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Mafia 1: Conclusion: As Told By Bullets

Discussion in 'Mafia Archive' started by Teapot, Jul 6, 2011.

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  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    So, we've reached the end. Indie was the last to be killed by the Mafia, leaving the Mafia outnumbering the townspeople. This means the Mafia are guaranteed to win now (Sem kills Mafia, Mafia kills Sem, only Mafia remain), so the game is decided. Mafia win. Well done, ladies and gentlemen. And now, 23 real days, six in-game days and eleven deaths later, I can finally lift the veil of secrecy and reveal everyone's identities. It's been a bloody week.

    Rain / Shiny (Rain's role shifted to Shiny, but as she was a townie it never made a difference.)
    Mr. RMA

    Sir Red
    Toru (Survived)
    Brendan (Survived)

    Sem (Survived)


    The first few days were punctuated by a massive Detective presence, until he got himself killed. His presence ensured that the townspeople got the first two kills entirely correct, halving the Mafia's numbers. However, this was traded off by the Mafia knowing after the first day who the Detective was, and killing him. The second killing was decided by a loophole in the rules, and so that'll be fixed for next time you slimy gits.

    Sir Red and Dwayna both did a good job getting everyone else killed for the first few days, and their downfall was purely because of some well-educated guesses from the Detective.

    Sem is notable for managing to never make himself visible as the Doctor, instead expertly managing the bandwagons so that everyone except him was killed. He never actually managed to save anybody at night, but as he managed to survive, I'm not sure he'll mind too much.

    Brendan was an expert player, managing to safely steer a couple of bandwagons but not get too caught up in them. From all of the conversations I saw, he never got seriously accused. Toru on the other hand happened to be entirely inactive, and stayed alive that way. He didn't tell me he was unable to play until Day Five, by which time it was far too late. Natch.

    So, there will be a next time if people want it, and the rules will be tweaked. Notably, I'll be introducing an inactivity rule: If you do not appear in the game for three days, you'll simply die. This counts for both Mafia and townspeople, and will hopefully ensure we don't get members who are silent because they're simply not here, rather than because they want a subtle presence. However, if you cannot post for a few days and tell me so, the rule will not be applied for fairness' sake. There'll also be a few tweaks re: information sharing - notably, the Detective cannot share his information until daylight. Hopefully that'll make things fair.

    I may also introduce some more major rule changes, but I cannot announce anything until I've finalised the details.

    And, on a personal note, this game has been really fun to play, and I will be doing another one sooner rather than later if there is interest. I hope everyone will join me again for some more murdering fun next time!
  2. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Re: Conclusion: As Told By Bullets

    This was fun, even though I got killed off on my "second day" playing. XD I honestly had suspicions against Brendan, but as he was so sly and stuff I couldn't find too much evidence against him.... and Brendan, you're so smart, backstabbing and whatnot~ XD

    Sem, you failed as doctor if you couldn't save Shori or El. D:< I don't blame you for letting me die, though, since I accused you in chat. :3 I never thought you were doctor, though, since I always assumed doctor was either Indie or Toru.

    I totally want to join next game, if there is one. ^^
  3. Re: Conclusion: As Told By Bullets

    *wipes the blood of townsfolk off of him*

    It's been a wonderful week ladies and gentlemen...

    I'm sure most of you are surprised, some may have suspected. Though the fact that there has been absolutely no evidence to indicate me as a possible suspect ultimately proves that I had all the cards. There was even a little treat out to see if you could sniff it out.

    I suspected that Weeds or RMA was Mafia, due to their apparent rivalry, and that if one of them is dead, the other must be Mafia for sure. When one died right away, I expected you to lynch Weeds, then begin to doubt me and my thoughts. To my advantage however, you pushed him away and focused on Tan instead, for the excuses that his cuddliness was a trap. You all walked right over the clues.

