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Mafia VI: Day Three (Sept. 16-18) Red Sun Rising

Discussion in 'Mafia Archive' started by Sem, Sep 16, 2012.

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  1. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    We awake this morning to find that Shocari has been viciously slaughtered~~~

    Quick investigation reveals that his claims of being the Seer were completely fabricated. He was just a regular townie.

    I'm so surprised by this. What's funny is that this would've been one of the few times the doctor would've been able to actually save someone... if we had a doctor! Lolololo~~~

    Ah well, what a shame that Shocari has now left us. What a shame that it wasn't sooner...

    Anyway, it's a new day. Time to kill more people. Good luck~
  2. Well I was pretty sure Sho wasn't the Seer.

    But I can feel people mounting on my shoulders after a) Defending a Mafia member and b) A person named in my plan on Day 2 has been killed.

    All I can say is that I'm being scapegoated. I'm going to find who ever is trying to get rid of me.

    So if we to look at the fact Belle lynchers are presumably innocent. I'm also ruling DS out as he tried removing me in plain daylight not attempting to set me up. So the remaining suspects by this logic are as follows; Tan, Carmen, Rich, Luckii and RMA. Among those 5 are the mafia. Glad to be of service
  3. Glad to be of service? What exactly did you prove? That you think that five out of a possible six people could be Mafia?

    The reason I'm calling you out is that everything you said you would want to happen if you were a Mafioso IS HAPPENING. You are either being set up, or are Mafia. In this game, as cliche as it sounds (which itself is a cliche), you can never tell. Trust nobody.

    You are on very, very thin ice Riley. Like i said before, if Red goes down, your goose is cooked.
  4. No, Sho! ;_; Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.

    In the meanwhile, Riley, I am growing more suspicious of you. Last game, Sho targeted Belle and you defended her, instead opting for Sho. Belle turned out to be Mafia, and Sho is now dead... I find this worrying.

    Second of all, last game you outright accused me of being Mafia- You were the only one to do so- and now I'm free to go because I was vocal about my suspicions against you instead of opting to set you up? Seems to me you're trying to be a bit nicer in the hope I won't opt for you again.
  5. Well I've actually trying my hardest to take Mafia down but my perception of who is and who isn't hasn't been good.

    It has made me look like the bad guy so I would say the chance of me living through this day are slim at best because I'm either going to be lynched by wrongly suspicious people or knowing me I'll probably go in overdrive trying to shift votes elsewhere and seem like a threat to the Mafia.

    So the glad to be of service was a service of where people should be diverting their attention either today or the day after I die.

    Only me and Sho announced killing plans as Sho was a threat and part of my killing plan so it makes me incredibly easy to scapegoat. Do you really think a Mafia member would expose themselves to this extent because I certainly think not.

    As for DS if people were scapegoating me they wouldn't vote to lynch me they would cause as much damage as possible while they had someone innocent to take the spotlight.
  6. I don't think you're being scapegoated at all! I believe you're Mafia. The fact that you have been exposing yourself this much doesn't help your cause either- To say 'I can't be Mafia, I've been too open and vocal!' is an easy ploy for any Mafia to pull, but there are better strategies, which is why you're the only one acting it.
  7. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    To be fair. I've openly said "I'm mafia" when I was mafia and "I'm not mafia." when I was not. No one called me out on it~

    Not like I'm defending Riley! No! He probably IS mafia. Or was it someone else? Can't remember.
  8. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Well this is interesting. Sho was not the Seer, but knew that Belle was Mafia. The way I look at it is that either the real Seer trusted Sho with information on Belle and he was willing to be a sacrifice. Or the Thief is on our side and stole Sho's role before he was killed. Either way, it would appear that the Seer is still in the game (assuming one exists at all).

    I'm really not sure where to go for now. Yes Riley is suspicious, but he also gives in far too easily when he feels any heat is on him. Last game he knew for a fact that I was Mafia and had me cornered, yet let me get him lynched instead. You fold and allow yourself to die far too easily, Riley, and that is why people are so suspicious of you right now.

