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Mafia VII - Day Two [20th-22nd Dec]: Highway to Hell

Discussion in 'Mafia Archive' started by Teapot, Dec 20, 2012.

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  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Brendan has been killed - he was the Jester, and thus will now be counted among the winners,

    Sir Red has also been killed - he was the Detective. Oops. Apparently there was a bit of a struggle when he died. The reports say something about multiple potential killers.
  2. Wow, the Mafias are bawlsy. And damn the Detective is down and I was right about 2 mafias it seem so we have to find these Mafia members quick.
  3. Brendan AND Red? So there's two families this time?

    Also, this is already not going well. Red's a good player, and as Detective, I'd say there's a high chance that he ID'd Mafia on either Night Zero or last night. Just a shame he couldn't have told us(also, a shame he couldn't do what me and El did Game 1). It also sucks that Brendan's dead, but at least he's a winner.

    Right, well...time to look back through Day 1 and see who spoke out against Brendan and/or Red. Someone's gotta be guilty. Although, if I do remember correctly, a few people were gunning for Josh and yourself, Riley. Only time will tell who the innocent are, and for now, we know that three of them are dead.

    EDIT: "Multiple potential killers". So if one hit Brendan, that means at least two others hit Red. How many bloody families are there, Petey? XD
  4. Its only day two and we're already down '3' townies? And one of them was the detective? Gosh we're really off to a bad start.
  5. There's possibly three families!? And we're three Townies down. Damn, this is not looking good. We need to cover some real ground pronto if we still want to have a chance of winning this.

    The main suspect last time was Joshawott, I believe, although a couple of people also found something fishy about Riley? Are there any other main suspects we should consider?
  6. Well, Riley, there is actually more than two Mafia families ( :O ), since Teapot's wording suggests that more than one Mafia group targeted Red, & Brendan is dead. Hmmm...I would've thought you would pick that up.

    Anyway, thinks are looking grim for us, and I'm a little shocked that

    A) Blazi was nothing but an innocent townsperson

    B) Brendan was the Jester ( :o )

    Now, I wondered how this happened. While I can't fathom why Brendan was a target, other than the fact that he's a good player, Red being the Detective, and a good player, makes his death make sense. The Lord/Lady of the night could've found out his role during Night Zero, after all.

    Also, Blazi being killed, and being an innocent townsperson, makes me suspicious, since Josh & Riley tried to get people to kill him without officially starting the bandwagon. And the fact that Red brought this up, and is dead now, only makes me more suspicious of those two.

    Also, I noticed that Karu was very suspicious-sounding when he posted on Day 1. I'm keeping my eye on him, as well as El. I noticed that while he posted a few times, so he wasn't considered quiet, he didn't do anything but say about how much catching up to do. Thus far, we can't tell anything about him. This makes me immediately suspicious of him.

    I am not starting a bandwagon, and don't vote hastily. We have at least 3 Mafia families to deal with, so we must be careful. These are just my suspicions thus far. I'm still considering, and waiting to see if anyone else spots something suspicious, before I vote. With 3 townspeople down, we must tread carefully, as the Mafia are at an advantage. We have even lost the Detective, which will make it twice as hard.

    In conclusion: Think, Consider, Search.

    DS: Josh, Riley, Karu, & El.

    EDIT: so many inb4's XD
  7. I'm gonna play the numbers game. So we started with 15 and 3 are down leaving 12. Assuming there is 3 Mafias and Petey didn't screw up then these Mafias will be tiny to even out numbers so I'm guessing 1 or 2 members. 2 seems the most likely so 2*3 is 6. So we presumably have a 50/50 split at the moment.

    Abstaining from now on is practically suicide if anyone considers it, you are crazy. Our only hope is that Mafia hit each other.

    You seem a bit brash in this Mafia environment Zekrom and this is coming from me. I think El was actually catching up seeming though his Tumblr has been busier than usual as of late.
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Red's down and he was the detective? Oh boy. x.X Even though Brendan was the Jester, counting him, Red, and Blazi we're already down three townies in the midst of at least two Mafia families. There's only 12 players left now to boot. Wheee.

