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Mafia V: Day Three (May 9th-11th): A Single Reprieve

Discussion in 'Mafia Archive' started by Teapot, May 9, 2012.

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  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Sorry for the long delay. Waiting on something that never came and watching Breaking Bad >> <<.

    Joshawott has been defenestrated out of an extremely high window. He did not survive, and is a townie.
  2. D: Joshey died, I can reveal he was a townie :( He's just text me back telling me so but I'm also sorta glad but that is due to the fact only one person died, it is unfortunate that Joshey did die because he seemed a very skilled player despite this being his first time, I actually had suspicions when talking with Shiny during the wait that he would actually win looks like I was wrong :x
  3. Ooh, Breaking Bad~

    Four villagers and two Mafia down- We need to step up our game, guys, or else things won't look good. I still find NidoRich suspicious, but after a bit of rereading the previous day's comments I also have some suspicions for Riley and Jada- But that leads me to think I am subconsciously picking out the newest members, for whatever reason.

    I think the real problem is that the more experienced players are getting too good at this game. But for now, I'll sit out the rest of the comments of the day and see what others have to say. If there's nothing I can find myself agreeing with, I'll most likely be going for Richard.
  4. I actually agree with you that some people are getting too good because not one of them aside Sem and to an extent Red are raising suspicion but know you have brought that up the more experienced seem to be taking a backseat role rather than be more vocal like they were in previous games, this worries me a little.

    One of the major components of the Sem bandwagon has been killed to the point only 3 remain; Me, Tan and RMA. I think I might back off from Sem however because if Sem was Mafia I doubt he would make a slip-up like that. If I was to predict the outcome of the lynch vote, I would have a guess it's probably me or Rich who's going :|

    Also I find it ironic that my title says Cry, Sem Cry as soon as I back off him
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Funny that. I currently find Jada's comments from the previous day a helluva lot more suspicious than NidoRich. :8B:

    But you Riley... I'm a bit curious of your opening post:

    Why did you say "I can reveal that he was a townie" when Petey already revealed it? It sounds like you genuinely knew he was a townie in advance, but I can't imagine how unless you're the detective. It's even more curious because just the previous day you were highly suspicious of him... But maybe I'm just taking your post out of context, so I'll not jump to conclusions.

    I'll need to look over the previous day to determine if anyone else stands out as being suspicious. It's rather interesting that only one Mafia family voted this 'round~
  6. o_o I'm sure when I posted it didn't say "and is a townie". I honestly must have read it too fast or it magically appeared :|

    How could you possibly know if only one family voted or if they both targeted Josh. I dunno where to carry on from this but it made alarm bells ring for some reason xD

    Also I've just realised that the Mafia are still going for people who will or have previously been influential or good players ._.

    And also why would I go for Josh if I was Mafia it is too obvious and Mafia are obviously setting me up and framing me so you guys can lynch me and they can take out more townies :|

    Also I hate having to delete posts to edit them :|
  7. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Petey's comments pretty much gave it away. ;)

    I didn't accuse you of being Mafia tho, Riley. I said your comment was curious, and it certainly was. As far as I'm concerned you're just as likely to be Mafia as you're not to be, and we've already learned from previous games that people will lynch their buddies simply to make it look like a frame job when it actually isn't. It's a risky yet clever way to convince others of your innocence.

    One way or another, it's pretty clear that Josh's death wasn't a random hit but it doesn't exactly help us guess at who may have lynched him either.

    You shouldn't need to. Is the edit button not showing up for you on this board?
  8. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    The post actually didn't say Josh was a townie when it was first posted, Peter likely edited it after Riley made his post.

    For me I'm gonna wait and see what the others say before voicing my thoughts too much (In a game like this that gets you killed), for now I suspect Richard like the rest of you, but want to see what he has to say for himself.

    We're losing townies fast though, whoever we lynch next needs to be mafia. =/
  9. Because if the other Family did choose another person, he or she would be dead. Unless one of them abstained from killing, which I deem highly unlikely, they have to both have voted for Josh- Because that's the only reason he would be the only one killed off.

