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Mafia V: Day One (April 25th-27th): Strangers In The Night

Discussion in 'Mafia Archive' started by Teapot, Apr 25, 2012.

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  1. Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    Actually let me go ahead and cast my vote now since this has gone on for too long lol

    Lynch Sho ;_;
  2. Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    Yes, Shiny. If abstaining has the higher number of votes, then abstaining is what shall occur. Majority rule and all that.

    You people make me sad, oh so very sad D: You find my reasoning faulty? Let's take a look at things:

    First, Shiny said that those who posted first are incredibly suspicious; as she was the first to post, does that not make her suspicious by her own logic? By posting such, does that not mean that she obviously wanted someone to notice that? I submit to you this: if those who post first are suspicious, and Shiny indeed did post first, is there not a strong possibility that she is the Clown, wanting to die in order to win?

    If so, then let's take this route: it doesn't matter if Mafia OR Townsfolk vote for the Clown, as it doesn't matter if they are dead or alive since they're TRYING to die. Now, if someone votes against someone who voted for the Clown, THAT is suspicious. The Mafia want to win, yes, but if the Clown wins, then that means that someone is stealing their precious limelight - and they can't have that, can they?

    If the Mafia allow the Clown to live, the Clown can't win but the Mafia will(since the death of the Clown IS their victory, them standing with the townsfolk at the end isn't exactly peachy for them). With that it mind, those who vote against those who are trying to help the Clown's strange suicidal tendencies are trying to hoard victory for themselves, and who likes to do that? THE MAFIA. The Townspeople aren't looking for that, no; the Townspeople just need to have a certain number survive - that's it. Then they all win.

    They know from the beginning that a few them have to die in order for them to win, as it would be nearly impossible for every townie to live all the way through. The Mafia, if played a certain way, can win without a single loss(more preferable when their numbers are lower, so a smaller game makes this objective easier), so they'll try to preserve everyone for as long as they can so as to keep their potential moles in place.

    Ultimately, those who are trying to stop the Clown are Mafia(or close to it). So would I really be Mafia if I'm trying to help the Clown win? Wouldn't I rather keep them alive in order to have victory all to myself and my fellow Mafioso? You decide.
  3. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    However, I'm not the clown. As much as I would love to be, and it is my favorite role out of all the possible ones, that's not who I am. Besides, in the rules, Data stated that the clown's name will be put with those of the winners' if they die; meaning they can still die, and mafia will still win.

    Besides, I haven't been freaking allowed to play the past two games; do you really think that even if I was the clown, I would want to die so quickly? I would rather participate for a few days before dying, and thus, have some fun.

    My post then, and all the ones up until my third post, were all purely in jest. I intended to start off this game lightheartedly, but some people apparently thought starting off day 1 seriously was better.

    All in all, I'm trying to play an honest game, but some people are just not letting me.

    PS. Sho get off who's online and trying to stalk everyone. >:/

    EDIT: though this is purely a style thing, I noticed that every time you mention the word "townsperson" and similar words, you refer to it in third person, as opposed to first. I'm not sure what this means; it probably doesn't mean anything, because I might just be nit-picky at this point against you. And you probably did that in previos games, but I just never caught it. Nevertheless, I'm pointing that out now.
  4. Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    That's what I said; however, the Mafia wouldn't WANT the Clown to win, because that would mean the Clown would also be stealing their spotlight, and as we know, the Mafia are very greedy when it comes to this sort of thing.

    And as for starting this off "light-hearted", how did that go in the other games? Remember Savichez? That was a simple light-hearted suggestion that went horribly downhill. Remember Tan being nominated in Game 1? That too took a sharp turn south of the jestful nature from which it was originally intended.

    In this game, everything that everybody says must be taken with grain of salt, for we can't trust anyone or what they say.
  5. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    And then Game 4, when everybody was all happy-happy in the beginning and everything ended well?

    THAT is what I meant. I wanted the game to like that, at least for a bit. And a bit it was, until you, dear Sho, turned it the other way around.

