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Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shocari, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. It was a year into the war. Every notorious Team from every region had united under a single banner, the banner of the Cobalt Storm. The Cobalt Storm was headed by a man who was unparalleled in strategy, a man who was always seven steps ahead. With the Pokemon Trainers and Masters from every Region teamed up against Cobalt Storm, one would think that there was a chance. But no.

    The brilliant tactical genius also had an ace up his sleeve: another military genius who nearly rivalved him, but took more of a combative role than himself. These two made a deadly match and proved extremely fierce. These two men led Cobalt Storm, and had won almost every battle thus far. True, there were about, maybe, three to four setbacks, but that didn't lower their troops' morale.

    The more tactical of the two, Reyson Havranek, stood in his study, bored with the lack of genius that was currently needed.

    "When will the Trainers make their move? This game is becoming increasingly lacking in challenge. Perhaps I should just...stop predicting them and see what they can come up with." he said lazily. Reyson had short dark brown hair and piercing violet eyes. He wore a light blue shirt with a white jacket and dark blue jeans. His black shoes matched with the black furniture in the study. This particular study was aboard Cobalt Storm Headquarters, a gigantic airship that was about the size of a supercell of storms.

    Suddenly, a blast sounded nearby, but it didn't even make Reyson budge. "Heh." He walked out of the room and entered a highly polished white hall way with acobalt colored floor and ceiling. There was a hole in the wall to his left a short ways up. Wanting to know what the cause was, Reyson walked towards it. As he neared, he muttered "Sabotage."
    If you haven't caught on yet, its a war PRP. If you so wish to join, you get the oppurtunity to choose Trainers/Masters or Cobalt Storm. Maximum slots for each side is six. There are so far four slots left for Cobalt Storm(one taken by me, the other, Psycho Monkey) and six for T/M. I will allow(if this applies to you) one fakemon from YOUR OWN region. But, it CANNOT be Legendary and CANNOT be Overly powerful. I, for example, have a Shocari, but, I tuned it down some.

    EDIT: after a certain PM(points to that person), I have decided, if you do use a fakemon, provide DETAILS. (WE NEED THE DETAILS SINCE IT IS NOT SOMETHING WE WILL ALREADY KNOW!)
  2. It was once a mountain called Silver. A towering rock, far above the reaches of any city in Johto. This was, of course, before the War began.

    The events came to pass, and before long, there was, a full blown war. Trainers, Masters, Gym Leaders, Elites, all teamed up against a band of crooked villains. With the declaration of War from all sides, the Government of Johto decided it would be best to make a military base out of the mountain.

    It was made in to one of the largest, and most expansive bases in the conflict. There would be a council, whom would rule the newly formed base, in terms of regulations and assignments. It was this council, who elected Cody to be one (of many) leaders on a frontal assault on to Team Cobalt's airship.


    It was a massive hangar, filled with people, and a legion of Pokemon. Some were just novices, dedicated to helping the cause, partnered with birds like Pidgeoto, or Noctowl. While, there were others, older trainers, who had massive beasts, such as Dragonite, or Salamence. And yet, there were some, right in the middle. They didn't want to show off, nor seem unimposing.

    "Good girl, Stella." the man's hand gently stroked the Armor Bird Pokemon's side.

    This, was greeted with a gentle "skrrrrr..." almost like a purr.

    Cody took his mount on the Skarmory, his jeans resting easily behind the bird's wings. His now rather signature of a dark blue jacket hung loosely over a plain white tshirt. It was at this point that a tiny purple blur flew across the floor, and leaped through the air, landing on the Skarmory's head.

    "Silver, not now. It's almost time to go." Cody gave the tiny Aipom a stern look, but behind the trainer's eyes were regret. His lifelong companion would no doubt hinder the mission, though the thought of leaving the Tiny Monkey behind tore at Cody's heartstrings. With one quick, and final, look at the Aipom, Cody picked Silver up, and tossed him down, where he landed with a dull thud on the paved ground.

    As the Aipom looked ready to cry, he slumped off, out of the hangar. Cody presumed to the bedroom where he had been staying.

    He turned to face the majority of the trainers behind him, all mounting their own Pokemon, ready for flight. He swallowed, and then spoke up; "Group one, you're to follow me. Everyone else, go when your respective group leader gives the order. We leave in twenty seconds." Cody paused, looked down, took a breath, and looked back up, his blond hair bouncing with his head, "any questions?"

    It was, of course, just a courtesy. No questions were expected, as most people knew exactly what was going to happen. they would fly up, get nearly there, launch an attack, maybe to, and be shot down. Most of the trainers mounting their Pokemon accepted this fact. There were, of course, the few optimists who refused to accept it, and were no doubt planning out what would happen when they landed in, on, or around the airship.

    Cody was among those who did not expect to return.

    "All right, let's go!" Cody called, zipping his jacket, and fastening his grip around Stella's neck. The iron-clad bird took to the skies, shooting out of the hangar, and within moments, Mt. Silver was left behind. The rest of Group One, quickly caught up. Group one was not the most advanced group. It was the ragtag, that nobody had any real faith in. The underdogs. Cody had volunteered to lead this group. His usually energetic eyes, now filled with sorrow, and a hint of regret, matched the sky, a pristine blue, unlike the shadow of menace some would expect at this kind of hour.

    Without saying a word, the group began flying, higher, and farther from their homes, friends, and family. The air was nothing but silent, as the sound generated by a mob of flying creatures could never be; but nobody actually said anything. The lucky ones would be the ones to survive this front line of assault.

    The lucky would see family again.
  3. OOC: Joining the trainers side, with Cody's group :)

    Her vivid green eyes flashed as the sunlight appeared, pushing back the darkness and unreal light of the military base within Mount Silver's gaping maw. Her hair flowed gracefully with the light breeze, although this contrasted with the solemn look on Violet's face as her Noctowl carried her higher. The sun reflected off of her Sinnoh Champion ring, glimmering on her finger like the glimmer of hope that this battalion was to Johto. Only a trio of pokéballs were clipped to her vast collection of belts that hung around her waist, hiding beneath a denim jacket.

    "Scarlett, you think we'll make it? I left a password that my brother knows on my PC box, so he can take my pokémon out if we end up in Mount Pyre… No, we'll make it. I know we will," Violet muttered to herself, a determined look crossed her face as she brushed a few strands of her hair out of her eyes to join the rest gliding along her back.

    Scarlett answered with a low but reassuring caw, and flapped her wings to carry the duo higher in the sky.

    "I wonder what this airship actually looks like… I know we had a briefing, Scarlett, but it still doesn't compare to seeing it with our eyes." Violet uttered, glancing behind her. In the wake of the rest of Group 1 was the rest of Johto, which seemed to urge the faction on and give it courage.

    With a final look at her hometown in the distance, Ecruteak City, Violet turned her eyes towards her destination and held her Noctowl tighter as she flew even higher into the skies above.
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  4. Being two and a half miles above sea level, having a giant hole in a wall, and looking at extremely nervous peons all around him, Reyson could only conclude that the Trainers and Masters were up to this. The explosion must have been caused by a Magnemite or a Voltorb; some sort of Pokemon that was small enough to go nearly unnoticed.

    "Captain," Reyson said, his calm tone hiding his irritation. The hallway that many people were currently in was now almost crowded to the point of being unable to move. Behind Reyson was a very expensive stained-glass window with the image of a Skarmory. An officer in his mid-twenties glanced up.

    "Y-y-yes s-sir?" he stuttered.

    "Could you tell me how this explosion happened while on your ever-vigilant watch?"

    "Well, s-s-sir, the exp-explo-explosion happened while I was...help-help-helping one of our newer re-recruits, sir."

    "Did it now? Well, that changes everything. Come over here Captain." Reyson walked over to the window, the captain unwillingly following. "Now, let me tell you something that should calm you, you look very nervous." The captain leaned in.

    Reyson pushed the captain through the stained-glass window, shattering it and making the man fall out of the airship, a staggering two and a half miles to the ground below. Reyson turned to address the startled Cobalt Storm members.

    "Let this be a lesson to all of you: do not leave your post unless instructed by your superiors. Do not wander off due to your own free will." he said, still calm. "I will not tolerate disobedience." he growled. Everyone scuttled off.

    Reyson sighed as he lifted his right arm and leaned it against the wall next to the broken window. He stared out and saw a couple dozen minicule black specks in the distance, coming from a mountain. Judging from their size, they were only a couple hundred feet up...and gaining. He sighed again as he reached into his jacket pocket and grabbed a small remote, pressing a button that sent off a silent alarm throughout the airship.
  5. He was not the first to notice, nor was he the last. Something large, and something moving, was coming out of the airship. It was about a mile and a half away, and moving at an incredible pace. Cody ordered the battalion to continue flying up and forward, and it was not until he could see clearly, at the head of the attack, what was coming at them.