    Something I'm wondering is if the Gadgeteer can create items that can kill other players. Petey was vague about what those items do and it seems a bit overkill for us to have three Mafia families in one game. The Gadgeteer can be either alignment too, meaning they may be part of the Mafia this game. I guess there's no real way to confirm if this is a possibility unless Petey or the Gadgeteer themselves confess such tho, and if our Gadgeteer is part of the Mafia I don't see that happening. :p

    I'm really not sure where to go from here yet. Lots of accusations were flying around last day but I'd rather wait for a few more choice people to post before making further comments.

    EDIT: Hey, hey Riley. I was posting! D: (But man, how I love that 'Charms forums tell you that people posted while you were~)

  9. Yeah, evenI agree that abstaining would be a stupid thing to do since we're not on the first day anymore.

    I'm personally starting to grow weary of Zekrom. While taking initiative isn't a bad thing per se, he seems almost TOO happy to get into the game and lead the day in a rather, as Riley said, brash manner. I may be looking too much into things, but that's my two cents.

    Still got my eye on Josh, too.
  10. I wasn't aware of that, but thanks.

    Honestly, I'm just trying to make connections, speculate and such. So if I come across as suspicious, I can't help that. So right now, the only people that come across as suspicious to me are Riley, Josh, and Karu. This is my first time, so I wanna to do go and find out who's Mafia. If I'm killed, whatever. At least I tried.

    I'm not "gunning" for anyone, but no one else has really said anything truly suspicious, which is why it looks like I'm targeting those three right now.
  11. That's another thing- I'm not sure why you would find Karu suspicious. His post isn't really out of the ordinary. What are you going for with this accusation?
  12. If my vague knowledge of pre Mafia 5 serves me right, Karu is seemingly playing in the exact same style he was before.
  13. That's the thing: I don't know anyone's style of playing, as I've never played this before. I just post what I think, and if it's suspicious, oh well.

    Since it seems I'm a target for lynching, I'll just have to try harder to root out Mafia before you guys or Mafia get me, which seems likely at this points. If I go out, it will be fighting.

    As for Karu, I threw that name out to see if anyone would get defensive, or if Karu would try to be defensive. The point is, I have no LEADS on anyone other than Josh & Riley, and I'm trying to see if someone will slip up. I knew I would possibly be viewed as suspicious, but I took the risk to get us leads, fish out the Mafia. So, go ahead and view me as suspicious. I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing.
  14. Well seeing as I'm still new-ish to playing this game around here I can't really say much about others playing styles. All I can say is that everyone is guilty until proven innocent in this game.

    Before I go and start pointing fingers at people though I want to wait and see what Everyone else has to say. I know that we're down three townies and not pointing fingers seems stupid, but we have to be more careful with our votes seeing as the Mafia seems to have the advantage at the moment.
  15. Totally agreed, we need to focus our attention on a few individuals not waving our suspicions all over the place.

    I'm not gonna point fingers this time either because everyone minus Red I've ever think is Mafia turns out to be townie. Blazi, Sho (Game 6), Sem and Josh (Game 5) and the majority of the time the opposition vote has been for a Mafia member and it always bites me in the butt.
  16. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Thank you for defending me everyone, I do appreciate the acknowledgement of my hand being played very much so as is and the guidence of newbies. In review of the information currently available against what I like to do, with no clear person except Zekrom making an attack with some debate over the matter, I am left to learn from the past since there will most definately not be room for a three-tests method here and wait and see what happens. After all, who could expect one such I to stay my vote?
  17. I'd like to hear what Josh has to say like a lot of people want to, because he is in my suspicions like he is a lot of others. Zekrom making an attack not sure what to make of that because A) He seems lynch happy B) He is the only one attacking people

    Although I think I have an idea where we can locate the lady. It is either El, Dem, Luckii or RMA as they were the ones that didn't post opinions on Josh and if he was as high brow a suspect as everyone said the lady would have slept with him. Either that or there is no lady or nothing to block
  18. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I only ended up being quiet on the first day because it clashed with my last day of college before holidays and a few other things, and whenever I came back to the topic you guys had posted loads and I ended up running out of time to say anything. ;_;

    We've come down to one of the very worst outcomes really, we've already lost the detective before he could sniff any mafia out (or at least tell us if he had). But, as long as we don't lose any more key players and we're careful with our votes we should be able to claw this back.

