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Mafia 2: Day Six: Delayed

Discussion in 'Mafia Archive' started by Teapot, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    herp derp as before, writer's block.

    Belle's dead in another double-lynch: both Mafia families jumped her at once. They had a fight, but neither side managed to kill the other or even identify them.
  2. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Re: Day Six (August 25th-26th): Delayed

    Another bittersweet moment...
    On the bright side, only one person was killed, so yay!
    On the dark side, somebody was killed, and it was Belle! T_T QUIT KILLING THE LADIES D:<
    Also, craaaaap RMA was innocent. DDDD: *cries in a corner for her stupid mistake*

    So ah, seven people left? And Setoshi wasn't eliminated even though he hasn't posted since Day 2? Suspicious, suspicious... Though perhaps he was overlooked like Louie was. I dunno anymore due to Data's serious inability to update the game regularly now~ (ilupetey ♥)

    Right, well, I guess we can say that Belle was attempted to be used as a pawn this time by both mafia, since she's accused Ked and Ked has accused her back, and therefore would've made Ked look like a mafioso. I still haven't seen Ked pull out anything mafia-like yet, though, so at this point I'm almost confident that she's innocent~

    Cycloneblaze's freakishly long post last time threw me off a little. I mean, up until the previous day, he's been posting mostly single-paragraph posts that were relatively short. Suddenly, he pulls out this hunk of a post accusing everyone and their pet rock. Coincidentally, Chad had also disappeared and appointed someone else as his successor that very day.

    Wait, coincidentally? Maybe not so much as you might think.

    So yeah, my vote now goes to Lynch Cycloneblaze. Subject to change as events unfold, though~

    EDIT: And to add on, he also accused Belle, who is now dead. There's a relatively good chance that he killed her because he thought she was on the opposing family; a two out of seven chances, actually, since both families targeted her last night.
  3. Re: Day Six (August 25th-26th): Delayed

    It feels good to be back after my account getting deleted.

    So, we only had one death this time, great! we avoided a second person from getting lynched.

    As shiny previously said, Cycloneblaze has made small post just like me and so far he has been thought as innocent but giving a huge speech of each of the remaining people after been a bit quiet does make him look a bit suspicious. I won't jump on the bandwagon to lynch you as I would like to see what you have to say in your defense.
  4. Re: Day Six (August 25th-26th): Delayed

    Yay the spotlight is on me ¬_¬

    Was Belle Mafia or not. Looks like she wasn't. Oh well, that's not great. Still I can't read much into Data's post XD so I can't really tell. If she wasn't that ain't good for me since I accused her. =/

    In any case I made the long post more because I needed to set the record straight for myself, more than for you guys. I pulled that monster out also because I decided I should get up and start to do something in this game. I hadn't done anything much because you guys were all doing all the disscussing but now I need to be an active player because our numbers dwindle. I was suspicious of Belle because she was suspicious. I accused everyone and their pet rock (lol) because everyone is suspicious and should be evaluated and examined in this game - that's the point. I did a through examination so I could decide who I wanted to lynch.

    Hi Dark I see you are in the game still. Good, good. Anyway my posts weren't all that short (I didn't think so) and I don't think what I did is suspicious. Shiny did that [an examination of us all], like, twice. Although she was more active than I was early on and I'm getting into the game moreso now.

    Shiny, that is a coincidence and I'm a townsperson don't lynch me D=
    But seriously, like I said, I just decided to up my game all at once. I accused like every other person in the game - how is that Mafia-like? If I was Mafia I'd probably have attacked someone likely to figure who's who out like me or you. (Well I wouldn't attack me but you get the idea)

    I am actually pressed for time here (I'm about to go out) so I'll do up a more coherent response later when I've time.
    Also Data your inability to update this astounds me (no offence though, you've probably a good reason)
  5. Re: Day Six (August 25th-26th): Delayed

    Belle ;_;


    It's not. But that monster-post came after Chad converted somebody to Mafia. Plus, you accused and were suspicious of Belle. Since she wasn't lynched, it makes sense to me that you'd want her dead, suspecting her to be of the other Mafia Family.

