's your element? I wanna know what I'm working with!"
  34. "Really! Woah, you are amazing, Captain" said Nis. He heard only once, that there exist weather element and his Captain can use it. "Well... My element is also... Quite rare, I never heard about anyone, that has or had element like mine... It's..." Noirnis lost his energy with Captain's question. He never found any info about his element and people dislike him, becouse they are afraid of it. Well, Matot knows, why Nis has this element, but he never bother to explain this. Nis was afraid to say, but Captain would see his element one day and he will train Nis... Nis decided, that he must trust him on this "I don't know about someone, that had my element.So,I started to call it 'Hellflame'" Nis explained.

    "Sorry, It didn't help you... Did it?"
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  35. Razan thought for a long while. Then he perked up. "Actually, that is a very rare element to be working with, and it is very powerful when harnessed correctly. I believe it is called Shadow Fire, or Ghost fire, or something of that sort. Its a hybrid magic mixed with fire element and dark element, which means that it moves fairly easily, like a shadow, and burn like fire. Very very interesting...."
  36. "We're late." Olivia's voice was flat, the girl's crimson gaze once more reading over the letter that was sent to her. Curled around the girl's shoulders was Sugar, the tom-cat's gaze matched his master's as his tail rapped against her chest. A few heads taller than her, Kai shrugged and ignored the girl. Why was she acting like all of this was his fault. Yea sure, he was the one who decided to take the short cut- but how could he have known they would have gotten lost. Though not the first time visiting, Kai and Olivia hadn't ever had the chance to wander the castle and it was a lot larger than they expected. Not even a week ago the two had arrived at the foreign country, ordered to serve a kingdom they didn't even belong to. "Let's ask for directions-" Olivia suggested, only to be disregarded with the flick of Kai's hand.
    "Oh, hush. It's not like they'll leave without us. Besides, it's not like there's a specific time on that letter or anything. I'll figure it out, just give me a moment." Kai rolled his eyes at the up-tightness of the girl, his lips curled into a smirk as he turned the corner to the court yard. "Told ya." Kai grinned at his triumph in proving himself correct against the 12 year old girl.
    There was already a small group gathered in the court yard, one that the pair could only assume was their team. Olivia took a deep breath and took Sugar into her arms, placing the cat on the ground where he just sort of rubbed against her legs in a circle. Kai couldn't help himself but scope out the competition, team mates or not these guys seemed pretty strong- he'd love to fight them one day. Distracted by the thought of his own magic, which he was extreme proud of, against any one of his so-called superior's. That was the only thing that got to him, honestly he didn't mind having to change kingdoms or start at a whole new continent- but he really hated being an "apprentice". What did that even mean? Because he sure as hell wasn't gonna be running errands for anyone. Distracted by his own thinking, Kai didn't notice that Olivia had already approached the group- jogging to catch up, Kai quickly fronted her so that he could make the introduction.
    "Hey are one of you guys Sable Cromwell?" Kai asked quickly, "we got a letter-" before Kai could finish Olivia took over, figuring that he wouldn't even remember what the letter said.
    "Good morning. By name is Olivia Santos, this is Kai Kukiguri. We are new recruits and recently received a letter from the queen which appointed us to your team. We were told we could locate you here." Olivia stated as Sugar laid down across her feet. Kai shot the girl a glare for stealing his spotlight but quickly regained composure, honestly he was just excited to get started.
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  37. "I am Sable Cromwell. Yes I remember I am supposed to be getting apprentices, if you would like we are about to head out, you can walk back here with me so we can get to know on another." Sable raised the hand that was not rubbing the large white 50 point deer.
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  38. "So... My element is that Cool! I couldn't even expect that, this is great! This day is great, I wasn't so happy since... Nevermind. Hey, Mr. Takanawa, will it be possible to train in our way to the Disaster City?! Oh it is going to be soo..." Nis didn't end... He need to have a break from his own talking. As for a break, Nis looked at his necklace with symbol of the lesser deity of dreams, Matou.

    Why you never told me this? What is so weird about it, if it is a normal element.

    Nobody answered, so Nis stopped to thinking about it for now. Nothing can destroy his special day! "I forgot to tell you this, Mr. Takanawa. All my friends call me Nis... If I had any" Nis said quickly, he didn't sound very sad, becouse He believed, that now everything will be better.
  39. Kai looked up at Sable's deer. Was that his familiar? The thing was huge. Kai bit his lip before sighing and turning his attention towards the distance, he hoped it wouldn't be too boring. Just walking from one place to another was pretty lame for a first mission. "Huh, oh yeah. Sure." Kai muttered towards Sable. This was supposed to be his captain? He didn't look very captainy- there had to be something about him though, right? "So Sable? What's your element?" Kai asked, rather randomly.

    Olivia nodded as she looked around, eventually picking Sugar up so that she could walk around without tripping over the cat. Olivia was stroking her familiar as she eyed the crowd, until one figure in familiar stood out to her. There was a girl who seemed to be close to Olivia's age, if not younger. Who was she? Was she a mage? Something about her seemed different than the others. Though, Olivia managed to ignore her as she stood quietly and waited.
  40. "My element is Balance. I can control light and dark. It is rare to have this element, but seeing as I am not human nor am I fully elven, it makes sense that I would have an element that is not normal." Sable looked towards Kai as he spoke. His words were softly spoken and had a melodic tone to them. The large white deer peered at the new members of their group. He wanted to size them up for potential.

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