    Right now I want to hear more from Josh like the rest of you, and while a few people seem to be thinking Zekrom is suspicious I honestly just think he's doing what everyone does for their first game and trying to figure out who the darn mafia are before they kill the rest of us.
  19. Fair dues, Dem. I'm just trying to locate the lady to see why she didn't go towards at the time the most suspicious player or maybe she did but nothing was blocked.

    I'll be visiting Josh later for the exchange of presents :p I'll try to see why he has been quiet all of a sudden.
  20. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    My thoughts exactly really. There's always the off chance that Zekrom could be hiding something (just like with Blazi on the previous day), but as of now he hasn't done anything too suspicious. Seems more like first game jitters.

    And yes, Josh is one of the main people I've been waiting on to post, but several others haven't said anything yet either. I'm sure Josh is just busy, but the silence isn't helping his case...

    You've said this twice now and I'm a bit confused. I was under the impression that the Lady of the Night randomly, err, shares a bed with someone each night, not personally chooses who to bunk with. Am I completely wrong? XD

    Got it explained to me. ^^;
  21. I was under the impression they decide who to sleep with like, who the detective decides to identify. xD So I may be wrong as well
  22. This is correct.

    At the moment, Riley and Josh are the two most suspicious people in the game.

    Riley has been acting even stranger than he usually does. He claims a different playstyle; I say shenanigans. What's with this interest in the Lord/Lady of the Night all of the sudden? Does their ability to block a Mafia kill worry you, Riley? We have no need to question nor locate the Lord/Lady. The only logical reason I can see in finding them...is to kill them. The only people who would need the Lord/Lady dead are those that can suffer from their power - in a word, the Mafia.

    And Josh: your vote against Riley was rather odd. In fact, it only came about because someone accused the two of you of working together. To vote against your alleged accomplice as to show that you're not in cahoots is a tactic that I've seen numerous times...EMPLOYED BY MAFIA. Whenever one person is accused of being Mafia or two people are accused of being in cahoots, either the rest of the Mafia or one of the two will throw the accused under the bus to avoid fallout. There is no denying it: sacrificing one of your own to save yourself is an all-too common move for the Mafia to use. And only the Mafia.

    I find you both equally suspicious for the reasons stated. But how shall I decide who to vote for? Whichever provides a more compelling case gets to see Day 3 ;)

    Now let us allow this jury of your peers decide your fate(s), shall we?
  23. I have 2 reasons to be wanting information on the lady/lord. One is to find information about Josh or information on the avoidance. Either way would provide good information which can be used for later evidence.

    Also we are presumably in terms of numbers 50/50 with the Mafias, so there is a good possibility that the couple are both Mafia, if we manage to locate and remove the lady before she get round to the couple then we can avoid having an invincible Mafia. As that would result in a Mafia win, which I don't want. As I'm pretty sure they can still contribute to discussion just can't vote and any votes against them don't work. Forgive me if I have the Lady figured out wrongly.

    Oh yeah before I forget, I went to Josh's he is pretty busy and has no computer
  24. Your logic isn't entirely sound, Riley. Although the Lady/Lord would indeed be a valuable asset to the Mafia, it doesn't make them invincible. Besides, the chance is 50/50 that they're Townsperson, in which case gaining strong suspicions as to who it might be could be desastrous for us.

    The Nocturnal L. really isn't the biggest worry we have right now. Sniffing out the Mafia, however, is. Don't forget that with Josh out of the picture momentarily, you're the prime suspect for several people right now- And I don't mean this as a threat of any kind, but you need to know your situation.
  25. Yeah, I understand I'm in a familiar position. Unless we gun for Zekrom, I have no leads other than Josh, and I hate to go after people without no way of defending themselves.