    So, with that in mind, I'm going to side with Shiny and vote to Lynch Cycloneblaze
  6. Re: Day Six (August 25th-26th): Delayed

    OK let's do this thing

    First off, Cody, if I had a vendetta against Belle I wouldn't have changed my vote against her to Mr.RMA; I'd have followed through with that. The fact she wasn't lynched was (hence) partly my fault. You have to wonder, also, why both Mafia families targeted her. Who else could have voiced against her?
    I wasn't the only one who didn't like what Belle had been saying. To quote Ked:
    And quoting Shiny:
    So my accusing of Belle does not make me the only suspicious one. Ked anyway was at least as vehement as I was. Either Ked or Shiny could have attacked her - they both could have! - or it could still be someone else.

    Secondly, Dark,
    I don't think making a big post like that is a bit suspicious. Tell me how it could be so. I'm just saying - that's not much of an accusation to make, that I made a bigger post. And you're still kinda suspicious - you defended Rolly earlier, so you could be in his Mafia family.

    Thirdly (I'm typing these as I think of 'em) what about Myth Busted? He posted on Day Five thusly:
    He seemed rather confident, in not his words but his manner, and yet he is still to post again. I still think he's a bit shifty. I am still tuned, Myth!

    Also I'm rather alarmed at how you guys seem content to follow Shiny's accusation's and example. I'm gonna say this - she is suspicious. I bet if she'd voted to lynch someone else you'd have ignored me. She's got trust - which is a deadly weapon in the wrong hands. If she was Mafia I'm not sure you guys'd realise, which makes her dangerous IMO. She could easily have been the one converted; consider this extract:
    Who's the loudest voice in the game anymore (and at that point? and was loud beforehand?)
    Shiny! As she's trusted, if she wasn't already Mafia she could now use the trust she has to direct her attacks at townspeople who, not knowing who's who, would follow her reasoning - because it's easier. We don't exactly have major players left here anymore. I think it's really just Cody, Ked, her, me. I know beforehand I followed along with everyone else because it was easier to do and they seemed to be right. But if they are wrong? If they were I don't know if I'd have turned around and accused them of being Mafia. Of course I intend to make my own decisions (to start with anyway) now and I know Shiny is wrong in accusing me as Mafia - and I'm telling her that.

    Also every day other than yesterday and today Shiny accused people who were Mafia - no townspeople. (Except on Day One but no-one really had any evidence against Savichez anyway.) I managed to not notice on the end of Day Two that it was already past the deadline and Shiny kindly pointed it out to me without accusing me. I feel like today, she'd use that as ammunition (it was an honest mistake btw).Today and yesterday she attacked a townsperson - Mr.RMA, and me. She started this (as in accused first) both times. I, for example (it's easier to use me as an example because I know my posts better) only switched to vote for Mr.RMA after I felt he'd made an incriminating mistake. And I am not voting to lynch myself. But this says now that she's attacking townspeople where she wasn't before, which means she could have been the one converted. (She could also be merely losing her edge?) Consider again the above quote from her - that could be considered a sly defending of herself, and attack of the weaker players who are more likely to be townspeople. Chad could be more likely to choose a quieter person because they'd be overlooked, but would also be likely to choose a louder player because they'd be a good asset, what with no-one suspecting them, four days worth of innocent posts, etc. Shiny's not suspected by anyone else that I've seen, either.

    There's Setoshi, who should have died due to the Inactivity Rule. I actually would interpret the rules as saying that even if they vote as a Mafia they'd still be killed for not posting in the thread. But considering Data being really bad at updating this I wouldn't be surprised if he was overlooked. (no offense though Data)

    I'll also point out I'm not suspicious of Cody right now. I just don't think he catches my eye. He is as of now accusing me though. =/

    Ked I also am not suspicious of. She hasn't contributed a lot, and should more since we need more active people of those who are left, but she was better at that last day. She hasn't posted yet today though.

    I'm worried that after our good run so far, we're going to turn to attacking our own. (like me D=) Or that we'll end up shooting in the dark and hoping we hit a Mafia. Consider this scenario: I am lynched today, and, as a townsperson, this puts our numbers down one to six (total). The two Mafia each kill a townsperson, bringing us to four. Next day another townsperson is lynched... and we lose, because there is at most one townsperson left, and they would inevitably die. Now we could very easily fall to that, and after our good run so far I'd hate to see us lose...which is why you shouldn't start by lynching me!

