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Mafia VII - Day Three [27th-29th Dec]: Civil War

Discussion in 'Mafia Archive' started by Teapot, Dec 27, 2012.

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  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    DarkSoul was killed in the night - once again, there were multiple assailants. He was a townsperson.

    Mr.RMA was also killed - he was the Gadgeteer. However, there appear to be traces of theft in his residence, leading the authorities to believe his role may have been stolen.
  2. Another double killing. Is there a secret double agent? Joking aside. We don't know the alignment of RMA or the thief. If we are to assume that RMA was townie we have a 50/50 split in numbers of townies and mafia.

    I'm trying to figure out who this thief is because this gadgeteer role could be awful in Mafia hands for example there could be a Mad Bomber gadget or a Bus Driver gadget because when I asked Petey he said some of the previous roles would be made into gadgets. As far as I'm aware the only roles we have lost are Bus Driver, Mad Bomber, Vigilante, Doctor and Double Agent.
  3. Hmm.

    I find it quite hilarious that for both nights so far, two families target the same person. And by hilarious, I mean an immense stroke of good luck for us. This tells me that the Mafia families aren't thinking what moves the other families will make. Or they are, and are doing a terrible job. With a bit of a nudge, I feel that we can manipulate who the Mafia kill.

    Why do I say this, you ask? Well, let's look at what we have so far. Night 1: Red and Brendan die, two powerful players. Night 2: DS and RMA, again, two experienced players, but without the same aura of intimidation as Red and Brendan. On Night 1, two families aimed for Red, while last night, two went for DS. And now, by making this post, I've made myself even more of a target for them than I usually am. But here's the thing: since I've drawn attention to them not paying attention to each other, each family will either all aim for me, none will go for me by assuming that another one will do it. Or two can kill me. Or one.

    After the reading this, the families will likely assess their overall decision-making style. I can assure you that they are now going to think very hard on who to kill during the night. They come up with a few names. But then they remember: Shocari was responsible for Riley's death. So his family opts for me. Remembering that Riley and Jada were a couple, and she died, Jada's family goes for me. The third family, seeing that both won't actually go for me because it's too predictable, votes for someone that isn't me. They have realized that one of them WILL go for me, so there's no need for them to. They decide to make their kill more meaningful, so they choose someone that could be a huge asset to the townsfolk.

    This is how the Night will unfold tonight. Now on to my actual post.

    RMA's Gadgeteer role being stolen means that the Thief is a total jerk. The Gadgeteer likely has incredible assets to the Townsfolk, and the Thief wants them. In this scenario, I'm going to say that the Thief is Mafia-aligned. The Mafia having the Gadgets now means that they can root out the other families easier(ie, the Telephone). If any Gadgets can kill, they can use those in addition to their Mafia kill. With this, this third family(the one that's completely intact, as one had Riley and the other had Jada) could wipe out the other two families and then keep control over the townsfolk, still killing more than one per night.

    Things are grim. I'm a bit suspicious of Dem and Luckii as neither have posted much. I guess I'm still a bit suspicious of Josh too. For all we know, he was on Jada's family and that's why him and Riley were after each other(especially because he wouldn't have known that Riley and Jada were the Couple, especially Coupled with each other).
  4. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    RMA was a townsperson, yes.
  5. Uh, I've been busy with other stuff, so yeah, sorry I haven't posted in a while.

    Uhhmmm, I've looked at the previous day, and the only person I really find suspicious is Josh, due to his actions on the first day. Riley was the standout lead yeasterday, and not much attention was paid to anywhere else, so I'm stumped for leads (minus Josh).

    Like, really. Everyone else doensn't stand out for me.
  6. All I have to say is: D*mn. Two more townies down.

    The ONLY good thing about this is, like Sho pointed out, the two Mafia families have targeted the same person two nights in a row.

    What is on my mind now is the Thief. If he/she is Mafia, then we're in trouble. There could be gadgets that kill which wouldn't go great, since around half of us are Mafia. I can only hope the Thief's a townie.