    Swarms, and swarms, of Crobat. Crobat, Golbat, Zubat, and a few...Gligar? Cody couldn't tell. The distance was still too great.

    "Stop!" He called out of the thankfully calm winds. At once, most of the trainers in Group One slowed their mounts to a stop, and a gentle hover. Cody stroked Stella's head in appreciation, as he wings moved silently, keeping the two aloft.

    "The only thing we can do is attack! We all know that some of us won't make it back home, and now it seems some of us won't even make it to the base." At this point, all heads were facing Cody, some worried, some hungry with anticipation.

    "And remember, we pull back for nothing short of Apocalyptic. When our group, or, more of, what's left of it, makes it past the mile and a half point, Group Two will be sent up. Don't wait for them. Continue with the plan." Cody himself wasn't even sure what the plan was. It was his understanding they were trying to bring the ship down.

    "Stella, fly forward, then shoot an Icy Wind, concentrated towards the center. The Armor Bird Pokemon was quick to oblige, and shot forward nearly in an instant. Cody's grip on her neck was tight, and when she stopped to flap her wings to create the wind, Cody nearly flew forward. Stella's wings moved quickly, generating a none-too-pleasant noise. He wasn't too sure how, but she managed to create ice particles, and bits of snow, and soon, the collection of icy materials were shooting forward, towards the massive group of attackers. Those who it didn't sink, it would slow.

  6. Violet gaped as her group leader charged himself and his metallic mount towards the largest legion of the most classic criminal underlings in the Pokémon world: the Zubat species. What seemed like hundreds of the little purple creatures of varying sizes, sounds and evolution states flapped an assortment of wings, propelling them faster towards the group of rebels.

    Violet watched Cody, or at least that's what he was called in the briefing, scream an order to his Skarmory to use an Icy Wind. "Stella, fly forward, then shoot an Icy Wind, concentrated towards the center."

    "Scarlett, use Agility then mirror what Stella is doing with your Silver Wind!" Violet commanded. The Noctowl streamlined its body, moving its wings and talons in towards itself. Once the bird had rocketed past the swarm, the rider and mount turned on the spot and millions of tiny particles that glimmered in the light were summoned from beneath the Noctowl's wings. A powerful beat of her wings sent the silvery homogenous entity towards the flock of bat Pokémon, startling some of those not knocked out or frozen by Stella's powerful Icy Wind.
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  7. (Now, who wants to see a Shocari?)

    Legions of Crobat, Golbat, Zubat, and a few Gliscor swarmed the oncoming attackers. From his vantage point in his study, Reyson could watch and calculate. He reached for a ball attached to inside of his jacket. It was golden with a very intricate black design forming a ring on the top and the bottom.

    "Come see the battle." he said to it. Reyson pressed the button in the middle and a crimson light shot out, and took the shape of a wolf-like creature before disappearing, leaving the wolf in its place. The Pokemon was a gray color, with golden lighting bolt shapes on its left and right. "Shocari" Havranek said.

    "CARI!" it growled, noticing the Trainers flying up towards the ship.

    Reyson opened a window. Shocari walked towards it, its sky blue eyes glaring down. "Use Tempest." A brilliant yellow light engulfed Shocari, then it shot out towards the Trainers in a large beam. "That's it. Scurry about like mice."
    Tempest=fake move. A fake move for a fakemon. Here's the details on it:
    Type: Electric. Accuracy: 100. Damage: 90. PP: 10. Special Attack.
    Think of it as an electric version of Heat Wave, just a smaller base power.
  8. (Whoot! Lesse how my fakemon can do in the RP world... and how well I do being evil for once >:D)

    A swish of a dark cloak was the only indication that at least one person hadn't run for dear life to escape Reyson's almighty wrath. The wearer of the cloak stood just outside the new door of the room, looking not the least bit nervous. Her cobalt cloak and almost commanding aura ranked her as one of the high admins in Cobalt Storm, also everyone knew who she was. At her feet, almost hidden by the cloak, a Vulpix sat on her haunches, patiently waiting for her friend's move.

    "But why promote her to admin?!" Almost every trainer in Cobalt Storm protested. "She just a child! And a girl!" They lasted just long enough to regret their statements before the very luckiest were knocked into a coma for a week at least.

    True, she was 14, but she was experienced enough to match any of her equals and superiors. Also true, Chibi never really wanted or intended to be in Cobalt Storm, but unavoidable circumstances drove her and her friend, Elysia, to the dark side. Chibi stood as tall as she could, which was only a tiny 5' 4", her jade green eyes totally confident, the flecks of gold in them seemed to shine as she watched Reyson in his work. She cocked her head hard, a satisfying crack came from her neck and she didn't feel as stiff as before; she tucked a strand of waist-length fiery red hair behind her ear before taking a deep breath. With a new change of clothes, Chibi looked much less odd and much more intimidating than she did in her trainer days. She hated the fact that her favorite color, green, was all but terminated, but a deep blue was always her second favorite color, along with black. Under the cobalt cloak was a black, close fitting t-shirt, and her traditional green vest (she had been allowed to keep that at least) a pair of loose and comfortable jeans and black combat boots. She had to change her clothes after she had switched sides.

    Exhaling slowly and mustering her courage, Chibi walked boldly yet quietly into the room. Vyala followed at her heels, while Elysia followed behind her just as quietly, like a living shadow. Chibi had thankfully managed to get her friend's life to be spared along with hers, and when Chibi had been promoted to admin, she also used her admin-ly powers to make Elysia her closest assistant. Elysia often got into fights and was picked on, but now if anyone wanted to mess with her, they also messed with one of the most dangerous admins as well, so they wisely kept their thoughts to themselves. Not to mention that Elysia now outranked them and could still kick their asses all the way to the summit of Snowpoint and back. Discharge, her Magnectric, followed her just like Vyala followed Chibi.

    Chibi stopped just a few feet behind Reyson. She didn't know if her commander knew she was there or not, for he gave no indication of her presence. She lifted one of her pale hands out of her deep cloak pockets and cleared her throat noisily, every corner of the room heard the sound. "Commander Reyson," Chibi addressed him formally, her voice clear and unwavering. "The resistance is scaling a full attack on us." She pointed out the blantly obvious, but it would also state the reason for her next sentence. "Permission to help take them out? I was thinking of helping your Shocari out with a Rain Dance. It would be able to cast more lightning and water and lightning do not mix. Not to mention it would hamper the flying types, they don't work well in the rain." Chibi had enough experience of rain flying to know what she was talking about. Under her indifferent face she smirked, her arguements were quite reasonable and she had been dying to see Dancer in action again.

    (You'll see mah fakemon if reyson approves Chibi's request. and as a side thought: Chibi's theme song for this RP in my head is "Getting Away With Murder" by Papa Roach. :p)
  9. Reyson actually didn't feel Admin Chibi's presence as she entered the room. Well, there's always a first for everything. Chibi was one of Reyson's most loyal Admins, a rank he rarely bestowed.

    She mentioned using Rain Dance to power up Shocari's Tempest attack. Clever girl.
    "Rain Dance, you say?" he asked, not even looking at her. "Why, by all means, do so. It wouldn't be proper to not give our guests a proper greeting, would it?" Reyson stepped over to a bookshelf, letting Chibi walk to the window.

    "Shocari, use Tempest again once the rain starts up." Shocari nodded in approval. Reyson selected a book with a worn red cover, sat down on the couch, and began to read.
    (Now that we're on the subject of Theme Songs, I guess Reyson's would be "Re-education(Through Labor)" by Rise Against)
  10. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    (Here's hoping I don't get a blue screen of death again)

    "No! Please! Spare m-" begged some puny fool who dared stand in the way of Cobalt Storm before getting sliced in half by a buster sword stained red with blood.

    "Pitiful." mocked the wielder of the sword putting it back in its holster. That had been the last of the trainer army that called its home Viridian City. Satisfied with the day's victory, Arthias turned to face his men throwing his cape behind him to get it out of his way.

    "Well done men, the Viridian Squad has been thoroughly eliminated." he said to his army while walking through them. "I want half of you to stay here to bring this area completely under Cobalt control. The rest of you, come with me back to the air base. I would like to personally inform Lord Reyson of our victory." Arthias commanded.

    "Yes sir!" he was answered. Arthias walked over several dead bodies toward his Metagross. Like Arthias who bore a scar on his left cheek, Metagross had a scar over its left eye.