    As for who I'll vote for, I am stopping this thing now before it turns into a bandwagon, which is a collection of people who are going along with the first to accuse (or it has been so far, today you guys are re-using Shiny's arguments or saying "I'll just side with her"). You should not just look at the one first accused. Look at each other. Look at yourselves.
    Lynch Shiny.
    #6 Cycloneblaze, Aug 26, 2011
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  7. Ked


    Re: Day Six (August 25th-26th): Delayed

    I find both Cycloneblaze and Darkspyro suspicious right now, with Darkspyro being the more suspicious one. In Day One he made this short post near the beginning of the day, and then failed to post later in the day;
    Then in Day Two he decides to abstain early on, then changed his vote to Dark Soul later on. I'm assuming that he was abstaining to protect his fellow Mafia, and then decided to change his vote to make him look less suspicious when everyone else chose to vote for DS.

    In Day Three he makes a short post saying to lynch Dia. Not that I find much suspicious about that, since I did pretty much the same thing.

    This brings us to Day Four.
    In the last portion of his post, you can see him defending Rolly, who turned out to be Mafia. Instead of joining the rather large Rolly bandwagon, he chose to lynch Mr.RMA, a townsperson.

    Darkspyro failed to post on Day Five. He could have been trying to not post so no one would be suspicious of him, or he just couldn't post on that day.

    His post today is very short. The only thing he does is agrees with Shiny. He could be using Shiny's opinions to cover himself up and make himself look more innocent and less like Mafia. This would be the easiest thing to do if he is Mafia, just use someone else to avoid talking.

    Now, let me move onto Cycloneblaze. Like Cody and Shiny have said, that huge post you made before, and this one as well, are both pretty suspicious. I still find it odd that you would go after Shiny. After all, she is one of the most helpful players us townspeople have at this point, so why would you want to get rid of her?

    In Day Five, Shiny made a good point here;
    If this is true, then it is very possible that Darkspyro and Cycloneblaze are the last remaining mafia. One could have been Mafia to start, and the other converted by Chad.

    I'm trying to be more helpful :'D
    #7 Ked, Aug 27, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  8. Re: Day Six (August 25th-26th): Delayed

    Ked's arguments about Cycloneblaze and Darkspyro are sound.
    I'd agree with her on Darkspyro being the more suspicious one, although, Cycloneblaze, rest assured you've not escaped my not-too-watchful glare as of now.

    Darkspyro did indeed defend Rolly! Guess what he turned out to be... MAFIA! He indeed lynched Mr. RMA, who I now realise was, erm, a townsperson. OK, bad decision from me and a total jumping-to-conclusions. I know I'm getting a little ridiculous.

    Either way, I'm also suspicous of Cycloneblaze due to his wanting to lynch Shiny, who as Ked says is one of our more helpful players. I don't know if you're tiwsting words in that post, but I'm going to go out on a limb, and hope to God that I don't mess up terribly: Cyclone has a good argument against him, but I'm lynching Darkspyro.
  9. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Re: Day Six (August 25th-26th): Delayed

    Okay, since Cycloneblaze has accused me, I’ll defend myself. XD

    As we can see from last game, I had accused an innocent when I essentially first joined. I didn’t know that Jerty was innocent at the time, but I used what I had to make the sort of judgment that made me think that it was him. He didn’t end up getting lynched when I was alive, but in the end, he was revealed to be a townsperson.

    I’m doing similar things this time, only I’m trying to be less rash about my decisions than last round. So far, your posts, Cycloneblaze, has changed the most after Chad had passed on his position. It’s highly possible that I’ve made another mistake like I did with RMA, but it wouldn’t be my fault that you were lynched, it would be your own for not thinking more before you posted. Also, since I don’t have anything better to go on at this point outside of your post (too many good players ;_;), I just went out to lynch you.

    If you think that’s not fair or whatever, well, it’s the truth. People do and will scrutinize your every post in the game, and if you slip up, well, somebody will catch it.