    With that logic, you could also argue against Brendan, for his suspicious-ception post, and Carmi, for her floodgates post; neither were serious, and Brendan's surely couldn't be a true accusation from what I'm trying to read into it.

    Of course, these two people are people who've already decided to vote you off the island, so there might be a bias in what I say, and what you type, about them.

    Just beware, Sho: you can't lead this game with pretty words. And not everyone you agree with, or who agrees with you, is your ally.

    EDIT: My bad, that was Game 3 I meant. The two games I didn't participate in just sort of run into each other and I can't quite tell/remember what happened in which XD
  6. Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    That's just it, isn't it? I haven't agreed with anyone. I haven't made any attempt to try to ally myself with anyone. But just to clear things up: Dwayna voted for you first. And if we are, as was said earlier, "on the same wavelength"...then there you go.

    Brendan's suspicious-ception post was nothing more than hollow wordplay that has no true meaning behind it. It's there simply for the sake of existing; it doesn't sway towards a townie post or a Mafia post.

    Carmen's "floodgate" was an approximation of what happened: the Mafia have broken loose and have caused a flood of chaos.

    Neither of these posts were particularly light-hearted, just neutral. And who said I had any intention of leading this game? Far from it. This has just been me defending my position. And pretty words can win a game, we've seen it before.

    Whatever good intentions you might have had at the beginning are now long gone. Voting is already underway and there's several votes towards us both. At this point, neither of us can really gain an advantage with our words, so let's let the voters do the talking, shall we?
  7. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    All I want to say is that the logic in this sentence (and subsequently the full post) make my head hurt. I'm fairly certain Shiny said that on purpose to make a joke, so using that as your reasoning is just...stupid, Sho.

    Now I'm not saying that I don't think Shiny is suspicious, because she is, but get better reasons for this Sho. Whether you're right or not doesn't bother me, you're insane logic does.

    You mentioned how Tan and Savinchez died for being goofy and people blowing it out of proportion, and you're doing just that. Both of those cases we were wrong (and I'm pretty damn sure I argued for Savinchez, but you were all too damned stubborn and blood-thirsty to listen to me).

    I've had enough of people leading trains and posting big, complex, "evidence-laden" post where they condemn somebody and then that person ends up getting lynched when, in fact, that original post was full of insanity and jumps in logic that not even Indian Jones would make (zing~!). Come on people, learn from your mistakes.

    That being said, lynch Sho. You very well could be right about Shiny being mafia, and if so I applaud you, but we mustn't forget that their are two families and thus you could be in one yourself. That is the great dynamic of two family games, mafia members are trying to sniff out the other family too; thus they can behave more like common townsfolk. Don't forget this, people.
  8. Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    Never said Shiny was Mafia, though.

    Tan and Savichez were different cases though. Both of them were completely and utterly random in their selection. Both times it was only blown out of proportion by the sheer number of people that hopped on the respective bandwagon. Neither is the case here.

    With the Clown dead, we achieve two goals:
    1) Those who voted against the people voting for the Clown are now extremely suspicious.
    2) The Mafia does not have a complete victory.

    And from what I've said dozens of times, if I was Mafia, I'd focus on taking out the players that have been consistently dangerous to the Mafia, namely Red, Carmen, El, and Sem(in his own way). I've never once considered Shiny to be a major threat, yes, a threat, but not one that ever needed to be dealt with immediately. She's never had that sort of personality about her.

    If anything, I would've started a bandwagon against any of the aforementioned members with reasoning along the lines of them being incredibly well-versed at this game, and thus, dangerous for either an ally or an opponent. Yet, I go against Shiny merely for her posting style. When I've done so in the past, it was always because the accused had definitely let slip something that could expose them as Mafia, but so far, I've yet to accuse Shiny of being Mafia.

    If Shiny is the Clown, my previous theories(if they can even be called that) are probably somewhat close to true. If she's not, then we can get leads as to who might be Mafia(with my high on the list due to this, no doubt). Either way, we have leads on Mafia. My death(should it arrive untimely) will also contribute.

