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Mafia 4: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

Discussion in 'Mafia Archive' started by Teapot, Dec 5, 2011.

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  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Teapot Abuses Poetry

    Silent at night, until
    Noose tightens on innocent neck
    Mr. RMA hung from pear tree.​

    shut up I like haiku
  2. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    Huh, and I thought RMA was Mafia from the first day. He was a lot less vocal than normal, I figured he had something to hide.

    I'm still stumped :/
  3. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    At least with only one family, there won't be as many Townie kills per night- Statistically, that shouldn't be possible. Well, this is where we all go back to the first day and throw out names at who we find suspicious. For me, that's a problem- I have no particular suspicions against anyone... Except maybe JadaStark, who seemed somewhat overly eager to not kill anyone- Which may be a problematically applied case of reverse psychology on her part. No offense, Jada!

    I'm kinda stumped as well. >>
  4. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    Oh snap! We're fighting the Twelve Nights of Christmas, and RMA is the Partridge! D:

    Anyway, I agree with what El said about RMA. I was pretty suspicious on the grounds that he decided not to try and rile everybody up from the first day. I was certain that he wasn't townsfolk, but I couldn't decide whether he would be mafia or the detective or doc, but I was sure that there was something different about him this round. Now however, I'm just not sure what to do next, I haven't really considered others much yet. Ugh, I need to think about this a bit more...
  5. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    @DarkSoul its okay. i know i seem kinda suspicious for not wanting to kill anyone but its in my nature. I'm not a mean person.

    Gahhh!!! I know playing this game was a bad idea!! I said something stupid and now I seem suspicious. Well I guess I shouldnt be surprised if I died this round because of it.. please dont hold to much against me. This really is just my second time playing this game.
  6. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    This is the point in the game where someone is meant to start accusing someone, they get overly defensive and accuse someone else.

    As I don't know anyone here, bar Demelza. I don't know what everyone is like, all I can say at the moment is to look at everyone and say who is acting odd or off the ball. Something has to been done now before we lose another Village or not voting anyone first day will be a waste.
  7. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    Now, to my suspicions of Belle. Before I lynch her I'd like to see what she has to say to this accusation, after all I may be completely overreacting. The reason I find her suspicious is not for wanting to lynch someone yesterday, but it lies in this:
    Oh, Belle. The term "townsperson" is so last round. Still, you may be so used to using townsperson you forgot that your PM telling you what you are said "Villager", which is why everyone else is saying villager instead of Townsperson. Like I said before, I may be overreacting, but we also need to be throwing out random accusations.
  8. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    Yeahhhh Jerty that just sounded incredibly paranoid, even past Mafia standards. Because Belle used a synonym of villagers makes it possible she's mafia? It makes her no more so than you.

    I, would like to note that it might be best to vote off a player who has had a lot of experience with the game, say Sem, El, Carmen, Brendan. You know, that lot. Although as much as I really seriously would love to get Sem out (ilu), it is not going to happen. But I wouldn't mind voting for, say, El, who knows the game very well, even running it before. It would be terrifying if he was Mafia.

    (Oh my gosh Tangrow said something accusing blasphemy BLASPHEMY)
  9. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge


    Well I'm stuck. No-one has said anything shady at the mo'. Apart from Jerty, but I think that was just an over-think on his part. Although I'm not abstaining yet, as something might crop up.
  10. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    Jerty you're only suspicious of me because it was convenient to point a finger at the last person to argue against abstaining last round. Sorry, but that line of logic is weaksauce.
    And besides,
    And from yesterday,
    So by that logic Brendan and DS and Jada are also suspicious?
    Maybe I just have a grudge against words that start with 'v' O:<
    (for the record I don't and V for Vendetta is one of my favorite movies)

    But, it's not that I blame you or anything for pulling at straws, there's really nothing to be going off of here D:

    Tan's reasoning is a bit more solid though.
    but no, really, if we're going to start anywhere I think it should be El :U (ilu ♥)
  11. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    What no, running the game is way different to playing the game. That's some pretty shakey reasoning there. I gotta refute it. When you're running the game, you KNOW everything and things still managed to surprise me! Playing the game, you know nothing outside of your given role! I couldn't tell you who's mafia, doctor, detective, anything!