    Also, while Josh is the most suspicious, I'm not just gonna blindly vote to lynch him on the off chance that he's a townie. We can't afford another innocent lynching, as it would spell disaster to the rest of us who aren't Mafia. I'll wait and see what other people think, and see if any more leads are discovered. Sho makes an excellent point about Dem & Luckii, although I think Luckii might be having computer problems.
  7. Hmm, knowing that RMA was a townie is more worrying news. Referring to Sho's post I would have thought Jada would have told me herself and Riley were coupled after I gunned for him on Day 1. Also can someone tell me where my suspicion has come from? I have no idea I followed of what Riley and Red said on Day 1 and defended myself because of it as I didn't wanna be first blood (no one does).
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Huh. Another night with multiple people attacking someone yet two people died again? Does that mean we really do have three families this game, the Thief killed RMA (which I didn't think was possible), or one of RMA's own gadgets killed him? o.o

    I'm also a bit eeeh about the fact that the thief knew who to target. A hit like this is too accurate to be random, so somehow the thief knew RMA's role. My main guesses would be either that the Lady/Lord of the Night sold him out or RMA was too trusting in who he spoke with. Neither are good cases all things considered.

    As per usual, I'm waiting until more people post before going further (particularly those who's been keeping quiet. *Nudges Dem* ;)).
  9. After a conversation on the chatroom and some digging through previous days, Karu has come to my attention. Swiftly voting Blazi after Riley put a case forward with which Red agreed, then at the beginning of Day 2, Riley was quick to defend Karu from Zekrom's questioning and I noticed swift to vote Karu never voted. The others have also mentioned that he is being rather quiet. This is the best lead I can find as the killings aren't telling me anything.
  10. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    I would like to point out as may be backed up by Toru, finite-infinity and my FaceBook friends (Cactus Jack affiliated) I was attending a party that first night and was in particular found reasonably ill in a bathroom. I do apologise for missing my chance to post, as I materialised in chat two hours and forty-ish minutes late for closing on votes.

    As for this round, I find Zekrom suspect in their sentencing.

    As we can clearly see here, Zekrom indicated the situation wouldn't be great since half of us are Mafia. The use of this second person plural personal pronoun indicates some degree of inclusion of self into the mass of the Mafia as a whole. Although admittedly this is unclear and may stillrefer to the participants as a whole, why such a hope the thief is a townie, Zekrom? Scared of an opposing Mafia faction/family? The third possibility is Zekrom trying to draw attention away from themself as the thief whom as such I believe needs to be quashed either way.

    ... Not at all looking for an early opportunity to vote and make up for my missed vote previous. Nope, not me.
  11. The gadgeteer especially at this point is dangerous to townies. They could make a fellow mafioso blow up, make a fellow mafioso bus votes onto a townie and even get two kills instead of one. Assuming some of the gadgets replicate the Mad Bomber, Bus Driver and Vigilante roles. The only other deceased roles are Doctor and Double Agent, I can't see how double agent would work as a gadget, but the doctor could stop Mafia being killed.

    "Certain previous roles will be represented by gadgets, yes." Quoted from Petey himself. So I believe he has a right to be worried about a Mafia gadgeteer. We're refers to everyone minus the Mafia with the gadgeteer. And the us is everyone collectively. This post came after a discussion between myself, Zekrom and Sho and we all used similar pronouns, we all said we hope the thief is a townie.

    I know now isn't the time to be defending people but I don't think there is any evidence at all to be pinned against Zekrom. I believe at this point Zekrom is the only one to achieve this. I am a target as shown by Zekrom and Luckii's posts, you have the theory that I said against you, Katie usually has a role and I'm betting this new gadgeteer is the only one left, Sho has the fact he isn't dead yet and everyone else is being too quiet all for being too busy which I believe Tan used to his advantage in Game 5.
  12. Well, I can't entirely agree with you, Josh. Karu has in fact made some excellent theories about me. Also, I'm sitting here wondering why you would defend me. Is is a clever & risky ploy to get me killed, and thus spare your life for another day?

    That being said, it is weird that you would target me like that, Karu, but not Josh or Sho when they also used the same pronouns, and both also expressed their hopes that the Thief was a townie. All three of us did this after our chat conversation, and expressed this in posts, yet you only targeted me. Why would you do that, Karu? What could be your reasons for doing so, I wonder? Just something to think about.

    "Sho because he's not dead,"- I just found this immensely hilarious, although the reasons you gave for Sho & Katie are not very good, Josh. Also, you can't just assume that the new Gadgeteer is the last special role, as there are 8 of us left.