    Arthias, if that even was his real name, was a total enigma. Nothing is known of his past before he was recruited as military leader and second in command by Reyson Havranek himself. His appearance commanded respect, black pants tucked into black boots and a longsleeved black tunic is what he wore underneath his armor consiting of a black breast plate, black shoulder pads that curved upward into twelve inch spikes and black gauntlets running up the length of his arms. Including his black cape, the only part of Arthias's body that wasn't covered was his face which looked to be that of a man in his mid-twenties complete with styled back brown hair with four strands coming down over a blue headband and his green eyes hidden behind red tinted sunglasses.

    Despite his apparent young age, Arthias was a seasoned warrior having never lost a battle in his life, Pokemon or otherwise. The only indication of injury on his body was a scar on his left cheek. There was no doubt that who ever gave him that mark never lived to tell the tale. It was no coincidence that the name he went by sounded similar to Arceus; he was a god of war. The only thing that kept him from being the leader of Cobalt Storm was his lack of charisma in gathering support. His talents lay in action, not words.

    Metagross's four arms were tucked under its body as it flew, or morely levitated with its psychic abilities, back to the airship with Arthias standing proudly on the Pokemon's head and his soldiers behind him on there respective flying Pokemon. As they neared the airship Arthias saw a number of trainers on their own winged cavalry attempting an attack on the Cobalt Storm base.

    "Worthless peons." he muttered. Before checking in with Lord Reyson, Arthias decided it would be best to teach these weaklings a lesson. "Keep your positions men!" shouted Arthias to his troops as he broke formation to engage the wannabe heroes.

    Arthias rose on Metagross in the middle of the Zubat line and Gligar swarm with his arms crossed looking venomously at his prey. The closest one on the Skarmory must be the leader. As any good general knows, assassinate the leader and the army would fall. "Hyper Beam." Arthias commanded coldly. The Metagross opened the mouth on the base of its stomach firing a powerful white beam of energy at the kid on the Skarmory.

    (Obviously I like guys dressed in black. Arthias's theme would probably be "Riot" Three Days Grace.)
  11. Cody had, literally, no time to respond. Hyper Beam had been launched at him, from a nearby crazy looking asshole on a Metagross. Hyper Beam was not something Cody typically liked coming his way. So, he gave Stella the simple command of rolling out of the way. He gripped tightly to the Armor Bird Pokemon's neck, and Stella did an incredibly graceful, and impeccable, roll out of the way.

    It was slightly forward, then down, spiraling the whole way. When the duo straightened out, Cody was slightly dizzy, and someone was hit. A trainer Cody didn't know. He fell, and would never see life again. And it was Cody's fault.

    With no time to scream, "You bastard!" at the man on the Metagross, he flew ahead, underneath, and past him, along with the swarm of bats. As Stella continued to streamline closer and closer to the base, he hollered at that girl on the Noctowl, that she was to lead the air strike. By some miracle of physics, Cody was able to reach into his jacket, and press the button, signaling Group 2's launch. Group two was made up of some of the best flying aces in Johto, and Kanto.
    (Okay, I totally cheated, but a Skarmory can NOT even compete with a Metagross.)

    Within a few more moments of flying, Cody reached the roof, as one could call it, o the base, unopposed. That would, more than likely, change as soon as he set foot anywhere inside.

    "The sooner the better." Cody grunted, climbing off of Stella. He commanded the Skarmory to use Slash, and hack open the roof, so he could climb down. When the Armor Bird was done, Cody recalled her, and slid his way into the base, with sterling white walls, and Cobalt Blue seemingly everywhere. He could have sworn that he heard an alarm go off.

    (Dun like it. )
  12. Chibi smiled at Reyson, something that she rarely did anymore. "Thank you Reyson," she said, "these pests shall not trouble us much longer." She made her way to the window, motioning for Elysia and Discharge to stay back. She stood for a moment, ignoring the wind whipping up her hair. Then she reached into her cloak and unclipped a black and dark blue ball from her vest, she brought it out and enlarged it, revealing it to be a Dive Ball.

    Once upon a time, the Dive Ball Chibi pulled out would have housed a Lapras named Shingala, but Chibi did not want her friend to suffer from the killing and slaughter of war, so she stored Shingala away in her PC and took out another Water pokemon. She opened the ball, which spat out a beam of white light. "Dancer, time to go to work." She murmured to the beam. The pokemon that materialized was huge, and one never known to have existed.

    It was easily five inches taller than Chibi, and vaguely feline in body shape. It had a blue "skin" of sorts instead of fur, which was oily to help it shoot through water. The back of the cat's legs had fins protruding from them, between the "fingers" of the cat's paws were webs not unlike that of a frog's, and a webbed collar decorated its neck. Along the spine, more fins jutted out freakishly, going down the tail, which split at the end to form a powerful, sweeping fin, making the cat look like some hellish mutation of a fish and a cat. The face was the most feline part of all, the eyes were totally black and long whiskers grew from the cheeks, yet there were ears rather than fins, and a dark blue stripe started at each eye and ran down along its back and ended at the tip of its tail. From nose to tail the aquatic cat was about seven feet long, and was as majestic as it was freaky. It purred a loud "Leooooooo" as it appeared. Chibi smiled warmly at the cat, reaching up and scratching it behind its "ears". "Like it?" She said quietly to Reyson. "Her name's Dancer, she is the final evolution of a Water starter of a region that me and Elysia found a while back. Far away place…stunningly beautiful. Great pokemon though, this species is called Kumoleo, now watch closely."

    She took a step back, and stared at Dancer's eyes. "Dancer," she spoke, the cat turned at the sound of her name. "Rain Dance," Chibi said simply, sweeping her arm in the direction of the clouds. With another purr, Dancer strode to the edge of the window, looking out at the vast sky. Chibi took out something wooden, looking vaguely like a recorder. She put the instrument to her lips and began playing a soft melody, peaceful and relaxing, totally opposite of the situation. Dancer wiggled at the sound of the music, and sighed contentedly. From her mouth, a great white cloud was exhaled from the sky, drifting out the window to join its other cloud brethren. Dancer close her eyes in the purest pleasure of the tune Chibi played, sighing constantly, producing clouds that got darker and darker with each sigh. Finally, Chibi stopped playing, and Dancer's black eyes opened. The feline stood up and gazed at the gray clouds she created, then without warning let loose a fearsome roar that shook the ground beneath Chibi's feet, it was unlike the soft purrs used earlier. The clouds rumbled with thunder, and all at once rain began pouring down from them, falling down like a waterfall onto the fliers. "And opportunity awaits." Chibi said, stroking Dancer's head in congradulations.

    (Yes, I know my pokemon names are cheesy, shush)
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  13. Chibi's Pokemon sure cut a striking figure. It was definately something Reyson had never seen before. The rain came down as Chibi said, so Shocari used Tempest as instructed.

    "Good, Chibi." he said while walking towards the window. A Metagross was attacking the Trainers, which could only mean..."Arthias. I knew he'd show up sooner or later."

    Reyson pressed a button on a silver desk panel next to the window. A lady's voice said "Yes, master Reyson?"

    "Release the Banette."

    "Yes sir."

    "Have it patrol the upper halls, just in case they try something. And let Gardevoir take the lower halls."

    "Yes sir." The com system clicked off.

    "Chibi, let us see how well they can manage. After all, we wouldn't want to end the game quickly, now would we?"
  14. Chibi grinned, "No we don't sir." She replied, her thoughts suddenly went to her Banette, which was still in her PC. He would do quite well in the warlike world now. Vyala yipped as something silver caught her eye. Chibi looked down at the fiery canine, then back up again. "Vyala says she saw something going towards the roof." She reported.

    "The roof?" Elysia murmured, coming closer to stand by Chibi's side. Her messy spiked gold and black hair fell into her sapphire eyes, but she didn't care. She also wore a cobalt cloak, and Discharge growled restlessly at her side.

    "The Banette'll take care of it Elysia." Chibi assured her friend. She reached out and petted Dancer's head again, much to her delight. She paued and looked at the aerial battle taking place. "But then again they probably won't need to, with that psycho out there whatever's left of them shall be sent back home in a matchbox." The psycho Chibi referred to laughed insanely as his Metagross steed shot attacks into the resistance. Chibi blinked wistfully, then turned back to Reyson. "If the situation somehow gets out of hand, we'll have to enter the battle ourselves, right?" She asked, rubbing a sensitive spot on Dancer's jaw.
  15. "If the situation somehow gets out of hand, we'll have to enter the battle ourselves, right?" Chibi asked.

    "Ourselves? My dear, in chess, the pawns go first. The King and the Queen only attack when the enemy King and Queen attack in a foolhardy manner. If things go wrong, the bishops take care of it for now. Arthias is such a bishop. He can take out several by himself without the aid of assistance. Now, if worse comes to worse and someone gets where we don't want them, we'll step in." Reyson said.