    And... admittedly, I wasn’t thinking about how my defense for Belle could be applied for a “sly defending” of myself. XD So yeah, I just proved my own little tidbit of advice. ^^;

    Let’s look at a few things about you, now. You said that both Ked and I have said that we found Belle suspicious? That’s all fine and dandy, but you were the first to cast a vote on her. And she died in the night, and did she turn out to be mafia? No, that’s not possible, since both families targeted her, making her death similar to Red’s. As for why I accused her- well, it was just to get a conversation going at that point. You see that later I said I found her completely innocent. I mean, if I was mafia, why would I target someone that I thought was innocent instead of the other family, who could just as easily kill me? It just doesn’t make sense.

    I know that I’m completely innocent, but if you want to lynch me, that’s fine by me. That’ll only turn everyone against you, good sir.

    And if you do end up as a townsperson, well, all I can say is that I messed up again today.

    As for Ked and Myth’s arguments against Darkspyro... They both make good points, but I’m still iffy about putting Darkspyro in the same group with Rolly. I mean, I’ve already stated yesterday how I suspected there were four people in each family, and how Rolly was the third to die (after Linkachu and Luckii) in the Baudelaire since three people had already died in the Crimson Order (assuming that Dark Soul, Blazi, and Dia were all together, which, judging from their actions, is far too likely). If Darkspyro was in the same family as Rolly, that would put five people in a family, since Chad was the Baudelaire’s Mob Boss (let me remind you that Data told us that Dark Soul was the Mob Boss of the Crimson Order). It’s not impossible, since nobody knows the exact number of people per family, but IMO it’s not too likely. I’m not going to completely say that Darkspyro is innocent, though.

    That is all~
  10. Re: Day Six (August 25th-26th): Delayed

    Ack, screw my first post, 10 PM + lots of math homework = me freaking out and a stupid post

    Now to defend myself,
    First, sorry to accuse you in that way Cycloneblaze, what I meant to say is that I found suspicious that after what happened with Chad you changed your way of analyzing things, the why you did it will remain unknown to me. I don't have much to say on this as shiny posted faster than me on what I wanted to say.
    Shiny, why you keep posting what I always want to say before me ;_;

    Now, Myth, I do agree I that I made a mistake by defending Rolly, in this case I thought that Rolly was innocent by the sound of some of his posts and RMA wanting to lynch him very early made me think more about Rolly being innocent, but I won't make the same mistake two times in a row so no more of that.

    Last, Ked, you did caught me on trying to post a few, irrelevant things to avoid getting either lynched by you guys or getting killed by the mafia as this is my first game. After seeing that I survived I decided to start contributing to the game by giving out a bit more of information to compliment the info of the others to lynch the current person, though I never thought that some of what I said and did would end up being seen suspicious.
    For information to everyone now that you brought the point that I failed to post on day five, my account got deleted by I don't know who so could we please avoid bringing this into a reason to lynch me. I can provide you guys the PM I sent to katie regarding this issue.

    I hope this is enough for me to get some bases on my defense.
  11. Re: Day Six (August 25th-26th): Delayed

    Dark, why I did [change my way of analyzing things] is was because I needed to get more active in the game and post more. I posted all I wanted to say, yeah that was a lot. I didn't actually change the way I was analyzing you guys, I just started to do it more and post more stuff.

    Shiny, I pointed out that you and Ked found Belle suspicious because you pointed out that I did, I was saying I wasn't the only one to do so. At the time I found her the most suspicious, but that changed later on in the thread. I was the first to cast a vote against her, but I was voicing my suspicions! You were the first to cast a vote on Mr.RMA, in the same way, although I understand you wanted the game to move along. I had intended to kickstart the game myself with the post I made, but it took so damn long to type (plus I was interrupted half-way through) that you had already posted by the time I made my post.
    And I just went out to lynch you, in the same vein as you, because I found you most suspicious and I had more posts to go on from you than anyone else at the time.
    Oh and you said:
    You were talking about Belle there, right? You never accused her; you defended her. Why'd you say that? (If you weren't talking about her please clarify)