    Personally, with my current knowledge, I do not believe that Riley is Mafia. At the very least, he's done nothing to make me truly suspect him of being Mafia.

    Also, lololol at the name of this Day. |D
  9. I doubt that the thief is responsible for our continued presence of a seer. We would probably have been told if the thief successfully pinched a role. So I find it more likely that somebody trusted Sho when others (myself included) doubted him greatly. Onto bigger things though.

    For the same reasons Red said, I doubt that Riley is mafioso. Yes, he has changed his ways a little since the last round. But this is only his second round. He is adapting because what he did before got him killed, so now he's trying to fix that. With people that have characteristic playing styles, yes a change in that would be suspicious, but Riley isn't at that point yet. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

    Now that leaves me with a question or two about Red, with him being my intended target for yesterday. Then, I was gunning on both of them being Mafia, or one of them trying to be tactical and spare their hated rival. Now that Sho is dead, I'm not sure whether that would incriminate Red or support him, because Sho was (once again) a high profile target. I'm sleepy right now, so I'll give my verdict later when I'm awake
  10. Eheheh, I'll stand by on Riley just getting rattled anytime his name is heard.

    As for Red, I dunno why anyone should be more suspicious of him over Katie or Brendan or Luckii or me! (Or the rest of you, I'm not typing everyone's names >>;) It's something to talk about for tomorrow though.

    My, it's rather late.
  11. Wow, I have allies o-O Lemme see Red I have no idea why he is siding with me perhaps to see what the mafia do? Get on my good side? Or maybe his words are sincere?

    Brendan seems to be following Red and I can't really get my head around him.

    And then Tan who has pretty much defending me all game which seems suspicious after my choices have been of the wrong alignment (Belle and Sho) and if I'm honest it almost seems that I'm being used as a cover and wants me alive as long as possible to perhaps to take prominent townies out
  12. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Why do I get the feeling that Sho actually wanted to be killed? ;) But seriously, that was pretty crazy man, and I commend you for it. You've done us a great service at the sacrifice of your own life, and I just hope that we can make good on it from here on out.

    Now... the current convo. I'm honestly not fully sure what to think concerning Riley. It's true that during the previous game he made rash decisions and said all the wrong stuff even though he wasn't Mafia, but since I've never seen how he plays as Mafia I can't rule him out as a suspect here.

    Giving Riley the benefit of the doubt however, the previous day has me looking at a few people now. Riley and RMA targeted Sho and a few others didn't reply at all. I'm not saying we should suddenly jump to conclusions, but it does beg the question of why certain people kept quiet and why RMA in particular went against Sho even though Sho had the most compelling argument.

    ^is a good point worth considering. Aside from Red being Red, he's not yet done anything to make himself appear more suspicious than anyone else.
  13. I think we should see what RMA and Carmi have to say for themselves and then decide from there.

    As those 2 and Tan are my main suspicions at the moment.
  14. Inexperience might very well be a factor in Riley's odd behaviour, but it wouldn't explain everything. Because of my aforementioned arguments and the one Luckii has given, I still him in higher suspicion than people like RMA, Carmen or even Red, who haven't done anything to make them suspicious to me, as Katie noted.

    You still have time to build up a proper defense now, Riley, and I'd like to see one, or my vote, at the end of the day, will be for you. It's still not too late to change my mind, and those of others who view you as a suspect, but it's an opportunity you have to grab!
  15. Well for starters I yet again have a special role and not a role in the Mafia. Basically what happened is I was over suspicious of a almost everyone similar to Dwayna in the last game which is completely understandable as you have to build trust with the other players but it was still early days and I found Sho to stand out so I kept to close eye on him.

    Also on Day 2 I tried thinking like the Mafia so I could try and work out who was Mafia and who there next target was but this lead into me babbling about how I would kill after seeing Sho's post about him killing Red.

    When Day 2 was coming to a close I didn't find Sho's argument to lynch Belle convincing in the slightest I actually thought it was a last minute attempt to divert votes away from him. Hence why I went for Sho instead of Belle.