    I've been so caught up in trying to find Josh out to even analyse any other possibilities.

    Now I'll take full responsibility for Blazi for me being generally grumpy. As for Red and Brendan, we have a number of possibilities to go.

    Petey said something yesterday about Brendan and a telephone which increases detection with the sounds of how he worded it. From this I can presume the Gadgeteer is Mafia, but I'm not entirely sure. So if my premise is correct who would want to plant the telephone on Brendan? I'm no clearer on that matter.

    Red on the other hand has multiple rivalries. For example Katie, Sho, possibly myself. Red is a highlighted threat to a lot of players. So who are these hidden suspects because you lot are only bringing forward two suspects we need another two.
  26. "Good possibility that the Couple are both Mafia" <-- I deem this untrue. It's always a possibility, but I doubt that both members would Mafia.

    "Remove the lady before she get round to the couple then we can avoid having an invincible Mafia" <--The only member of the Couple that becomes invincible once the Lady of the Night is killed is the member that DIDN'T sleep with her. As the Invincibility stops that person from voting, even if the Invincible member is Mafia, they CAN'T. WIN. Because they can't vote to kill either through lynching or Mafia means. So if they end up being the last Mafia alive, as long as there is two townsfolk left, the townsfolk will win.

    Either way, the Lady of the Night is not a problem to anyone except Mafia. There's not even a guarantee that the Lady is in the game this time around. Your constant wanting to find and kill them, as well as the fact that Josh won't be around, gives me great cause to lynch Riley.
  27. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    You took what I said completely out of context there - someone asked who was the Detective in Game One, and I (wrongly) guessed Brendan. He has nothing to do with the hint I gave.

    My hint was, to engrave it immutably and inarguably: There is a Gadget that can be crafted called a Telephone, which can be used once to identify someone.
  28. I agree with Sho's reasoning.

    Lynch Riley.
  29. Welp, I either remembered the incorrect information or didn't read evidence properly. I'm not going to go for someone if they aren't here so Josh is off the tables for now. Zekrom is the only one seemingly looking for leads, so I'll go off what Dem said and avoid him.

    This intent on spilling my blood Sho is actually quite frightening. You seem to be contradicting yourself as I distinctly remember you saying that Josh's definite and immediate call for Blazi's blood to be spilled so the day would end quicker to off one in the night which made you suspicious. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

    Josh was going along with Blazi when it seemed like a popular idea and a bandwagon would arise. Now I'm the popular lynch target and you seem to be taking Josh's place.

    This contradiction is telling me to call you out Lynch Sho
  30. You might want to keep this in mind.

    That first line is almost verbatim what I said to Josh.

    Now let's see. Why was Josh's sudden bloodlust frightening? I'll tell you. It was Day 1, and while I applaud the want to kill on Day 1, nearly every post from Josh on Day 1 was steering us toward Blazi. Every one of his posts was about Blazi in some form or fashion. Seriously. That's pretty suspicious.

    I'm suspicious? What about you, he whose logic is faulty and doesn't even bring the correct evidence to back himself up. You still haven't said anything in regards to my complete debunking of the Lady of the Night in my last post.

    Let us not forget(I'm fairly sure I said this in chat, but it might've been in a post) that those who defend their friends are guilty. Strange, isn't it? There were a couple of people who voted for you yesterday, Josh included, yet you didn't vote against them. So why now, when I vote against you, do you vote against me?

    I submit to you all now that Riley, be he Mafia or not, is a liability with his "logic". As is Josh. I submit to you that they are Mafia trying to run the game by ridding themselves of the veterans first. Look at Night 1. Brendan and Red dead. Two very good players. And now the focus turns to me the moment I decide to take serious action against one of them.

    Look at Data's post. At some point, yes, Brendan was a Detective. This game, we had Red. I was once a Detective as well. Brendan, Red, and myself: three "veteran players", three detectives, all to cast blame upon Riley and Josh. If this isn't an act of self-preservation because we have them found out, I don't know what is.