    I'm still clueless as to who might be mafia, but I think it's mighty suspicious that Belle was quick to jump on a bandwagon without any real reasoning behind it.
  12. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    This is why I didn't want to waste yesterday abstaining, we don't really have anything to go off of from yesterday and now we're one down and it's as much a guessing game as day one would have been D:

    But I digress, there isn't really much to go on here, except for a few passing suspicions and guesses at people, but I am going to say that I find JadaStark a bit suspicious; yesterday she was pro-abstaining and when Carmen pointed out the flawed reasoning in abstaining Jada became super over defensive. Moreso that was entirely necessary.

    Sorry Jada, but I'm just saying it's suspicious. I'm not casting a vote against you or anything without hearing a defense.
  13. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    Loooooooooool. And you people wanted to abstain again. Do you know what that does? I was hoping you all would seriously catch on by now. When we all abstain instead of throwing around accusations then we start the second day in exactly the same position we were the first day: not knowing even where to start. Except worse. Know why? Because we're down a townie. And then what do we do? Throw around random accusations instead of having things to go off of - which is exactly what we hate doing but it's naive of you not to realize that it must be done on the first day. Unless you're me. I'll accuse anyone for no reason |D

    If we had thrown around random accusations the first day then not only could we have maybe gotten a mafia killed off, but we'd also have many many posts to analyze, posts of people's arguments and reactions. It is within those types of posts that we can find some real concrete evidence in which we can use to bludgeon each other.

    I wonder if we'll still abstain the first day of the next game. =|
  14. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    It can be worse to not abstain though, especially if the mafia already got together and planned someone to try to lynch. Without really knowing anything, we can be put in a position where we've lost not just a townsperson, but someone like the doctor or the detective. If anything, it guarantees only one loss of townsperson instead of two, where one of them might be more important.
  15. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    You were just as good a place as any to start off with bb, since, as Chad and Sem rather aptly put it,
    And following Jerty's even shakier logic, Tan's reasoning was the better option to run with at the time. So I Leeroy Jenkins'd that bitch a bit :U
    (u no ilu)

    But yeah. We're getting nowhere very quickly like this.
  16. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    In which case, I suggest we vote Sem because he smells like old fish.

    I believe this argument is logical and valid because I said so.
  17. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    Careful Tan ;-D This may turn into a whole lot of déjà vu for you.
  18. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    My my my, I hope you can back up that claim.

    Regardless of feuds and asides, if anyone else has anything else to input, by all means.
  19. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    Now after the complete waste of time of yesterday xD

    Not sure what you're trying to pull here, but I'm extremely put off by this argument...why on earth would it be best to vote off a member with the most experience? This makes no since. I definitely have my eye on you Tan.

    And Jada, I really don't know if you're acting so defensive because you're new or because you're really mafia. In the past I've seen three people pull the uber-defensive argument and all three have been mafia. You might be new, but I can't ignore this.

    And Jerty...well, everyone has said everything, so I'm waiting to here your defense too.
  20. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    I woulda said RMA was mafia. But oh wells, moving on to what we have today.

    We haven't got anything to go off so we're just gonna have to throw random stuff out there and see how people react. Jada, like Akira I suspect you the most at the minute. While I doubt it's likely for someone new to the game to get a mafia role, it can and does happen from what I've seen of past games and games elsewhere. The whole "I don't wanna kill anyone because I'm not mean" thing, while I respectthat because I'm not mean either, the name of the game is to kill people off and it's hard not to suspect you after that. Sorry.

    El I suspect you aswell, but I doubt you have a mafia role, if you did I'd think you would be leading people a lot more into lynching someone then you currently are. Plus you're protecting the whole "if we abstain first day it's good" thing which I doubt mafia would as you'd wanna get villagers killed. :p

    Chad you are always currently on my hit list so to speak, but I currently can't work you out to comment on if you could be mafia or not. I need to see more of what you post tbh.
  21. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    I knew this was going to end badly for me.. and to try and clear some of the suspicion up about me; I'm just a bit defensive because I'm new and I dont know any of you. I understand the point of the game it to eventually kill off the other team and not die. But do you guys really think I'm part of the mafia? I dont think it would be very smart to give a player (who knows very little of the game) such an important role.