    "Come, we await their move." Reyson walked off, heading towards the generator that powered the entire airship. Without it, the ship was doomed. It could live without everything but the generator, which kept it suspended in midair through repulsorlift technology. Shocari followed suit.

    The generator was near the top floor, but Reyson had a shortcut. Chibi mentioned a person on the roof. He wouldn't be too difficult to handle, but Reyson wanted him to be as strong as...Lance.
  16. Once more, it seemed, Violet's group leader had gone and done the insane: Taking on a Metagross with a Skarmory, and leaving her with telling the fast approaching group two what to do. A Hyper Beam flew across the sky, hitting a trainer in the chest atop a Fearow. Both fell spiraling to the ground.

    "Only the dead truly know peace…" mumbled Violet, and with that she shook her head and came back to reality. A trainer atop one of the most majestic dragon pokémon that the girl from Johto had ever seen was flying up to talk, and the metallic badge on his chest with a two on it indicated his presence as Group Two member. With a simple verbal command, the Salamence he was riding spread its imposing wings, pulling the pair to a stop next to Violet and Scarlett.

    "Hey", shouted the member over the sounds of battle, "We were called up?"

    "Yeah, that's right. I was told to direct the aerial assault." Violet hollered back. "Do you have anyone riding Tropii in your group?"

    "I believe so; I'll alert them that they're needed," yelled the rebel. He pulled out a small device, and pressed a few button combinations. Violet looked around to see a pair of green splashes in the sky begin making their way towards them.

    "Also, do you have anything with defensive capabilities?" screamed Violet back. The rebel pulled out a pair of Quick Balls, and pushed the button on their blue-yellow centres. A pair of Vespiquen appeared, a few stray grubs flying around the hives at their lower ends.

    "These work?" he screamed, returning the duo.

    "Perfect, now follow me!" Violet ordered, to the newly arrived Group Two members riding their Tropius. The quartet was already fairly out of sight from the battle, having met at Violet's location behind the Zubat swarm. They began to fly rapidly towards the top of the Cobalt Storm battle station, wings beating as fast as was possible for each individual pokémon. A few rebels who had split off from the group noticed this small attack squad, and had turned their tail on their positions in battle and flew upwards to support them. One of them was rapidly shot down, although a trainer atop a Magnezone, of all things, arrived to support successfully.

    As the, now a group of five, arrived atop the battle station, the battle below was still raging. Screams to pokémon were submersed beneath the sounds of the moves themselves, mostly moves that could attack more than one pokémon at a time. Blizzards, Sandstorms, Flamethrowers and Thunders seemed dominant, as judged by the flurry of powerful colours and shades that flashed outwards from the mêlée like fireworks.

    "Ok!" explained Violet, now able to talk because the battle was further away. "You two, on the Tropii, keep the sun out with Sunny Day, and then constantly use Solarbeam on anything that looks important from the top here. We're talking flashing lights, odd extensions to the battle station. Anything, except the walkways you can see; the ones with the glass roofs. Not those, we have friendlies inside the station already!

    She turned her finger to the trainer on the Salamence. "Release your Vespiquens, and keep a consistent Defend and Heal Order going. You guys need to keep the Tropii alive for as long as you can." With that, the pair of Queen Bee pokémon appeared again, and a swarm of grubs and bees left their hives forming a perimeter around the grass flying types.

    "And finally, if anyone else has a good plan to defend, or wishes to add to the long ranged attacks, feel free. We need all the help we can get." ordered Violet to her small battalion. "But! No one, and I mean no one, goes up close. We do not want any friendly fire! Keep the long ranged attacks with a strong defense up as long as you can, but if you have to pull out, do so. Understand? No one fires their Solarbeams until I'm safely inside the station, I'll let you know when. Good luck." Violet said, brushing away a slight tear in her eye. She turned her Noctowl around, and Scarlett flapped her wings towards the hole already made by Cody. A glance back to her quartet showed that the Magnezone had added its own protection to the group, a flash of electrical power circumnavigated the group at regular intervals, showing off its Protect.

    Violet slowed her Noctowl down, and then landed on the hole. She battered her way inside, and noticed her leader at the end of the hallway. Violet released Lysander, her Luxray, and recalled Scarlett, then rushed to catch up. Reaching to her belt, she found her own communication device and signaled to her group to begin the assault. Flashes could be seen above the station, and Violet smiled.

    (OOC: Wow, that's a long post :o Also, I do hope that plural Tropius are Tropii :p)
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  17. "Oh damn IT!" Cody exclaimed, a bit shocked, a bit angry. He was certainly ready to give the girl he had left in charge a good smack across the face, if not something worse. This would be, of course, totally unacceptable. Instead, he gave her a quick glare, then turned to a radio he had stuck in his pocket. Cody pulled it out, and quickly began talking into the device.

    "...yes, she was supposed to lead, but I guess she d-" he paused, "uh-huh. I know. Yes. Okay. Well, you're in charge of the air strike now." Cody then paused, and listened as the man on the other end explained something.

    "Right, that's good. Keep up with that, but, someone on a Dragon needs to attack him." Cody put the radio away, without a second thought. He was about to turn around back to the girl, whose name he still did not know, when he noticed the Banette coming down the corridor, straight for him and the girl with the Luxray.

    "We're not even gonna bother trying to do this quietly, Mars, get out here!" Cody threw the Fast Ball down the corridor a bit, the orange and yellow design blurring together. As it cracked open in a ray of light, A large bear took form, and the sphere returned to Cody's outstretched hand.

    It was a cooling touch, but not nearly soothing enough. Wait. Cody suddenly remembered, Chibi has a Banette.... Supposedly, his old friend, Chibi, had recently died on a mission. She was a better trainer than him, so of course she was made one of the commanders from Johto as well. It was a mission, somehwere, Cody couldn't remember where, that the whole group was massacred. Cody didn't attend the memorial service, though. He refused to believe that Chibi had died. He was convinced that, she would be somewhere on this Airship, perhaps as a prisoner. How wrong he was.

    "Okay, Mars, use Night Slash!" Cody called out to the Ursaring. When it came to smashing things, it was either Mars, or Lucario. As this was a Johto-based mission, Cody made the decision to use only Johto natives. It wasn't the smartest choice, as it left out some Pokemon, such as his Salamence that had gone so long without battles. But this, his Johto arsenal, was the most experienced.

    The Ursaring charged down the corridor on all fours, and leaped at the Banette before it even had the chance to retaliate. The Marionette Pokemon was pinned to the floor by the Ursaring's might paw in an instant. The paw already pinning the ghost down began to glow a dark black, and soon, his claws were extended into the ghost's side. The other paw, raised high in the air, began to glow with an equally as dark color. Mars' claws extended, and he began slashing away at the Ghost Pokemon. As it was not technically living, there was no blood, or gore, as the Banette was killed. It went out with a terrifying screech, which echoed for a long time down the corridors.

    The Hibernator Pokemon walked back slowly to his trainer, and Cody and Mars stood still for a moment. Cody glanced back at the girl with the Luxray, and then forward again at the Banette. That screech will have alerted someone for sure, and they couldn't stay around long to find out. But for now, they could take a quick rest.

    (Also, I can double up as the person commanding the air battle, if nobody else wants to do eet)
  18. Chibi had nodded at Reyson's explanation, and proceded to follow him, although she wasn't entirely satisfied. All her battling life she was the one in the thick of battle, one of the pawns, but recently before her capture, the bishop leading the pawns. She felt a pang of longing in the direction of the battle, oh what she would give to be out there right now, the adrenaline screaming through her veins and the satisfaction of watching her enemies fall. But, Reyson was her commander, and the commander's wishes must be obeyed.

    Chibi nodded to Elysia, and once again the two trainers walked with each other and their canine partners paced at their heels. Chibi stopped to consider something, then smiled and motioned for Dancer to follow instead of putting her back in her pokeball. The Kumoleo loved being out of her ball, and the sight of the imposing aquatic feline-fish would perhaps keep annoying enemies and grunts away from her when they saw the freakish pokemon they never even thought existed obeyed Chibi happily. The admin raced to catch up with Reyson, her cobalt cloak flapping behind her legs oddly until she she saw him go into the generator room. She felt her eyebrows go up. The generator room? What would Reyson possibly want to do in there?

    She pushed open the doors quickly, pausing briefly to consider locking them, then decided against it. Let them come. If they want to die so badly then Chibi would oblige their wishes. She hurried over to Reyson's side with Elysia, Dancer came up beside her as she stopped and purred loudly, demanding a headscratch. Chibi obliged her as well, bringing forth high-pitched "Leeeeooooo"s of delight, which were a Kumoleo's way of purring. Chibi was about to ask just why they were here, but she held her tongue. If anything, they were defending the precious power source of the ship. And she had no doubt Reyson would tell her.