    Also I guess that means I'm in the clear! /tauntingfate
  10. Nope it isn't. And this is the 3rd weird thing to happen to me on charms today xD
  11. ... Actually, the edit button isn't showing for me either. Is this intentional or did the forum frak up again?
  12. Well with the looks of things forums have fraked up again, chat has aswell which is the location of two of the oddities for me today
  13. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    On the subject of the edit button, its showing for me. =/
  14. D: Lucky, I have to copy, delete, paste, write additional stuff ._. Very tedious
  15. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Objection!!! [/Wright'd]

    I really have no reason for writing that other than simply feeling like it. :x

    Anyways, I'm one for the line of thinking that one of the mafia families simply chose not to kill somebody. Based off the context clues of Petey's post that was what I gathered. I'm assuming that it was the remaining member of Shiny and Dway's family that did not kill, seeing as the other family is still wholly intact.

    I'm still curious of Riley, and a bit suspicious of Rich (though I would really love for somebody to gather some real evidence to back this claim, as I haven't been doing that myself and I'd love to know why some people have been clamoring for his lynching all game. It seems to just be a tradition thing to suspect him now and not offer any reasons for it). I'm still most curious of Jada after her last remarks of Day 2. Very curious.

    Edit: I have the edit powers! I am superior to you! >: D

    Poor Josh. So innocent.

    Anyway, I am finding NidoRich slightly suspicious, although I would love to see what he says to back up his case of innocence.

    My main suspicions land on Jada, though. She's clamouring for attention. You only do stuff like that in a game of Mafia if you want to be killed. So the jury is out. What do you have to say for yourself, Jada? And don't use the "I'm new to this, so I wouldn't have been given a special role" excuse, because I have explained to you two games in a row that experience does not matter. I have my suspicions squarely directed at you.
  17. I've also noticed that the vocal people seem to be disappearing at a an alarming rate. With that in mind I think me and Red in particular are in trouble in that sense other than that all I have to say is you quieter ones will have to speak up eventually ^^
  18. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Vocal people getting offed quickly is actually a demonstrable pattern. It makes late games very, very quiet :p
  19. I have proof you are Mafia >D Unless you are Mafia you don't know if one Mafia is still fully intact. You clearly state this and you are too influencing this game it for the best getting rid of you now. This is in even clearer day than Shiny and everyone can see it ;)

    Lynch Red
  20. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Shiny and Dway said they were in the same family, not only to me, but in the open. So yeah, two mafia gone and of the same family. That leaves one family fully intact.

    You have no logic and that was a snap decision to lynch me. Now I'm forced to wonder why you wanted me dead? If I remember correctly you would not acknowledge that Shiny was Mafia, despite constantly admitting she was. I honestly want to know what all of you were thinking there. Shiny admits she's mafia and you all decide, "nope, not gonna vote for her. Gonna vote for Sem because he's somehow suspicious."

    Also Riley, I've been influencing this game for our good. I killed Sho who was stirring things up poorly, and then I worked my ass off to get Shiny out of the game despite people trying their damndest to keep her in the game. So why do you want me out? I've done nothing but good things and yet you want me out. If that was your proof, Riley, you need to learn what "proof" is, my boy.
  21. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator


  22. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Katie and I have been weirdly united in this game through the power of obvious things being stated and others ignoring them.
  23. Actually I voted for Sem before Shiny admitted and I figured she would be less damaging than Sem this was all based on guessing Sem was mafia, while I do still have slight suspicions on him. I realise that me voting prematurely isn't going in my favour as it has given me suspicion everyday. I voted for you not knowing Shiny and Dway had told you, and I was in the mind frame that no matter the explanation you would be revealed as Mafia.

    But seeming though I can't smooth talk my way outta this situation I'm going to admit to my role in the game which is the thief and just leave things there get rid of me if you wish but I believe you are the most dangerous person at the moment which is why I'm voting for you. So I'm happy with my vote and will await death ^^
  24. Ouch, passive aggressive! I hate that sort of defeatist attitude. There's never a time to just give up like that. People will jump on you.

    What a quandary! Are we to believe Riley because we have no evidence otherwise, or to find another target and keep on thinking he's fine and dandy!

