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Mafia VII: Day Five Live [6th Jan]: Live and Let Die

Discussion in 'Mafia Archive' started by Teapot, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Yoshimitsu and ShinyZekrom were killed - they were innocent and Mafia 3, respectively.

    Due to there only being three players left, Day Five was conducted live in #pokecharmsmafia. The dead people were muted, and the transcription follows:

    [tt][20:05:31] +Shocari: Well
    [20:05:35] +Shocari: Good game XD
    [20:05:41] +Luckii: So, like yeah. Fuck
    [20:05:52] ~Teapot: Basically, Mafia 1, 3, and Town have one person each.
    [20:05:53] ~Teapot: And that's it.
    [20:06:01] +Joshey: Sho admitted to being Mafia so **Lynch Sho**
    [20:06:11] +Shocari: Well
    [20:06:13] +Shocari: Josh
    [20:06:13] +Shocari: Think about it
    [20:06:17] +Shocari: either way, Mafia wins :3
    [20:06:22] +Shocari: Which Mafia do you want to win?
    [20:06:27] +Shocari: I say, you want yours to win
    [20:06:31] +Shocari: hence you are Mafia
    [20:06:39] +Shocari: or Luckii is Mafia
    [20:06:39] +Luckii: NONE
    [20:06:43] +Shocari: I don't know
    [20:06:45] +Shocari: this is so hard
    [20:06:46] +Shocari: ;___;
    [20:06:55] +Shocari: although
    [20:07:00] +Shocari: I don't think Luckii /can/ be Mafia
    [20:07:05] +Shocari: so **Lynch Josh**
    [20:07:32] +Luckii: **Lynch Josh**
    [20:07:37] +Shocari: >:D
    [20:07:43] ~Teapot: ...
    [20:07:44] ~Teapot: well, that's that.[/tt]

    Joshey has been lynched today, he was Mafia 2, who have been promptly wiped out. I'll post the conclusion shortly.
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