    A distant scream drifted through space, sending chills down Chibi's spine as it echoed coldly over and over again, then it was silent. Chibi tensed, she knew what that sound was, she heard it before. "That was a Banette," she said quietly, "most likely dying or in great pain."
  19. The marionette seemed to melt into the metal floor, its dying breath a shriek to the depths of the Ursaring's awesome strength and power. The bear gave its vanishing victim a vicious slash through its mystical body, and then slowly paced his way back to Cody.

    ‘…wow. I'm surprised, but I can't explain why,' thought Violet as she watched Mars return to its trainer's side. She was speechless at the idea how such a seemingly cuddly and friendly Ursaring could be so ferocious.

    "…the other end of the hallway is a dead end, as a heads up, so if any more guards come then it'll be from that way," explained Violet, pointing to corner near where the Banette's body used to be. "And Lysander can let us know if anyone is coming… heck, he could even see where the generator is," finished Violet with a nod to her electrical escort. His eyes flashed golden yellow: A surefire sign that he was looking through and beyond the corner, fulfilling his temporary placement as team sentry. He lowered his body to the floor and seemed to relax, although his face told a different story.

    Cody didn't say a word, only sat on the floor and glanced up at Violet. His blonde hair blew in the slight breeze that was trickling in from the hole in the ceiling; his face was a mixture of annoyance and sadness, to some extent concealing the face deep in thought that only showed in his eyes.

    "So… what now? I'm all for a new plan, seeing as I half ditched your current one" questioned Violet with a nearly unnoticeable smirk, as she perched herself on a nearby windowsill opposite her Group leader.
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  20. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    (Chibi, the first thing that came to mind when you described Kumoleo was a freakish Vaporeon mutant :p)

    The trainer on the Skarmory had some skill after all, effortlessly dodging the Hyper Beam at the sacrifice of one of his own. The arrogant fool then charged Arthias with everthing he had.

    "Wanna die that badly?" Arthias mocked pulling out his buster sword as Metagross began moving forward. As the two flew at eachother it began raining followed by a violent thunder attack, most likely from Lord Reyson's Shocari.

    Just as Arthias swung the blade to behead the foolhardy leader, the Skarmory faked under Metagross to the airbase. He had no idea what he was getting into. If the grunts and subordinates didn't kill him, then Lord Reyson or that new girl would. However in the event the reckless boy somehow escaped with his life, there would be no one left outside to greet him. Arthias would be sure of that.

    "You!" the commander shouted pointing his sword at a girl on a Pidgeot. He flew toward his unfortunate victim and had Metagross smack the girl off her ride to plummet to her doom. Arthias spun his weapon around impailing the Bird Pokemon in the back as it dived to help its trainer. Before he could ask who would be next, more trainers rode into battle on more "adequate" steads.

    "It doesn't matter how many of you there are!" he called to them. "All who oppose Cobalt Storm will perish!" With a wave of his hand, the swarm of Bat Pokemon advanced on the ragtag army. That should keep those peons busy.

    The rain suddenly stopped as the clouds abruptly dispersed and the sun came back out stronger than before. Having not noticed any of the trainers fighting using Sunny Day, Arthias directed Metagross back to the airship to defend it from those who dared get too close. When he got back there was already a group of several Tropius, Vespiquen, and a trainer with a Salamence. Arthias pulled a communication device from behind his breastplate.

    "This is commander Arthias. I need all available troops to report to the roof of the ship. Repeat: report to the roof of the station. We have company."

    After giving his order, the commander jumped from his Metagross attempting to cut down one of the Tropii. Instead all he sliced through were a number of insects protecting the Grass type.

    "Are you the one in charge here?" interrogated the man with the Salamence.

    "I am. Are you?" questioned Arthias turning to the trainer. The Iron Leg Pokemon landed slowly next to its master so as not to dent the already damaged base.

    "I am." the man relied. Arthias grinned malevolently. Behind him a small squad of grunts came up the stairway to the roof.

    "Take the Tropiis and the Vespiquen. This one's mine." said Arthias gleefully. "Metagross! Hammer Arm!"

    (Anyone want to challenge me?)
  21. "Well, first of all, I'm Cody. And, as you probably know by now, this is Mars." He signaled to the bear. "And you are?"

    "Violet" the girl said, "And Lysander." (There was no other way to, sorry for the auto)

    "Well then, Violet, we've got to get to that generator you were talking about." As if on cue, the Luxray made a growl for a certain direction, and Cody had no doubt in his mind that the generator room was that way. He nodded at Violet, recalled the might Ursaring, and began to move.

    Cody had been a runner since his youth in Olivine city, and it was certainly coming in handy now. He ran, seamlessly down the corridors, rounding corner after corner, the steady sound of the generator leading his way. It was then, that he felt something move beneath his foot. For the first time, he stopped, and looked down.

    A massive army of Rattata had appeared, and were swarming Cody and Violet. "This one's yours." Cody said. She deserved some fun of obliterating something, everybody did, once in a while. He had no idea how the aerial battle was going, he could only hope it was doing well.

    ~~~(shift to rooftop battle)

    "Of course I'll challenge you!" The man with the Salamence cried. The psychotic commander's Pokemon had tried to hit him, and the trainer, known as Aiden, leaped effortlessly to the side, causing the Pokemon to hurt only the airship. He climbed aboard the mount that was his Dragon Pokemon, and took to the skies.

    "This is my domain, and you're obviously capable in the skies as well. So, bring it on." With this, he commanded the Salamence to use Dragon Pulse, which sent two grunts, and their Pokemon, flying off the ship, to a nice plummet to the mountains below.
  22. As Reyson, Chibi, and-what was her name? Elysia?- entered the generator room, Reyson pulled out a comlink.

    "Call off all grunts going to the top floor." he said.

    "What, sir?" she asked, obviously surprised.

    "I said, call of all grunts going to the top floor. If we have been breached, then let it remain so. But do make sure they leave something to let our friends know about the generator."

    "Ummm...yes sir." The link clicked off.

    "Chibi, do you know why I am doing this? I do it for fun, and nothing else. This war is a game, something to test out my mind. I plan on sending the Masters and Trainers a...message."
  23. The dark haired girl chuckled as the tiny purple swarm drowned the rebel's shoes and nibbled their ankles. With a giggle, Cody said "This one's yours.", and carried on around the corner.

    "Ok, Cody. I'll catch you up," she said, turning back to the minute legion of rats. "Oh, how low the mighty have fallen! I can't believe that even such a large sinful organization as this still manages to use utter trash…" and with that, she stepped aside from her loyal companion.

    Lysander stepped forward with a flash of its eyes; a slight grin could be seen curling upwards from its mouth as the Rattata turned to face the electrical beast. Their eyes began to widen, their grips loosened from the legs of Violet and a few began to shake. A flurry of squeaks arose from the lilac ocean of fur, and once the Luxray took a step forward, he parted the sea.

    ‘Those slightly braver souls who remain will have some problem…' thought Violet, "Do what you have to do to clear the halls of the vermin who linger, Lysander."

    The Luxray definitely manifested a smirk across its cunning features, and it flashed its eyes a vivid, dark red. A mild use of the Scary Face move, Violet observed. The Rattata that remained turned tail, and just to top the extermination off, Lysander let loose a majestic Howl. The cry echoed down the halls, and a couple of Rattata even fell to the floor, unmoving.

    "Great work, Lysander. Hope you had some fun," Violet encouraged, with a smile. With a gaze to her back, making sure the coast was clear, she climbed onto Lysander's back with a simple movement and the duo charged after their Group Leader in the hallways of the Cobalt Storm battleship.
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  24. There it was. Cody could tell, by the loud hum coming from behind the door. It was now or never. Cody, would probably die. It was the outcome he expected, and was well prepared for it. He gathered his thoughts, prayed, and went back to just about every significant memory of his recent life.

    The festival of stars...meeting Kalseng, Brian, and Daniel...

    the few days on the ranch...

    the night spent in Viridian city...

    The Dotted Hole Ruins....meeting Chibi....

    and, most recently, the weeks spent lost in the desert, and fighting for survival

    Each memory, flashed through his mind, in full color, sound, and content. Cody fastened his jacket, took a deep breath, and slowly opened the doors.

    Nothing could have prepared him for what he was to see. Chibi. In the outfit of a Colbalt Uniform. She was no doubt in the high ups. But...what the hell? But she was alive! That was good, right? Cody didn't know. All he could do, was yell.