    As Red said several posts earlier, I am also one of the dangerous allies/opponents. Our friendly rivalry is well-known. Red could easily be Mafia trying to off me out early on, just as I would do to him were I Mafia. His reasoning is probably that if I am Mafia, I'd try to get him during the night, so he'll try to get me during the day in order to prevent that.

    Will any of this prove true? Let's see.
  9. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    Have I?
  10. Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    Going to post during the small period of time I can and say taking Mafia members down takes priority and the Clown can be used as a trick card later on once the odds start stacking up against the townspeople, losing the clown early on would damage us potentially because we could lose 3 townies instead of two. It would be wiser to kill the clown once one family has disappeared.

    Also (this isn't related in the slightest) we need to figure out who is a big enough friends fan to name their family the Chanandler Bong's (that is if there is any meaning behind them)

    And Shiny I speculated 4 Mafia per family because if there were just 3 per family I would have just created one Mafia family. That said the percentage are proving my statement wrong if the percentages stayed the same which it isn't guaranteed to (given some of the other changes). I'm now thinking there is 3 Mafia per family then possibly a double agent (possibly working for both Mafia's which would make it seem like there is 8 Mafia members) making the total number of Mafia too big to have one big family but small enough to have 2 families.

    But anyway got to go now see you all Sunday probably (if I'm still alive xD)
  11. Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    On my phone, so I can't post a lot. I just wanted to say that my floodgates comment was only referring to everyone being excited about mafia and posting up a storm. And considering this thread is five pages long? Looks like I was right lol
  12. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    Quick post before I go to school, because I won't be able to post until around like, 5 or 6 my time (so about 11 hours? Dx)

    Sho, I feel like you're just saying anything that comes to your mind that would make more people vote for me instead of for you. Over and over I've had to defend myself from your and Dway's statements, and though some of it might seem like sound logic, in the end, it's all just taken out from that portion of your brain that you use when you want to have something and will do or say anything to get it.

    I'm not accusing you as mafia for now, Sho, because I know that in this game you tend to analyze a lot and stuff. I've already stated, however, that I am not the clown. What good would it do for me to say I am? I want to play this game, and saying that I'm clown would only make people want to lynch me off.

    After sleeping a bit, I feel like your reasoning is more... off than in previous games. I don't know, I feel like you're hiding something, like a role. Would regular townies keep attacking someone like this? I'm not sure; I know I did accuse many people in Game 2, but not persistently. In the end, it was others that helped with the accusations that brought the others down. However, thus far, it has only been Dway and you that have continuously been pushing for my lynching.

    Perhaps you might not be the mafia. I'm guessing that if you're not, then it's likely that you're detective, or doctor, or mad bomber, or even the clown yourself, and you're just trying to push your role onto somebody else. You know this game too well, Sho, so I don't think you'll use such crude methods like what I just said about the clown.

    But I'm hoping that you're mafia, so if you die instead of me, then that means one point for us, zero for the mafia. :3
  13. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    Is that not what the night cycle for mafia is for though? Mafia doesn't need to focus on their real targets throughout the day. If anything, it'd be even more suspicious if they did. All mafia has to do during the day is either lay low or stir up trouble/target someone who's not in their family in order to do damage to the towns people or rival mafia family.

    It seems far too late to abstain at this point (even after I pestered Petey regarding that... XD), and Red has convinced me enough to throw in favour with his argument. Maybe you're right and Shiny is indeed mafia, but that's not to say that you aren't too. I guess we won't know for sure until the end of this day.

    Lynch Shocari
  14. Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig



    If only Sho had stopped going at Shiny and then I'd totes have a case here ;_;

    And I swear if anyone questions why I'm gunning for Sem then they are silly and should feel silly

    What's the current vote tally anyway? Who's yet to vote? I'm stuck on my phone for a week, so checking would take too much time.
  15. Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    Dwayna: 1
    Me: 1
    Tan: 1
    Abstaining: 2
    Sem: 2
    Shiny: 3
    Sho: 7

    17 have voted out of 20 so 3 votes left.