    Then Day 3 morning Sho is down which leads all the attention to me after my kill thoughts on Day 2. No one seems to pick up on the fact Sho provoked the Mafia by leading to the death of one Mafia member and claimed to know a second member. The Mafia also knew that I would more than likely get the spotlight shone on me. Which would lead to a perfect crime as they avoid getting lynched and then they get to kill again in the night.

    So in the morning the townie to Mafia ratio will be 7:2 or 2:1 meaning that you would have to lynch Mafia on both Day 4 and Day 5 to stand any chance of winning this is assuming the 2:1 ratio.
  16. Well, this is certainly interesting o.o Riley's latest post actually made some sense compared to the other ones he's made. I don't know if you're lying about having a special role or not but either way it's kinda annoying to role reveal that way. Maybe it's just me.

    I'm with Katie though. Riley is definitely the most suspicious--I'd be tempted to vote for you because of your first post in this thread alone. People have some very compelling reasons for scapegoating you~ However I'm also not overly sure what to think here. Maybe you are mafia or maybe you're just a townsperson who's being extremely suspicious.
  17. Mind, the fact that he states he has a role does not actually mean he's being truthful. He could simply be trying to scare us into not voting just in case his role is a boon to us Villagers. Not stating what the role is leaves the matter for us to fantasize upon, further adding to the confusion is.

    What I don't get is that he's saying he's a Villager with a role, which, if he really were innocent, would make him a fine prey for the Mafia! This, however, hasn't deterred him. Because he cannot be preyed upon by his ''Family members'', possibly?

    It's also slightly odd to see you get so technical all of a sudden. Your defense isn't bad actually, as it does provide plausible excuses for at least some of the things we've been finding suspicious about you, but the sudden change in tone only adds to my suspicion. There's always the possibility you've been helped by a more experienced player, or several, when you were prepping this defense.

    I am not nearly off your case yet.
  18. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I've been mulling over something since the day started. Yesterday people were a bit suspicious of Riley because of his comments. Then, instead of going with the majority vote, Riley chooses to lynch Sho. Even if people truly believed Sho must be lying Red's argument for siding with him made perfect sense. If Sho had been lying about Belle he would've been killed instantly the next day. Some players would do stupid stuff like that because they're bored of the game or the Jester, but Sho's not that type of player. He actually likes playing Mafia. ;p So to me it was an obvious choice for who to side with.

    Now today, after Sho was found dead, Riley was the first person to post saying that he's being scapegoated... and I honestly would have never tied him directly to Sho's death until he'd mentioned it. Since then Riley keeps repeating this bit about being unfairly blamed, but I can't help but feel like all of this attention has been brought on by himself, through his own comments/actions.

    Like you said Riley, Sho made himself a target and him dying wasn't a huge surprise. So how exactly was his death tied directly to you? I still don't fully get that reasoning, and it seems like a lot of noise for someone who's innocent. I dunno. The more you say, the less I'm trusting you.
  19. I'm with DS on this one.

    You seem to know an awful lot about what the mafia thinks and does. I couldn't figure out that much or come up with such statistics, and judging from your previous playing experience, neither could you. No offence, you're a decent player, but you're no Red or Brendan.

    I think that you asked for help with your defense (as it seems far too in-depth and perceptive when compared to your previous defenses).

    I am with Katie. i would have never linked Sho's killing with you until you mentioned it and claimed you were a scapegoat. Others voted for Sho, and they have not come out instantly crying "I'm a scapegoat!"

    I retract my previous statement. Your goose may be cooked regardless of whether Red is killed or not.
  20. I only put the scapegoat in because that is how I felt and the only other Sho voters were Belle and RMA, Belle is obviously dead and RMA pretty much doesn't speak. Plus neither of those put killing patterns on the board that mentioned Sho.