    "Chibi! The Hell!? Why! Who! What!" And several other incomprehensible words. There were two others there, and a Pokemon that Cody had not yet seen. It was, of course, no matter to him. He was upset. He was hurt, he was..he was betrayed. One, single tear rolled down his cheek.
  25. A Trainer entered the generator room, as was the plan. The sight of Chibi startled him, as no doubt did Shocari or the...Kumoleo? Sure. That was it...possibly. Reyson stepped forward out of the shadows.

    "You are a Trainer, yes? Well, I have to compliment you for getting here. You seem experienced at being a Trainer. But tell me this. What are Pokemon to you? Are they loyal-willing to give their lives for you? Or are they slaves-servants to our will and desire? You decide. As for me, they are merely manifestations of our subconscious, with each Trainer catching Pokemon that match a part of themselves, whether they know it or not.

    "Take my Shocari for instance. It isn't exactly evil by nature, nor am I, but it uses its superior intellect to bend others to its will. Take Chibi here. Her Kumoleo relies on its elegance to deceive, like her. Does it bother you, me talking about your old friend? I daresay it wasn't that hard bringing her to the truth." Reyson let out a mirthless laugh that echoed throughout the room.

    "Feel free to tell the Masters that if they value precious lives, they will protect the storehouse in Violet City. That is all."
  26. (Intresting facts folks, Kumoleo actually based off Vapereon in a few ways. Most noticeably the webbed collar. However my pokemon is way stronger and can knock Vapeoreon away like a soccer ball with a single swipe of its paw. Now, let's get some sad and guilty writing in here!)

    Chibi had literally flinched when the doors behind them banged open. What the hell?! She turned around to the imaginary intruding grunt in her mind and was about to shout why the fuck he was in here...and stopped cold. Cody. In the doorway. Looking right at her. Every muscle in Chibi's body locked in alarm, as if instead of Cody the mad Ursaring he had cwas charging right at her. Her shock paralyzed her like a bolt of lightning, she knew her jade green eyes were growing huge, and her mouth was still gaping for the angry shout that never came. All she could do was stare. And, unfortunately, her hearing was not one of the things that stopped at the sight of her friend.

    Cody also looked utterly shocked, and he seemed to be having trouble with his voice. When it did work however, the sound of his voice brought back everything Chibi hoped to put away in her mind. "Chibi! The Hell!? Why! Who! What!" He said something else that was incoherent, and Chibi saw a silver tear trickle down his cheek.

    The sight of the expression of grief instantly made Chibi's own tears slam against her eyes, but she held them back through a force of will. If Reyson saw her crying...she gulped and restrained her all-too-visible tears. They would not spill. Chibi had been on the verge of crying before in Cobalt Storm before, but she never did, she wouldn't start now. She trembled and curled her hands into fists to spot them from trembling, and looked into Cody's blue eyes, hoping they would tell the message she dared not utter. Elysia inched closer to her, she had seen the tears, and her face was etched with compassion and sympathy. She laid her hand on Chibi's arm, and Chibi's throat made a tiny squeak. Vyala whined constantly and rubbed Chibi's legs, out of long habit, Chibi picked her up, and the rust-colored fox rubbed against Chibi's throat; Dancer mewled softly and looked at Chibi worridly.'

    Reyson, meanwhile, had stepped forward. Thankfully, Chibi's tearful eyes (although she was fighting them) stared at his back. His speech made little sense to Chibi, but then again, Chibi always liked to cut directly to the point, while Reyson liked to dance around the bush. "As for me, they are merely manifestations of our subconscious, with each Trainer catching Pokemon that match a part of themselves, whether they know it or not." He said. Chibi frowned, that was one thing about Reyson, he was always so damned thoughtful about things that no one else would think about. She would have dismissed his words as nonsense, yet...as she thought about it twice, they did make sense. In a very odd, unnatural way.

    "Take my Shocari for instance," Reyson continued earnestly. "It isn't exactly evil by nature, nor am I, but it uses its superior intellect to bend others to its will." Chibi had a hard time grasping that. "Take Chibi here." Wait a minute don't bring me into this!! Chibi's thoughts screamed. "Her Kumoleo relies on its elegance to deceive, like her. Does it bother you, me talking about your old friend? I daresay it wasn't that hard bringing her to the truth." Chibi swallowed very hard and visibly. Reyson's words made her uncomfortable, she wold have loved to deny them, but she would only deny them to others. To herself, well, she knew Reyson was right, she had deceived others before that way, and no matter how many times you denied something to yourself it always came back. She thought Cody would indeed be bothered by Reyson's chat with him, how his enemy friendly conversed with him about things that really had no importance about the current situation at hand, but she knew Reyson never monologue without a reason. Speaking of the devil, he now laughed coldly, as if amused, the laugh reverbrated creepily across the walls.

    "Kumoleo?" Dancer echoed, her "ears" coming up (if that was possible) at the sound of her species' name. "Kumo!" She mewled, her tail flicking, the finned tip dragging wetly across the floor with a loud flap.

    "Feel free to tell the Masters that if they value precious lives, they will protect the storehouse in Violet City. That is all." Reyson continued, as if he never heard. Chibi's eyebrows shot up. The storehouse in Violet City? Why in the world-? Vyala yipped, still concerned over Chibi. Chibi shook her head. She would have loved to say something, but she didn't trust her own voice, and in Cody's presence, all she wanted to do was either become invisible somehow, or just shrink into a tiny insignificant size.
  27. Cody saw. He saw, and he knew. Chibi couldn't say it out loud, but the message was clear. A story, no, a novel, written, and spoken, just with Chibi's jade eyes. Vyala, the Vulpix Chibi had always loved, and been with, was clearly confused, if not somewhat devastated as well. Chibi picked up the rust colored fox, who rubbed softly across her throat. For a moment, it seemed all was well.

    And then Reyson had to open his mouth.

    "You are a Trainer, yes? Well, I have to compliment you for getting here. You seem experienced at being a Trainer. But tell me this. What are Pokemon to you? Are they loyal-willing to give their lives for you? Or are they slaves-servants to our will and desire? You decide. As for me, they are merely manifestations of our subconscious, with each Trainer catching Pokemon that match a part of themselves, whether they know it or not.

    "Take my Shocari for instance. It isn't exactly evil by nature, nor am I, but it uses its superior intellect to bend others to its will. Take Chibi here. Her Kumoleo relies on its elegance to deceive, like her. Does it bother you, me talking about your old friend? I daresay it wasn't that hard bringing her to the truth." Reyson let out a mirthless laugh that echoed throughout the room.

    "Feel free to tell the Masters that if they value precious lives, they will protect the storehouse in Violet City. That is all."

    Cody listened, to each word. And with each passing moment, his sorrow and shock morphed into anger. This was probably, of course, just what Reyson wanted. But, to be frank, Cody didn't give a damn. He couldn't face Chibi, not now. And, he had little doubt that she was grateful for that; it wasn't an easy situation for either.

    Instead, he turned his head to Reyson, and let his eyes fill with anger. It was time not just to vent, not just to rebut, but to explode.

    "Reyson, I hope that you know." Cody spoke, "That by the time we're done, your life will be ended. I promise you that." Cody spoke, not specifying who "we" were, nor was he really sure himself.

    "Also, you can mess with as many political figures as you want. You can steal all the money, and Pokemon. But, when you so much as dare to go anywhere near the students of Johto University at Violet City, you may as well be kissing your ass goodbye." Cody had never been this angry before. Johto University wasn't something to be messed with.

    Throughout this whole ordeal, Cody's radio had been turned on, so that everyone outside, fighting in the skies, everyone down in the mountain, and everyone who was listening to the live feed on the radio knew exactly what was happening.

    "And if I have to Reyson," Cody was done joking. His usual free spirit had left. It was a sudden change, as if he was in battle, but about one hundred times that. "I will take my life in the process of ending yours. I don't want to, but this world is too good for people like you." Cody's stare was unmoving. His breath, controlled. It was a mixture of anger, distress, sorrow, and adrenaline pumping through his veins that brought this on. His right hand was grasping two cooling spheres, one orange, yellow, and white, the other, mostly white and gray.

    Never before had his eyes turned from a cooling river, to cold, sinful, ice.
  28. So, the Trainer had shown some promise. He might make a worthy opponent. He also did something Reyson didn't anticipate: showing anger. Interesting.

    "Steal money? Steal Pokemon? Why would I ever do that? That is below me. I don't, nor do I need to, steal anything. And as for the world being too good for me, you're quite right. I won't lie to you. I know what I'm doing is wrong. I know it...and I enjoy it. You see, unlike all those fools from the Teams, I have a reason for what I do. What do they want? World domination? Molding it to their own design? Pointless. I want something you could never comprehend.