    Funny thing is, no one found my suspicious for that. I also don't see how a contradiction arises from it. As my first quote says, we can't trust anything you say because we can't prove its accuracy or reliability.


    I don't know about anyone else, but this seems like a warning. "Abstain and be killed". Does he mean to off anyone who abstains? If I remember correctly, El abstained through most of Game 5, and that turned out wonderfully.
  31. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Sho votes for Riley and Riley votes right back just because he was called out, even though no one else has cast a glance at Sho as of yet and we suspect(ed) (Reading these posts back I'm not sure if we've changed our minds on Josh yet or not), other players more. Defending yourself or not the vote could have been better cast from where I'm standing.

    At this point I agree with Sho's reasoning, and while I suspect Josh a little more of being mafia I don't feel fair voting against him when he isn't even here to defend himself and I won't lie and say I don't suspect Riley of being mafia judged on what he's said in the last few posts.

    Lynch Riley
  32. Well, I'm on the bus and posting from my phone.

    Like I am before I'm voting for Riley

    He's been acting off for a few days now, his terrible logic and his closeness to me seems like a plan to take me down. As for yesterday I suspected Riley from the start but was waiting til people suspected him so people wouldn't call me out. I didn't anticipate that my joke and going along with what Riley and Red said would make suspicious. If I'm wrong about Riley feel free to lynch me tomorrow.
  33. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    After reading through the entire discussion (dammit guys! XD), I have to agree with Sho's stance this time, and I don't find his argument particularly contradictory at all. On the contrary, it echoes many of my thoughts too.

    This day started off with very few leads beyond Josh, Zekrom, and yourself. Aside from Josh, who wasn't around to post/defend himself, Zekrom simply seemed hyper and not genuinely suspicious. That left you, who's been making odd comments - particularly regarding Josh - since the previous day. You mentioned wanting to find out who the lady/lord is in order to determine what Josh's alignment is but yesterday you were adamant that Josh was innocent. Why the sudden change? Was it because Josh voted to lynch you yesterday? You never did explain why, you just suddenly started gunning for him too like everyone else.

    Something Sho said earlier keeps ringing true to me too:

    This is the main reason I found Josh incredibly suspicious during the previous day, and now it's the same reason that I find you suspicious, Riley. I won't lie - I still think Josh is one of the most suspicious players in the game right now - but that doesn't make you any less suspicious either.

    For today I'm putting down my vote to lynch Riley as well.
  34. Well one vote away from being lynched so all I have to say is sorry, waifu I tried to get all the attention of myself but it failed tragically :(
  35. This suggests to me either Couple or Mafia partners. If both, then good job everyone.
  36. Sorry to disappoint but not Mafia partners
  37. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm assuming this is why you wanted to figure out who the Lady/Lord was so badly?
  38. Yeah, because I thought I seemed a good target for the Lady then my waifu has a chance to lynch or kill the lady and make themselves invincible
  39. Sorry I took so long, guys; I have to be at school :p

    Well, sorta like that. I kinda rushed my first post, because I was frustrated. I mean, the Detective is gone, and there are three Mafia families, plus Blazi was innocent, so 3 townspeople died, and all the Mafia are still alive. I have almost nothing to go on, so I just threw out names in hopes of getting leads, although I'm not gonna do that again, seeing where it got me. Also, I just got suspicious of anyone who wasn't posting, or El because I didn't know he was busy. I just want to help, but I'm mediocre at best as far as analyzing people's posts for leads, so I just go with what other people post. I'm still learning, so right now I'm being agreeable.

    So, I do suspect Josh and Riley equally, for all the reasons you guys mentioned, things I never picked up on.

    However, recent arguments have swayed me, and while I'm keeping an eye on Josh, I will cast my vote for lynching Riley.
  40. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Did I? I don't remember. Was that the game I was the bomber?

    Also I've had the boyfriend over for the past week, hence my inactivity.
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