    And I actually wrote that last defense by myself and the mathematics are rather easy. Between 25%-33% of players at the start of the game are mafia. It seem pretty obvious there would only be 3-4 Mafia with 13 people and 1 is dead minus Sho, presumably me and the poor innocent who dies in the night and it is just simple weighing up numbers.
  21. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Why does everyone talk about me dying so much? ;_; Guys, I want to live!!! Let's talk about how I'm going to live forever instead. :'D

    Having read through the posts since last night I really have to agree with what Katie said most recently. You connected yourself with the crime, Riley. Not to mention, that at this point in the game we have no solid leads on anybody and everyone is too hung up on Riley to really suspect one another. I suppose this game has just been better played across the board, thus nobody is heavily slipping up on their alignments like they usually do. Thus, we have to take more weighted risks than in past games. Lynching Riley appears to be one such risk we may have to take.
  22. Well I doubt my vote will do anything or mean much but Lynch RMA
    I don't wanna hurt any of you guys and RMA is too quiet (won't be missed too much in this game) and seems to have appeared slightly in other peoples suspicions.

    Sorry RMA :3
  23. Lynching is always a risk, but yes, I'm willing to take the risk of lynching Riley and I have the feeling a lot of others are willing to do the same.

    What I find VERY interesting, Riley, is that your first calculation was done with the assumption there are 3 Mafia. But no one knows exactly how many Mafia there are, except the Mafia themselves. Now, you're trying to rectify that by saying '3 or 4'. Seems to me you noticed your honest slip-up (or a family member did), but because you didn't want to raise suspicion by editing your post, you decided to randomly drop a new, more vague number in the hope no one would notice.

    Another little, or not-so-little, thing I noticed is that you said that Sho's defense- In the form of an attack against Belle- appeared to you like a last-minute attempt to divert votes away from himself.

    But no one had voted for Sho yet at that point.

    Lynch Riley, for the reasons mentioned by all.
  24. That still doesn't explain how you claim to know so much about the mafia mindset, Riley. You seem pretty set on what the mafia know and what they don't. You also seem set on the mafia targeting you, and making you the scapegoat. You stuck your nose into business that didn't involve you, and now you're knee-deep in shit.

    Also you pointed out that Belle sided with you; she was a Mafioso.

    I am not convinced.

    Kill Riley.

    Edit: Also your reasoning for lynching RMA is bullshit. He'll just get taken out of the game if he stays inactive, and you know that.
  25. Careful, Luckii, we have a rule about drama ^^;

    But nonetheless, you are right. RMA may have been not very vocal at all so far, inactivity has to do with the rules, not suspicion. As for other people expressing suspicion about him; He's merely been named in lists of people who weren't decisively not suspicious. So your argument does not account for me.
  26. Hey hey, I tried to help you, but then you put me on your list, Riley! And that's not nice. :c

    Riley. You're being much too frantic and it makes everyone very very uncomfortable. It's not healthy for a game, sorry :c
  27. ....I don't even know. I've been debating back and forth between whether Tan was right and you just got rattled or you're actually mafia. Either way, you're not helping your case. I hate to be wrong here, because errors count even more this round. But I must act.

    Lynch Riley
  28. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Right...so Riley's accusing me because I only show up once or twice a per mafia-time day... Like you guys have said, if I actually end up staying inactive, I'll just be taken out of the game, so really, I don't see how that's supposed to be the damning evidence against me.

    In that case, that accusation against me has only raised the suspicions I had about you the day before, and you're still the only one I have any sort of suspicion towards in the first place. Because of this, I'm gonna have to vote to lynch Riley as well.
  29. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Looks like others shared in my suspicions after all. I agree with what Carmen said regarding Riley not helping his case, and Red's right that Riley's behaviour is currently our strongest lead. Lynch Riley.
  30. Well majority vote means I'm hanging in the gallows. So yeah good luck with finding Mafia also stop lynching townies that is all ^^
  31. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I stand by what I said the other day; based off of the evidence available, I do not believe Riley is Mafia.

    However, I do believe his death serves a purpose. Riley posted first today and immediately drew attention to himself, thus everyone started talking about him. I tried to open the discussion up to include other suspects, but things quickly turned back toward Riley. The longer Riley lives, the more people will continue to be hung up on his manner of playing and constantly accusing him. Thus, with Riley dead we can start rooting searching for Mafia members again.