    Now, for what I did,
    How does this work might you ask, first let me explain the evidence. I was asking why Dwayna and Red would so easily get caught, and that Red would practically flaunt his identity as he did, and I do say, both of them can do much better than the show they gave. I didn't say it directly, but if I continued to "think" I would have then drawn the conclusion that they were trying to get caught, so that the ones that doubted them could be ruled out as possible Mafia. The primary candidates are the active ones in the two deaths: Sho, El, and Sem. However, since Sho was already garroted and El was on his way to the wet concrete, that would leave Sem back in the open as possible Mafia.

    This is a very tricky manipulation maneuver, I gave evidence, that helped point to Sem, but never said it directly, only mentioned it in passing. In most analytical minds, they probe the evidence, and then put it on the first name that comes to them. Mentioning Sem is how I got to choose who they think about first. Sem's rejection of the evidence helped even more, over-thinking minds will quickly believe that Sem's denial, despite having a good stance, is because he's hiding something, something he doesn't want the others to know.

    I can't speak for Weeds and Jertyuiop, but the fact that their accusation of Sem comes AFTER I do this seems to indicate that they took the bait. I was hoping others would agree and that it would be enough to get Sem lynched, which would have been very sweet indeed, now that I know that he was the doctor all along. Their deaths at the hands of Sem and his bandwagon minions however was all the time I needed to finish the job. Believe it or not, whether it's actually true or not, I controlled you all like puppets, and you didn't even suspect a thing.

    So apart from the fact that putting El in concrete and dicing Shiny with shaving razors was my idea, and that I was also going to bury Indie in salt, that is my case. I can speak about Sho's appearance and what happened with Red and Dwayna as well, though there really isn't much to tell. Dway died, Toru and Red both wanted vengeance, I was worried about the doctor, Doc never showed up in the end, but Sho got Red taken down too. You knew most of this story already.
    #3 Brendan Savem, Jul 6, 2011
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  4. Re: Conclusion: As Told By Bullets

    You clever cogs, Brendan! I didn't expect you to be a Mafia member (but then again, I didn't expect the right people before) and I guess my decision that I wanted to lynch Sem was half to do what you said and half because he wanted to lynch me.

    I would love to join the next version of this, if/when it happens. Hopefully I won't get all of my judgements wrong now that I've gone through these experiences.
  5. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Re: Conclusion: As Told By Bullets

    ... heehee, bandwagon minions. XD I think I'm the only one that could truly be considered his bandwagon minion, since I willingly and purposefully went along with all of his accusations. ^^

    That is all I have left to say :3
  6. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Re: Conclusion: As Told By Bullets

    [me=Sir Red]applauds Brendan[/me]

    Jolly good show, my mafia brother. -^^- You played the game certainly better than I did. Part of my plan early one was to play the game loose and fast. I knew I'd be figured out early on, but if I could stir things up before hand then all would be fine with me (while also muddling things up before I died as to who else was mafia, not to mention that I continued to subtly support Sem's incorrect mafia musings in chat XP). I was also happy to kill Sho, as he made it oh so obvious as to who he was.

    And Sem...you are the world's worst doctor. XD Did you just protect yourself each and every night, you paranoid butt? :p
  7. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Re: Conclusion: As Told By Bullets

    Only about a third of the time actually :x I could've saved Sho, but I chose not to.
    #7 Sem, Jul 7, 2011
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  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Re: Conclusion: As Told By Bullets

    I called Toru. Told Sem to kill 'em but he didn't. Brendan was suspicious, too. So much wordiness. Made it seem like he was hiding something. But alas, I should've been involved and not merely a spectator. Although then I might've been killed early on so it'd be moot anyways...

    Good show you guys. I had a ball following the progress of this thing day to day. I must thank Data for bringing it to Pokecharms because it's awesome and you're awesome Data. :D
  9. Re: Conclusion: As Told By Bullets

    Okay guys, if you didn't know already, I wrote a story to help with the conclusion of this game. Please let it be known that it has horror elements in it, so don't bother reading if you can't handle it. If you have the stomach however, go ahead enter the domain of my mind.

    I might do another one in the next round, though I won't guarantee it, especially if I die early in the next one. Besides, now that I've done it, someone else might be interested to do the same.
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