    "And on another note, yes, my life will have ended before I can see the fruits of my labor. But, I can say that I-" Reyson stopped as another figure entered. It was a girl, and apparently, she was slightly out of breath from running here.

    "Oh good, you've joined the show. Well, I daresay this is getting interesting. Let me catch you up to speed: I'm attacking Violet City's storehouse in about, let's say, three days. Also, noticing you are a Trainer, I have this to ask you. What are Pokemon to you? Are they loyal-friends willing to die for you? Or are they servants-slaves to our will and desire? You decide. As for me, they are merely manifestations of our subconscious, with each Trainer catching Pokemon that match a part of themselves, whether they know it or not. I'll let that sink in for a little bit."

    "Also, you," Reyson pointed at Cody. "If you want to battle me, go ahead, but it'll be on solid ground, at Viridian City, which is just below us. I'll battle you within two hours of our landing." The generator continued to hum.
    Reyson grabbed another intricate ball from his jacket and sent out another Pokemon. This one was like a giant dog-like creature, with its main body orange with a beige mane, tail, and fluffs on the legs. It had black jagged lines over its body, and let out a fierce bark.

    "Arcanine, use Flamethrower on the generator. Shocari, return." A crimson light once more enveloped Shocari, while Arcanine blew a savage barrage of fire at the generator, causing it to explode.

    "Now, if everyone wants to escape, there is a window just down the hall." Reyson said, returning Arcanine to his ball. That being said, everyone turned tail and ran out. "Chibi, wait a moment. If you have a Flying-type, don't use it, I have a plan." he said once the Trainers were out of sight. "We'll wait for the ship to fall down far enough to where we can jump safely out on the back of some Grunt."
    ooh. Slight auto, but I got it okayed by the people.
  29. Violet leaped off of Lysander's back as she approached the generator room, as indicated by several signs of assorted shapes and sizes scattered across the walls of the veins that ran through the battle monstrosity.

    "Uhh… uhh… I'm here…" exhaled Violet quietly, her lungs more worried with inhaling oxygen than talking at that moment. She looked around the room and balanced her hands on her knees; a gleaming generator that whirred every few seconds was the centerpiece. Cody, what seemed to be a friend of Cody's and a more official figure stood in positions around the power producing machine.

    "Reyson, I hope that you know." Cody said, "That by the time we're done, your life will be ended. I promise you that."

    Reyson. Didn't seem such an evil name. Whilst she was thinking these thoughts, Reyson had released an Arcanine. Lysander stepped forwards in a typically instinctual manner, wanting to protect his trainer. It wasn't necessary. The fiery pokémon had already launched a steam of flames at the generator. Violet knew exactly what happened, and adrenaline had replenished what energy was used in running there so fast.

    "Run!" Violet screamed to no one in particular, as explosions began to ring out from the generator room. She unknowingly took Reyson's advice and ran back into the corridor whence she came, with the windowed walkway. With a look to her Luxray, she reached to her belt and released Scarlett. "Lysander, Discharge in this hallway!"

    Lysander's tail glowed a vibrant yellow, and sparks began to jump from its extremity to the corridor. With a final roar, he released the energy and masses of sparks of electricity were hurled into the glass. It smashed with a deafening bellow, and with that Scarlett took flight out of the crater on the side of the Cobalt Storm battleship. Violet leapt after her, returning Lysander in mid flight. Violet only hoped that amidst the sounds of the explosions, she heard footsteps of her Group Leader running behind her.

    Violet trusted her Noctowl to be there for her, and as expected she landed with a resounding thud on the bird pokémon. She looked back at the red flashes in the depths of the metallic beast, only hoping that Cody, and maybe that girl too, got out safely.

    "Typical. As soon as I arrive, the place has to go up in smoke." Violet moaned, with a roll of her eyes, and began to swoop towards the ground near the outskirts of Viridian City.
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  30. (Okay, Shocari, this post does involve some auto-ing on my part, so, if you totally hate it, let me know, and I will change it, k?)

    As the Arcanine shot a pillar of flame at the generator, all hell seemed to break loose. Electric explosions, and smoke began to fill the room they were in. Violet shouted "run!" to absolutely nobody, and then took off. She would be safe, Cody knew that. One of the spheres that Cody was gripping, the mostly white and gray one, was about to come into use. He enlarged the tiny Timer Ball to the size of about a grapefruit, and with one toss of the hand, and around 100 spirals as it flew later, an Espeon materialized in a flash of white light.

    "Preeeee!!!!" It exclaimed happily, for she had not seen battle, or any field experience, for a long time. Her name, was juvenile, but she had been with Cody since he was about eight. Espy, of course, as fitting for an Espeon. Cody laughed at it now, but she was no doubt one of the most powerful of Cody's Pokemon, and useful, for sure, in this situation.

    Use Psychic to take care of that Arcanine against the wall. Espy could be commanded without the utterance of a single word, as she simply delved into the world of Cody's thoughts. The Sun Pokemon quickly followed the order, and within a moment, the jewel on her head was glowing a deep purple. In another moment, a dark purple aura had surrounded the Arcanine. Cody smiled. Espy telepathically lifted the beast, and threw him against the wall, causing a loud thud, a whimper, and a satisfied pur.

    "Now then, for you, Reyson. Chibi, don't stop, don't try to stop me. Get out of here. You too." He looked at her friend. With that, he took a deep breath, called Espeon back into he Timer Ball, and began a dead charge at Reyson.

    They say times slows, and people enter a kind of "Matrix" world in these kind of situations. Cody soon learned, that was the case. He could he no sound, but the beat of his own heart, the beat of a drum, calling a soldier into battle. Everything but his target, Reyson, turned to a blur, and everything seemed to slow down, except him. As he got closer to his target, Cody leaped into the air, for the moment, flying.

    As he hit Reyson, the two hit the ground hard, next to the crackling generator. Cody's breathing was hard, but controlled. His heart was throbbing. The world regained sound, speed, and clarity. For some reason, Cody couldn't make out the expression on Reyson's face, but it was about to change. He moved his right hand from the spot of pinning him down, into the air, a fist. It flew cut through the sky, like a blade through rice paper, and stopped as it reached the right side of his face. Hard. That punch was for Chibi. It was for all the trainers that had died. It was for the heroes of this war, that had given up themselves for the sake of another.

    Cody looked up at Chibi. His blue eyes, no longer frozen, and cold, but instead cool, and perhaps a bit scared, locked with her jade eyes. He said nothing, but his eyes told the story, "Don't worry."
  31. Chibi, once again, seemed frozen in place. She uttered a shriek as Reyson's Arcanine blew fire at the genrator. Had he lost his mind?! Her breath caught in a mixture of fear and a knot of other emotions she couldn't identify. Vyala howled and leaped out of Chibi's arm's, baring her teeth and snarling out of long habit. Discharge, unnoticed until now, was at her side in an instant, snarling a fierce challenge that sounded like thunder booming in the vast room. Dancer mewled at the sight of the fire, and looked ready to put it out with a blast of water.

    "What the hell is he doing?!" Elysia hissed, gripping Chibi's arm so tightly it hurt.

    "Ow, let go of me yah lumberjack!" Chibi yelped, referring to the playful nickname she always teased Elysia with. Elysia scowled, but then smiled and released Chibi's arm.

    Chibi gasped as Cody...went completely insane. He attacked Reyson, and Chibi was torn between helping Reyson and staying where she was. But, she knew Reyson could take care of himself, that didn't stop Chibi from wanting to stop Cody. She winced as Cody's fist landed against Reyson's face, very hard and audiably. He paused, then his calm blue eyes looked at her green eyes. Chibi's breath quickened at the gaze telling her not to worry, and she had absolutely no idea how to feel.
  32. It all happened so fast it was like a blur to Reyson. Out of nowhere, the male Trainer pinned Reyson to the ground, and slugged him in the face. Reyson couldn't help but admire his courage.

    "Boy, you are...very amusing. When I said I'd fight you, I didn't mean ON THIS BLASTED SHIP!" he yelled, spitting out blood. "Now, if you would kindly get off of me, we can get to land and settle this properly. You wouldn't want Chibi to snap, would you?"

    Reyson said that last part as evilly as he could, trying to prey on the young man's emotions. He surely wouldn't want to fight his old friend...or would he? So far, he had been unpredictable, a trait that made him dangerous. Excellent. But what would the boy do?
  33. Chibi actually flinched at the words and somehow tried to make herself shrink. She only succeeded in backing up a little. She hated being used like this, but it wasn;t like she could do a damn thing. Elysia scowled and clenched her fists, Vyala actually snarled and Discharge unsheathed his claws. With a "Kumo" Dancer ruffled her mane and paced uneasily in a tiny circle, always looking at the fire.