    As of right now, I'm suspicious of both Josh and Karu. I would also like to see what Dem and El have to say.
  13. The only roles unaccounted are LotN which if they were in the game would have blocked someone. The Underboss which is a Mafia role and the priest who unless they want a last minute smite and I think this is unlikely. Plus having one more would mean 7 people having roles which is just under half the players. Having that many roles is excessive. We've had games with more players and only 5 or 6 roles, I'm just basing it off logic and previous games.

    Sho being alive after taking people from two Mafias and being incredibly vocal and someone who usually says stuff that gets himself lynched just seems suspicious. And as far as I know everytime Katie hasn't had a role she has been Mafia.

    The third possibility is that Karu posted is the only plausible reason which I didn't respond to and I personally thought you were of least suspicion to the point where it was practically non-existent.

    Also I'm trying to clear you of any suspicion and yet you are trying to bring it onto yourself. If you wanted suspicion you've got it.
  14. I'm not trying to bring suspicion onto(or is it unto?) myself, Josh. I just wondered. It's not really anything notably suspicious, I just genuinely wanted to know.

    Also, I didn't know about how many roles there are in relation to the players, so thanks for letting me know.
  15. Its okay and sorry for the confusion
  16. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Dear me, quite the argument. Thank you though, Zekrom. However, yes I am grasping at straws. It was simply to give my post more flesh than a simple counter-argument and to express my thought of the moment. Why you? I suppose your specific wording simply caught my eye.

    As for my chime on the roles discussion - once more simply because ... There seems to be a lot of pondering of this LotN in general over this Mafia Saga from my point of view. I feel their significance has significantly declined with this swift loss of roles to death. God damn that Smite thing does still scare me as a possibility, one way to keep players so far on their toes that their toes have smaller toes wielding toes being ridden by toes.

    ...An interesting note for myself and your elected viewing. I struggle to see where Sho betrays a Mafia alleigance with that manner of wording pattern or you do so yourself with anything more than unifying with your friend.

    Psuedo-Gadgeteer! If you can hear me! Where is my Spoon?!
  17. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator


    Note to self: don't type lengthy things on the tablet, highlight the entire post, then accidentally delete it when you still don't know how to undo changes. Ctrl + Z didn't work either... ;___;

    ANYWAYS, moving on.

    I feel the need to point out that what Josh said isn't wholly true. From what I've gathered from past games, the amount of special roles included each 'round is based on the GM's choice and not necessarily a player ratio. El, Sem, and Petey have all run Mafia games now and each of them included different roles and different amounts of roles. I've seen games with very few special roles and others that were jampacked with 'em, so yeah. Unless you yourself know how many special roles there are, you can't be sure until it's all said and done.

    Regarding the Priest role, we're only on day three and there haven't been any obvious leads to warrant them using their killing blow yet. Maybe they're simply not in the game like Josh suggested but it's still too early to say.

    Also, regarding this:
    You're barking up the wrong tree here too. I think you're correct in your assessment regarding myself but it's a moot point regardless. Unless Petey directly chooses who gets what role, which I'm honestly not fully sure on, you can't assume anything based on past game roles. It's the luck of the draw concerning who ends up as Mafia, who gets a special role, and who's a regular townie. Maybe I have a special role this turn and maybe I don't. Focusing too much on previous game roles isn't truly helpful in weeding out the remaining Mafia members because anyone left could still be one.

    And that's just it. We have multiple Mafia members left yet no real leads. Mostly we're just spinning our wheels. I'd start pointing fingers at Shocari, the whole him still being alive thing, but I think that's a bit premature. He's not the most suspicious player this game, at least in my eyes.

    Demelza really has been quiet. As have Luckii and El. And what Josh said about Karu has caught my attention too. There have been other games when people claimed to be busy but it was actually more of a cover. Just because you're busy doesn't mean you don't have a few minutes each day to make a post. However, being busy is a great excuse not to have posted much and thus not draw unnecessary attention to yourself. ;p
  18. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Another bad, bad night for the towns people. Darn Mafia. Although, as I think has already been mentioned in this thread, RMA being killed seems more like someone knew his role moreso than just randomly aiming at people (if they were doing that, surely Sho would have gone by now?) somehow because it's a good role to have.