    Please note that i understand that this may be the thing to get me killed. But all in all I dont really have any major suspicions about who might be in the mafia, so for now I guess I'll just sit back and try to come up with a solid argument as to why i suspect someone.
  22. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    Actually Jada, that sounds pretty sincere which is better than a lot of people who try to defend themselves. And I'll let Tan off because maybe that was just his way of throwing out random suspects...I can dig that lol.

    And now that just leaves Jerty to suspect. That really was a sad argument, but I'll wait until we hear from him before I make any definite decisions.
  23. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    I was made Mob Boss of the second family in my first game, without having any kind of experience as well. It's this endless loop of reverse and reverse-reverse psychology that makes it quite effective to put a new member as Mafia. Not that it always works, of course- It sure as hell didn't in my case, and it might not in yours.

    I may be casting a vote against you at the end of the day, unless I see some real good reasoning on your or others' behalf.
  24. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    Okay, what I said sounded really paranoid. Truth is, I was just looking through yesterday's posts and one that caught my eye was Belle's and since we're going nowhere with this I decided to focus on that. I do feel suspicious against all the others who said "townsperson", but that was the only suspicion I had, and still have in fact. It's all very well saying we need to throw out random accusations, but I think we really need to do just that. As Sem has said we'll gain nothing if we all abstain. By choosing to lynch someone we have a chance of lynching mafia, but even if we end up lynching a Villager at least we could learn something.

    Plus, how could I be a mafia if I knew that the PM to the Villagers said "You're a Villager" as opposed to townsperson.

    So, by the end of today (in game) if we don't find out anything else I'm going to lynch one of those people, because that's all I've got. As for Jada, she's new and has me convinced that she's innocent, for now at least.
  25. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    Hm. I am not convinced by Jada's argument. Like DS, I was given a role in the Mafia on my first go at the game. Until I was blown up -.-

    No-one suspects the newbie, so making him/her mafia is a decision that can definately pay off for the mafia if the player is subtle. If that player is overly-enthusiastic about lynching, then that player becomes suspicious. If they are overly-defensive, as in your case, they are suspicious. It's a very fine line to tread, and sorry, but "I won't lynch because I'm not mean" is a very weak argument. I won't vote until you defend yourself, but you are on thin ice, my friend.
  26. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    Casting a vote against JadaStark, as promised. We're not going anywhere as of now, and seeing as I haven't seen any defense on her part or from others, I might as well vote now. I don't know on whom you guys are planning to vote, but this is what my feeling tells me I should do.

    Again, it's nothing personal.
  27. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    Must admit, I don't find JadaStark nearly as suspicious as, say, Tan or Belle who had flimsy reasoning at best. For now, I'm gonna vote for Belle for jumping to conclusions on a bandwagon ;3

    (ps ilu Belle)
  28. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    Well, I don't see much coming from you, so I vote to lynch JadaStark. Your arguments were weak, and you have not defended yet, and since we are running out of time, I must cast my vote now.
  29. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    Voting for JadaStark suspect her the most and I'm sure but you just didn't defend yourself enough to please me.
  30. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    Yeah, well...

    From what I've seen so far, it appears that I'm all for the notion of lynching JadaStark. I appreciate it is your first game, and you're a new arrival, but for me, that isn't enough evidence.
  31. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge


    that is a reason isn't it

    no but really I don't see the point in lynching Jada other than she's the only lead at the moment

    although I guess that's as good a reason as any considering El hasn't done anything suspicious other than being a THREAT
    whatevs shut up
  32. Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    Well, since the day is ending pretty soon and I haven't seen anything that rouses my suspicions more than JadaStark. Tan and Belle had some... interesting reasoning behind their suspicions. And by interesting, I mean a bit shaky, but this game does turn everyone into paranoid, antisocial terrors. Myself included. TRUST NO ONE! D:<

    I've got my eyes on multiple people, and I had to sprout some extra eyes to keep one on all the people I'm wary of. You're all paying my optometry bill :'D

    But, for now, I'm going to vote JadaStark since she's been the one I've been watching all day, and I'm still not convinced that there isn't something fishy about her.
  33. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Re: Day Two (Dec 5th-7th): And a Partridge

    And So It Is Decreed

    Divided, bickering, Charms divided
    Jadastark, a villager, slain by
    Boot to the head

    In other news, you people are still good at singling out the newbies for no other reason than they're new. At least you're predictable.​
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