    Anyway, Myth, I already pointed out that DarkSpyro accused Rolly, before Ked did D=
    And you said "Cycloneblaze has a good argument against him" Against who now? DarkSpyro - so why'd you say "but I'm lynching DarkSpyro"? Shiny - she's a girl, so why'd you say he? Me - I never accused myself? Who did you mean I accused when you said "him"? =/
    And yeah, you're getting a bit ridiculous. You never voted last game but you act as if you voted for Mr.RMA, in your post there:
    Ked, firstly it's possible that any two people could be the remaining Mafia. By your logic, you could be Mafia to start, and Shiny could have been converted by Chad, and you two could be the last Mafia. =/ Anyway, I accused Shiny because I think she is most likely to have been converted to Mafia by Chad. I'd pick her as a good choice, and also she's not accused a single Mafia since Day Four. She also is defending DarkSpyro (a bit) while Myth and you are attacking him. However, it's easily possible that her accusing of Mr.RMA or me was a genuine mistake, thinking he or I are Mafia - admitedly she herself has no way of knowing for sure if someone she accuses is a townsperson or not until Data tells us.
    And my big posts shouldn't be that suspicious, I mean, I've made posts as short as on earlier days as well. Also most of my posts are big because they're full of quotes :p

    Also your points about DarkSpyro are convincing. Espcially him trying to lynch Mr.RMA a full day before anyone else. Shiny has also defended herself, and she has been a great help to us. So I think I might yet change my vote against her, I'd prefer to wait and see what you guys have to say about this, but the day'll end soon so I can't afford to wait.
    I'm changing my vote to lynch DarkSpyro97.
    #11 Cycloneblaze, Aug 27, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  12. Re: Day Six (August 25th-26th): Delayed

    Okay, I'll make this post short and fast as I need to go out with family

    I still have my thought that Chad converted out Cycloneblaze, why? I think that if Chad wanted to make an intelligent move, he wouldn't have picked Shiny to convert her as that is what we first thought of, so instead of choosing her, he chose you Cycloneblaze as he thought that it could be a more safer move.

    So I vote to Lynch Cycloneblaze
  13. Ked


    Re: Day Six (August 25th-26th): Delayed

    I'm aware of this. I was just saying that I thought you and Darkspyro are the players that I find the most likely to be mafia at this point.

    And now, since I forgot to do this earlier, I'm going to go and lynch Darkspyro.
  14. Re: Day Six (August 25th-26th): Delayed

    Dark, we didn't first think that Shiny'd been converted. I thought that, but Shiny said I was the one converted before I said anything, and on Day Five, Cody said:
    And Ked said:
    And Shiny said:
    So Shiny wasn't first accused of being converted. IMO Chad would have chosen Shiny since she's trusted etc, as I said. I actually don't see why I'd have been chosen over anyone else really.

    Also Shiny I may have been the first to cast a vote against Belle, but you and Ked actually said she was suspicious before I did, just to say.

    And if this is the day's last post (or if it's not) Data dont forget to kill Setoshi for inactivity tonight. :p
  15. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Re: Day Six (August 25th-26th): Delayed

    I used "accused" instead of "suspect"... sorry, bad word choice. ^^; Yeah, I was talking about Belle, but I was talking about my second post in the previous day, the one that was talking about how suspicious I found certain people and whatnot.

    Also, everyone (minus the inactive Setoshi) has casted a vote now... half against Cyclone, half against Darkspyro. I'm interested to see how Data will post the results of this half-and-half voting~
  16. Re: Day Six (August 25th-26th): Delayed

    Perhaps they're both lynched?

    Or Data flips a coin? Or Russian Roulette?
  17. Re: Day Six (August 25th-26th): Delayed

    From the rules:
    So he'll flip a coin or something.
  18. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Re: Day Six (August 25th-26th): Delayed


    After dealing with the inactive (and innocent) Setoshi, the committee today decided to... hang on. Tie vote.

    Hold on a second. Where's my coin?

    Ah, there it is.

    Okay, Cycloneblaze is heads, Darkspyro is tails. Ready? Good.



    ... I may have flipped too high.

    Ah. Got it. Now, let's see.

    Heads! Okay, Cycloneblaze is dead. Sorry dude. And on with the show:

    After dealing with the inactive Setoshi, the committee today decided to lynch Cycloneblaze, who quickly turned out to be a townsperson, leaving those left alive at just five. The next day is crucial for all parties: if the killings are played wisely tonight, the game could end very soon indeed. So far, however, no-one knows what will happen, least of all our coin-flipping, fourth-wall-breaking disembodied hand.​
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