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Ask to Join Madoka Magica: Curses in Disguise

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Cloudswift, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. Interested? Discussion thread is here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/puella-magi-madoka-magica-rp-discussion.18839/#post-583568

    @Wandering Soul @Top_Smug_


    Hayku Kagome yawned, rubbing her eyes. It was a Monday, and she was sitting in her desk in first period English. She had stayed up late last night to hunt a couple of witches, and it showed. Hayku looked at her assignment and sighed, probably a bit too loudly. She was completely exhausted and didn't have close to enough energy to deal with this--when would she even use this knowledge in the first place?
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  2. (I decided to put Tanaka in a different classroom due to age differences. I'm aware they're one year apart, but it made more sense in my head to do this... If that's okay)

    Tanaka glared at her test sheet, then studied the questions on a packet of papers. A pencil in her hand was being tapped on her desk repeatedly as the whole room was silent. At the moment, her class was taking a small examination test.


    The teachers said it wouldn't be a big deal as it acted as a student evaluation, but Tanaka was still anxious in her attempt to not 'Christmas Tree' the whole thing and get it over with.


    Her hand fidgetted with the pencil as the teacher glared at her before finally breaking the room's silence, "Miss Oshiro! Do you mind not to tap your pencil so much?"
    The girl flinched a bit after realizing what just happened, several other students looked up from their papers in curiousity. "Y-Yes, sorry!" She stopped. After some time, one by one, students started getting up to hand in their "tests," while Tanaka answered and occasionally second-guessed herself.
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  3. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    "Haruka! Haruka!"
    What in the hell... Where am I, what's going on?
    Haruka screamed as he raised his head from his desk, he had fallen asleep in class again. He looked around at all of the students, some of them were laughing at him. He could feel his face becoming redder and redder. He looked down at his lap.
    "I cannot believe you! This is the third day in a row you've fallen asleep in my class!"
    "S-Sorry about that... It won't happen again, I promise." he muttered under his breath. Before the teacher could yell at him any more, the bell rang. He stood up, grabbing his bag and making his way out of the classroom.
  4. On the other side of town was a girl, who, along with her family, were getting all dressed up. It was supposed to be a school day for Ginka, but, thanks to a so-called incredible stroke of luck, she was at a TV studio, being prepared for an interview.

    Ginka Suama had been under the poverty line for most of her life. She was born into a poor family, with too many children, and not enough money. Her selfish sponger mum refused to get a job. Her dad had to work three jobs to support them all. But nothing he earned was enough.

    That was, until Ginka found a white ferret.

    The white ferret promised her anything she could ever dream of. So she wished to win the lottery. Then, and only then, could her family escape crippling poverty...

    And much to her surprise, it had worked.

    Ginka's lottery ticket had won her ten billion yen, and now, she was here, on live T.V, for an interview about her incredible stroke of luck.

    Stepping onto the stage in an expensive, figure-hugging dress, Ginka grinned, as the presenter asked, "So, Ginka, how does it feel to be a millionaire?"
  5. Hayku got up out of her seat and headed out of the classroom at the bell. Onto the next class, she thought, sighing. Hayku's next class was Algebra, which she was kind of decent at, but didn't like it anyhow. She couldn't wait for the class after that, though. Science. It was kind of ironic, since math and science are hand-in-hand, yet Hayku hated one and loved the other.
  6. "Okay, bell's here. Let's get this over with."
    Finally submitting to complete confusion, Tanaka gave her test to the teacher as the bell rang. She grinned to the teacher, giving a seemingly childish smile, "Have a nice day!" The look on Tanaka's face quickly faded as her classmates left ahead of her. Before stepping out of the classroom door, Tanaka turned to the teacher with a look of embarrassment and emotionless eyes, "Oh, right, miss... I'm sorry for disturbing class earlier."