    I'm quiet a lot of the time, and as I'd said on Mafia chat yesterday, I haven't been around much and have lacked time to read all the posts you guys throw out. ;)
    That said, I agree in that I'd like to hear more from El, he's normally quite quiet, but this time around he seems even quieter than normal. Maybe trying to blend into the background?
  19. I thought a few people who were trusted with roles or as Mafia were given them and then the rest was random, so forgive me for not being fully in the know about the selection process. The thing about roles was brought up in chat last night.

    I think the fact Karu hasn't really defended himself and his reason for absence only counts for 2 of the days, and he only went after Zekrom even though wording and reasoning was practically the same. The theory I posted linking him to Riley seems plausible enough. I would like to see a counter argument and not an attempt to shunt attention elsewhere.
  20. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Oddly enough, at this point I must agree with Josh. Looking back, this has struck me as odd too:

    I would've thought it'd be obvious why anyone would be wary of the Thief being Mafia. If I'm reading Karu's latest post right he apparently said this bit in order to flesh out his post (because he was "grasping at straws" as he put it), but even so it was a weak and rather strange point to focus on.
  21. Nice to see people are agreeing with me, I'm going to wait to see what Sho says on this situation before making a decision, hopefully we see a counter argument from Karu to either draw evidence for or against him.
  22. Yes, I would like to hear from Sho and Karu again, as well as El. For some reason, Karu is targeting me in particular. I mean, I thought it would be obvious why I hope that the Thief's a townie; mainly because that could be a huge asset, but if the Thief/Gadgeteer is Mafia, well...let's hope that isn't the case.
  23. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    I'd like to point out that those who know me on a more personal basis can back me up as fairly reputably peculiar in my views, pursuits and manner of speech. I simply as previously stated want to compensate for my previous lack of vote and wish to stick by it. By throwing stones at rubber walls I'm simply making sure I'm bringing myself back time after time to see replies to my posted as a form of insurance regarding the eventuality of my vote. I apologise for any abundance of typos, uysing a glitched laptop screen =.=;

    In other news, I applaud your general unification. Now please be delightful enough to point it towards another source. It's scary facing a horde @~@;

    EDIT: As for being busy, my RP wouldn't be on hold if my dear friend Johnny B3 wasn't away in the land of America. The party was supposed to be his send off but it turned out he was already gone, wonderful =.=; Hence my altogether absence, I was trying to make sure it all went smoothly anfd failed to factor in Mafia.
  24. No, I don't think it is wise to go off the biggest lead. These replies you are giving to make sure you come back don't help your case at all it means you'll have to defend yourself while everyone is casting votes by which point it will be too late.

    EDIT: The likelihood off me getting on tomorrow before voting closes is low so I'll vote soon

    EDIT 2: I'm going to vote because I'm going to bed now Lynch Karu
  25. Hmmm...

    Well, this is tough, since I'm conflicted, but seeing someone vote helped decide. Karu is definitely the most suspicious at this point, so I'm going to go ahead and vote to lynch Karu.

    I would still like to hear what a few others have to say, though.
  26. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Ah, this is true. I must change my technique for sure. Purely considering the only viable and logical option for myself at the moment would be the threat to my own survival but I do think you're likely a townie... I'll hold my vote for the time being. There would be no sense is just striking back against an agressor for the time being, I just hope others consider an alternate route of action.
  27. I will be quite busy tomorrow, so...

    Lynch Karu.

    I would type up my incredibly lenfrhy argument, but I am on my phone, so nyeh.
  28. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    To be fair we've suspected Karu for awhile now, and until the quieter ones speak up (like El etc.), I think this is really one of the only logical moves we can make. I just hope he is mafia so we can try and improve the game for us poor townspeople. :/

    Lynch Karu
  29. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    There's little more that needs to be said. Lynch Karu. Hopefully our hunches are correct this time too.
  30. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Okay now that I'm not back at home and I'm all ready to do stuff again, hai. Sorry for the absence.

    I'll just throw out to lynch Karu.
  31. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Woo, inevitable demise! But still no spoon. Lynch Josh!
  32. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Firstly: the Priest power was activated earlier today, so Sir Red has been resurrected. Luckily, his detective powers and memory haven't rotted - although the same could not be said of his left leg - so he may continue as the Detective.

    On lynching matters, Karu was killed today. He was the Priest.
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