    Looking back we have RMA, Blazi and Chad are left to vote :|
  16. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    Because I played out our rivalry in my previous mafia game and am happily content with my victory. Now I'm just sitting back and enjoying everyone else condemning Sem for the hoe that he is. 8)

    (But srsly, Sho's currently more suspicious than Sem)
  17. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    ^ Agree with that honestly. Looking back over the five pages of posts (How the hell did we get that many? xD), I suspect both Sho, and Shiny but Sho moreso

    So, Lynch Sho.

    And I'm sorry for not being -that- active, life's been busy. x.x
  18. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    I love it when I don't have to count votes myself. Cheers Josh!

    (Also, I'm sure I've never seen the game quite so split! We have another four hours or so before I shut up shop.)
  19. Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    No problemo, Teapot!

    Just updated my post with Dem, Sem, Luckii and Jada's votes and everything is ordered, I'm too organised sometimes ^^'
  20. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    Lynch Tan.
  21. Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    Stuff has been happening :3:

    God this is hard. I'm torn. But I have to say... lynch Shocari. You just seem to be defending yourself a bit... enthusiastically, don't you think?
  22. Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    Well this has gone by a bit to quickly for me... But looking at all of the posts((Again)) I think that Sho is suspicious. I still think shiny is a bit off but still shiny is just overly excited to play.
    So I say Lynch Sho.
  23. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    I talked to Blazi yesterday in chat, and I don't think he'll be posting for the first day from what he told me. Chad hasn't posted at all, and neither has RMA.
  24. Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    If I'm going to be honest I haven't seen either RMA or Chad on here for a while so I wouldn't be surprised if they got the inactivity kick (hopefully they are Mafia member's if they do ;D)

    And if Blazi isn't posting you are definitely safe, Shiny ^^ (You are currently the only one who can catch up to Sho on votes)

    And Rich well he seems a little confuduled (like me, so I just went for someone threatning) xD

    EDIT: I'm also puzzled at who the Mafia would go for because everyone is either keeping their cards close to their chests so surprise roles could put the Mafia off those people or the other people can be scapegoated next round so Mafia have a hard decision here in my opinion
  25. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    The game just started, calm your butt about inactivity kicking. They have quite a bit of time to post still (plus they are both regulars).

    That being said, I did not expect this day to turn out how it did. Sho was my third voting choice (first Shiny, then abstain and finally Sho). I went with him to put him in a tie with Shiny at the time and to let the rest of you decide.

    Clearly you my post was more convincing than I thought. But one thing I want to bring up about Sho. Why in the hell would you want to lynch Shiny if she wasn't Mafia?! You keep saying "I never said I thought she was mafia." Then why lynch her!?! If you don't think she's mafia then there is no reason to kill her, you're just being stupid and incriminating yourself further. (You very well could be the clown yourself, but I think mafia with how weird you've been playing.)
  26. Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    Ok, my vote. No lynch/abstaining.

    Reason is it's the first phase and really I don't want to lynch someone important and be part of the group that lynched them. Yes I know it would make more sense to lynch someone but for this first day I am going to sit back and not vote for anyone, although I do hope we have lynched a mafia member for this first day phase to get us off to a good start.

    So yeah, lets see what's behind door number 2......and yes Josh I am a bit confuzzled @.@
  27. Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    I think quite a few people are unless the Mafia take surprising people out /screw up or people carry on going on this pointless nonsense with Shiny then we are back to square one again :|
  28. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Re: Mafia V: Day One (25th-27th April): Strangers In The Nig

    And that closes the first day, with 104 posts minus mine, and a fairly close vote. And for the first time, we have a kill in the first day!

    Shocari has been lynched. He is a townsperson.

    Mafia, please quote each discussion post when PMing me your choice, please! We'll be back on the 29th with Day Two.
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