    A groan. "Yeah, yeah. Just... Please leave... And control that habit next time," the teacher waved their hand, as if attempting to shoo her student away. A subtle feeling from the adult gave Tanaka the impression that she should just listen to her educator and do as she says.

    She walked through the hallways, over hearing rumors of recent events -- Specifically talking about some girl who won the lottery.
    "So you've heard?"
    "...Yes, of course, but I don't believe you."
    "It's hard to believe, I'll have to agree with him on that...."
    A small crowd of students mumbled to each other as Tanaka walked passed them to her history class. The girl paused to think about the rumor just now then shrugged it off.

    The kid she passed had a logical point, besides no one is that lucky in reality unless someone happened to be blessed by a Shinto God of Fortune or some other nonsense. Tanaka grinned at the idea, It'd be nice if that was actually the case. Life would be much more interesting.
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  7. Ginka deadpanned the reporter. "It feels nice, I suppose," she grunted, "Now, my family and I can afford to eat breakfast every day, and not just on special occasions. Now, my dad doesn't have to work three jobs just to send me and my sisters to school. Now"--

    "Oh, how wonderful!" the reporter chirruped, cutting her off, "Is there anything you're going to be spending your lottery winnings on?"

    Ginka, once again, deadpanned. "Food, new clothes, new school uniforms, paying off my dad's debts"--

    "Licca-chan!" Ginka's youngest sibling, Kaori, cried, "Now that we're billionaires, I can finally get some dolls of my very own! All I had to play with before was some ratty teddies, but now I can buy that cute new Licca-chan doll! It's gonna be soooo much fun, dressing her up!"

    And with that, the reporter began interrogating Kaori, leaving Ginka alone, for a minute. Licca-chan dolls were the least of Ginka's worries, but at least now, her younger siblings would be happy. Happy, and not worrying about when the next meal was coming.

    Ginka glanced down at the small ring on her finger, bearing a green gem. That white ferret truly was a miracle worker...
  8. (I’ve sort-of decided that my character would not be a magical girl, yet. She would be a somewhat ordinary schoolgirl for a little while.)

    Chi Shizen was a ordinary girl. She had never won the lottery, or be famous. Chi spent most of her days alone, thinking about her sick mother. School was hard for Chi. She was mostly involved in science. It was her favorite subject. She payed attention to every word her teacher had said, but not today. She was daydreaming about magic, for some reason. She was almost finishing her dream when...

    “Ms. Shizen! Up, immediately, or do you want detention?” The teacher called.

    “S-sorry miss. I didn't mean to...” Chi stuttered.

    The rest of the class laughed, but the teacher glared at then and continued the lesson. Chi hid in her textbook and sighed. Would she ever have a better life? The bell rang. Students filed out. Chi followed out with the students. She went to her locker and got her textbooks for the next class.
  9. In what seemed like no time at all, Ginka's interview was over, and the family went back to the dressing rooms. Ginka went to get herself some juice, while her parents argued over how to spend all of the money, and her siblings cried out demands for toys.

    As the new magical girl filled a glass, she was surprised by a sudden greeting from a familiar white ferret.

    "It seems like your family are very happy, thanks to your wish," Kyubey began, helping himself to the buffet table.

    "Yeah, suppose they are," Ginka said coolly, "Now my sisters are worrying about normal kid stuff, and not when the next meal is coming. I really owe you one, Kyubey."

    Kyubey swished his tail. In time, Ginka's corrupted soul would be payment enough for her wish, not that he could tell her that now. He had to wait a bit, until she was driven to total despair...Then, and only then, could he harvest the energy he needed.

    "As a magical girl, you owe it to the people of this city, to protect them from witches," he simply replied, "Be on your guard."

    "I will," Ginka promised.

    Suddenly, the walls of the dressing rooms began to change, warping into a sky, with nothing but clotheslines below.

    Ginka glanced down at her gem. "Well, time to get to work!"

    And in what seemed like an instant, she transformed, landing elegantly on one line. "Let's kill this witch."

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