    Keep in mind that Riley could very well still be Mafia, it's just that nothing has happened to really convince me that he is without a doubt. I mean, everyone but El could very well be Mafia. ;)
  32. Whoa reading through all I've missed and I am shocked. Not really, it's mafia so ploys and accusations are at every corner.

    Riley I would agree with what has been said, it would appear that you are the top suspect. I also laugh at your lynch logic, I have also been inactive as well so yeah why not suspect me?
    In past games I've been off'ed because I've voiced my opinion, I'm still going to do that even with the risk because that is how you play the game sometimes, but at the minute there isn't a whole lot to add that hasn't been said. All we can do is hope for the best right now :)
    Lynch Riley
  33. Only Voldermort can live forever Red. And he didn't. End of discussion.

    A little later than I promised, but I think I know what to think about this. Riley is the main suspect (and will probably be dead by the end of the day) and Red and I are the two people that are most willing to defend him. I won't divulge into where I stand in this, for personal bias (and also whatever I say will probably eat me later). For Red however, he has supported his gut feeling, and that's commendable. I've already voiced my thoughts of Red being Mafia, so I wonder why standing so boldly to defend Riley would help him. In the event that Riley is mafia, we're no doubt going to pour ourselves down onto Red (and mefuck) So if Red was mafia too, then what's the advantage for him? Nothing, and then there'll only be one, or two mafioso left in the game. There is of course and obvious advantage for Red if Riley is innocent, as the only one that defended him, it would give him nothing to lose and a reason for being innocent: what all people would like to have, mafioso or not. So I think it's likely that Red and Riley are on opposing sides. If Riley is found guilty, then Red would be unlikely to be guilty too. If Riley is innocent, then I'm calling Red out tomorrow.

    I still have the gut feeling that Riley is innocent, but I could very well be wrong. So I'll cast my vote in for Red, though it won't really matter today.
  34. Looks like you will be coming down on Red lije a tonne of bricks then. For some reason I thibk Red is innocent also I actually believe he may be the Seer hence why he suddenly allied with me plus he seems to focus quite a few of his posts at the role maybe dropping subtle hints, perhaps arrogance or he knows who the seer is.
  35. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Blessed are we who have voices, just perhaps not those of us with the loudest, mm?~~~

    By the time the knives were pulled out Riley was already rather resigned to the idea of his death. Actually, he looked rather excited. He welcomed the odd sense of deja vu that filled him as the mob surrounded him and stabbed him viciously.

    He was left in the road as Belle was the evening prior. His life force flowed out of him with each struggling heart beat. Riley's suffering did not last long. Within moments he was utterly still, free from the chaos of this world, a smile on his face.

    During the chaos his wallet fell out of his pocket, and from one of the folds fell a little card with a smiling face wearing a jester hat.

    Seems like Riley got the last laugh~

    Well, despite this, Linkachu still seemed rather pleased despite the fact that an innocent was just slaughtered, but no one else noticed the smug look on her face as she stalked away, heading home.

    It was getting dark quickly, so Linkachu hurried. It wasn't far from her house that she encountered a dark figure blocking her way. The figure wore a cloak, so she couldn't tell much about them. Was it a man? A woman?

    "Who are you?" Linkachu asked, reaching for the knife she kept in the small of her back.

    There were no words to her question. But the figure threw off the black cloak and was covered in blinding light. Light colored runes of magic circled around the mystery person.

    By the time Linkachu realized who she was facing it was too late.

    "Corona..." said the figure, causing the runes to burn brighter with holy light. The stranger outstretched their hand towards Linkachu, allowing her to see their face.

    "You-" was all Linkachu stuttered.


    From the sky fell an enormous bolt of lightning that lit up the countryside for miles and miles. The strike hit Linkachu directly, causing the young woman to explode into a burst of black butterflies, confirming her identify as part of the Monarch Family.

    The figure walked away from the scorched scene, it being too dark for them to notice the black aura that one of the butterflies possessed, an aura that as come to be known as the underboss.

    A new mafioso will be born tonight.

    Sleep well, pretties~~~
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