    ...Actually, and I quote: "The thief can be of either alignment." From the rules! In that case, that is very something ahoohoo, indeed!

    I hate to say it, but I've got to drop a vote prematurely, due to my limited internets.

    Riley! (Sem i am totes coming for you eventually)
  25. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Actually, Shiny admitted to being Mafia an hour before you voted. Granted I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt because she did so cryptically (at the time). However, when you voted for Sem you gave absolutely no reasoning behind it. Now you're suddenly redacting on your grave suspicions of Sem. Why is that? What happened to make Sem not worth lynching today when there was so much support for him yesterday?

    Not to mention, Riley, that you started that bandwagon for Sem to be lynched. Then later in Day 2, you suddenly flip-flopped on your viewpoint to further persecute Josh. You've only really attacked three people in this game: Joshawott, Sem and myself.

    Sem to a lesser extent, as you never went into detail about why you suspect him or anything. Instead you simply decided that he must die, because reasons (which nearly resulted in a confessed Mafia surviving another day). Josh is dead and was proven innocent, so you're at the very least 0-1. Your Sem accusations are not very founded in my opinion, so I don't trust you there. Not to mention that you wanted me dead for evidence that wasn't there.

    You're not proving to be very credible, Riley, just good with your words and at being sure to avoid too much attention. Also, Tan pointed out a great bit about the Thief role, so that alibi is null and void. Thus, Lynch Riley
  26. Hmm gonna come out of my defeatist attitude for a bit. I find it strange that when Shiny openly came out as Mafia you went for Sem but as soon as I go for Red you defend him and go for me. I've also noticed your attitude changed in your last post a bit. And you have been rumoured many a time to be mafia this game. So if I'm thinking right Red and Tan are on the same family then I'll be willing to pin the 2 final mafia roles on Rich and Jada.

    Also if I follow my logic messed up as it might be Red and Tan haven't really said anything about being suspicious of Rich which perhaps warrants that Rich is the final member of Red's family. Also Jada seems incredibly indecisive which is why they didn't vote which is my reasoning to the remaining member of Shiny's family only other person who fits the bill is El but he hasn't done anything to be suspicious.

    And I backed off Sem because Josh, Shiny and Tan were the major components in Sem's bandwagon now that 2 of them are down it would have gone nowhere fast. And reasoning to voting Sem was "better being safe than sorry" because Sem is a good player especially at taking others out which is why I went for him.

    Oh and the Josh thing we were actually allied but played that alliance with a friendly rivalry. It seems I overplayed said rivalry or I'm just unlucky Josh went down
  27. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Why do you suspect Tan and I of being allied? I have defended Sem countless times and Katie and I have had each other's back throughout the game thus far. And yet, Tan is suspicious? For defending me? Has El not "defended me" before? In Day 2 when you accused me, El pointed out something you stated as not being valid and essentially defended me and yet you ignored that.

    You said you're not acting in a defensive manner, but you really are. Why else would you be so accusatory and trying so hard to cover your previous actions? You've been careful all throughout this game to retroactively negate what you did previously when it was wrong to some degree. I don't take your claims to have been trustworthy at all throughout the game, nor did I ever.
  28. Looking back he got on at Dway for saying you were 'overly defensive' he said I had good basis on my accusations but didn't want to vote. And looking back at today and Day 2 I don't believe I said I wasn't acting in a defensive manner. But Tan has suddenly changed tactics as soon as I fire a vote your way which is the reason for thinking you are both Mafia, if I had the ability to I would change my vote to Tan. I'm also surprised at the fact you are going for me because the thief can be of either alignment which effectively makes me the pivotal point in this game.

    Vote at me if you will but you are just making thing more detrimental for the townies.
  29. Lynch Riley.

    I don't particularly trust Red, which is sort of the point of the game, but he has shown the most fleshed-out logic and best ability to reason so far, so I am willing to side with him- And the rest so far, I guess- because you, Riley, are the most suspicious person today.
  30. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    This is honestly kinda tough for me. I very much agree that the way Riley's been playing hasn't been helping our cause, and his arguments/defences are all over the place. But I have my doubts that he's mafia. After what happened with Shocari, I'm not really down with lynching someone who could be a townsperson - even if they're not helping things.