    "Umm, Reyson?" Chibi said uncertainly, her eyes darting to the roaring inferno. "Shouldn't we be going? I'm sure none of us wants to be in this ship when it goes down." She hoped to Arceus Reyson was smart enough for that, seeing as he obviously wanted to fight Cody in the city below.

    Elysia moved a little closer to Chibi. "I say if he's still here after five minutes, we ditch 'im." She whispered with a hand cupped over Chibi's ear, so quietly that only Chibi heard the words.

    (Bleh. *shoots*)
  34. "Reyson." Cody said, standing up, "All I can say, is that you, are the luckiest sonovabitch, to ever walk planet Earth." He didn't look at Chibi, not this time. Too many conflicting sides could cause anyone to go crazy, as Reyson had pointed out.

    "It seems you've gotten your way, but I won't let that last." Cody was heinously tempted to deliver a kick to Reyson's private parts, but decided against it. It'd be much more satisfying later, when he wasn't already on the ground. Instead, he reached for a Poke Ball, a black and yellow Ultra Ball. He cracked open the cold, perfect sphere in his hand, releasing the Skarmory within. The Steel type no doubt, hated, no, detested the raging blaze around them, so he would move quickly.

    "Stella, we've got to go, fast." And we're going through the roof... he thought, as he climbed aboard the Armor Bird Pokemon. She took off like a rocket, and began to spiral as they neared the top. Cody gripped on for dear life, his hands practically fusing to the cold, metallic surface that was Stella's armor. There was a sickening crash of metal on metal as her beak pierced the top of the generator room, and the fireworks display below was quickly filled with light from the outside world. Cody and Stella reached the peak of their climb, and the Pokemon began to fly in a giant loop, around the slowly crumbling airship.

    Even though they were flying by at nearly top speeds, Cody could still see, and admire, the finely crafted windows. Several were stained glass, carrying the likeness of a Pokemon. Cody knew, that somewhere on this ship, Reyson had personal quarters, Chibi had personal quarters. Adding these kind of "personal" thoughts to war, like this, was dangerous, so Cody brushed them out of his mind.

    "Landing near Viridian City. Send backup. And, bring me Silver." Cody spoke into the radio he had pulled out as he and Stella had neared the ground, "and send a group to Violet City. They're planning an attack there..." Cody trailed off, returning his grip to his mount. Within moments, the two were safely on the ground outside of Viridian to the West, close the the Indigo Plateau. Within ten minutes or so, a small group of reinforcements, and, more importantly, Silver, would arrive.
  35. It would appear as if Reyson's manipulation worked...for the time being. All he had to do know was escape.

    "Chibi, Elysia, come with me." Reyson said quickly. He began to walk down a long hallway that led into a dimly lit room. On a brightly lit panel, he pressed a few buttons swiftly, causing a door to open.

    "Come on. This is our best shot at escape." He beckoned inside the small white room. It was an escape pod. It had a white couch on the left and the right, with a control panel in the wall between them. The room was circular and had a viewport above the panel.

    "We'll be arriving in the middle of Viridian Forest. I have something I need to tell you two when we arrive."
  36. Chibi had to admit she breathed easier when Cody got off Reyson and made his prompt escape. She was just about to unclip Skydive's Ultra Ball and have him Hyper Beam through the roof, just to show off, when Reyson stopped her. "Chibi, Elysia, come with me." He said urgently and, not quite, ran out of the room. Chibi followed him hurridly, along with Elysia, Vyala, Discharge, and Dancer, who pratically bowled them over in her haste to escape the flames. Chibi pulled out her Kumoleo's Dive Ball and returned her to it, Dancer was way too agitated by the recent events and would only slow them down.

    They turned a corner to where Reyson led them, he was gesturing to them urgently in front of one of the ship's escape pods. It was a surprise some were still left. Chibi breathed another sigh of relief and all the worries of the ship blowing to hell with them in it vanished instantly. She nodded to Reyson and quickly stepped inside the escape pod, she sat on the couch on the right side of the pod, Elysia sat right next to her and Vyala leaped onto her lap. Chibi scratched her between the ears and Discharge stretched his huge frame across the remaining space of the couch, the Magnectric's head rested in Elysia's lap as well, she ruffled his blue neck fur.

    "We'll be arriving in the middle of Viridian Forest," Reyson announced, stepping in with them. "I have something I need to tell you two when we arrive." Chibi's ears pricked at that. Tell them something? In Virdirian Forest?

    She only managed a confused, "Tell us something?" as the pod rumbled.
  37. "Yes, something to tell you. In fact, I'll just tell you know." Reyson said. He paused for a moment to work out the best way to say this. It was going to be quite difficult.

    "Chibi, I've decided that, in case anything happens to me, you are to be in charge of Cobalt Storm. Lead in my stead, if you so wish, or you can go join the Trainers and end this war. But, that is only if something happens to me." he forced a weak smile.

    "It's been a year since I took up this position. You can only imagine what that would feel like, being fifteen yet unifying the most notorious Teams the world has known. But that's beside the point. The real reason I wanted to say was..." he stopped.

    There was a strange knot in his stomach. It was...weird. He'd never been like this when ordering people around, but now that he was saying something serious, it was like he felt he would just explode if he didn't say it, but die if he did.

    "What I wanted to say was...I-I love you."
  38. As the Noctowl was rapidly approaching the ground, Violet looked back at the battle cruiser also rapidly approaching the ground. She squinted, the sun was glaring in the afternoon sky, but the sun didn't block out a silver flash bursting from the heart of the Cobalt Storm airship. The silver flash skyrocketed upwards, and then stopped very abruptly. Violet thought for a moment, and descended slightly in the air.

    "Landing near Viridian City. Send backup. And, bring me Silver," crackled over the intercom strapped to Violet's many belts.

    Out of the blue, Violet instantly knew what the gray flare that broke out from the airship was: Stella and Cody. Violet nodded to Scarlett, and the bird aligned itself towards the Skarmory's apparent destination, a clearing to the west of Viridian City.

    Now the ground was deathly close, but Scarlett spread her wings as wide as it was possible, and Violet nearly tumbled over the Noctowl's head and off of the bird. Violet glanced down past her denim jacket to a pair of pokéballs. She leapt off of Scarlett's back and simultaneously returned Scarlett and released Lysander.

    The Luxray appeared in a flash of red and yellow, a mighty snarl left its lips as that sinister smile appeared once more. Violet began to run to her Group Leader who was landing a few hundred metres away from her, leaping onto Lysander as he caught up. The duo arrived shortly, noticing some black dots in the afternoon sky.

    "You have to be dramatic, dontcha Cody?" complained Violet; a slight shudder entered her voice at the end of her sentence.
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  39. ( :o)

    Chibi's eyes had widened at Reyson's words. Her, command Cobalt Storm?! She wasn't that experienced! She couldn't lead people to victory! That's why her unit was massacred and she was captured by Cobalt Storm! Or maybe it was that very well-aimed missle that took out her whole unit. But, that was beside the point. Chibi was good at commanding and ordering around pokemon, she just doubted she could command the same respect from humans.

    "But," she said when he paused, "what about that other guy you work with? That crazy counterpart who just wants to blow shit up?" (I forgot his name.) But, she was silenced when Reyson looked at her again.

    "What I wanted to say was...I-I love you." He stammered uneasily, obviously embarassed.



    WhoawhoawhoaWHOA!!! Back UP here!!! His words instantly slammed Chibi's composed thoughts into a whirlwind of emotions and words. Vyala actually barked in surprise. The only physical thing Chibi did was drop her jaw in amazement and stare with widened eyes. What. The. Hell? Of all the things Chibi expected to be told, this certainly was at the bottom of the list. Hell it wasn't even on the list to begin with! She stared in utter amazement and shock at her commander, her confused mind not being able to make the tiniest sound.

    Elysia chuckled and pressed her hand under Chibi's jaw, closing it. "Well Reyson," she said amusedly, "I think you've managed quite a feat. I've never seen Chibi so uttely speechless before." She grinned and chuckled again, somehow finding the situatin a little funny. Chibi just blinked several times, still not being able to speak. "Oh c'mon Chibi, you're ruining the moment." Elysia said, waving her hand in front of Chibi's dumbstruck face. Silence.
  40. Chibi was utterly stunned. This wasn't according to plan.

    "Chibi, yes, I said I love you. Also, why would I have appointed you so much power if I didn't think you were capable? I know your potential."

    How could this be so...wrong? Reyson had planned it out for weeks. This wasn't going as expected.

    "Chibi, you and I were meant to be together. Search your feelings, you know this. Its just that I-" Reyson was cut off unexpectedly as his emotions took control Reyson gave Chibi a kiss: the most passionate he could muster, trying to let her know he was serious about this while expressing his love.

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