    And for the record, I strongly agree with what Red said earlier regarding NidoRich. Why is everyone so suspicious of him? I honestly can't pinpoint anything that makes him more suspicious than, say, DarkSoul, El, Chad, Red, Sem, myself, etc. Rich always seems to get targeted just because he's him... and I just don't get it. XD

    So, yeah. Someone provide some rational for why we're suspecting Rich? If this keeps up I'm going to lynch Chad simply because he's been barely active and that makes me suspicious. I mean, it's as good a reason as any, eh? ;)

  31. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    I swear to god you guys post too much when I'm not at my laptop >=|
  32. I'm suspicious of NidoRich partially because of what he said in his very first post in day one- That he was 'actively and definitely looking to win this game', but at the end of the post he excuses himself by saying 'don't accuse me just for posting my thoughts'. Perhaps he was just trying to sound self-confident, but it struck me as odd.

    There's also the fact that the first one to openly say she found NidoRich suspicious, and if I recall correctly the only one besides me- Carmen- Was found dead the next morning.
  33. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Ahh. Thanks, DarkSoul. It may just be your hunch, but now I have a better idea of why people suspect him.
  34. Now I'm bothered. On the subject of Rich as an aside I only have access to posting from my phone and only during school hours right now so I can't cover everything so quickly. But Rich is not a point here because I don't care about him. If people decide to actually get voting for him next round instead of just talking about it all day, then yes, I'll certainly donate my vote to him.

    I suddenly changed tactics? I suppose I did, because you pretty much said VOTE FOR ME HURRDURR. Would you have been perfectly fine if I kept voting for Sem day by day? I was not involved with whatever Shiny or whatever else you mentioned as a bandwagon.

    I voted for Sem because I was mad he had done me in in the first mafia game. Want to go look it up? Because I was pretty mad then and still am. HOWEVER, I am also not stupid. If I keep blindly voting for Sem every round I will have zero impact on the game. Zero. And now that I'm looking at these numbers, it's pretty likely Sem is not mafia as Shiny had gone at him, and we are very much lacking in dead mafia members right now, yet I am now suspicious because I decide to throw my vote to someone with actual suspicion?

    So as it comes down to it, I'd say you or Red are incredibly likely suspects, but you threw in the towel, and want some sort of pity party defeatist act to sound like a villager by calling your supposed role, which is a role for both sides! So Riley, if you somehow manage not to die today or during the night, you will do well to remember this.

    Hell hath no fury like a tentacle monster.
  35. You people have, like WAAAAAAAAAAY too much time on your hands.

    I am VERY suspicious towards Riley now. You've admitted defeat already? Wow, that was quick. Surely, if you were a villager, you would put up much more of a fight than THAT? Not only would you want to keep yourself in the game to win, but also to help your fellow townies win? Not only that, but your excuse for lynching Red is, quite frankly, BOLLOCKS. And to round it all off, you're playing the "lynch me, but you'll just be losing a townie" card. Seriously, do you think that will persuade us?

    Lynch Riley.
  36. I actually never said I was townie :p All I've said is I'm a pivotal point if I turn out to be Mafia some of the other Mafia members will be easy to find on the other hand if I die people have got a lot to say about themselves. I put myself in a difficult situation and no solid evidence to get me out of said situation and honestly if I was Mafia; Josh and Carmen/Brendan would still be in as I would have gone straight for Katie and Dem/Red because I would have thought they would have been more threatening.
  37. That's basically a confession. You realize that, right?

    Also Luckii is kind of right. |D
  38. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    If you're the thief but not a townie then you're saying that you're the thief with the double role of mafia. Good job.

    You're not doing a very good job for yourself here, Riley ;)
  39. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Unless the intention was about having some kind of role rather than just a straight up townsperson. If, for example, he was the Detective or something, he might not call himself a townsperson.

    Why he'd post something like that though, I have no idea, since it just makes him a massive target.
  40. My thoughts exactly. Perhaps he is the clown, but decided to wait until day three? As unlikely as it sounds, though...
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